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C-level attended conference focusing on Enterprise ICT in Africa. Confirmed speakers include
‐ Jan van der Zandt, CIO, Absa Financial Services, Absa Group Technology
‐ Richard Bell, CEO, Wananchi Group, East Africa
‐ Riaan Van Niekerk, CIO, McGregor BFA (Bureau for Financial Analysis)
‐ Adrian Cornelius, General Manager, MTN Business
‐ Fidel Mabutho Mbhele, Director: ICT Policy and Strategy, Western Cape Government
‐ Michael Greer, Group I.T. Manager, Chubb Security SA
‐ Felix Martin‐Aguilar, Strategy Executive & Head of Business Services, Cell C
‐ Ferdie Lochner, Head: IT Finance & Administration ‐ Information Systems & Technology, City
of Cape Town
‐ Kosheek Sewchurran, Head of Department ‐ Information Systems, University of Cape Town
‐ Gaston Mbala, IT Director, Televisão Pública Angola
‐ Nico Coetzee, IT Security Specialist, First National Bank ‐ South Africa
‐ Rod Russell, Executive ‐ Infrastructure, Metropolitan Health, South Africa
‐ Hemant Salunkhe, Director, Small & Medium Business Development Chamber of India
(SME Chamber of India)
‐ Kim Andersen, Principal Analyst, CxO Advisor & Advisor, Ovum Business

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Enterprise ICT Africa

  1. 1. PART OF THE THE 2ND ANNUAL14-15 NOVEMBER 2012 - CTICC, CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA CO-LOCATED WITH MEETING BUSINESS NEEDS WITH CLOUD & ICT SERVICES 13-15 NOVEMBER 2012 CTCC, CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA Cloud in Africa: Case Studies Cloud in Africa: What Does Cloud Mean for Enterprises in Africa? Mobilising the Workforce: Challenges & 250+ 7,000+ Opportunities Facing Mobile IT services Always On: Improving Connectivity for African Enterprises ICT Decision makers attendees at from across Africa Africa Com Applications for the Next Generation: to learn from & Keep up with the Needs of your Workforce network with 30+ Leading CIO speakers from Large The Future of ICT for the Enterprise Enterprises, Operators, software vendors & infrastructure providers INSPIRATIONAL VISIONARY SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Richard Bell Felix Martin-Aguilar Nico Coetzee CEO Strategy Executive & Head of IT Security Specialist Wananchi Group Business Services, Cell C First National Bank -OPERATOR East Africa OPERATOR ENTERPRISE South Africa Riaan Van Niekerk CIO, McGregor BFA Ferdie Lochner Rod Russell (Bureau for Financial Head: IT Finance & Administration - Executive - InfrastructureENTERPRISE Analysis) Information Systems & Technology Metropolitan Health Jan van der Zandt ENTERPRISE City of Cape Town ENTERPRISE South Africa CIO, Absa Financial Services Absa Group TechnologyOPERATOR Kosheek Sewchurran Camille Mendler Head of Department - Information Principal Analyst – Adrian Cornelius Enterprise Verticals General Manager Systems, University of Cape Town ENTERPRISE ANALYST Informa Telecoms & Media MTN BusinessOPERATOR Fidel Mabutho Mbhele Gaston Mbala Kim Andersen Director: ICT Policy and Strategy IT Director Principal Analyst, CxO Advisor Western Cape Government Televisão Pública Angola & AdvisorENTERPRISE ENTERPRISE ANALYST Ovum Business “The Enterprise ICT event located alongside Africa Com is the ideal platformSponsored by to network with all the senior executives representing the whole ecosystem relevant to Africa’s enterprise ICT market. ” Mariko Takahashi, Marketing Manager of NECwww.enterprise-ictafrica.com
  2. 2. CO-LOCATED WITH Dear Colleague, AGENDA AT A GLANCE A warm welcome to the 2nd annual Enterprise ICT Africa event brought to you in sunny Cape Town by leading event organisers the Com World DAY 1 – WEDNESDAY 14 NOVEMBER 2012 Series, and the Cloud World Forum Series. For a second year this insightful ICT event will be collocated with AfricaCom – the continent’s premier Keynotes shared with AfricaCom telecoms, media & ICT conference and exhibition – enabling Enterprise ICT Game Changing Market Evolution Africa attendees to benefit from a vast array of ICT players in the 350+ • Informa Market Overview strong exhibition, networking opportunities with Africa’s leading ICT players, as well as a dedicated conference session that will focus on all of the important • Transforming Models in Africa hot topics for IT decision makers in Africa today. • Innovation or Disruption? Debating the Role of New Players in the Digital Ecosystem You can browse this brochure for full details on key topics like; Cloud in Africa • Handset & Smart Devices Vision for Africa and what it means for Enterprises in Africa, Is Cloud the Be All and End All? What is the Business Case for Cloud? CIOs as Cloud Strategists, Improving Efficiency Refreshments & Networking in the AfricaCom Exhibition of ICT, Security, Mobilising the Workforce, Devices in the Work Place, Improving Connectivity for African Enterprises, Deploying reliable networks, the Data Cloud in Africa: What Does Cloud Mean Explosion, Case Studies, and the Future of ICT for the Enterprise. for Enterprises in Africa? Furthermore, if you’re a VIP IT decision maker you will not only benefit from the Lunch & Networking in the AfricaCom Exhibition private meeting space in the VIP lounge, but also personal introductions from our Head of VIP Relations, Ms. Aleksandra Mikula, to ensure you have the vital business meetings that will drive your company’s growth. Alongside this we will have the Cloud in Africa: Case Studies speed-networking opportunities during the coffee breaks on both days – no other event facilitates such tailored, one2one meetings for businesses in Africa. Refreshments & Networking in the AfricaCom Exhibition I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our Silver sponsor NEC for their support of this event. It is thanks to their sponsorship that we can offer free delegate Mobilising the Workforce: Challenges & passes to CIOs & VIP attendees. Opportunities Facing Mobile IT services Thanks also to our media partners, with a special mention to the Informa & Ovum analysts, who provide unrivalled industry insight to you at this event, and throughout the year on Enterprise Verticals in Africa. Networking Drinks in the AfricaCom Exhibition We look forward to seeing you there. Best regards, & the AfricaCom Awards Emily Martyr Conference Manager & Head of Product Innovation, Com World Series Informa Telecoms & Media DAY 2 – THURSDAY 15 NOVEMBER 2012 Keynotes shared with AfricaCom Service Innovation in a Digital AfricaWHY ATTEND ENTERPRISE ICT AFRICA • Spotting the Next Successful Innovations for Africa • Monetising Services that Capture the Imagination A BUSINESS-FOCUSED NETWORK in an exhibition • Digital Gurus Panel: Establishing Successful Partnerships conference agenda to help you showcasing the leading global ICT • How are social networking services affecting the telecoms, make the right decisions for your companies offering engineering, media & ICT market? company infrastructure and services solutions. Plus, business arms of LEARN from senior executives regional, pan-African & international Refreshments & Networking in the AfricaCom Exhibition representing the whole telecoms service providers and ISPs ecosystem relevant to Africa’s thanks to the event’s collocation Always On: Improving Connectivity enterprise ICT markets – plus with AfricaCom – the continent’s for African Enterprises expert consultants, Ministry largest communication event, representatives and industry benefiting from a worldwide Lunch & Networking in the AfricaCom Exhibition associations respected reputation and 7,000+ GAIN market insights from attendees. Applications for the Next Generation: Informa Telecoms and Media’s BENEFIT from free entry for Keep up with the Needs of your Workforce leading team of enterprise enterprise representatives in market analysts Africa Refreshments & Networking in the AfricaCom Exhibition The Future of ICT for the Enterprise 2011 SPONSORS INCLUDED: Emily Martyrwww.enterprise-ictafrica.com emily.martyr@informa.com Enquiries
  3. 3. “An event that is focussed on the opportunities and challenges of managing and driving growth in the most exciting market in the world - Africa” Steven Evans, CEO, Etisalat NigeriaDay 1 – Wednesday 14th November 2012 15.05 Overseas Case Study: Leveraging Cloud & ICT 09:00 Innovations for SMEs /SMBs Growth Shared Morning Keynotes with AfricaCom • What will be expected from Cloud by SMEs? • How to identifying the immediate demand for Cloud & necessary ASSOCIATION11.30 Refreshments & Networking in the AfricaCom short term investments Exhibition • Where will investment come from? • What is the realistic timeline for ROI from SMEs using Cloud? Cloud in Africa: What Does Cloud Mean Hemant Salunkhe, Director, Small & Medium Business for Enterprises in Africa? Development Chamber of India (SME Chamber of India)12.00 Chair’s Introduction & Market Overview Mobilising the Workforce: Challenges & Camille Mendler, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Opportunities Facing Mobile IT services Informa Telecoms & Media12.15 Cloud: Is it the Be All and End All? How Much Impact 15.25 What is the Reality of the Mobile Workforce in will it have for Africa’s Enterprises? Africa? • Why cloud adoption is picking up pace • ICT in the workplace is changing, but how quickly? ENTERPRISE • The perception of security in the Cloud & the draw backs of cloud • What are the demands on IT management from employees in OPERATOR computing terms of mobility? • Why companies are outsourcing cloud – is this the best approach? • What do CIOs need to do to meet the demands of actualising a Kosheek Sewchurran, Head of Department - Information Systems, mobile workforce? University of Cape Town Adrian Cornelius, General Manager, MTN Business12.35 The Business Case for Cloud: How Cloud Services 15.45 Refreshments & Networking in the AfricaCom will Revolutionise Business Exhibition • Why Cloud services should be considered as mandatory • How to measure the readiness and fitness of your business 16.30 Devices in the Work Place: What Trends are • What role the IT department should play in the eco-system Affecting African Enterprises? • What Software Defined Network (SDN) will add to Cloud services Shinya Kukita, Chief Manager - International SI Service Business • Which devices are best facilitating mobility for Africa’s workforce? Development Division, International Sales & Operations BU, • Is employee demand for mobile devices/ tablets affecting CIOs OPERATOR NEC Corporation and budget? • What is the expected uptake of smartphones in Africa’s enterprise12.55 The Evolving Role of the CIO: Is Today’s CIO a space over the next 12-18 months? Doorkeeper or Strategist? Steven Kirenga, Business Products Manager, Marketing ENTERPRISE • Evaluating the importance of the CIO as a strategist for enterprises Department, MTN Uganda Michael Greer, Group I.T. Manager, Chubb Security SA 16.40 CIO Roundtables: Plan, Prepare, Perform How are CIOs & IT Directors in Africa future proofing IT provisioning13.15 Cloud Roundtable: The Big Picture for Cloud in the for their businesses? Take this opportunity to join themed tables and Enterprise & CIOs as Cloud Strategists discuss with your peers as to how to solve some of the key challenges • How has the role of the CIO changed in the past year? facing CIOs & IT directors today, and to prepare for what the future • What role is cloud playing in CIOs’ strategies now: small, large, may hold. none? ENTERPRISES • How do CIOs need to adjust their perspective in order to manage Topics will include: New Business Models; Go to Market Strategies; cloud services in the enterprise? Using Cloud to Transform Legacy Applications while Mobilizing Riaan Van Niekerk, CIO, McGregor BFA Employees and Customers, etc. (Bureau for Financial Analysis) Roundtable leaders: Analysts from Ovum/CxO Advisors & Kosheek Sewchurran, Head of Department - Information Systems, Informa Telecoms & Media University of Cape Town Michael Greer, Group I.T. Manager, Chubb Security SA 17.30 End of Day 1: Networking Drinks14.00 Lunch & Networking in the AfricaCom Exhibition in AfricaCom Exhibition & the Cloud in Africa: Case Studies 5TH ANNUAL AFRICACOM AWARDS14.45 Cloud Security when Enabling Mobility & An ‘Always On’ Workforce • Mobility and Always on - what does that mean today? And tomorrow? ENTERPRISE • Understanding current IT risks in cloud computing • New IT risks in a mobile work force environment • What you can do today and what you should be looking at doing in the future to maintain a secure working environment Nico Coetzee, IT Security Specialist, First National Bank, South Africa Emily Martyrwww.enterprise-ictafrica.com emily.martyr@informa.com Enquiries
  4. 4. “The event provided a platform for an excellent value-add network opportunities.” Dennis Ebbah. Senior Manager Financial Control, MTN Nigeria Communication LimitedDay 2 – Thursday 15th November 2012 14.40 Healthcare Industry Case Study: Innovative 09:00 Shared Morning Keynotes with AfricaCom Applications for the Healthcare Industry This case study will be provided by a CIO or an application developer ENTERPRISE focusing on a ‘success story’ in the e-healthcare space, and how ICT is11.30 Refreshments & Networking in the AfricaCom a game changer for healthcare provision in Africa. Exhibition Rod Russell, Executive - Infrastructure, Metropolitan Health, South Africa Always On: Improving Connectivity for African Enterprises The Future of ICT for the Enterprise Chair: Kim Andersen, Principal Analyst, CxO Advisor & Advisor, Ovum Business 15.00 Technology Trends in a Developing Country’s Public Sector Now & in the Coming Years12.00 Understanding the Data Explosion: How to Cost Effectively Empower Employees in the Age of • The impact of IT process improvements • The open source movement and the public sector Broadband ENTERPRISE • Disruptive technologies, the consumerisation of IT and public • How can infrastructure providers prepare for the pressures of sector security paranoia OPERATOR Cloud services? • The cost of Green IT & e-Waste in the public sector • Understanding what network optimisation is needed to prepare Fidel Mabutho Mbhele, Director: ICT Policy and Strategy, for future Enterprise needs Western Cape Government • How will improvements be funded, and will the client suffer? Felix Martin-Aguilar, Strategy Executive & Head of Business 15.20 Refreshments & Networking in the AfricaCom Services, Cell C Exhibition12.20 Interactive Connectivity Panel: What Progress has 16.20 What Does the Future Hold for CIOs in Africa? there been in Connecting African Enterprises? This future-looking presentation will aim to give a snap shot of the • How has connectivity improved in the past 6-12 months to align long-term strategic goals that need to be considered by all CIOs with Enterprises’ needs of availability, reduced cost, and growing in Africa. Including; skill shortage, limited connectivity, etc. These ENTERPRISE IT consumerism? challenges can be overcome through innovation and co-operation, • How are service providers meeting the needs of Enterprises, and when they are improved Africa will truly benefit from ICT as a despite the challenges? business enabler. OPERATORS • Will current levels of connectivity deter the uptake of services like Cloud? Ferdie Lochner, Head: IT Finance & Administration, Information • What is still needed to help African enterprises progress to the Systems & Technology, City of Cape Town next stage of growth? 16.40 Enterprise ICT Africa: Round-Up & Crystal Ball Richard Bell, CEO, Wananchi Group, East Africa Panel Adrian Cornelius, General Manager, MTN Business A panel of analysts and experts in the field of ICT for Enterprises will ENTERPRISES Reuben Chitungo, Projects Manager, summarise the topics and debates from the two day event, as well as Econet Wireless Zimbabwe talking about what wasn’t mentioned, and what their forecast for the next 6-12 months is in Africa.12.55 The Changing Role of the CIO: Changing Business Ferdie Lochner, Head: IT Finance & Administration - Information Models - The State of Outsourcing; Globally, in RSA Systems & Technology, City of Cape Town and in Africa Fidel Mabutho Mbhele, Director: ICT Policy and Strategy, • Why outsource? Do CIOs have to outsource? Issues surrounding ANALYSTS Western Cape Provisional Government skills, knowledge & HR recruitment methods ENTERPRISE Camille Mendler, Principal Analyst, Enterprise, • Are CIO’s being forced by the CFO to go this way? Informa Telecoms & Media • Are CIO’s getting lost in the complexities of their technology and turning to Outsourcing as a “quick” solution? Sadiq Malik, Senior Consultant, MEA, Informa Telecoms & Media Jan van der Zandt, CIO, Absa Financial Services, Absa Group Technology 17.20 Close of Conference – until the next ICT event!13.20 Lunch & Networking in the AfricaCom Exhibition Applications for the Next Generation: Join our Linked In Group: Enterprise ICT Africa Keep up with the Needs of your Workforce14.20 Case Study - Televisão Pública Angola: Television Friend us on Facebook: AllAboutCom Production - From Tape to Tapeless Workflow ENTERPRISE Showcasing the use of IP Networks /Internet (3G/4G, WAN, LAN, BGAN) to capture, transmit and distribute high quality SD/HD video content. Follow us on Twitter: #EICTAfrica Gaston Mbala, IT Director, Televisão Pública Angola Emily Martyrwww.enterprise-ictafrica.com emily.martyr@informa.com Enquiries
  5. 5. CO-LOCATED WITH MARKET OVERVIEW: What Will Cloud Offer Africa? WHO SHOULD ATTEND The recent emergence of cloud computing as a Noticeably, telecom operators are making a land ENTERPRISE ICT paradigm for economic development opens grab for physical assets in order to sell virtual goods. AFRICA? opportunities for African countries seeking to Acquisitions and investments totaling almost engage world markets, despite lacking the traditional US$8 billion were executed in the first six months of 3 CIOs/ Enterprise IT & ICT infrastructure used to facilitate trade, especially since 2011, according to Informa’s Telecom Cloud Monitor. Heads of Department & the arrival of several submarine cables along the Of these, 80% involved the acquisition or planned Directors. Plus Enterprise IT/ continental coastline has accelerated the rollout of construction of data centers to house virtualization ICT buyers or procurers African terrestrial and wireless networks. infrastructure. 3 Industry regulators, enterprise Cloud offers a unique opportunity to African Telcos However, it is important to note that telecom operators associations, user groups & to provide value added services like voice, video and are highly dependent on third parties for cloud service consultants collaboration on cloud platforms. Informa Telecoms & delivery. This includes SaaS, infrastructure and 3 Enterprise & Business services Media has predicted that revenues from mobile data professional services vendors. On average, an operator providers (operators) will have grown from $210bn in 2009 to more than works with 16 partners to deliver cloud services, and $450bn by 2015. some with double that number. 3 African & International Internet Services Providers (ISPs) As Telcos design their cloud strategy, they must think Clearly the Cloud ecosystem in Africa, other emerging on how best to leverage their unique and trusted markets, and globally, will see continued activity and progress 3 Infrastructure vendors and ICT relationship with the consumer. They can monetise in the near future. solution providers this relationship by offering competitive cloud-based services integrated in the devices supported by hassle OFFICIAL ANALYST free billing and reliable network connectivity. PARTNER CLOUD: DO TELCOS HAVE THE FULL PACKAGE IN EMERGING MARKETS? BRAND RECOGNITION OFFICIAL DELEGATE PUBLICATION African Market PERSONAL WIDE AREA CONNECTIVITY CONNECTIVITY OFFICIAL NEWSWIRE PARTNER SECURITY DATACENTERS CERTIFICATIONS OFFICIAL ONLINE BILLING DISTRIBUTION NEWS SERVICE THANK YOU TO OUR 2012 SPONSORS: EXHIBITING ENTERPRISE ICT COMPANIES INCLUDE: OFFICIAL SHOW PUBLICATION NEC is a leading global provider of innovative and integrated IT and networking solutions, delivering a complete portfolio of mobile and broadband networking PLATINUM MEDIA PARTNERS infrastructure, innovative cloud platforms and proven applications that meet the complex and changing needs of our customers. NEC’s C&C Cloud Solutions enables carriers to seize the opportunities of the emerging cloud era, without delay, with minimum investment, and with carrier grade security and quality. We have the key to a business transformation that builds a continuous stream of new revenue. LEVEL 3 For more information, visit: www.nec.com/cloud logos 6/2/08 15:22 Page 1 logos 6/2/08 15:25 Page 1 wireless northern african wireless southern african MEDIA PARTNERS For wireless comms professionals in northern equatorial Africa COMMUNICATIONS For wireless comms professionals in southern equatorial Africa COMMUNICATIONS neolectum Emily Martyrwww.enterprise-ictafrica.com emily.martyr@informa.com Enquiries
  6. 6. THE 2ND ANNUAL 3 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER TO ATTEND ENTERPRISE ICT AFRICA: 1. Online: www.enterprise-ictafrica.com 2. Email: itmevents@informa.com14-15 NOVEMBER 2012CTICC, CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA 3. Telephone: +44 (0)20 7017 5506VENUE DETAILS ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS: Please Quote Your Priority I54KCCape Town International Convention Centre Reduced rate accommodation has beenConvention Square, 1 Lower Long Street negotiated- information is available on ourCape Town, 8001, South Africa website: www.africa.comworldseries.com/ Code When Booking:t: +27 (0) 21 410 5000 f +27 (0) 212 410 5001 conference/accommodation/e info@cticc.co.za Choose your Related Event ticket option I am an African operator, regulator, application developer/coder, All other businesses For group discounts please call+ 44 207 017 5506 broadcaster or Enterprise CIO* Enterprise ICT Africa Conference Pass Early Price Your pass includes: FREE Before 26th October 2012 US$1,099 + 14% VAT Before 5th October 2012 Billboard Digital Music Africa (13th November) AfricaCom Exhibition & Masterclass programme Standard Price (13-15 November) US$299 + 14% VAT After 27th October 2012 US$1,399 + 14% VAT After 8th October 2012 Enterprise ICT Africa 2 day conference (14-15 November) I am unable to attend, please send me access details to view the event documents online at £325 +VAT @ 20% UK VAT where applicableTERMS & CONDITIONS: *For details of who qualifies under these categories please visit www.enterprise-ictafrica.comFEE: There are different fees depending on which days you would like ARE YOU REGISTERED: You will always receive an acknowledgement of Manager, Informa UK, Maple House, 149 Tottenham Court Road, Londonto attend. Paying options include access to the conference, lunch, your booking via email. If you do not receive anything, please call us on W1T 7ADrefreshments, online conference documentation. The fees do not +44 (0)20 7017 5506 to make sure we have received your booking. PAYMENT INFORMATION: Payment should be made by cheque, creditinclude hotel accommodation. All fees are subject to 14% VAT CALL MONITORING: Telephone calls to Informa UK Ltd may be card, in Euros, Pound Sterling or US Dollars. Cheques must be madeTAX: Under South African Customs & Excise regulations, all delegates recorded or monitored in order to check the quality of the service being payable to Informa UK Ltd. Payment must be received by 30/10/2012are required to pay 14% VAT on any conference taking place in South provided. in order to secure your place. Please quote the delegate name and theAfrica. DATA PROTECTION: The personal information shown, and/or provided Event Code I54KC as a reference on all transactions. Informa UK Ltd, inCANCELLATIONS: Cancellations received in writing before 30/10/2012 by you will be held on a database and shared with companies in the conjunction with Tax Back International VAT reclaim, the world’s leadingwill be subject to a service charge of US$200. The full conference fees Informa Group. It may be used to keep you, or any additional names VAT recovery organisation, can help you to make a significant reductionremain payable on and after 30/10/2012 Substitutions are welcome provided by you, up to date with developments in your industry. on your attendance cost. Once an invoice has been sent to you, Taxat any time. It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of Sometimes your details may be obtained from or made available to Back International will advise you as to how the VAT can be reclaimed.the Organiser to alter the content and timing of the programme or the external companies for marketing purposes. If you do not wish your Informa is PCI compliant and for security reasons now only acceptidentity of the speakers. This contract is subject to English Law. details to be used for this purpose, please write to The Database credit cards payments via the event website and on the phone. 15TH ANNUAL MORE INFO EXTENDED EVENT NOW 3 DAYS 13-15 NOVEMBER 2012 CTCC, CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA REACHING THE NEXT FRONTIER FOR GROWTH NEW! NEW! PRE-EVENT COME AND 2ND ANNUAL FIBRE OPTICS SEMINAR SEE THE DIGITAL MUSIC AFRICA HOSTED BY FUTURE OF NEW! 2ND ANNUAL WIMAX OPERATORS NEW! DIGITAL SUMMIT HOSTED BY AFRICA... FREE ATTENDANCE FOR OPERATORS, CIOS, BROADCASTERS & APP DEVELOPERS Visit: www.comworldseries.com/africa