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  • Science and Technology Dedicated Group (125 completed projects, $4B+)
    Healthcare Industry Leadership – over 700 Completed Major projects
  • This award should be marketed as something we have accomplished. Similar to a certification, it doesn't lose its effectiveness based on the year in which we received it. We are, and will continue to be, the recipient of the National ASCC’s W. Burr Bennett Safety Award for Safety Excellence as number one among the nation’s largest building companies for our commitment to safety and health.
  • DART = .45, Industry Average 2.5

    Subcontractor Manhours (2009 YTD) 17,502,105, McCarthy Manhours (2009 YTD) 6,036,728 Total Project Manhours (2009 YTD) 23,538,833
    LTIR 0.06 (McCarthy 2009)
    RIR 0.83 (McCarthy 2009)
    Recordable Total Project incident rate 1.67 (2009 YTD)

  • RPS is essentially a collaboration technique that engages subcontractors in building a phased schedule and coordinate the handoff of work. Sometimes called the “scheduling card trick,” the activity uses a common time line (plotted on the wall) and a different colored post-it for each subcontractor to schedule their activities. It’s a great way to get everyone’s buy in, rather than PUSH a made-up guess
  • The coordination process of all areas yielded over 5,000 clashes that were sorted and resolved prior to the first weld or soldier joint being made in the field. As a result costly rework and delays were avoided, in addition when issues did arise in the field it was easy to determine which contractor had made an error and fix the problem quickly without finger pointing or claims.
    One of the most costly potential issues that was resolved during coordination was the location of the de-aerator for the steam system in relation to the steel penthouse support structure (Figure 2). The problem was identified during penthouse coordination, an RFI was generated and the equipment was shifted to avoid conflict (Figure 3). In addition the structural cross member was modified to be removable in order to provide access to GSU maintenance staff. As a result of the BIM coordination process the project saved an estimated $150,000 for one clash and untold schedule impacts that could have resulted from this issue being identified during construction.
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    1. 1. McCarthy Capabilities February 2010
    2. 2. Agenda • Company Background • Services/Delivery Methods • Experience • Key Differentiators
    3. 3. McCarthy Building Companies • 145 Years Old • America’s Largest, Oldest Privately–Held Firm • Experience in 45 States • $3.5B Annual Revenues • 100% U.S. Employee Owned • 85% Repeat Clients • 70 Years Federal Construction • Self-Performing Builder Our Goal is to be The Best BUILDER in America.
    4. 4. Geography
    5. 5. Contract Values (2008) 33% 31% 14% 12% 10% <$5 million $5 - $25 million $25 - $50 million $50 - $100 million $100+ million
    6. 6. Project Types (2008) 45% 10% 18% 8% 12% 4% Healthcare Commercial Education Industrial/Civil Institution Science & Tech
    7. 7. ENR Rankings • #2 Healthcare • #11 General Building • #10 General Building - Domestic • #18 General Contractors • # 9 Airports • #10 Auto Plants • #18 Chemical Plants • #13 Contractors by New Contracts • #15 Correctional Facilities • #22 Domestic Heavy Contractors • #5 Education • #7 Hotels, Motels, Convention Ctrs • #20 Industrial Process • #12 Marine and Port Facilities • #15 Mass Transit and Rail • #19 Pharmaceuticals • #49 Power • #2 Sanitary and Storm Sewers • #3 Water Treatment & Desalination • #11 Sewage and Solid Waste • #20 Transportation • #13 Water Supply • #6 Entertainment • #45 Green Contractors
    8. 8. Preconstruction Phase Services  Schedule Development  Conceptual Cost Estimating  Detailed Cost Estimating  Budget Control  Value Analysis  Competitive Subcontracting  Equipment Procurement  Guaranteed Maximum Price  Small Business Planning  Design Peer Review  Design Assist  BIM & 3D Modeling
    9. 9. Construction Phase Services  Management of Construction Operations  Self Performance  Schedule Control  Cost Control  MEP Coordination  Change Order Management  Quality Control  Safety Program  BIM & 3D Modeling  Process Submittals  Small Business Utilization  Commissioning Assistance
    10. 10. Project Delivery Construction Management (ECI, IDBB, IDc) Best Value General Contracting IDIQ Contracting Design-Build Design-Bid- Build
    11. 11. Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Modernization of Lab Facilities (MLF) Location: Oak Ridge, TN Actual Project Value: $67M Completion Date: March 2011 Description: 3-story, 160,000 sf research, Chemical and Material Sciences facility, including 50 laboratories supported by 164 offices and 120 work stations, for the Department of Energy.
    12. 12. National Bio And Agro-Defense Facility Location: Manhattan, KS Actual Project Value: $523M Completion Date: Spring 2015 Description: 520,000 sf, $523 million National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility Animal Disease Laboratory complex, including two main laboratory buildings including BSL2, 3, 3E, 3Ag, and 4 with four additional outbuildings including a central energy plant, entry guard house, central receiving facility and parking. Joint Venture with Mortenson
    13. 13. Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System Medical Center Replacement Location: New Orleans, LA Actual Project Value: $720M Completion Date: Winter 2013 Description: 1,520,000 sf hospital including primary, secondary and tertiary care services; bed towers with a capacity of 120 med/surgical beds, 20 mental health beds and 60 nursing home beds; associated administrative and support facilities; utility and energy plants; and a combination of surface and structure parking. Designed to LEED Silver. Joint Venture with Clark Construction
    14. 14. United States Department of Agriculture – BSL-3Ag Large Animal Research Facility Location: Ames, Iowa Actual Project Value: $134.7 million Completion Date: February 2007 Description: 158,000 sf Large Animal BSL-3Ag high containment laboratory, containing 22 Biosafety Level-3Ag animal rooms, Central Plant and Infrastructure. The facility is the USDA's main center for research, diagnostics and biologics and contains 22 Biosafety Level-3Ag animal rooms used for the study of animal diseases such as brucellosis and tuberculosis, and animal diseases that are foreign to the United States such as heartwater and African horse sickness.
    15. 15. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Building 18 - Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory Location: Atlanta, Georgia Actual Project Value: $167.5 million Completion Date: December 2005 Description: High tech, state of the art, 490,000 sf research facility. The laboratory consists of BSL-2, BSL-3 and BSL-4 lab space. Laboratory equipment such as Class II and Class III biosafety cabinets, fume hoods, environment rooms, sterilizers, cage and rack washers were all included. The structure is concrete with structural steel penthouse and mezzanine construction. This project was the first Level 4 laboratory to be constructed on a fast track design process.
    16. 16. Los Angeles International Airport Tom Bradley International Terminal Location: Los Angeles, California Actual Project Value: $503.5 million Completion Date: January 2010 Description: 462,250 sf modernization and 48,000 sf new addition to the Tom Bradley International Terminal including replacement of the Baggage Handling System, all signage and digital displays, modernization of elevators and escalators, upgrades of communications and IT systems, removal and replacement of interior finishes in existing public areas and complete renovation of all public restrooms.
    17. 17. University of Texas – MD Anderson Cancer Center Alkek Expansion Location: Houston, Texas Actual Project Value: $222 million Completion Date: September 2010 Description: 500,000 sf, design-build vertical and horizontal expansion and renovation composed of a 12-story addition above and 24-story elevator tower next to the existing continually operating 12-story hospital. The expansion includes 144 new inpatient rooms, pharmacy, 5-shell floors with room for 240 future patient rooms, as well as, renovation of existing spaces and upgrade of existing structure and infrastructure to support the expansion.
    18. 18. The Children’s Hospital Location: Denver, Colorado Actual Project Value: $412 million Completion Date: September 2007 Description: 1,440,000 sf, 9-story replacement facility including 270 inpatient beds, diagnostic and surgery facilities, outpatient clinics, medical staff and administrative offices, office building and support service areas, behavioral health building, research with BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratory, data center, and two parking garages for 1,200 cars.
    19. 19. Lake Pleasant Water Treatment Plant Description: Design-Build 80 Million Gallon-per-day water treatment plant, includes innovative ballasted flocculation process for high-rate sedimentation, ozonation, deep-bed monomedia filters, post-filtration, granular activated carbon contactors and ultraviolet disinfection. The project included construction of a raw water intake and pump station, 2 miles of large-diameter pipeline and a 40 million gallon on-site concrete storage reservoir and finished water pump station. 2008 National DBIA Award Winner McCarthy self-performed: • Concrete placement and finishing • Mechanical process piping • Yard piping • Equipment setting • Miscellaneous metals Location: Phoenix, Arizona Actual Project Value: $231 million Completion Date: June 2007
    20. 20. Key Differentiators • Safety • Quality • Building Information Modeling • Self-Performance • Sustainability • Small Business Development and Participation
    21. 21. Safety American Society of Concrete Contractors • National American Society of Concrete Contractors • W. Burr Bennett Award for Safety Excellence Associated General Contractors • 1st Place Willis/AGC Construction Safety Excellence Awards • Builders over 1M Hrs OSHA • 4 partnerships regional and project specific • Covers 70% of our projects
    22. 22. Safety
    23. 23. Quality • Preconstruction --- Completion • Comprehensive Program – Building Enclosure Coordination Program – Water Infiltration Prevention Program – MEP Coordination Program – Site Specific Quality Plan – Builder Mentality
    24. 24. LEAN Construction • Constructability Influences Design • Early Subcontractor Procurement • Drive Inefficiencies out of Schedule • Value Analysis throughout Design • Progressive Performance Incentives • Over-the-Shoulder Pricing • Integrated Contracts
    25. 25. Building Information Modeling (BIM) • 3D Coordination • 4D Coordination • Self Performed Modeling • Planning and Clarifications • Increased Internal Capacity
    26. 26. BIM Advantages • Fewer coordination errors • More efficient scheduling and reduced construction time • Better cost estimates, and ultimately, cost savings • Enhanced quality of deliverables • Address end user needs = Long term client satisfaction Mock Up 3D Model
    27. 27. Georgia State University Science Park and Parker H. Petit Science Teaching Center BIM used to demonstrate to the subcontractors the intent for design and get them bought in early to the 3D design and coordination process. McCarthy’s next step in integrating work through the coordination process in the field using tablet PC’s and the Navisworks freedom viewer. De-aerator Clash De-aerator Fix A potential costly issues that was resolved during coordination was the location of the de-aerator for the steam system in relation to the steel penthouse support structure -saved an estimated $150,000 for one clash and untold schedule impacts A large number of user groups that utilize the lab spaces were” walked’ through the model to validate design and flush out any potential issues $118 Million 350,000 sf Downtown Atlanta BSL-2, BSL-3 spaces, and BSL-4 glove box lab.
    28. 28. Self-Performance • Excavation • Concrete forming, placing and finishing • Pre-cast concrete panel erection • Structural steel erection • Crane hoisting and rigging • Rough and finish carpentry • Millwork • Miscellaneous metals placement • Wood doors and hardware installation • Hollow metal door installation • General labor
    29. 29. Sustainability Commitment Weaving sustainability into the fabric of all company operations Encouraging every client and building partner to seriously consider sustainable building practices Bringing viable green solutions to the table Educating and training our employees to give them the tools to lead the way
    30. 30. Sustainability • LEED Certification Support • 408 LEED Accredited Professionals • Member, U.S. Green Building Council • In-house LEED Training
    31. 31. Small Business Development • Company-wide commitment • Hosting of outreach events (project specific and conferences) • Regular meetings with small business concerns to discuss avenues for working together • Actively searching for mentor/protégé opportunities • Regular contact with SBA and PTAC representatives nationwide • Ongoing in-house training nationwide to increase staff understanding of how to identify and engage small business subcontractors • Ongoing Project-Specific Teaming • Proven results in working with Small and Disadvantaged Business Concerns
    32. 32. McCarthy Capabilities February 2010