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Op art 1

  1. 1. Images Worth Taking a Second Look At
  2. 2.  Op Art is short for Optical Illusion Art An Optical illusion is an image or picture that plays a trick on your eye when you look at it.
  3. 3.  Happen when the brain can’t make sense of what your eyes are seeing and your eyes are confused on the messages your brain is sending. There are many types of illusions that effect different parts of how we see and think. The fist one we are looking at effects how we see color
  4. 4. Simultaneous Contrast Illusion. The horizontal grey bar is the same shadethroughout. Why does it look like it is different colors?Check this by covering everything except the bar.
  5. 5. This grid is an aftermath illusion that tricks the brain by sending too many messages at once. After looking at the image the eyes and brain are not able to stop sending the overload of messages which creates a movement effect.
  6. 6.  ThisIllusion is a video that you will stare at for at least 30 seconds Then, look at your hands or a face and see if you notice anything strange happening…
  7. 7.  Inorder to create Op Art there are 2 very important things you need to understand. #1 How to createimages that will trickthe eye of the viewer #2 Being exact andmaking straight NEATlines and color
  8. 8.  Would This Illusionstill work if the lineswere not exact?
  9. 9.  Wallovers is an online app which allows you to create op art using a grid Anything you draw is applied to a grid on the screen It is automatically reflected, flipped, and turned to create a unique piece of op art
  10. 10.  Selecta grid, pattern, and background color, then create your own designs, or click the AUTODRAW button and watch the computer generate patterns for you. Click the printer icon to save your art. GET STARTED!!
  11. 11.  Julian Beever From England Pavement Chalk Artists Known for creating optical illusions on side walks Often times people can stand in his art and act as if they are a part of it. Has a great sense of humor!
  12. 12.  Make a flat surface appear round
  13. 13.  Cones, Spheres, and Value!
  14. 14.  Neat and crisp Lines A strong composition Good color choice
  15. 15.  Starting in one section begin drawing “U” shaped smilies to conect one side to the other In the next section use an upside down “U” to make frownies- Connect all lines!
  16. 16.  (forthis slide teacher will demonstrate following steps using interactive whiteboard)