R E A L Autobiography


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R E A L Autobiography

  1. 1. ‘ AUTHOBIOGRAPHY OF CHRISTINE JOY REAL’ CHRISTINE JOY A. REAL August 24, 1992 a girl was born. Exactly 12 in the morning. She was a very cute and beautiful. And her parents are very blessed to have her. They live at Don. Felipe sub. Siniloan, Laguna. Her name was Christine Joy Real. As the time goes by, this girl grows and learns so many things. And her parents Mrs. Mercedes and Mr. Rody Real are very responsible for her. She is the only Daughter of her parents, and she wish that she have a sister and brother. She was very sad every time she is playing with someone else. And now as a grown up girl she thinks that her parents can’t have a child again. Finally, she is now in the grade school. She met some friends and some relatives. At Halahayin Elementary school. She encounters so many things. She experiences some people are insulting her. Like her classmate Billy Rionabio. Her very naughty and cute crush? Oh my God. It is her first time to see a guy who is southing to his classmate? It is so hard to her to see that guy! When she graduated at HALAHAYIN ELEMENTARY School. She was very sad that time. Because she will miss Al Gerald Leo Lariuo. But she realize one thing, she really love Billy Ronabio. But it is the time to say good bye. Year 2004, That is the exact date when she finish elementary. And at the beginning of High School life. It seems so hard for her to have some friends. But she met Lyzrttr Villanuena. Who becomes her Best friend? In that school she learn so many things. And her adviser Mrs. Laila Cawasa told her to be a nice and responsible one. At the end of the year, she receive honor, being a third honor of the Cream section. At instances something happened. Billy Ronabio become the part of Cream section. And it ids the most embarrass moment in her life. But destiny turn this things to very happy story. As the time goes by. Billy and Christine Joy become good friends. Not only good friends but BEST FRIEND. Third year of her high school life is more unforgettable. The friendship ended to a RELATIONSHIP which became the inspiration of all the hard work. They call each other “BHE”. They are happy to their relationship. They laugh, they cry together, they make the time more special each day. At the JS prom Billy surprise Joy in that evening. He met her at Joy House with her parents? So naughty! Hahaha. But it was so sweet. No man can ever do that. Under the supervise of Mrs. Villabroza she learn many things. She learn to
  2. 2. forgive other, respect her Parents, love other people amd above all, to prioritize the lessons and studies. Finally! Last year of being a high school student. But it is the most unforgettable moment to her life. She encounters so many problems that make her so sad and lonely. First, her boyfriend broke with her. And that time she feels so alone and she really want to say good bye to the world? So crazy thing. So pathetic. She is so pathetic. She wants to make the day easier. Her friend notices that she was very lonely so they told her to move on! Her friends did not know that she is trying to forget that guy. And together with her friends they celebrate the new life of CHRISTINE JOY REAL. March 30, 2009- graduation day of her batch. The beginning of the new life. But that time she was very happy because for the 4 years she Stay at SINILOAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, because she learn so many things. And she give thank to her mentors, her Principal and to her Friends. The Friendship that she made at SNHS was so amazing. In her salutatory address she mentions that being the part of her school is the greatest thing happened in her life. And She thank God for giving her knowledge in order to know her studies. And of course she thanks her parents for giving her time and full supports her studies. All of her life she never expected that someone was going to gave her a rose. In that time the only ything in her mind was Her ex BF was going to say hes apology and say “I Love you” and the relationship that they started will be continued. But it was all her dream. To be with the guy he loves. She was expecting all the things. But the things become weary. The matured Lady was very lonely. She sad her last farewell to SINILOAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL. And now she was in College. She was able to meet new friends. Before she become a college she experience to work. It was so amazing, to see her that she was working with her friends. She meets so many friends. She realizes that working was just a past time. And it is an honor to work in SPES. And that was nice to have a vacation with salary. And of course, to have a suitors. And she can’t help to fall in love with them. After 31 days of working, she was very lonely because she will not able to see her co- SPES again. First semester just started, she was very shy. She is now in the Laguna state polytevhnic university. At first she did not like her university. But one week later, she was enjoying the companionship of her new friends. And the new BARKADAHAN just started to call their self as ANGELS. Christine Joy Real was very happy. Because finally she meets a REAL friends. A real friend who can help her in all of her problems. One month later, she was facing the real world. It seems that college life was very difficult. She is now starting to make on her own way. As a matured person she realize that life is getting harder. But life must go on!