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How to get 1000s of Twitter Followers
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How to get 1000s of Twitter Followers


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Twitter is an exceptional social networking tool. You can easily establish a solid online presence. And gain thousands of twitter followers in your targeted market with these simple steps.

Twitter is an exceptional social networking tool. You can easily establish a solid online presence. And gain thousands of twitter followers in your targeted market with these simple steps.

Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 1. How to Get 1000s of Twitter Followers!
  • 2. The Lazy Way
    • Follow someone and they will most likely follow you back.
    • While this method is the easiest of the two, there are disadvantages.
    • One, it lends to a stream of useless tweets with no targeted interests.
    • And two, it is very time-consuming.
  • 3. 1000s of Twitter Followers!
    • the RIGHT way
    • Get 1000’s of followers in your Targeted Market or Niche!
    • Establish yourself as a leader in your field!
    • Allow for a stream of quality tweets!
  • 4. Set up Your Profile
    • Make a strong lasting impression  before  go after followers. This will increase your rate on people following you back.
  • 5.
    • Complete your profile with useful information about yourself. People visiting your page should easily be able identify you, know what you are interested in or know what you are offering.
    • The two most important elements to include in every profile is your full name and your website URL.
  • 6.
    • Another thing to consider, is making your Twitter username relevant to your market, niche or business. This applies even if you are tweeting for entertainment or personal reasons. As an example, if you enjoy knitting, you could structure your URL like this:
    • or
    • The keywords in your URL and profile are tied into Twitter search utility. Meaning anytime someone searches for information on specific keywords, such as 'knitting', Twitter will search profiles and URLs and pull relevant results.
  • 7. Time to Tweet!
    • Send out your first tweet. Start out posting with what is on your mind. Or if you find a good blog posts or article, post about it. Start to build your online relationship. Take time to talk to people and develop your reputation on Twitter.
    • Direct message people thanking them for following you or to share useful information.
  • 8. Find People in your Niche
    • Start finding like-minded people. To start, Twitter allows you to search if any of your friends are on Twitter by accessing your email contacts. If you have a good size contact list, this method saves a lot of time.
    • Another way is by using the 'Find People' on Twitter's tool bar. This allows you to locate people by browsing suggestions pulled by Twitter or locating people by browsing interests. Browsing suggestions is a new feature recently started by Twitter. It is a great time-saving method and the recommendations are generally good.
    • If gaining twitter followers is business related, search for the big names in your niche or market. Follow them. Then search their following list and follow those people.
  • 9. The ‘Magic’ 2-part Step
    • The final two-part step will help you get thousands of followers
  • 10. 1
    • Encourage people to follow you by offering them quality tweet. When sending out tweets, consider if you would find the information valuable yourself. Most people will follow you if they like your content.
  • 11. 2
    • Retweet a person's quality tweet - this method will skyrocket your chances for someone following you back.
  • 12. It’s that easy!
    • Twitter is a social interface. You're building great virtual friendships. Keep it friendly, but informative. It's only a matter of time you'll gain thousands of Twitter followers.
  • 13.
    • For more great Twitter tips check out Christine McCarthy's -  
    • /
    • The only FREE complete guide to Twitter Marketing you’ll ever need!