30 Uses for Customer Journey Maps


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  • Abandon one-size-fits-all playbook formats.Direct correlation between effectiveness of a playbook and the quality and depth of the journey maps
  • 30 Uses for Customer Journey Maps

    1. 1. Christine Crandell President © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017 © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    2. 2. About me … • • • • Chief Experience Innovator New Business Strategies www.newbizs.com Background: – Blogger for Forbes, CMSWire, Salesforce Sales Blog, & HuffPo – Research Director for B2B CX at Demand Metric – CMO and executive roles at Ariba, Egenera, Oracle, SAP, Itron – Lots of awards © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    3. 3. Who We Are … New Business Strategies helps companies connect customer experience with revenue. • Customer experience and strategy consulting firm contributed $2.7B in client value. • Deep expertise in research, experience innovation, strategy, and change management. • Proprietary and proven Sellers’ Compass™ methodology for delivering “WOW” customer experiences. • Unique partnership approach to service delivery that builds internal capabilities. • Practical advice, tools, and training to sustain success. © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    4. 4. The Customer Journey Open Loop Opportunities Sales Purchase Evaluate Nurture Sellers’ Compass™ Search Value Expand Define Evangelize “Customers” Marketing Deliver Customer Care Contacts Validate A methodology and set of services that enables, engages and establishes enduring, profitable relationships with prospects and customers. © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    5. 5. What are journey maps? • From the “lens” of the buyer not the seller’s perspective • Includes all digital, physical and social actions • By persona/role, geography, revenue tier and/or vertical • Detailed documentation of steps, decisions, and expectations • For the full lifecycle of the relationship, not just pre-purchase • Best developed through qualitative interviews • VOC, NPS, Customer Sat surveys, VOE, CAB and focus groups do not produce actionable journey maps © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    6. 6. Format is not important © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    7. 7. 30 Uses for Journey Maps … 1. Lead/Account Scoring 13. Sales Playbook 2. Campaign Waterfalls 14. Sales Qualification 3. Nurture Campaign Design 15. Target Account Sales Strategy 4. Content Strategy 16. Sales Methodology 5. Lead2Close Processes 17. Social Selling Strategy & Plan 6. Target Account Marketing 18. Sales/Employee On-Boarding 7. Events Strategy 19. Product Strategy & Plan 8. Social Media & Digital Plan 20. Technology Ecosystem 9. Go-To-Market Strategy 21. Channel/Alliance/Partner Model 10. Positioning / Messaging 22. Employee Enablement 11. Field Marketing Plan 23. ReEngineer Touchpoints & Processes 12. Influencer/Media Plan 24. CAB / User Group Agendas 13. Refine Corporate Values 25. Strategic Business Planning …. © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    8. 8. Lead/Account Scoring… • Align lead/account scoring algorithm to journey map (content and actions) • Modify lead/account scoring algorithm to weigh the sequence of actions taken • Sales agreement on at what stage in buyers’ journey scored leads as passed on • Deliver leads to sales along with history of past activity, journey step, and recommended course of action for sales to take Image by Pedowitz Group © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    9. 9. Sales Playbooks… • Playbooks should match how sales teams are structured • Match level of detail to sales teams’ style, focus on relevance and action-ability • Cross-reference Playbook table of contents with journey map data • Build a clear roadmap of what sales should do at each journey step © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    10. 10. Content Strategy… • For each journey step define content buyer(s) sought along with expectations of tone, language, level of detail, how used and channel • Compare against content inventory; delete, modify and create new content • Map content to journey steps / tollgates, personas, and channel • Develop personalized content strategy © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    11. 11. 4 Things You Can Start Doing … 1. Crawl-Walk-Run – Focus on understanding journeys first 2. Document detailed journey maps – Conduct in partnership with Sales 3. Start with high-return/low hanging fruit – Content Strategy is a good starting point 4. Socialize, socialize, socialize – Build champions across the organization © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    12. 12. What Our Clients Say … “The Sellers’ Compass™ is a unique methodology that guided us to more effectively enable, engage and establish enduring relationships with our customers.” CEO “We engaged New Business Strategies to create an aligned organization with shared goals. Together, we developed and implemented critical business processes, new systems, and shared metrics and dashboards. We could not have achieved this in less than 6 months without New Business Strategies.” SVP Marketing & Product Management “New Business Strategies has helped me and my teams to improve the predictability of our sales cycle, and sell more effectively to hyperinformed buyers. In short, their approach and services work…with quick time-to-value. The philosophy around their Sellers’ Compass™ is so powerful, I have aligned my marketing, sales and support teams to this approach.” Chief Revenue Officer © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    13. 13. Thank You & Questions What to learn more? Ask for our Content Strategy White Paper Christine.crandell@newbizs.com +1.415.309.7017 @chriscrandell