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Max Hugo Thomas

  1. 1. Hi ! Hello, I'am Baptiste PODIO
  2. 2. This is me  I'm a boy,  My name is Baptiste.  In am 12 years old .  My birthday is on December 22 th .  I live in Réalville.
  3. 3. My family  My parents are Fabienne and Jean- François.  I have got two cats . Their names are :Cannelle and Nougat,  I haven't got brothers and sisters  I like video games and watching T.V.  I play rugby in Caussade and tennis in Réalville,  I like football
  4. 4. After school  I like video games and watching T.V.  I play rugby in Caussade and tennis in Réalville,  I like football
  5. 5. About me Hi, my name is Ferdinand i'm twelve years old i’m very tall and slim and i’ve got short black hair. I live in Montpezat-de- Quercy a small village in a small country!!
  6. 6. My tastes I love playing with wii and playstation 2 and play counter-strike a good game in the computer . I enjoy watching TV but that’s not my favourite taste
  7. 7. My family I live with my father and my mother . I have got a brother who is thirteen and a half sister who is twenty and she lives in Aix-en-Provence
  8. 8. TO ME ENVIRONMENT MEANS ... To me respecting environment means recycling things ,the nature ,wild animals . And what about you ??? BYE
  9. 9. Hello ! My name's Hugo and I'm 13. I live in Réalville, and I've got a dog. I've got a sister too, her name's Alice, and she's 9 years old. I love playing football and I play it at Molieres Football Club. I support Toulouse Football Club (TFC).I played drums for 3 years,I love snowboarding, and I go every year to the mountains. I enjoy playing video games. I especially like football and action games. I like watching TV too. I love listening to music. I like Rap, RnB, Hip Hop and other styles... My favourite singer is Ne-Yo. I'm looking forward to meeting you ! To me, Environment means global warning and pollution. Good Bye ! Hugo THIS IS ME !
  10. 10. Hello ! My name's Max and I'm 13. I have a sister, she's 16. She lives in Baltimore (USA). I live in Cayrac, a village at 10 minutes from Caussade. I haven't got pets, but I like them. I play basketball at Caussade's club. I love playing video games : i've got a Playstation 3. I enjoy surfing the web. I speak english well and I love england ! My favourites school subjects are : english and sport. I have got a pool and i like swimming. I enjoy listening to music too ! I like Hip Hop, Rap, and RnB. My favourite singers are : The Game, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Ne-Yo. But I like all types of music. See you, Max THIS IS ME
  11. 11. Hi! this is me! Hello I'm Ilhame , I have a sister , Her name is salwa and she is 17 years old, I live in Caussade , I was born in Montauban on the first july 1994 so I'm 14 years , I played Basket ball but it's too boring for me , So , I go boxing at the school club every Wednesday , My parents are divorced and I live with my mother , My favourite subject at school are english, spanish and french but I hate physics , science and math, it's too difficult , For me , « Environment » means nature , wild animals, I think global worming is a serious issue ,
  12. 12. This is me ...  Hi !!! My name is Antoine, I'm 13, I live in Caussade. I like running and listening to music, my favourite star is Akon.I'm crazy about playing on my P.C. . My favourite sport is rugby, I practice rugby and athletics. I don't like school because that's often boring but I like maths, english and sports. I've a cat, two brothers and two houses ( one for my father and one for my mother because they're not together anymore)...
  13. 13. My clean environnement  A clean environnement is very important to me. I think we should plant new trees and stop deforestation.
  14. 14. It's me !!Hello !! My name's claire !! I'm thirteen years old !! I live in septfonds . I've got two brothers and a sister . My best friends are : Manon, Coralie, Cécilia, Maélys, Audrey . . . I practice modern and ballet dancing with coralie and audrey .
  15. 15. Hello! My name's Thomas, I'm 13. I've got a little brother who's 7. I live in Caussade. I'm a good at playing Football, and everybody like ! I'm a bit lazy and very talkative ! I don't like art, but I like listening to music, like everybody ! My favourite style is Rap, Hip Hop, and RnB, like everybody again ! I'm good in sport and in maths. Good Bye ! Thom' THIS IS ME