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2 05 christina cotes collab powerpoint
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2 05 christina cotes collab powerpoint


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Solar Energy.Good or bad?
    Marisa Goldman & Christina Cotes
  • 2. How does Solar Power Work?
    The sun’s light contains energy and usually when this light hits an object it produces heat. But when it reaches certain materials it produces an electrical current.
    When solar power first came out they used crystals made out of silicon. This was an expensive process .
    Newer materials use smaller and cheaper crystals such as copper.
  • 3. How does Solar Power Work?
    The most common way to get solar power is with the technology of photovoltaic cells, which directly transforms sunlight into electricity.
    A solar panel is made up of modules of photovoltaic solar cells. When exposed to the photons from the sunlight, some electrons of the solar cells are knocked off.
  • 4. How does Solar Power Work?
    Those electrons create an electrical current.
    Another way that solar power works is through the use of solar thermal collectors, which capture heat from the sun.
  • 5. Advantages of Solar Power
    Solar Power is a renewable resource, meaning it will never run out. Unlike fossil fuels, which are nonrenewable, solar power will be useable forever.
    The solar cells are noise free, while gas pumping machines make loud noises.
    Solar energy creates absolutely no pollution. Unlike oil or gas, solar energy does not harm the environment.
  • 6. Disadvantages of Solar Power
    The solar cells are very expensive when you first purchase them.
    Solar Power cannot be harnessed during a storm or cloudy weather.
    For solar panels to be installed, you have to have a lot of land, and places with small amounts of land cannot harness solar power.
  • 7. Disadvantages of Solar Power
    The pollution already existing, and harm the panels, causing them not to catch as much rays form the sun.
    Solar Panel’s location can also affect the amount of energy, because they panels can be in a shaded area, blocked form the sun by large buildings.
  • 8. Conclusion.
    My partner and I decided that the advantages of solar power, outweighed the disadvantages. We have decided that the city should go through with the usage of solar power, to help prepare the city for when fossil fuels can no long be used, and alternate energy’s must be.
  • 9. Bibliography.