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an introduction into the dynamics of groups, their structures, authorities and development potential on the example of the Joomla project in March 2012

an introduction into the dynamics of groups, their structures, authorities and development potential on the example of the Joomla project in March 2012

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  • 1. The Need to BelongIndividual vs. Group Needs and Where Do I Fit In? 1
  • 2. Christine Graf cocoate.com info@cocoate.comtwitter.com/christinegraf 2
  • 3. Transactional AnalysisA set of psychological models tounderstand personality andcommunication.Used in counseling, organisationdevelopment, education andpsychotherapie. 3
  • 4. With TA Eyes• Visible and Hidden Structures• Dynamic of groups• Activities• Authorities• How to fit in?• Development Potential 4
  • 5. People form groups, when they want to distance themselves from others and create, however natured, a structure. Dissociation Structure 5
  • 6. Structure of Groups• Permeability of boundaries• Type of membership• Inner and public structure• Hidden structure 6
  • 7. Structure of the Joomla Project* OSM OSM Production Working Community Group Working GroupLeadership Team * graphical interpretation of the public structure of joomla.org March 05, 2012 7
  • 8. Hidden Structure - Group ImagoThe subconsious image that membershave, resulting from their needs,desires, experiences, requests, feelings.The group imagos decides about thesuccess of a group. 8
  • 9. PLTOSM CLT 9
  • 10. My Group Imago at March 06, 2012 board“The”community some members I know 10
  • 11. Dynamics of Groups Competition, Cohesion Pressure to succeed Why do you stick together? What do you have in common? Individual Interest Self expression Power struggles Intrigues, Protest 11
  • 12. Group Activities creative outcomeinternal processes external pressure fight about structure 12
  • 13. Group Authorities Leadership + Group CanonPerson in Charge AimsReal Leader VisionPsychological Leader Rules Culture Structure could be one, two or Activities three persons, butthey should harmonize 13
  • 14. Stimulus http://www.flickr.com/photos/isapisa/6759891439/in/set-72157628908349853/ 14
  • 15. Recognition 15
  • 16. Structure 16
  • 17. Leadership 17
  • 18. Survive http://www.flickr.com/photos/isapisa/6678643323/in/photostream/ 18
  • 19. Passion http://www.flickr.com/photos/isapisa/4830374150/in/set-72157624460140107 19
  • 20. Regenerate 20
  • 21. NeedsStimulus Inspiration, ChallengesRecognition Appreciation, Care, NeedStructure Security, Information, RoadmapLeadership Guidance, LeadSurvival How can I survive with/in the group?Passion Expression, Creativity, TransparencyRegenerate Silence, Peace 21
  • 22. How to Fit in? like OSS 39 use Joomla 37 like the people 32build sites for clients 29 teach Joomla 21 wrote extension 20 make world better 19 try to live on 19 provide hosting 16 live on Joomla 15 design templates 11 write books 5 contribute code 5 translate for Joomla 5 my survey on Fb in 02/2012 https://www.facebook.com/questions/10150593647531912/ 22
  • 23. How to Fit in?Passion Stimulus Survival Recognition 168 58 live on 32 build sites, like OSS like the extensions, 15better world people templates contribute teach code, books, offer hosting translations 23
  • 24. Needs Passion, Stimulus, Leadership, Survival Recognition Regeneration Dynamics Culture Structure How does the structurePersonal vs. common How to behave? supports the culture and interests What is appreciated? dynamics? 24
  • 25. NeedsHow does the Production Working Grouppublic structurereflect the OSM LTculture of thegroup? Community Working Group 25
  • 26. How to manage a large, complex group which is spread around the world? 26
  • 27. Development PotentialCoordinated decision making MotivatePreserving the independency Supportof local groupsUnique governance FacilitateEngaging structure Guide 27
  • 28. It’s all about structures, leadership & community ;-) • local communities, leader & rules • community steering committees independent, but under a unique governance 28
  • 29. A topic relatedManagement Structure• Core Code• Extensions & Templates• Community• Marketing• Events• Finance 29
  • 30. Thank you!Slides are at➡ http://www.slideshare.net/christinegraf/need-to- belong-12234110Pictures are at➡ http://www.flickr.com/photos/hagengraf/➡ http://www.flickr.com/photos/isapisa/ 30