Field Observations Powerpoint


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Field Observations Powerpoint

  1. 1. Mrs. Sandra Braun Introduction to Diversity for Educators Christina Peterson
  2. 2. – Artifact #1 This worksheet was placed at the entrance of the school and available to anyone. I thought that a lot of the ideas were very creative. I used a few of them when working with two students.
  3. 3. – ! Artifact #2 This is a booklet I found on exceptional education for the state of Florida. It was created by the Florida Department of Education in 2009. This guide helps families integrate their children into the education system.
  4. 4. – Artifact #3 This brochure was at the school to help teachers understand the differences in cultures and how it affects education.
  5. 5. – Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board Here is a picture of a first grade door decorated with Dr. Seuss themed pictures. The students have there picture inside of a frame with a fish on the bottom of each picture with their names.
  6. 6. – Class Work Here is a picture of the students completing a worksheet assigned by the teacher. In the picture we can see all of the decorations on the wall to determine what they are working on.
  7. 7. – Special Education Classroom This is a picture of an Exceptional Education classroom working with blocks.
  8. 8. – ™  Name of Teacher: Mrs. Samson School: Windermere Elementary Grade: First ™  Purpose: To assist future teachers with gaining greater understanding and insight into the expectations and responsibilities toward children with Special needs. ™  What exceptionality do the students have? What grade level and what age are they? –  I have students with many different exceptionalities. I mainly work with 1st-3rd grade and ages 6-11 years old. ™  What needs do the children seem to have that are unique to this group? Common to other children? What modifications in instructional approach are made? –  The children in this group need much more one-on-one attention to make sure that they truly understand what is given to them to complete. Other children can work more independently on assignments that they are given rather than the teacher having to give as much time as possible with each student. We ensure that our students get all the help that they need as quickly as we can in order for them to reach their potential. Exceptional Education Field Observation Teacher Interview
  9. 9. – ™  What recommendations does the parent have for you, regarding what you might provide for children who have special needs? –  The parents want to ensure that their students have the same education just like every other child. They want their children to have the same free education opportunities. The parents usually let me know about their child’s specific strengths and weaknesses, this is really important when working with a child with disabilities. Knowing what a child is capable of is critical when creating their specific IEP and working with them during class time. Exceptional Education Field Observation Teacher Interview
  10. 10. – ™  How have you been affected by the education policy directed at children with special needs. What modifications ahs the teacher made in teaching? What do you as a teacher still feel is needed? –  The education policy wants Exceptional Education students to have the same opportunities and experiences as children without any learning disabilities. Having Exceptional Education students in a regular classroom does make it a little bit more difficult because they do require a little extra time and that makes the other students want that extra attention too, it does sometimes get overwhelming. More IEP scheduling would be really helpful, sometimes we as teachers do not get the information about each student that we need. Least Restrictive Environment has also made an impact by really trying to accommodating Exceptional Education students into the classroom. Exceptional Education Field Observation Teacher Interview
  11. 11. – Observation Hours Verification Form