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  • 1. UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA 2010<br />A <br />ABORIGINAL STUDENT COUNCIL<br />220A N Power Plant780 492-4847<br />ABORIGINAL STUDENT SERVICES CENTRE<br />2-400 SUBFAX 780 492-1674<br />Reception780 492-5677<br />Student Advisor780 492-5677<br />Transition Year Program 780 492-5677<br />ACADEMIC INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION<br />TECHNOLOGIES (AICT)<br />www.ualberta.ca/AICTFAX 780 492-1729<br />Helpdesk AND General Information<br />Client Service Centre 302 GSB780 492-9400<br />CCID Administrator 780 492-0400<br />Large Format Printing 780 492-2262<br />Product Sales 780 492-5442<br />Security Administration780 492-1390<br />abuse@ualberta.ca<br />General Information<br />Client Services 780 492-9400<br />Operations Centre (7x24 Hrs) 780 492-3982<br />Site License Admin780 492-5564/1345<br />Test Scoring & Questionnaire 240 GSB780 492-2741<br />Central Systems Development & Services 780 492-9343<br />Internet Applications 780 492-9326<br />Instructional Technology Environments<br />Classroom TechnologiesFAX 780 492-1570<br />AV Depots<br />audviseq@ualberta.ca<br /> Main Depot-Humanities L2-6780 492-3923<br /> Bio Sciences Depot M-237780 492-7116<br /> Civil Depot 134780 492-7072<br /> ETLC Depot E1-016 780 492-3924<br /> HM Tory Depot 1-56 780 492-2069<br /> Katz Group-Rexall Centre 1143780 492-6208<br /> TELUS Centre 201780 492-8436/8433<br />Classroom Technologies Billing780 492-0173<br />Video Conferencing780 492-8436<br />videocon@ualberta.ca<br />Computer & Electronic ServicesFAX 780 492-7209 <br />Repairs & Billing 780 492-4901 <br />Instructional Lab Technologies<br />Labs Coordinator 103N GSB 780 492-9362<br />Managed Services<br />Application Development780 492-0056<br />Connected Support780 492-4179<br />Production Services780 492-1885<br />Identity Management Services (IMS)780 492-3168<br />Research Computing<br />Research Support <br />WestGrid Support 780 492-9306<br />Voice & Data Services 780 492-9583<br />Cabling Services 780 492-9302<br />Network Operations 780 492-9327<br />Telephones 333 GSB 780 492-3422<br />telecom@ualberta.ca<br />Authorization Codes 780 492-3422<br />Telecommunications Requests 780 492-3422<br />Telephone Billing780 492-3875<br />Executive Director’s Office<br />Finance & Budgets, Manager 780 492-9371<br />Accounts Payable 780 492-2263<br />Accounts Receivable 780 492-9355<br />Billing Inquiries 780 492-1223<br />Human Resources<br />Manager780 492-4989<br />Coordinator780 492-9305<br />Assistant780 248-1145<br />Associate CITO & Executive Director<br />Executive Assistant780 492-4767<br />Associate Executive Director780 492-3311<br />Executive Assistant780 492-1145<br />ACADEMIC SUPPORT CENTRE<br />2-703 SUB780 492-2682<br />www.ualberta.ca/ascntrFAX 780 492-3804<br />Office Administrator, Ellen Neumann780 492-2123<br />Admin Assistant, Tricia Jones780 492-2682<br />Writing Resources<br />Director, Stephen Kuntz780 492-0992<br />Coordinator/Instructor, Rob Desjardins780 492-1129<br />Learning Resources<br />Director, Dr Karen Kovach780 492-4991<br />Coordinator/Instructor, Leanne Rosinski780 492-8903<br />TRANSITION TO UNIVERSITY PROGRAM (T2U)780 492-42142XL PROGRAMAcademic Strategist, Marian Garner780 248-1532<br />ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (AIS)<br />3rd floor Enterprise Square<br />www.AIS.ualberta.ca/FAX 780 492-2371<br />Director, Shelagh Hohm780 492-9309<br />Associate Director, Finance & Research, David Dittaro780 492-9141<br />Service Delivery Manager, Campus Solutions, David Erno780 492-2183<br />Service Delivery Manager, HCM, Sonia Collett780 492-3456<br />Service Delivery Manager, Financials, Ceinwen Arndt780 492-4365<br />PeopleSoft Help (AICT Help Desk)780 492-9400 <br />helpdesk@ualberta.ca<br />ADMISSIONS<br />Undergraduate (Registrar & Student Awards)780 492-3113<br />Graduate (Graduate Studies & Research, Faculty of) 780 492-3499<br />ADVANCEMENT SERVICES<br />(see Office of Development)<br />ADVENTURE TRAVEL COMPANY, THE<br />9006 HUB International 780 492-2756<br />uofa@atcadventure.com<br />AGRICULTURAL, FOOD AND NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE<br />410 Agriculture/Forestry Centre<br />www.ales.ualberta.ca/AFNSFax 780 492-4265<br />ADMINISTRATION<br />Reception780 492-3239<br />Chair, E Okine780 492-2131<br />Exec Assistant & Office Coordinator, H Horvath780 492-2131<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, J Bell780 248-1907<br />Graduate Programs Assistant, J Forslund780 492-5131<br />Undergraduate Program Coordinator, F Hodder780 492-7101<br />Human Resource Coordinator, S Doerr780 492-9565<br />Finance & Human Resource Administrator, D Topinka780 492-6180<br />Graduate Recruitment & Internship Advisor, E St Pierre780 492-8641<br />Public Relations Coordinator, S Katzeff780 492-0379<br />Senior Financial Administrator, C Lee780 492-3294<br />Senior Research Administrator, L Callan780 492-3232<br />Financial Administration:<br />S Chan780 492-6158<br />A Gougeon780 248-1649<br />A Pieracci780 492-0174<br />Research Laboratories<br />Lab Manager, L Elmes780 492-5785<br />Research Laboratories 1st Fl Agric/For<br />Agronomy/Entomology/Forages780 492-1778<br />Animal Physiology780 492-4067<br />Chromatography780 492-6966<br />Canola Breeding780 492-5508<br />Potting Room780 492-3058<br />Research Laboratories 2nd Fl Agric/For<br />Bio-Engineering780 492-4590<br />Food Lab780 492-3833<br />High End Chromatography780 248-1946<br />Materials Science780 492-4321<br />Food Microbiology780 492-3634<br />Cereal Chemistry780 492-8189<br />Food Chemistry780 492-0380<br />Food/Bio Engineering Processing780 492-7659<br />AB Dairy Association Research Unit780 492-0381<br />Research Laboratories 3rd Fl Agric/For<br />Protein Group780 492-1721/4614<br />RIA Lab780 492-0649<br />Proximate Analysis780 492-5784<br />Metabolic & CVD Lab780 492-3828<br />Nutrition Animal Lab B-81 MSB780 492-8878<br />Bio-Fermentation780 248-1174<br />Human Nutrition/Functional Foods780 248-1946<br />Research Laboratories 4th Fl Agric/For<br />Beef Genomics780 492-3022<br />Proteomics & Genomics780 492-3288/8865<br />Plant Pathology780 492-5450<br />Plant Biochemistry780 492-3293<br />Agricultural Lipid Biotechnology780 492-7836<br />Research Laboratories 5th Fl Agric/For<br />Header House780 492-3278<br />Human Nutrition Research Unit 3-11 Agric/For 780 492-3700<br />Assistant Director, M O’Neill780 492-6668<br />HUMAN NUTRITION RESEARCH GROUP 4-126 Li Ka Shing Centre<br />Administrative Assistant, T Vetsch780 492-8960<br />LIPID PRODUCTS RESEARCH ALBERTA (LiPRA)<br />Office 3-04 CEB780 492-3051 <br />Lab 5-54 CEB780 492-6878<br />ALBERTA INGENUITY CENTRE FOR LIVESTOCK GENOMICS<br />TECHNOLOGY (AICLGT) 1400 College Plaza<br />Office Manager, K Elkow780 492-2383<br />Edmonton Research Station 115 St & 61 Ave<br />Director, B Irving780 492-6117<br />Agri-Food Discovery Place780 492-1561<br />Executive Director, B Rimes780 492-6945<br />Meat Safety & Processing Research Unit780 492-7505/1700<br /> Manager, K Fahner780 492-3104<br />Crop Utilization & Enhanced Materials Research Unit780 492-3353<br /> Manager, G Chemello780 644-8129<br />Ethology Lab780 492-1883<br />Compost Building780 492-6993<br />Crops & Land Resource Research Facility780 492-0178<br />Manager, B Irving780 492-6117<br />Dairy Research & Technology Centre780 492-7691<br />Manager, R Khorasani780 492-9003<br />Feed Mill<br />Manager, C Lysgaard780 492-7668<br />Metabolic Research Unit<br />Manager, S Melnyk780 492-7692<br />Poultry Research Tech Unit<br />Manager, L Bouvier780 492-7694<br />Poultry Research Centre780 492-6221<br />Executive Director, I Pawlina780 492-0930<br />Hatchery780 492-7460<br />Swine Research & Technology Centre<br />Manager, J Willis780 492-7688<br />Kinsella RESEARCH RANCH<br />Manager, B Irving780 336-3528<br />AGRICULTURAL, LIFE AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, <br />FACULTY OF <br />www.ales.ualberta.ca/<br />Administration<br />214 Agric/For CentreFax 780 492-8524<br />Admin Assistant/Reception, Alexia Palau780 492-4931<br />Executive Assistant to the Dean, Cecilia Martinez780 492-0102<br />Financial/HR Officer, Kim Brimacombe780 492-0101<br />IT Coordinator, Brett Finch780 492-7220<br />Web Administrator, Genevieve Beaulieu780 492-2007<br /> Director, International, Renny Khan780 492-9835<br />Assistant Dean, Judy Carss780 492-4932<br />Dean, John Kennelly780 492-0102<br />ResearcH<br />214 Agric/For CentreFax 780 492-8524<br />Research Office Coordinator, Geeta Sehgal780 492-8126<br />Research Facilitator, Mariska Span-Smeelen780 492-8312<br />Research Financial Analyst, Suki Gill780 492-9511<br />Research Admin Assistant, Barbara Chan780 492-7178<br />Director, Animal Care, Craig Wilkinson780 492-2934<br />Associate Dean, Research, Ellen Macdonald780 492-9053<br />Undergraduate Student Services (ALES)<br />231 General ServicesFax 780 492-0097<br />Student Services Assistant/Reception780 492-4933<br />Student Advisor (A-La), Bonnie Bourdin780 492-5547<br />Student Advisor (Lb-Z), Gayeung Doan780 492-4586<br />Recruitment Officer, Melody Brooks780 492-7764<br />International Student Advisor, Pam Minty780 492-8136<br />Student Services Manager, Jim Bohun780 492-1313<br />Associate Dean, Academic, Nat Kav780 492-2908<br />External Relations<br />214 Agric/For CentreFax 780 492-8524<br />Communications Director, Michel Proulx780 492-8127<br />Development Coordinator, Kathy Horricks780 492-6387<br />Senior Development Officer, Katherine Irwin780 492-2118<br />Assistant Dean, Development, Ken Crocker780 492-1896<br />Detailed listings for the following departments<br />are under their own alphabetical entries:<br />Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science780 492-3239<br />Devonian Botanic Garden780 987-3054<br />Human Ecology780 492-3824<br />Renewable Resources780 492-4413<br />Rural Economy780 492-4225<br />AGRICULTURE CLUB<br />204A General Services<br />President 780 492-2932<br />ALBERTA ACADRE NETWORK<br />(see Alberta NEAHR)780 492-1827<br />ALBERTA BIODIVERSITY MONITORING INSTITUTE (ABMI)<br /> CW-405 Biological Sciences <br />www.abmi.ca/abmi/home/home.jsp<br />abmiinfo@ualberta.caFAX 780 492-7635<br />Executive Director, Kirk Andries780 417-3054<br />Program Manager, Colleen Scott780 910-5453<br />Information Centre Director, Jim Herbers780 492-5766<br />Science Centre Director, Stan Boutin780 492-1297<br />Land Access Manager, Kirsten Kurjata780 492-4398<br />Website Manager, Carrie Holcapek780 492-1314<br />Administrative Assistant, Pamela Foster780 248-1592<br />System Analyst, QiongYan (Joan) Fang780 492-1271<br />Database Programmer, Haobin Li780 492-1245<br />Ecologist, Gillian Holloway780 492-7890<br />ALBERTA CENTRE FOR ACTIVE LIVING <br />11759 Groat Road780 427-6949<br />Fax 780 427-2677<br />Director, Judith Down780 427-8008<br />Centre Coordinator, Betty Lee780 427-7368<br />Admin Assistant, Lynda Matthews-Mackey780 427-6949<br />Financial Administrator, Carol Knull780 427-7892<br />Communications & Marketing Coord, Don Buchanan780 415-6248<br />Education Coordinator, Angela Torry780 427-0077<br />Resource Coordinator, Rosanne Prinsen780 427-7938<br /> Research Coordinator, Christina Loitz<br />G2-06 Educ S780 492-6899<br />Research Associate, Tanya Berry<br />6-37 General Services780 492-3280<br />ALBERTA CENTRE FOR INJURY CONTROL<br />AND RESEARCH (ACICR)<br />4075 Research Transition Facility780 492-6019<br />Fax 780 492-7154<br />ALBERTA CENTRE ON AGING<br />305 Campus TowerFax 780 492-3190<br />General Information780 492-3207<br />Interim Director, Adrian Wagg780 492-2214<br />Research Coordinator, Deanna Wanless780 492-7733<br />ALBERTA CORD BLOOD BANK <br />408 College Plaza780 492-2673<br />www.acbb.caFax 780 492-8704<br />Executive & Medical Director, Dr John Akabutu 780 492-2397<br />ALBERTA DIABETES FOUNDATION<br />1-020 Li Ka Shing Ctr for Health Rsch Innovation780 492-6537<br />Fax 780 492-0979<br />ALBERTA DIABETES INSTITUTE<br />1-002 Li Ka Shing Ctr for Health Rsch Innovation780 492-4660<br />Fax 780 492-0979<br />Scientific Director, Dr Ronald G Gill780 492-3077<br />ALBERTA GAMING RESEARCH INSTITUTE<br />8909S HUB International<br />www.abgaminginstitute.ualberta.caFax 780 492-6125<br />Exec Director, V Williams 780 492-2817<br />Admin Assistant, L Vanhala780 492-2856<br />ALBERTA INGENUITY CENTRE FOR CARBOHYDRATE<br />SCIENCE (AICCS)<br />E5-23 Chem Centre, Gunning/LemieuxFax 780 492-7705<br />Director, D Bundle 780 492-8808<br />Associate Director, E Nanak780 492-7784<br />ALBERTA INGENUITY CENTRE FOR MACHINE <br />LEARNING (AICML)<br />Centre Manager780 492-4828<br />Director, Dr Osmar Zaiane 780 492-2860<br />Operations Coordinator, Leslie Acker780 492-4828<br />Admin Assistant, Brianna Otto780 492-6692<br />ALBERTA INSTITUTE FOR AMERICAN STUDIES (AIAS)<br />400 Arts & Convocation Hall<br />http://www.americanstudies.ualberta.ca/<br />aias@ualberta.caFAX 780 248-1340<br />Executive Director, Dr Michael Dark780 492-6900<br />Academic Director, Distinguished Scholar in Residence,<br />Hon. A Anne McLellan<br />Research Director, Greg Anderson780 492-0632<br />Admin Assistant, Sherry Norris780 492-5674<br />Graduate Research Assistant780 248-1605<br />ALBERTA INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN NUTRITION (AIHN)<br />300 Campus TowersFax 780 492-2874<br />Director, Linda McCargar780 492-9287<br />Assistant Director, Marcus O'Neill780 492-9966<br />ALBERTA JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH<br />Editor, Dr Larry Prochner780 492-3751<br />ALBERTA LAW REFORM INSTITUTE<br />402 Law Centre780 492-5291<br />www.law.ualberta.ca/alri/<br /> reform@alri.ualberta.caFax 780 492-1790<br />Director, Prof Peter Lown, QC780 492-3374<br />Research Manager, Sandra Petersson780 492-1789<br />Administrator, Carol Burgess780 492-5293<br />Counsel<br />Debra Hathaway780 492-1797<br />Cheryl Hunter Loewen780 492-1796<br />Maria Lavelle, Calgary403 297-2122<br />Elizabeth Robertson780 492-1787<br />Geneviève Tremblay-McCaig, Calgary403 297-4834<br />ALBERTA LAW REVIEW <br />11049-88 Ave780 492-5559<br />Admin, Lorie Huising<br />ALBERTA NEAHR<br />602 College Plaza780 492-1827<br />www.neahr.ualberta.caFax 780 492-6115<br />Principal Investigator, Cora K Weber-Pillwax780 492-7606<br />Project Coordinator, Sarah Auger780 492-9891<br />Financial Administration & Community Relations, Shirley Thunder780 248-1108<br />ALBERTA PUBLIC INTEREST RESEARCH GROUP (APIRG)<br />9111 HUB International780 492-0614<br />www.apirg.orgFAX 780 492-0615<br />apirg@ualberta.ca<br />ALBERTA TRANSPLANT APPLIED GENOMICS CENTRE<br />(ATAGC)<br />250/260 Heritage Med Rsch Centre<br />transplants.med.ualberta.caFAX 780 407-3417<br />Director, Dr Philip F Halloran780 407-8880<br />Office Administrator, Danielle Stewart780 492-5435<br />Admin Assistant, Michelle Ryan780 407-8880<br />Manager, ATAGC Core Facility, Dr Konrad Famuski780 492-1725<br />Research Associate, Dr Luis Guembes-Hidalgo780 492-1807<br />Research Associate, Dr Michael Mengel780 492-5943<br />Research Associate, Dr Jeff Reeve780 492-1639<br />Research Associate, Dr Banu Sis780 492-0674<br /> Research Assistant, Jessica Chang780 492-6459<br />Sr Lab Technologist, Vido Ramassar780 492-1802<br />Lab Technologist, Kara Allanach780 492-1817<br />Lab Technologist, Anna Hutton780 492-9610<br />Lab Technologist, Zija Jacaj780 492-6444<br />Graduate Students’ Office780 492-8776/1807<br />ALUMNI AFFAIRS<br />1-050, Main Floor Enterprise Square<br />www.ualberta.ca/alumniFax 780 492-1568<br />General Inquiries780 492-3224<br />Assistant, Communications & Marketing/Receptionist,<br />Ann Miles780 492-3224<br />Associate Vice-President, Sean Price780 492-0116<br />Director, Alumni Programs, Gina Wheatcroft780 492-0117<br />Executive Assistant, Diane Tougas780 492-9262<br />Executive Project Manager, Coleen Graham780 492-3224<br />Finance & HR Coordinator, Andrea Porter780 492-6686<br />Coordinator, Alumni Branches, John Perrino780 492-3602<br />Assistant, Alumni Branches, Brandon Aune780 492-1059<br />Director, Communications, Marketing & Affinity Partnerships780 492-9534<br />Assistant, Alumni Education & Travel, Angela Tom780 492-1835<br />Coordinator, Alumni Chapters, Cristine Myhre780 492-6566<br />Assistant, Alumni Chapters, Vi Warkentin780 492-2896<br />Coordinator, Alumni Recognition, Jodeen Litwin780 492-4523<br />Assistant, Alumni Recognition780 492-7723<br />Coordinator, Alumni Special Events, Colleen Elliott780 492-0866<br />Assistant, Alumni Special Events, Jennifer Jenkins780 492-6530<br />Coordinator, Electronic Communications, Debbie Yee780 492-6075<br />Manager, Alumni Education, Travel & Special Events,<br />Tracy Salmon780 492-2515<br />Coordinator, Students & Young Alumni, Karla Barron780 492-7726<br />Graphic Communications Coordinator, Lisa Hall780 492-5726<br />Manager, Communications & Editor, New Trail,<br />Kim Green780 492-6321<br />Coordinator, Communications & Associate Editor, New Trail<br />Sarah Ligon780 492-0115<br />ALUMNI HOUSE<br />(see Ancillary Services-Conference Services)780 492-6057<br />FAX 780 492-2441<br />ANALYTICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY<br />(see Laboratory Medicine & Pathology)<br />ANATOMY, DIVISION OF<br />5-01 Medical Sciences 780 492-2628<br />Fax 780 492-0462<br />Director, Dr Anil H Walji 780 492-8629<br />Anatomical Gifts Program 780 492-2203<br />ANCILLARY SERVICES<br />1-044 Lister Centre780 492-4281<br />www.ualberta.ca/ancillaryFax 780 492-7032<br />Administration<br />Executive Director Ancillary Services, Doug Dawson780 492-1421<br />Executive Coord & Comm Lead, Daycare Liaison,<br />Melanie Govenlock780 492-0057<br />Acting Admin Services Team Lead, Gaylene Delnea780 492-6047<br />Client & Admin Services, Maggie Chmilar780 492-4281<br />Hospitality Services<br />Director Hospitality Services, Bob Dunham780 492-1641<br />Hospitality Services Admin Unit Coordinator, Cindy Spears780 492-5931<br />(see Ancillary Services-Hospitality Services)<br />Operations<br />Acting Director of Operations, Geoff Rode780 492-6915<br />Operations Admin Unit Coordinator, Jon Ward780 492-3205<br />(see Ancillary Services-Operations)<br />Real Estate and Property Management Services<br />Director Real Estate, Craig Moore780 492-4164<br />Director Property Management Services, Marlene Hamblin780 492-3148<br />Real Estate & Property Management Admin Assistant780 492-2241<br />(see Ancillary Services-Real Estate and<br /> Property Management Services)<br />Residence Services<br />Director Residence Services, Dima Utgoff780 492-6043<br />Residence Services Admin Unit Coordinator780 492-7405<br />(see Ancillary Services-Residence Services)<br />FACILITIES<br />1-050 Lister CentreFAX 780 492-0064<br />Facility Services Manager, Maurice Anderson780 492-7398<br />Housekeeping Supervisor, Mae-Ann Stevens780 492-8395<br />HOSPITALITY SERVICES<br />Director Hospitality Services, Bob Dunham780 492-1641<br />Hospitality Services Admin Unit Coordinator, Cindy Spears780 492-5931<br />Support Services Coordinator, Lorraine Huntley780 492-6066<br />Sales & Marketing Coordinator780 492-6051<br />Conference Services 1-047 Lister Centre<br />(Lister Centre, Alumni House & Guest Accommodation)780 492-6057<br /> www.ualberta.ca/conferenceservicesFax 780 492-5297<br />Supervisor, Conference Services, Michelle Hoyle780 492-6053<br />Admin Support & Liquor Coordinator780 492-1035<br />Conference Management Coordinator, Barb Robinson780 492-2996<br />Conference Marketing & Management Coordinator, Sara Dick780 492-9880<br />Conference Coordinator, Amy Stafford780 492-6052<br />Conference Coordinator, Tammy Smereka-Kuncio780 492-9500<br />Alumni House 11515 Saskatchewan DriveFAX 780 492-2441<br />Alumni House Conference Coordinator, Cathy Hurst780 492-8931<br />Enterprise Square 1-165 Enterprise SquareFAX 780 248-1421<br />Enterprise Square Coordinator, Sherry Kully780 248-1057<br />Enterprise Square Admin Assistant, Trish Zuk780 248-1056<br />Front Desk, Lister Centre780 492-6056<br />www.guestservices@ualberta.ca<br />Acting Guest Services Supervisor, Janet Lien780 248-1029<br />Guest Services Coordinator, Reservations, Sheri Penner780 492-9300<br />Supervisor, Front Desk780 492-6301<br />MAINTENANCE<br />037 Mackenzie TowerFAX 780 492-8701<br />Facilities Supervisor, Ray Holtz780 492-7496<br />Facilities Support Coordinator, Alice Fung780 492-6045<br />Foreman, Finishing & MP/RSJ, Dieter Kugler780 492-1908<br />Foreman, Mechanical & ECV, Mike Horton780 492-1877<br />Foreman, Electrical/Food & Lister, Wally Busko780 492-3476<br />OPERATIONS<br />Acting Director of Operations, Geoff Rode780 492-6915<br />Operations Admin Unit Coordinator, Jon Ward780 492-3205<br />Acting Associate Director of Operations, John Younk780 492-1197<br />Operations Support Team Leader, Isaac Yeung780 492-1717<br />Finance 1-044 Lister Centre<br />Finance Supervisor, Brenda Shmyr780 492-6054<br />Accounts Receivable, James Tardif780 492-7514<br />Budget Accountant, John Shores780 492-7242<br />Accounting Assistant, Michele Wagner780 492-6055<br />Information Technology (IT) 1-026 Lister Centre<br />IT Team Lead, Yue Xing780 492-6083<br />Residence Network Admin, Grant Culham780 492-6050<br />Systems Administrator, Jennifer Cox780 492-0697<br />LAN Administrator, Sean Gordon780 492-7701<br />ONEcard B-12 Cameron Library780 492-7924<br /> www.onecard.ualberta.ca<br /> onecard@ualberta.ca<br />ONEcard Program Supervisor, Marsha Amanova780 492-7924<br />ONEcard Financial Lead, Jennifer McNeil780 492-3572<br />ONEcard Networking Technician, Paolo Coco780 492-9185<br />Parking Services 1-051 Lister Centre780 492-7275<br /> www.ualberta.ca/parkingFAX 780 492-7832<br /> parking.services@ualberta.ca<br />Parking Services Operations Supervisor, Emily Ellis780 492-8046<br />Client Services Administrator, Adele Challis780 492-8173<br />Senior Field Staff Supervisor, Tracy Ingram780 492-5533<br />Weekend & Special Events Supervisor, Peter Brand780 492-1311<br />Acting Evening Field Staff Supervisor, Scot Zawada780 492-5533<br />Financial Records Coordinator780 492-7483<br />Parking Enforcement & Maintenance780 492-5533<br />Boosting Service780 492-5533<br />Visitor Parking Arrangements780 492-2050<br />REAL ESTATE AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES<br />REAL ESTATE 4th Floor GSB<br /> www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/vpfacilities/realestate.cfm <br />Director Real Estate, Craig Moore780 492-4164<br />Administrative Assistant, Teresa Powell780 492-1296<br />Property Manager, David Ward780 492-4975<br />Property Manager, Christine Zwozdesky780 248-1140<br />PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES 209 HUB Mall780 492-2241<br />www.ualberta.ca/hubmallFAX 780 492-2242<br />Director Property Management Services, Marlene Hamblin780 492-3148<br />Administrative Assistant780 492-2241<br />Senior Property Management Coordinator, Gail Harvey780 492-3004<br />Marketing & Special Projects Coordinator, Thelma Meaney780 492-5609<br />RESIDENCE SERVICES<br />www.ualberta.ca/residences <br />housing@ualberta.ca <br />Director Residence Services, Dima Utgoff780 492-6043<br />Residence Services Admin Unit Coordinator780 492-7405<br />Associate Director Residence Administration, Darlene Hemrick780 492-6064<br />Augustana Residence 4901-46 Avenue, Camrose780 679-1100<br />FAX 780 679-1129<br />Director Student & Residence, Mark Chytracek780 679-1181<br />Administrative Assistant, Jo-Anna Larsen780 679-1163<br />Senior Financial Officer, Lynda Matear780 679-1522<br />Supervisor Residence & Conference Services, Robert Ford780 679-1546<br />Marketing and Residence Relations 1-044 Lister Centre<br />Marketing & Res Relations Coordinator, Lindsay McLeod780 492-5169<br />Marketing & Res Relations Liaison, Kristy Lynn780 492-6593<br />Marketing & Res Relations Admin Assistant, Kelli Hewins780 492-8932<br />Residence Administration 1-044 Lister Centre<br />Associate Director Residence Administration, Darlene Hemrick780 492-6064<br />Lister Centre Residence Administration 1-050 Lister Centre780 492-4242<br />FAX 780 492-0064<br />Residence Administrator Lister Centre, Delphi Kozmeniuk780 492-6077<br />Reception/Housing Assistant, Rosa Berg780 492-4242<br />Assistant Housing Coordinator, Kelly Purdy780 492-1528<br />Assistant Housing Coordinator, Megan Clarke780 492-6078<br />East Campus Residence Administration 8801-111 Street780 492-3345<br />FAX 780 492-3426<br />Residence Administrator East Campus, Amal Awini780 492-2901<br />Housing Reception, Jayne Maron780 492-3345<br />Assignment Coordinator, Brandon Williford780 248-1149<br />Assignment Coordinator, Cleofe Gayas780 492-8469<br />Unit Coordinator ECV/NP, Carolann Belair780 492-1601<br />Unit Coordinator HUB/I-House, Charlene Chenkie780 492-2512<br />Michener Park Residence Administration 101 Vanier House780 492-7044<br />FAX 780 492-7731<br />Residence Administrator Michener Park, Amal Awini780 492-2901<br />Housing Coordinator, Laura McMurdo780 492-7047<br />Assistant Housing Coordinator, Rachelle Hale780 492-7044<br />RSJ Residence Administration 214, 8406-91st Street780 466-3824<br />FAX 780 466-4983<br />Residence Administrator RSJ, Christian Tremblay780 466-3824<br />Residence Life 1-050 Lister Centre<br />Associate Director Residence Life, Neil Buddel780 492-0879<br />Residence Life Admin Assistant, Yvonne Kuster780 248-1948<br />Coordinator Student Engagement & Learning, Brock Richardson780 492-4091<br />Coordinator Staff Training & Special Programs, Michal Guzowski780 492-8957<br />Academic Resource Centre780 492-9533<br />Augustana Residence Life 4901-46 Avenue, Camrose<br />Residence Coordinator, Angela Chappell780 679-1113<br />East Campus Village Residence Life 8801-111th Street<br />Residence Area Coordinator East Campus, Chris Fukushima780 492-3402<br />Residence Coordinator HUB, Chris Daberer780 492-4634<br />Residence Coordinator ECV & I-House, Brianna Murphy780 492-7441<br />Residence Coordinator Newton Place, Ian Blankenberg780 492-9495<br />Graduate Residence Intern, Natasha Egeli780 248-1380<br />Lister Centre Residence Life 1-050 Lister Centre<br />Residence Area Coordinator Lister, Brett Phillips780 492-6068<br />Residence Coordinator Mackenzie, Craig Whitton780 492-9035<br />Residence Coordinator Kelsey, Leslie Smith780 492-5873<br />Residence Coordinator Henday, Ryan Cameron780 492-0910<br />Residence Coordinator Schäffer780 492-6067<br />Michener Park Residence Life 101 Vanier House<br />Residence Area Coordinator East Campus, Chris Fukushima780 492-3402<br />Residence Coordinator Michener Park, Ian Blankenberg780 492-7045<br />RSJ Residence Life<br />Residence Coordinator RSJ, Christian Tremblay780 466-3824<br />ANESTHESIOLOGY AND PAIN MEDICINE <br />8-120 Clinical Sciences780 407-8861<br />www.ualberta.ca/departments/anesthesiologyFax 780 407-3200<br />Chair, M Murphy780 407-8887<br />Administrative Professional Officer, J Jubinville780 407-7221<br />Executive Assistant, L Nowak780 407-8887<br />Reception, R Harke780 407-8861<br />Postgrad Program Director/Professor, B MacNicol780 407-3811<br />Postgrad Program Admin, M Blake780 407-1877<br />UGME Admin Assistant, D Chaba780 407-2781<br />Professor Emeritus, B Finucane 780 407-2876<br />Professor, R Kearney780 407-8861Professor, B Tsui780 407-8604<br />Professor, M Zaugg780 407-3854<br />Associate Professor, B Dick780 407-1097<br />Associate Professor, S Rashiq780 407-8896<br />Assistant Professor, D Dillane780 407-1303<br />Assistant Professor, B Kerr780 407-8861<br />Research Assistants:<br />A Chappell780 407-8614<br />J Pillay780 407-8610<br />J Czupryn<br />M Verrier780 407-8615<br />Research Associates:<br />E Lucchinetti-Zaugg780 407-8861<br />Secretarial Support:<br />C Kennedy780 407-8861<br />R Harke780 407-8861<br />ANGLICAN CHAPLAINCY<br />(see Chaplains)<br />ANIMAL SCIENCE<br />(see Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences)<br />ANTHROPOLOGY<br />13-15 Tory HM780 492-3879<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/anthropology/Fax 780 492-5273<br />Chair, Dr L Philips780 492-9879<br />Associate Chair, Graduate Programs780 492-2368<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate Programs780 492-3879<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, J McKinnon780 492-0130<br />Graduate Programs Admin, G Mathew780 492-2368<br />Undergraduate Program Admin, E Plume780 492-3879<br />Admin/Financial Assistant, L Jobagy 780 492-6463<br />Faculty Service Officer, P Mayne Correia<br />1-46 Tory HM780 492-0189<br />Archaeology Tech, S Harpham<br />B-9 Tory HM780 492-7138<br />Director of Labs, H Friebe<br />1-42A Tory HM780 492-0190<br />AQUATICS CENTRE W1-75 Van Vliet780 492-3570<br />ARAMARK HIGHER EDUCATION<br />Lister Centre Fax 780 492-4369<br />General Inquiries780 492-4874<br />Resident District Manager, Jeff Marcellus780 492-7205<br />Retail Manager780 217-7981<br />Classic Fare Catering780 492-4411<br />Catering Manager, Wade Delisle780 492-5305<br />Lister/Marina, Bill Kliciak780 492-6373<br />CAB Café, Bill Kliciak780 217-4227<br />Regional Manager, Michael Beaver780 492-7058<br />ARCHITECT, OFFICE OF THE UNIVERSITY<br />(see Facilities and Operations)<br />ARCHIVES<br />(see University of Alberta Archives) 780 248-1300<br />ART AND DESIGN<br />3-98 Fine Arts Bldg<br />General Office780 492-3261<br />www.ualberta.ca/artdesignFax 780 492-7870<br />Student Program Inquiries780 492-5712<br />Chair, Elizabeth (Betsy) Boone780 492-4583<br />Associate Chair, Graduate Studies & Research,<br />Sean Caulfield780 492-7855<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies,<br />Sue Colberg780 492-7859<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, Stan Szynkowski780 492-7863<br />Academic Advisor, Dawn McLean780 492-7866<br />Art Store780 492-3881<br />Industrial Design780 492-4195<br />Painting780 492-4515<br />Fine Arts Building Gallery780 492-2081<br />Printmaking780 492-7240<br />Sculpture780 492-3008<br />Visual Resources Centre (VRC)780 492-3009<br />Visual Communication Design780 492-5789<br />Fundamentals780 492-3089<br />ART GALLERY<br />(see Art & Design-Fine Arts Building Gallery) 780 492-2081<br />ARTS, FACULTY OF<br />6-33 Humanities Centre780 492-2787<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/arts/FAX 780 492-7251<br />Receptionist, C Fournier780 492-8866<br />DEAN’S OFFICE/Administration<br />Dean, L Cormack780 492-4223<br />Vice-Dean, T Keating780 492-4223<br /> Exec Assistant to the Dean & Vice-Dean, S Klatt780 492-4223<br />Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning, S Kwong See780 492-0704<br />Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, H Zwicker780 492-0825<br />Associate Dean, Research, A Plourde780 492-9132<br /> Admin Assistant, S Zornes780 248-1115<br />Assistant Dean, Administration, G Bauer780 492-2660<br />Faculty Planning Officer, S Cameron780 492-3400<br /> Facilities & Project Coordinator, L Boisvert780 492-9232<br />Faculty Governance Officer, N Langat780 492-2661<br />Human Resources Officer, S Bechtel780 492-8410<br />Financial Officer, M Desmarais780 492-5524<br /> Financial/HR Coordinator, A Hudson780 492-4224<br />Special Event Coordinator780 492-9613<br />COMMUNICATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT<br />Administrative Assistant, M Kuehen780 492-6580<br />Sr Development Officer, A Biscoe780 492-9473<br />Development & Alumni Officer, T Graham780 492-9399<br />Marketing & Sponsorship Coord, C Kloczkowski780 492-8851<br />Faculty Communications Manager780 492-9136<br />Communications Associate, C Rojas780 492-9128<br />ARTS RESOURCE CENTRE<br />412 Arts BuildingFAX 780 492-9112<br />Administrator, L Burton780 492-5278<br />Director, G Wiebe780 492-5278<br />Multimedia and Technical Resource Unit780 492-3544<br />E-Learning Manager, M Engel780 492-7049<br />Research Computing780 492-7570<br />ITS Unit, Manager, A Schwarzer L2-7 Humn Ctr780 492-1058<br />Undergraduate Student Services<br />6-5 Humanities CentreFAX 780 492-6325<br />Admission/Records & Student Program Inquiries780 492-4295<br />Associate Dean, Student Programs, W Street780 492-7658<br />Associate Dean, Student Programs, R Whitinger780 248-1975<br />Director, USS, R Cowan780 492-7657<br />Student Advisors:<br /> B Maywood780 492-7653<br /> S McClellan780 492-7655<br />International Student Advisors:<br /> T Buckle780 492-4389<br /> M Casey780 248-1450<br /> Student Recruitment & Engagement, K Connor780 492-6269<br />Career Development Officer, A Nicholson780 492-6022<br />Grades, Awards, Transfer Credit Coord, D Quaghebeur780 492-7611<br />ARTS RESEARCH FACILITATION OFFICE<br />Research Facilitator, K Calvert780 492-8059<br />Financial Analyst, Research, K Stefan780 492-4685<br />Administrative Assistant, Research, G Edwards780 492-2452<br />ARTS RESOURCE CENTRE (ARC)<br />www.arts.ualberta.ca/arcFax 780 492-9112<br />ADMINISTRATION 412 Arts<br />Director, Dr Grace Wiebe780 492-5278<br />Administrator, Lois Burton780 492-5278<br />TEACHING AND LEARNING 418 Arts<br />Instructional Tech Specialist, Dr Maureen Engel780 492-7049<br />Mentors780 492-7049<br />Arts Web Admin, Scott Wierstra780 492-2103<br />Call Lab, Tom Welz780 492-2810<br />Av/Multimedia Resources 134 Arts<br />Reception, Justine Gill780 492-3544<br />Technicians:<br />Al Denington780 492-0806<br />Clare Peters780 492-2103<br />Grant Wang780 492-2103<br />Computing and technical support (Its) L2-7 Humn Ctr<br />www.arts.ualberta.ca/techsupport<br />Team Leader, Alex Schwarzer780 492-1058<br />Technical Support Analysts:<br />Alex Briton780 492-3969<br />Chee-Ling Lemp780 492-1860<br />Giovanni Trapasso780 492-1606<br />Danny Whittaker780 492-1860<br />David Young780 492-1860<br />Research Computing In Arts 406 Arts<br />Senior Computer Analyst, Eric Zhang780 492-7570<br />ARTS STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION<br />(see CBAS: Collective Body for Arts Students)780 492-4236<br />ASSOCIATION OF ACADEMIC STAFF (AASUA)<br />1600 College Plaza780 492-5321<br />www.ualberta.ca/aasuaFax 780 492-7449<br />President, Walter Dixon<br />Interim Executive Director, Jeremy Richards<br />Business Manager, Roxanne Rowe<br />Sr Membership Services Officer, Brygeda Renke<br />Membership Services Officer, Kevin Becker<br />Membership Services Officer, Rick McKown<br />Receptionist/Admin Assistant, Linda Wagner<br />ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSORS EMERITI<br />11034-89 Ave 780 492-2914<br />www.ualberta.ca/~emirhseFax 780 492-2914<br />President, Dr Alison Scott-Prelorentzos<br />Past President, Dr Don Bellow<br />Vice-President, Dr Gordon Rostoker<br />Treasurer, Dr J Douglas Dale<br />Secretary, Dr Gordon McIntosh<br />ATHLETICS<br />P2-20 Van Vliet<br />www.bears.ualberta.ca<br />www.pandas.ualberta.caFax 780 492-7307<br />General Info, Tickets(ABEAR) 780 492-2327<br />Sport Camps Info780 492-2231<br />Sports Camps, Community Outreach Program Coord,<br />Robin Stewart780 492-6820<br />Accounting Assistant, Dale Johns780 492-1017<br />Supervisor, Finance & Administration, Marina Leyderman 780 492-3048<br />Communications Office780 492-7214<br />Athletics Events Coordinator, Jonathan Krywulak780 492-6933<br />Marketing Coordinator, Trix Baker780 492-7752<br />Associate Director, Development, Michael McTeague780 492-3534<br />Associate Director, Katie Spriggs780 492-7995<br />Associate Director, Vang Ioannides780 492-5603<br />AUDIO VISUAL DEPOTS<br />(see Academic Information & Communication Technologies)<br />AUGUSTANA CAMPUS<br />4901-46 Ave, Camrose, ABFax 780 679-1129<br />Augustana Switchboard780 679-1100<br />Dean, Dr Roger Epp780 679-1103<br />Executive Assistant, Mary-Anne Falk780 679-1130<br />Vice-Dean, Dr Ric Johnson780 679-1127<br />Administrative Assistant, Sarah Ross780 679-1137<br />Associate Dean, Academic Programs, Dr Harry Prest780 679-1520<br />Administrative Assistant, Shirley Guest780 679-1120<br />Associate Dean, Research, Dr Roxanne Harde780 679-1579<br />Administrative Assistant, Linda Richardson780 679-1502<br />Associate Dean, Teaching, Dr Neil Haave780 679-1506<br />Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration, Li-Kwong Cheah780 679-1663<br />Assistant Dean, External Relations, Tim Hanson780 679-1135<br />Administrative Assistant, Dyane Gagnon780 679-1133<br />Fine Arts Chair, Keith Harder780 679-1181<br />Administrative Assistant, Joan Lindberg780 679-1503<br />Humanities Chair, Dr Kim Fordham780 679-1162<br />Administrative Assistant, Paula Dufresne780 679-1122<br />Sciences Chair, Dr Jonathan Mohr780 679-1514<br />Administrative Assistant, Lois Larson780 679-1631<br />Social Sciences Chair (Acting), Dr Geraint Osborne780 679-1531<br />Administrative Assistant, Norma Williams780 679-1561<br />Head Librarian, Nancy Goebel780 679-1189<br />Director, Student & Residence Services, Mark Chytracek780 679-1181<br />Director, Development, Bonnie Anderson780 679-1183<br />Departments<br />Alumni Office780 679-1105<br />Awards & Financial Aid780 679-1134<br />Athletics780 679-1195<br />Bookstore780 679-1139<br />Communications780 679-1157<br />Development780 679-1558<br />Edgeworth Fitness Centre780 608-8695<br />Facilities & Operations780 679-1124<br />Financial Services Office780 679-1186<br />Food Services780 679-1128<br />Human Resources780 679-1110<br />Library780 679-1143<br />Music Conservatory780 679-1503<br />Nursing Program, Camrose780 679-1198<br />Prospective Student Office780 679-1132<br />Registrar (Assistant) Office780 679-1185<br />Ronning Centre for the Study of Religion in Public Life<br />Director, Dr David Goa780 679-1104<br />Student & Residence Services780 679-1163<br />Students’ Association780 679-1541<br />Technology & Learning Services780 679-1607<br />AUGUSTANA CHAPLAINCY<br />(see Chaplains)<br />B<br />BAPTIST STUDENT MINISTRIES<br />(see Chaplains)<br />BENEFITS<br />(see Human Resource Services)<br />BIBLIOTHÈQUE SAINT-JEAN<br />(see Libraries-Bibliothèque Saint-Jean)780 465-8711<br />BIOCHEMISTRY<br />474 Medical Sciences<br />www.biochem.ualberta.ca<br />www.biochemstores.ualberta.ca<br />www.ibdcore.biochem.ualberta.ca<br />Medical Sciences 4th FlFAX 780 492-0886<br />Chair, Dr C Holmes 474A Med Sci<br />Executive Assistant, Barb Tetarenko 474 Med Sci780 492-3357<br />Assistant Chair Administration, Colleen Iwanicka<br />474B Med Sci780 492-4545<br />Financial Administrators 474 Med Sci<br />Christina Pelletier780 492-3542<br />Christine Archibald780 492-5684<br />Graduate Coordinator, Dr David Stuart<br />561A Med Sci780 492-7737<br />Graduate Program Advisor, Kimberly Arndt<br />425F Med Sci780 492-7834<br />Undergraduate Student Services 581 Med Sci780 492-5006<br />FSO, Dr Rachel Milner 581C Med Sci780 492-5550<br />FSO, Dr Adrienne Wright 581A Med Sci780 492-8065<br />FSO, Dr Jo Parrish 579 Med Sci780 492-2866<br />Student Lab, Song Hu 598 Med Sci780 492-9842<br />Admin Assistant, Shannon Swan 581 Med Sci780 492-5006<br />Institute for Biomolecular Design 4-096 Katz780 492-2522<br />Biochem Stores 354 Med Sci<br />Sherry Maslyk780 492-2411<br />Workshop 758 HMRC<br />Sam Graziano, JC Soucy780 492-6526<br />BIOETHICS CENTRE<br />(see John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre)<br />BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES<br />CW405 Biological Sciences<br />www.biology.ualberta.ca/<br />FAX Listings:<br />AdministrationFax 780 492-9234<br />Student ServicesFAX 780 492-9457<br />Student Services Office<br />CW312 Bio Sci<br />Student Inquiries780 492-3484<br />Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, R Vinebrooke780 492-1257<br />Assistant Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, T Raivio780 492-3491<br />Admin Assistants, C Mason/ A Chok780 492-1904<br />Graduate Student Records Coordinator, M Green780 492-1901<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies, D Ali780 492-0076/6094<br />Admin Assistant, B Metherell780 492-0077<br />Undergraduate Student Records Coordinator, S Moreno780 492-3247<br />FSO/Sr Lab Coordinator, M Haag780 492-1262<br />Administration Office<br />CW405 Bio Sci<br />Admin Inquiries, C Geldart780 492-3308<br />Chair, M Caldwell780 492-0672<br />Admin Assistant, L Christensen780 492-7348<br />Associate Chair, Research, C Paszkowski780 492-5172<br />Admin Assistant, P Poholko780 492-3464<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, D Howatt780 492-1256<br />Admin Services Coordinator, O Milligan780 492-1433<br />Facility Projects Coordinator, A Cornish780 492-1066<br />Financial Admin-Operating, D Wilson780 492-1258<br />Financial Admin-Research:<br />P Mash780 492-5631<br />P Swamy780 492-5463<br />HR Coordinator, S Becker780 492-8366<br />Hourly Payroll, L Dammann780 492-2710<br />IT Coordinator, L LeClair780 492-4161<br />Systems Analyst, C Wells780 492-5748<br />Web Developer, K Garbrah780 492-0846<br />Facilities<br />ACCRU-Alberta Cooperative Conservation Research Unit<br />E Bayne780 492-6588<br />J Stewart780 492-1314<br />ABMI (see Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute)<br />AMF - Advanced Microscopy Facility<br />A Oatway780 248-1077<br />Biogeochemical Analytical Lab, M Ma780 492-1290<br />BioSci Stores<br />General Inquiries780 492-3623<br />Purchasing Assistant, C Wells780 492-8491<br />Storeroom Supervisor, D Preston780 492-4432<br />Biotron, Operating Engineer, G Law780 492-5916<br />Digital Teaching Resource Lab780 492-4652<br />Drosophila Unit, S Hanna780 492-3606<br />Fabrication Workshop, J Johnston780 492-3809<br />Fermentation Unit, R Mah780 492-5738<br />GIS Facility, C Nielsen780 492-9397<br />Greenhouses, S Williams780 492-5466<br />Low-level Mercury Analytical Lab780 492-1290<br />Meanook Biological Rsch Station Athabasca<br />B Nichols780 675-4934<br />Microarray and Proteomics Facility<br />A Cornish, T Locke780 492-1066<br />MBSU-Molecular Biology Service Unit<br />Sequencing & Fragment Analysis<br />C Davis, C Nargang780 492-1066<br />General Techniques<br />G Ritzel780 492-8956<br />Safety Officer, T Hantos780 492-2399<br />Museums AND Collections<br />Entomology Museum, F Sperling780 492-3991<br />Technician, D Shpeley780 492-0461<br />Freshwater Invertebrate, H Proctor780 492-5704<br />Technician, D Shpeley780 492-0461<br />Herbarium (Cryptogamic), C La Farge780 492-5528<br />Herbarium (Vascular Plant), J Hall780 492-8611<br />Technician, D Fabijan780 492-5523<br />Marine Invertebrates & Malacology, R Palmer780 492-3633<br />Technician, G Hilchie780 492-1270<br />Paleobotany, R Stockey780 492-5518<br />Parasitology, A Shostak780 492-1293<br />Vertebrate Paleontology<br />M Caldwell780 492-3458<br />P Currie780 492-6572<br />Technician, C Coy780 492-9366<br />Zoology Museum, A Murray780 492-9244<br />BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING<br />1098 Research Transition Facility780 492-6339<br />www.bme.med.ualberta.ca/ Fax 780 492-8259Chair, Rob E Burrell780 492-4972<br />Department Administrator, Maisie Goh780 492-2541<br />General Office780 492-6339<br />BERRI (Biomedical Engineering Research &<br />Results Initiative)<br />Business Manager, Ernst Bergmann780 492-8249<br />Administrative Assistant, Shirl Alexander780 492-4869<br />NMR Administrative Assistant, Carol Hartle780 492-4881<br />NMR Centre780 492-5701/5676<br />BIOSAFETY<br />(see Environmental Health & Safety)<br />BIOSCIENCES ANIMAL SERVICE<br />CW401 Biological SciencesFax 780 492-7257<br />Director, Dr D McKay780 492-5193<br />Administrative Secretary, Mr E Bailey780 492-5358<br />Animal Centre G-601 Bio Sci 780 492-5359<br />Aquatics780 492-5482<br />BOARD OF GOVERNORS<br />(see University Governance)<br />BOHDAN MEDWIDSKY UKRAINIAN FOLKLORE ARCHIVES<br /> 250 Arts BldgFAX 780 492-2051<br /> Archivist780 492-6999<br /> Dr Bohdan Medwidsky780 492-3444<br /> <br />BOOK AND RECORD DEPOSITORY (BARD)<br />Book Depository (see Libraries-Interlibrary Loan/<br />Document Delivery)780 492-3795<br />Record Depository (see University of Alberta Archives) 780 248-1300<br />BOOKCELLAR<br />(see Bookstores) 780 492-4464<br />BOOKSTORES<br />SUB<br />www.bookstore.ualberta.ca<br />FAX Listings:<br />MainFAX 780 492-1726<br />MicroStoreFAX 780 492-8397<br />Health Sciences BookstoreFAX 780 492-9256<br />General Information780 492-4215<br />Book Mail Order Office780 492-4692<br />Warehouse780 492-4785<br />MicroStore SUB780 492-1495<br />Health Sciences Bookstore SUB780 492-4646<br />Augustana Bookstore780 679-1139<br />BookCellar HUB Intl780 492-4464<br />Le Carrefoure780 466-1556<br />Rutherford Corner780 248-1411<br />Devonian Gift Shop780 987-3054<br />Director's Office:<br />Director, Todd Anderson780 492-4215<br />Personnel Office780 492-0421<br />BRAID RESEARCH GROUP780 407-1627<br />FAX 780 407-1715<br />BRUCE PEEL SPECIAL COLLECTIONS LIBRARY <br />(see Libraries-Research & Special Collections Services)780 492-5998<br />BUSINESS, ALBERTA SCHOOL OF<br />3-23 Business<br />www.business.ualberta.caFax 780 492-3325<br />General Office<br />Receptionist, M Hrubi780 492-7676<br />Office of the Dean<br />Dean, M Percy780 492-7644<br />Executive Assistant to the Dean, M Swail780 492-7989<br />Dean’s Office Reception, P Budy780 492-4083<br />Vice-Dean, TW Scott780 492-2350<br />Associate Dean, Research, R Greenwood780 492-2797<br />Director, Administration & Finance, C Moneta780 492-5827<br />Human Resource Officer, C Froment780 492-7169<br />External Relations AND DEVELOPMENT<br />Assistant Dean, External Relations, E Christianson780 492-1581<br />Assistant Dean, Development, M House780 492-9195<br />Manager, Special Events & Donor Relations, S Robertson780 492-2348 <br />Manager, Alumni Relations, J Drake780 492-1192 <br />Communications Strategist, M Wegner780 492-7996<br />Senior Development Officer, N Sabo780 492-4157<br />Coordinator of Special Events & Projects, J Kokic780 492-6705<br />Assistant, Alumni & Special Events, T Wilson780 248-1101<br />Web Editor, R Heise780 492-8695<br />Stollery Executive Development Centre<br />Conference Facilities/Building Manager, N Badry780 492-1522<br />Technology Group<br />Director, Technology, M Getz780 492-9065<br />Desktop Support Analyst, G Fink780 492-7444<br />Network & Systems Administrator, D Mielke780 492-7444<br />Network & Systems Administrator, K Payne780 248-1024<br />Technology Programmer, S McGregor780 492-6691<br />Web & eLearning Specialist, L Nichols780 492-2095<br />Technology Group Administrator, K Belitsky780 492-0193<br />Application Specialist, J Ryan780 492-2043<br />Help Desk Support780 248-HELP<br />PhD Program<br />Director, D Cooper780 492-2361<br />Program Administrator, J Gosine780 492-2361<br />Administrative Assistant, K Harvey780 492-5816<br />Mba Programs<br />Associate Dean, J White780 492-5412<br />MBA Director, Recruiting & Development, B Laverty780 248-1232<br />Director, Career Services, S Panciuk780 492-9826<br />Financial/Data Analyst, C Lynch780 492-5877<br />Admissions & Records, M Montgomery780 492-1783<br />Student Services Administrator, J Ference780 492-4213<br />Program Administrator, P Magaldi Netto780 492-3947<br />MBA Career Services Coordinator, L Tache780 248-1011<br />Administrative Assistant, L Fontana780 492-3946<br />Undergraduate Programs<br />Associate Dean, EF Geddes780 492-5773<br />Program Secretary, Z Williams780 492-8606<br />Program Assistant, Y Hanna780 492-7970<br />Academic Officer, Undergraduate, N Lazorek780 492-5773<br />Undergraduate Program Advisors:<br />A - Hi: A Fodchuk780 492-5722<br />Ho - Pa: D McLellan780 492-1820<br />Pe - Z: D West780 492-5754<br />Recruitment Officer, S Arkison780 492-5506<br />Student Recruiter, D Graves780 492-7195<br />Business Career Services/Cooperative Education<br />Director, D McNeely780 492-5622<br />Career Development & Recruitment Specialist, M Height780 492-2166<br />Coordinators:<br />E Di Curzio, M Tymofichuk, H Kennedy-Plant780 492-2320<br />MBA Director, Career Services, S Panciuk780 492-9826<br />MBA Career Services Coordinator, L Tache780 248-1011<br />Recruitment Assistant, A Paredes780 492-2166 <br />International Office/Exchanges<br />Assistant Dean, E Wong780 492-8137<br />Student Exchange Program Liaison, M McCollum, C Simpson780 492-4895<br />Departments<br />Department of Accounting & Management Info Systems<br />Chair, K Jamal780 492-3053<br />Dept Administrator, D Picken780 492-3053<br />Dept Assistant, K Govender 780 492-2798<br />Department of Finance & Management Science<br />Chair, V Mehrotra780 492-2457<br />Dept Administrator, K Tolmie780 492-2457<br />Dept Assistant, S Provost780 492-5429<br />Department of Marketing, Business Economics & Law<br />Acting Chair, A Finn780 492-5418<br />Dept Administrator, L Jackson780 492-5418<br />Dept Assistant, E Martineau780 492-7984<br />Department of Strategic Management & Organization<br />Chair, Y Reshef780 492-4332<br />Dept Administrator, M Simpson780 492-3949<br />Dept Assistant, D Lema780 492-7986<br />Centres/Institutes<br />Alberta Business Family Institute (ABFI)<br />Executive Director, S Feth780 492-5401<br />Program Administrator, J Menahem780 492-0234 <br />Executive Professor, D Zinyk780 492-0234<br />Executive Professor, F Estlin780 492-0234<br />Executive Professor, G Coskey780 492-0234<br />Executive Professor, V Monk780 492-0234<br />ABFI/Creating Pathways for Entrepreneurial Families<br />(Rural Project)<br />Executive Director, S Feth780 672-0376<br />Program Administrator, J Manning780 672-0376<br />Program Coordinator, B Trobak780 672-0376<br />Canadian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (CCSE)<br />Executive Director780 492-0187<br />Canadian Corporate Governance Institute<br />Director, R Morck780 492-2457<br />Centre for Applied Business Research in Energy &<br />the Environment (CABREE)<br />Executive Director, R Dixon780 248-1650<br />Academic Director, J Doucet780 492-4257<br />Centre for Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise (CEFE)<br />Academic Director, L Steier780 492-5176<br />Program Coordinator, J Alibhai780 492-5876<br />Centre for Excellence in Operations (CEO)<br />Manager, D Haight780 492-0010<br />Director, A Ingolfsson780 492-7982<br />Centre for International Business Studies (CIBS)<br />Director, E Wong780 492-8137<br />Program Director, J Doyle780 492-9108<br />Program Coordinator, L Unger780 492-7253<br />Chartered Accountants' Centre<br />Director, K Jamal780 492-3053<br />Cultural Industries Research Centre (CIRC)<br />Executive Director, A Finn780 492-5369<br />Executive Education<br />Assistant Dean, C Campbell780 492-8612<br />Administrative Assistant, P Siferd780 492-5832<br />Senior Director of Client Development, B Collingwood780 492-8777<br />Director of Client Development, H Christensen780 492-6907<br />Director of Marketing, Communications & Internal Operations, <br /> R Barkway780 492-8679<br />Accounting Administrator, R May780 492-5649<br />Accounting Assistant, S Movold780 492-9941<br />Program Advisor, T Ummard403 718-6380<br />Program Advisor, M Creech780 492-8625<br />Program Advisor, K Gousios780 492-4095<br />Program Advisor, S Kowalevsky780 492-0844<br />Program Advisor, M Gayed780 492-5068<br />Instructional Resources Specialist, L Hryniw780 492-8682<br />Program Administrator, S Loo780 492-1431<br />Program Administrator, L Candava780 492-7935<br />Program Administrator, T Zimmer780 492-4896<br />Program Advisor, Joanne Pattison780 492-0844<br />Government Interchange Program (GIP)<br />Director, P Woolley780 492-0187<br />Research Facilitation Office<br />Research Facilitator, V Morisbak780 492-8674<br />School of Retailing<br />Director, K Murray780 248-1091<br />Executive Director, P McElhone780 492-9381<br />Program Coordinator, E Hamilton780 248-1238<br />Administrative Assistant, P Garth780 492-6797<br />Technology Commercialization Centre<br />Director, M Lounsbury780 492-1684<br />Western Centre for Economic Research (WCER)<br />Director, J Brisbois780 492-4104<br />Coordinator, J Frost780 492-2235<br />Project Coordinator, S Janzen780 492-5633<br />Chief Economist, J Brisbois780 492-4104<br />Senior Economist, J Rosario780 248-1515<br />Chairs/Professorships<br />AF (Chip) Collins Professor in Finance, V Mehrotra780 492-2976<br />AB School of Business Fellow in Mgmt Info Systems,<br />R Patterson780 492-5826<br />AB School of Business Professorship, R Fisher780 492-5922<br />Alexander Hamilton Professor of Business (Winspear), J Kao780 492-7972<br />CA Distinguished Chair in Accounting, K Jamal780 492-5829 <br />CGA Alberta Chair in Accountancy, D Cooper780 492-5413<br />CRC (Canada Research Chair) Tier 1, U Chakravorty780 248-1374<br />CRC (Canada Research Chair) Tier 2, G Häubl780 492-6886<br />Distinguished Chair of Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise,<br />L Steier780 492-5176<br />Enbridge Professor of Energy Policy, J Doucet780 492-4257<br />Eric Geddes Professor of Business (Winspear), B Scholnick780 492-5669<br />Francis Winspear Professor of Business, R Fatum780 492-3951 <br />Jarislowsky Fellow, M Huson780 492-2803<br />Jarislowsky Fellow, V Mehrotra780 492-2976<br />Jarislowsky Fellow, A Kaul780 492-5027<br />Life Underwriters Fellow, P Talwar780 492-5821<br />Life Underwriters Fellow, A Kaul780 492-5027<br />Peter H Pocklington Professorship in Free Enterprise, M Huson780 492-2803<br />Roger S Smith Professor of Business (Winspear), J Argo780 492-3900<br />Ronald K Banister Chair in Business, A Finn780 492-5369<br />Stanley A Milner Chair in Leadership, M Percy780 492-7644<br />Stephen A Jarislowsky Distinguished Chair in Finance, R Morck780 492-5683<br />TELUS Chair in Strategic Management, R Greenwood780 492-2797<br />Distinguished University Professor, R Morck780 492-5683<br />Student Organizations<br />AIESEC780 492-2453<br />EONFIRE780 492-8503<br />BBTC (Business & Beyond Toastmasters Club)780 492-0910<br />BEA (Business Exchange Association)780 492-0390<br />BFA (Business Finance Association)780 492-8900<br />BSA (Business Students Association)780 492-2454<br />CESA (Coop Education Student Association)780 492-1834<br />Grad Council780 492-1831<br />HRMA (Human Resources Management Association)780 492-5036<br />Investors Club780 492-8900<br />JDC West Team Club780 492-1831<br />MBA Association780 492-2854<br />MIS Student Society780 492-5857<br />Net Impact780 492-6972<br />Operations Management Club780 492-0390<br />PRIME780 492-2455<br />RMBS (Rocky Mountain Business Seminar)780 492-2736<br />Accounting Club780 492-2993<br />UAMA (Marketing Association)780 492-5857<br />Winspear Business Reference Library<br />Information780 492-5652<br />Head Librarian, K West780 492-7931<br />Librarian, A Mandeville780 492-0308<br />Librarian, J Williamson780 492-7930<br />BUSINESS LIBRARY<br />(see Libraries-Winspear Business Library)780 492-5652<br />C<br />CAFA<br />(see Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations)<br />CBAS: Collective Body for Arts Students780 492-4236<br />C-FER TECHNOLOGIES<br />200 Karl Clark Road780 450-3300<br />FAX 780 450-3700<br />C J S R-FM88 RADIO <br />0-09 SUB 780 492-2577<br />www.cjsr.comFax 780 492-3121<br />Administration Manager780 492-2577<br />Program Manager780 492-2577<br />Music Director780 492-2577<br />Marketing & PR Director780 492-2577 <br />News Director780 492-2577<br />Production Director780 492-2577<br />Engineer780 492-2577 <br />CRAME<br />(see Centre for Research in Applied Measurement<br />and Evaluation)<br />CAMERON LIBRARY<br />(see Libraries-Science & Technology Library)780 492-8440<br />CAMPUS RECREATION<br />W-10 Van VlietFax 780 492-5705<br />Administration Office & Information780 492-2555<br />Director, L Hall Dorothy780 492-1010<br />Associate Director, J Chikinda780 492-5672<br />Program Coordinators:<br />P Dickner780 492-6579<br />G Grachella780 248-1484<br />B Gratrix780 492-6370<br />T Harris780 492-3220<br />N Langhout/M Ragush780 492-8877<br />N Preston780 492-8873<br />Support Staff:<br />S Napp780 492-7771<br />S Pelz780 492-6371<br />CAMPUS SAINT-JEAN<br />8406, rue-Marie-Anne-Gaboury (91 St)780 465-8700<br />www.csj.ualberta.caFAX 780 465-8760<br />General Information780 465-8700<br />Dean, Dr Marc Arnal780 465-8705<br />Associate Dean, Academic, Dr Edward Blackburn780 465-8769<br />Associate Dean, Information Technology, Dr Donald Ipperciel780 465-8745<br />Associate Dean, Research, Dr Hassan Safouhi780-485-8631<br />Exec Assistant to the Dean, Renée Johnson780 465-8705<br />Director of Academic Administration & Governance,<br />Dolorèse Nolette780 248-1658<br />Admissions & Student Records Coordinator, Louise Savard780 465-8754<br />Assistant Dean, Recruitment & Student Services, Denis Fontaine780 465-8704<br />Director, Finance & Facilities, Carl Charest780 485-8648<br />Senior Advisor, Public Relations, Mathieu Trépanier780 465-8763<br />Assistant Dean, External Affairs, Denis Fortin780 465-8756<br />Admissions AND Student Records780 465-8703<br />CERF (French Language School)780 465-8600<br />CERF Fax 780 465-8606<br />AUFSJ (Student Association)780 465-8748<br />CAMPUS SAINT-JEAN LIBRARY<br />(see Libraries-Bibliothèque Saint-Jean)780 465-8711<br />CAMPUS SAINT-JEAN RESIDENCE<br />(see Ancillary Services-Residence Services)780 466-3824<br />FAX 780 466-4983<br />CAMPUS SECURITY SERVICES<br />(see University of Alberta Protective Services)780 492-5050<br />CANADIAN CENTRE FOR ETHNOMUSICOLOGY <br />3-47 Arts & Convocation Hall 780 492-0274<br />www.ualberta.ca/ETHNOMUSICOLOGYFax 780 492-0242<br />Director, Dr Regula Qureshi780 492-0212<br />Associate Director, Dr Michael Frishkopf780 492-0225<br />CANADIAN CENTRE FOR RESEARCH ON LITERACY<br />653 Education SFax 780 492-0113<br />Director, Dr Linda Phillips780 492-4250 <br />CANADIAN CIRCUMPOLAR COLLECTION<br />(see Libraries-Science & Technology Library)780 492-8440<br />CANADIAN CIRCUMPOLAR INSTITUTE (CCI)<br />1-42 Pembina Hall780 492-4512<br />www.ualberta.ca/polar/<br />ccinst@gpu.srv.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-1153<br />Director, Marianne Douglas780 492-0055<br />Associate Director, Administration, Elaine Maloney780 492-4999<br />Associate Director, Research Advancement, Anita Dey-Nuttall780 492-4999<br />Administrative Assistant, Cindy Mason780 492-4512<br />PDF Boreas Program, Lena Khlinovskaya-Rockhill780 492-0108<br />CCI Press/Book Distribution780 492-4512<br />Circumpolar Students' Association (CSA)780 492-1799<br />CANADIAN INSTITUTE FOR NORDIC STUDIES<br />1-61 Pembina Hall780 492-1799<br />Chair, Leila Ranta780 492-7511<br />CANADIAN INSTITUTE OF UKRAINIAN STUDIES<br />4-30 Pembina Hall 780 492-2972<br />www.ualberta.ca/cius/Fax 780 492-4967<br />Director, Dr Z Kohut 780 492-2972<br />Ukrainian Language Education Centre780 492-2904<br />Peter Jacyk Centre for Ukrainian Historical Research780 492-2972<br />Stasiuk Program for the Study of Contemporary Ukraine780 492-4487<br />Research Program on Religion & Culture780 492-3026<br />CANADIAN LITERATURE CENTRE<br />4-115 Humanities Centre<br />www.arts.ualberta.ca/clc/ Fax 780 492-9106<br />Director, Dr Marie Carrière780 248-1245<br />Business Manager, Erin Berney780 492-9505<br />CANADIAN OBESITY NETWORK<br />102 Mat Mgmt Centre-RAH<br />www.obesitynetwork.caFAX 780 735-6763<br />Office Administrator, Christina Giese780 735-6764<br />Scientific Director, Dr Arya Sharma780 735-5860<br />Network Manager, Ximena Ramos Salas780 735-6798<br />Project Manager, Dawn Hatanaka780 735-6799<br />CANADIAN VIGOUR CENTRE<br />251 Medical Sciences780 492-8383<br />FAX 780 492-0613<br />Director, Dr Paul W Armstrong780 492-0591<br />Fax 780 492-9486<br />Administrative Assistant, Jo-An Padberg780 492-0591<br />Administrative Assistant, Heather Good780 492-0592<br />Operations Manager, Tracy Temple780 492-1876<br />Assistant Director, Diane Payeur780 492-6474<br />CAPS: YOUR U OF A CAREER CENTRE<br />2-100 SUB<br />www.caps.ualberta.caFax 780 492-1225<br />General Reception780 492-4291<br />HUB Career Centre780 248-1483<br />Director, Joan Schiebelbein780 492-8773<br />Office Coordinator, Paola Munoz780 492-4318<br />Office Assistant, Nadine Buchanan, Kelly Jessup (to Mar 2011)780 492-4317<br />Career Forums Coordinator, Nadine Buchanan (to Mar 2011)780 492-4313<br />Manager, Career Education, Blessie Mathew780 492-4227<br />Career Advisors:<br />Spousal Employment & Graduate Students,<br /> Michael Bodnar780 492-4303<br />Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Fellows,<br /> Sharon Sherman780 492-7873<br />Manager, Employer Relations, Carey Castillo780 492-4203<br />Employer Relations Advisors:<br />Jia Jia780 492-4248<br />Anthony Pangilinan780 492-4298<br />Tonya Seto780 492-3462<br />Communications Coordinator, Sarah Coffin780 492-4299<br />Library & Info Specialist, Christine Gertz780 492-4207<br />Peer Education Coordinator, Keith Haimila780 492-4219<br />Experiential Learning Coordinator, Alexis Lockwood780 492-6759<br />CELL BIOLOGY<br />5-14 Medical Sciences780 492-3355<br />www.ualberta.ca/cellbiologyFax 780 492-0450<br />Administrative Secretary, Claire Lavergne780 492-3355<br />Chair, Dr Richard A Rachubinski780 492-9868<br />Executive Admin Assistant, Colleen Day780 492-7016<br />APO, Kendall M James780 492-7074<br />Financial Admin Assistant, Nikki Kornelsen780 492-1523<br />Student Program/Accounting Assistant, Deborah Giles780 492-8207<br />Dept/Lab Administrator, Carl Thulin780 492-2206<br />Chief Electron Microscope Technician, Woo Jung Cho780 492-9281<br />CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES <br />448D Law CentreFax 780 492-9959<br />Chair, Peter Carver780 492-3313<br />Executive Director (Acting), Patricia Paradis780 492-8281<br />Program Manager, Ken Dickerson780 492-8237<br />Administrator, Kimberly Hay780 492-5681<br />CENTRE FOR GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION<br />AND RESEARCH<br />5-182G Education N780 492-4879<br />http://cgcer.wordpress.comFAX 780 492-2024<br />Co-Directors, L Shultz and A Abdi<br />Program Coordinator, M Viczko780 492-4879<br />CENTRE FOR HEALTH EVIDENCE<br />2105 Research Transition Facility <br />www.cche.netFax 780 492-1748<br />Director, Dr Robert Hayward780 492-6633<br />Associate Director, Jackie Specken780 492-9197<br />Office Manager780 492-6633<br />CENTRE FOR HEALTH PROMOTION STUDIES<br />5-10 University Terrace780 492-4039<br />www.chps.ualberta.ca<br />health.promotion@ualberta.caFax 780 492-9579<br />Administration<br />Director, Jane Springett<br />Assistant to the Director, Carmen McBride780 492-8201<br />Centre Admin Assistant, Roberta Zopf780 492-4039<br />Graduate Programs<br />Graduate Programs Administrator, Amanda Webb780 492-9347<br />Graduate Programs Assistant, Carmen McBride780 492-8211<br />Faculty Members<br />John Church 1001 College Plz780 492-9054<br />Anna Farmer 3-10E Agric/For780 492-2693<br />Cindy Jardine 5-10 Univ Terr780 492-2626<br />Candace Nykiforuk 5-10 Univ Terr780 492-4109<br />Kim Raine 1001 College Plz780 492-9415<br />Don Schopflocher 7-36B Univ Terr780 492-7112<br />Cameron Wild 7-30 Univ Terr780 492-6752<br />Project Teams<br />Addiction & Mental Health Research Lab 7-30 Univ Terr780 492-6757<br />AB Healthy School Community Wellness Fund 5-10 Univ Terr<br />Project Coordinator, Holly McPherson780 248-1071<br />Power 5-10 Univ Terr<br />Project Manager, Sherry Trithart780 492-8442<br />AB Policy Coalition for Cancer Prevention, 1001 College Plz780 492-8442<br />CENTRE FOR MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE AND<br />TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION (CMASTE)<br /> 382 Education S780 492-0148<br />www.cmaste.caFax 780 492-0162<br />Director, Dr Frank Jenkins780 492-0150<br />Co-Director, Dr Robert Ritter780 492-0150<br />Admin Assistant, Donna Lauritsen780 492-0148<br />CENTRE FOR NEUROSCIENCE <br />5005-A Katz Group-Rexall Centre<br />www.neuroscience.ualberta.caFax 780 492-1617 <br />Director, G Todd780 492-6591<br />Administrator, Carol Ann Johnson780 492-5749<br />Rehabilitation Neuroscience Group<br />5005 Katz Group-Rexall Centre<br />Admin Assistant, Brenda Topliss780 492-4085<br />CENTRE FOR PRIONS AND PROTEIN FOLDING DISEASES<br />204 Env Eng Bldg780 492-9377<br />www.prioncentre.caFAX 780 492-9352<br />ADMINISTRATION<br />Director, David Westaway780 492-9377<br />INTRAMURAL FACULTY<br />Professor, J Aiken780 248-1722<br />Assistant Professor, T Allison780 492-4430<br />Professor, S Kar780 492-9357<br />Associate Professor, D McKenzie780 248-1721<br />Assistant Professor, V Sim780 248-1873<br />Professor, D Westaway780 492-9377<br />CENTRE FOR RESEARCH FOR TEACHER EDUCATION <br />AND DEVELOPMENT (CRTED)<br />633 Education S Fax 780 492-0113 <br /> Director, Dr D Jean Clandinin780 492-7770<br />CENTRE FOR RESEARCH IN APPLIED MEASUREMENT<br />AND EVALUATION (CRAME)<br />6-110 Education N780 492-5246<br />Fax 780 492-1318<br />Director, Jacqueline P Leighton780 492-1167<br />Faculty:<br />Mark J Gierl780 492-2396<br />W Todd Rogers780 492-3763<br />Ying Cui780 492-3848<br />Cheryl Poth780 492-1144<br />Admin Assistant, Mina Truong780 492-5246<br />CENTRE FOR RESEARCH IN YOUTH, SCIENCE TEACHING<br />AND LEARNING (CRYSTAL)<br />7-104 Education N<br />Director, S Norris780 492-0757<br />Admin Secretary, C Freed780 492-4792<br />CENTRE FOR SUBATOMIC RESEARCH<br />(see Physics-Centre for Particle Physics)<br />CENTRE FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING<br />Centre for Teaching 133 TELUS Centre780 492-2826<br />E-Learning Support 140 TELUS Centre780 492-9372<br />www.ctl.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-2491<br />teaching@ualberta.ca<br />Academic Director, Heather Kanuka780 492-2812<br />Support Analyst, Asim Aziz780 492-0631<br />Lead, Bob Boufford780 492-7181<br />Lead, Bonita Bray780 492-5328<br />Support Analyst, Chris Goetz780 492-7666<br />E-Learning Programmer Analyst, Trevor Jones780 492-7314<br />Digital Projects System Analyst, Dave Laurie780 492-8388<br />Associate Professor (Secondment), Norma Nocente780 492-9380<br />Communications & Office Coordinator, Bethany Padfield780 492-2826<br />APO, Karen Ravagnolo780 248-1366<br />Education Manager, Natasja Saranchuk780 492-3421<br />Technology Team Lead, Dave Sun780 492-8540<br />CENTRE FOR THE CROSS-CULTURAL STUDY OF<br />HEALTH AND HEALING<br />901 College Plaza<br />Director, Earle Waugh780 492-6424<br />CENTRE FOR WRITERS<br />(see Writing Initiatives)780 492-2639<br />CHANCELLOR OF THE UNIVERSITY<br />150 Assiniboia<br />Chancellor, Linda Hughes 780 492-2268<br />CHAPLAINS<br />www.ualberta.ca/chaplains/<br />Anglican Student Ministry 169D HUB Intl<br />Susan Oliver780 492-4620<br />Augustana (Camrose) Campus Ministry F219 Faith & Life Centre<br />Craig Wentland780 679-1535<br />Baptist Student Ministries 0-11A SUB<br />Jason Shine/Charissa Shine780 492-7504<br />Christian Reformed Campus Ministry 169A HUB Intl<br />Rick Van Manen780 492-5327<br />Islamic Campus Ministry 11033-89 Ave<br />Zak Sheikh780 492-9298<br />Jewish Campus Ministry 169C HUB Intl<br />David Kunin780 488-6333<br />Lutheran Campus Ministry 169E HUB Intl<br />Richard Reimer780 492-4513<br />Pentecostal Campus Ministries 6-24 SUB<br />Matthew Glombick780 492-5118<br />Presbyterian Campus Ministry 0-11 SUB<br />Oceanna Hall780 492-7524<br />Presbyterian (PCA) Campus Ministry 169C HUB Intl<br />Bryan Clarke780 492-9433<br />Roman Catholic Campus Ministry St Joseph's College<br />Matthew Durham780 492-7681 x236<br />Unitarian Campus Ministry 11033-89 Ave<br />Audrey Brooks780 492-9299<br />United Church Campus Ministry 169B HUB Intl<br />Denise Davis-Taylor780 492-4621<br />CHEMICAL AND MATERIALS ENGINEERING<br />7th Floor ECERF, 9107-116 Street780 492-3321<br />www.engineering.ualberta.ca/cme/<br />Fax Listings:<br />AdministrationFAX 780 492-2881<br />Industrial Safety & Loss Mgmt ProgramFAX 780 492-3409<br />Chair, Fraser Forbes780 492-0873<br />APO, Sandra McFadyen780 492-1030<br />Receptionist, Marion Pritchard780 492-3321<br />Associate Chair (Undergraduate), Phillip Choi780 492-9018<br />Undergraduate Student Services:<br />Heather Green780 492-2916<br />Judy Powell780 492-7395<br />Associate Chair (Graduate Studies), Robert Hayes780 492-3571<br />Graduate Student Services:<br />Lily Laser 780 492-1823<br />Dorcas Li 780 492-8423<br />Verda Norlin780 492-1823<br />Associate Chair (Research), William McCaffrey780 492-6733<br />Payroll Officer, Nicole Leszczewski780 492-6230<br />Computer Support Services, Bob Barton 780 492-5160<br />Instrument Shop, Walter Boddez 780 492-3807<br />Machine Shop780 492-3393<br />Canada Rsch in Nanostructured Biomaterials Chair/<br />Chair, Dept of Biomedical Engineering<br /> Robert Burrell780 492-8111<br />Canada Rsch in Nanofabrication Chair, Kenneth Cadien780 492-7380<br />Canada Rsch in Interfacial Thermodynamics Chair,<br />Janet AW Elliott780 492-7963<br />NSERC/Imperial Oil Sr Industrial Rsch in Oilsands Upgrading Chair<br />& Canada Rsch in Oil Sands Upgrading Chair, Murray Gray780 492-7965<br />Canada Rsch in Alternative Fuel Cells Chair, Jingli Luo780 492-2232<br />Canada Rsch in Molecular Sieve Nanomaterials Chair,<br />Steve Kuznicki780 492-8819<br />Canada Excellence Rsch in Oil Sands Molecular Engineering Chair,<br />Thomas Thundat780 492-2068<br />NSERC Industrial Rsch in Pipeline Transport Processes Chair,<br />Sean Sanders780 492-0981<br />NSERC Industrial Rsch in Petroleum Thermodynamics Chair,<br />John M Shaw780 492-8236<br />NSERC-EPCOR-AERI Industrial Rsch in Advanced Coal Cleaning<br />& Combustion Chair, Zhenghe Xu780 492-7667<br />NSERC Industrial Rsch in Non-Aqueous Bitumen Extraction<br />Chair, Tony Yeung780 492-3669<br />NSERC Executive Secretaries:<br />Elizabeth Adolf – T Thundat780 248-1552<br />Pat Ajas – JM Shaw780 492-9208<br />Brenda Brindza – S Kuznicki780 492-7763<br />Lisa Carreiro – Z Xu/J Elliott780 492-5810<br />Terry Runyon – S Sanders780 248-1554<br />Industrial Safety & Loss Management Program<br />Professor & Program Director, Gordon Winkel780 492-6931<br />Alberta Centre for Surface Engineering & Science (ACSES)<br />Director, Doug Ivey<br />Manager, Dimitre Karpuzov780 492-1246<br />The Centre for Oil Sands Innovation (COSI)<br />Director, Murray Gray<br />Manager, Michele Hales780 492-8811<br />Canadian Centre for Clean Coal/Carbon and Min Pro (C5MPT)<br />Director, Qingxia Liu<br />Manager, Jean-Paul Tetreau780 492-8790<br />CHEMISTRY<br />E3-44 Gunning/Lemieux Chemistry Centre780 492-3254<br />www.chem.ualberta.ca/<br />Fax Listings:<br />MainFAX 780 492-8231<br />Purchasing ServicesFAX 780 492-5696<br />STUDENT SERVICES<br />GRADUATE STUDIES E3-44 Chemistry Centre<br />Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, T Lowary780 492-1861<br />Graduate Services Coordinator, A Weiler780 492-8870<br />Graduate Admissions, J Loppnow780 492-4414<br />UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES W3-35 Chemistry Centre<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies, M Klobukowski780 492-2568<br />Assistant Chair, Student Services, C McDermott780 492-4969<br />Admin Assistant, Student Services, S Barner780 492-5373<br />administratiON<br />Chair, J Harrison780 492-3249<br />Exec Assistant to the Chair, L Ferguson780 492-5741<br />Faculty Assistants:<br />S Barner780 492-5373<br />D Dowhaniuk780 492-0226<br />S Fleming780 492-3477<br />L Lechelt780 492-9756<br />C Otter780 492-3170<br />Associate Chair, Research, F West780 492-8187<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, J Bagwe780 492-3514<br />HR Administrator, L Pham780 492-0530<br />Bldg/Office Administrator, J Loiselle780 492-3254<br />Financial Administrator, J Zhang780 492-5346<br />Accounting Assistant780 492-6142<br />Purchasing Specialists:<br />S Magee780 492-6138<br />J Fiorillo780 492-3821<br />Lab Coord (Chem 10X), N Gee780 492-3438<br />Lab Coord (Chem 24X/34X/33X), J Cooke780 492-0191<br />Lab Coord (Chem 21X), G Kiema780 492-2885<br />Lab Coord (Chem 27X), A Jordan780 492-4753<br />Lab Coord (Chem 16X/26X), H Wan780 492-5566<br />Chemistry laboratories/Services<br />Analytical & Instrumentation Laboratory E5-43 Chem Centre780 492-3551<br />Biological Services Laboratory E3-61 Chem Centre780 492-3568 <br />Computing IT SB-2D Chem Centre780 492-0505<br />Electronics E3-33 Chem Centre780 492-3505<br />Glassblowing Shop WB-39 Chem Centre780 492-3882<br />Machine Shop WB-66 Chem Centre780 492-3511<br />Mass Spectrometry Laboratory EB-38 Chem Centre780 492-5577<br />NMR Laboratories: EB-44/WB-13 Chem Centre780 492-3507/2573<br />X-ray Crystallography Lab E3-13 Chem Centre780 492-2485<br />Stores:<br />Chemicals, Glassware, Equipment WB-26 Chem Centre780 492-3500<br />Receiving WB-08 Chem Centre780 492-8117<br />Chem (10X/21X) W2-32 Chem Centre780 492-3509<br />Chem (16X/26X) W1-32 Chem Centre780 492-4781<br />CENTRE<br />Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Carbohydrate Science (AICCS)<br />E5-23 Chemistry Centre<br />www.carbohydratecentre.ualberta.ca/<br />Director, Dr D Bundle780 492-8808<br />Associate Director, Business, E Nanak780 492-7784<br />Executive Assistant, K Fodor780 492-4794<br />CHILD CARE<br />Garneau/University Child Care Centre<br />10925-87 Ave<br />gucc@ualberta.ca780 439-9050<br />Hospitals And Community Day Care Centre<br />7127B, 11402 University Ave<br /> uah_dc@telus.net780 433-9663<br />Students' Union and Community Day Care Centre<br />8917 HUB International<br />sucdc@ualberta.ca780 492-2245<br />University Early Learning centre<br />8720-118 St<br />ucdc@ualberta.ca780 433-0070<br />UNIVERSITY INFANT TODDLER CENTRE<br />The Child Care Centre-U of A<br />toddlerc@ualberta.ca780 434-8407<br />Caregiver’s Direct Line780 434-8408<br />CHILD STUDY CENTRE<br />www.childstudycentre.ualberta.ca/<br />childstudycentre@ualberta.ca<br />Jr Kindergarten B-03 Educ S780 492-6518<br />Kindergarten to Elementary Garneau Site780 433-1390<br />Director, K Smith780 492-0746<br />Admin Assistant, D Mallett780 492-7341<br />CHINA INSTITUTE<br />110 TELUS CentreFax 780 492-8200<br />Main Office780 492 1263<br />Director, Gordon Houlden780 248-1331<br />Assistant Director, Monica Barclay780 492-3131<br />Mactaggart Research Chair, Wenran Jiang780 492-9898<br />Administrative Assistant, Jingjing Zheng780 492-1263<br />CHRISTIAN REFORMED CAMPUS MINISTRY<br />(see Chaplains)<br />CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING<br />3-133 NREF780 492-4235 <br />www.engineering.ualberta.ca/civilFAX 780 492-0249<br />Chair, JJ Roger Cheng780 492-7620<br />Assistant to the Chair, Jomana Haymour780 492-1342<br />Associate Chair, Graduate Program, Dave Chan780 492-4725<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate Program, Robert Driver780 492-0091<br />Associate Chair, Research, Peter Steffler780 492-9375<br />Assistant Chair, Mary Ellen Davison780 492-8101<br />Development & Communications Officer780 492-4004<br />Communications Assistant, Tarwinder Rai780 492-5747<br />Graduate Student Services:<br />Lorraine Grahn780 492-1539 <br />Arlene Figley780 492-1198<br />Undergraduate Student Services, Jessica King780 492-5126<br />Financial Supervisor, Baljindar Grewal780 492-8103<br />Financial Assistants:<br />Annette Busenius780 492-6210<br />Carol Rempel780 492-4928<br />Receptionist, Anne Jones780 492-4235<br />Admin Support Supervisor, Sally Petaske780 492-2176<br />IT Support, Dale Lathe780 492-5424<br />School Of Mining AND Petroleum EngINEERING<br />3-133 NREF780 492-4235<br />Director, Clayton Deutsch780 492-9916<br />Hole School Of Construction<br />3-133 NREF780 492-4235<br />STUDENT CLUBS<br />Civil Engineering Club780 492-1394<br />Mining Engineering Club780 492-2671<br />Petroleum Engineering Club780 492-3225<br />CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGIES<br />(see Academic Information & Communication Technologies)<br />CLIMBING COMPLEX<br />SW Corner, Pavilion780 492-2767<br />CLINICAL ISLET TRANSPLANT PROGRAM<br /> 2000 College PlazaFax 780 407-6933<br />Director, Dr AM James Shapiro780 407-7330<br />Medical Director, Dr Peter Senior780 407-8852<br />Operations Director, Research, Dr Andrew Malcolm780 407-6952<br />Financial Administrator, Rodolfo Gibas780 407-2062<br />Research Admin Assistant, Janet Wright780 407-8348<br />CLINICAL SERVICES, EDUCATION<br />1-135 Education N<br />Inquiries780 492-3746<br />Fax 780 492-0962<br />Director/Counselling Centre, S Yohani780 492-1164<br />Director/Assessment Centre, M Mrazik780 492-8052<br />COMMUNICATION IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM <br />1500 College Plaza780 492-2619<br />www.speechtherapy.ualberta.caFax 780 492-8457<br />istar@ualberta.ca<br />Acting Executive Director, Marilyn Langevin<br />Office Manager, Sheri Ruffo<br />COMMUNITY RELATIONS<br />(see Marketing and Communications)780 492-2325<br />COMMUNITY RELATIONS/CONFERENCE OFFICE<br />1-165 Enterprise Square<br />Admin Assistant, Patricia Zuk780 248-1056<br />Conference Coordinator, Sherry Kully780 248-1057<br />Director, Michael Phair780 492-6892<br />COMMUNITY SERVICE-LEARNING<br />CSL House, 11039 Sask Drive780 492-2420<br />www.csl.ualberta.caFax 780 492-7251<br />Program Director, S Dorow780 492-4301<br />Admin Director, L Woollard780 492-9252<br />Partnership Coordinator, A Brooke780 492-7422<br />Postdoctoral Fellow, M Bell780 492-2420<br />Special Projects Manager, J Muzak780 492-2420<br />Office Administrator, A Meyer780 492-2420<br />COMMUNITY-UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIP (For the<br />Study of Children, Youth and Families)<br />(see Extension, Faculty of)<br />COMPARATIVE LITERATURE PROGRAM<br />(see Interdisciplinary Studies)<br />COMPUTER AND ELECTRONIC SERVICES<br />(see Academic Information & Communication Technologies)<br />COMPUTING SCIENCE<br />2-21 Athabasca Hall<br />www.cs.ualberta.ca<br />FAX Listings:<br />Administration/Student ServicesFAX 780 492-6393<br />GeneralFAX 780 492-1071<br />HELP DESK<br />1-32 Computing Science Centre780 492-5067<br />helpdesk@cs.ualberta.ca<br />Student Services/General Office<br />2-32 Athabasca Hall780 492-2285<br />Receptionist, Sharon Bell780 492-2285<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate, Dr Jim Hoover780 492-5290<br />Undergraduate Student Advisor, Sharon Gannon780 492-3708<br />Associate Chair, Graduate, Dr Russ Greiner780 492-5461<br />Graduate Student Advisor, Edith Drummond780 492-4194<br />Associate Chair, Research, Dr Mario Nascimento780 492-5678<br />Industrial Internship Program (IIP)<br />IIP Director, Dr Ken Wong780 492-5202<br />Internship Advisor, Britta Nielsen780 492-2849<br />MSc in Internetworking (MINT)<br />Director, Dr Mike MacGregor780 492-7434<br />Program Coordinator, Shahnawaz Mir780 492-1930<br />Administrative Services<br />Chair, Dr Mike MacGregor780 492-4589<br />Executive Assistant, Iris Everitt780 492-4589<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, Fran Moore780 492-5198<br />Administrative Assistant, Christine Whelan780 492-3971<br />Financial Administrator, Sunrose Ko780 492-3967<br />Accounting Assistant, Linda Jiao780 492-7571<br />Advanced Development Team Mgr/FSO, Steve Sutphen780 492-4768<br />Technical Support Team Mgr/FSO, Carol Smith780 492-2843<br />Centres<br />Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Machine Learning (AICML)780 492-4828<br />Cybera Inc780 492-9940<br />CONFEDERATION OF ALBERTA FACULTY<br />ASSOCIATIONS (CAFA)<br />11043-90 Ave780 492-5630/3098<br />Fax 780 436-0516<br />President, Walter Dixon<br />Executive Director, John Nicholls<br />Administrative Officer, L Morinville<br />CONFERENCE SERVICES<br />1-047 Lister Centre780 492-6057<br />www.ualberta.ca/conferenceservicesFAX 780 492-5297<br />conference.services@ualberta.ca<br />(see Ancillary Services-Conference Services)<br />CREATIVE SERVICES<br />(see Marketing and Communications)780 492-9036<br />CROSS CANCER INSTITUTE <br />11560 University Ave 780 432-8771<br />Director, Dr Carol Cass 780 989-8167<br />CUSTOMS <br />(see Supply Management Services)780 492-6849<br />CYBERA INC <br />Communications Officer, Amanda Debenham780 492-9940<br />Cyberinfrastructure Architect, John Shillington780 492-9942<br />Director, Project & Partnership Development,<br />Angela Kouritzin780 248-1885<br />D<br />DEAN OF STUDENTS, OFFICE OF THE<br />5-02 SUB<br />www.ualberta.ca/STUDENTSERVICES/Fax 780 492-1545<br />General Inquiries780 492-4145<br />Vice-Provost & Dean of Students, F Robinson780 492-4145<br />Assistant Dean of Students, C Luchkow780 492-4145<br />Student Affairs Officer, N Rodenburg780 492-9586<br />Student Services Officer, D Newman780 492-4998<br />Executive Assistant, N Desaulniers780 248-1693<br />Receptionist, C Anderson780 492-4145<br />Supervisor, Info Technology, R Washburn780 492-2927<br />Systems Analyst, G Borreson780 492-8551 <br />LAN Administrator, A Langen780 492-4404<br />Fraternity Advisor, C Miller Giesbrecht780 492-4145<br />DENTISTRY<br />Dentistry/Pharmacy Centre<br />www.dent.ualberta.caFax 780 492-1624<br />Main SwitchboarD780 492-3117<br />Patient Appointments780 492-5182<br />Clinics<br />Dental Hygiene 2nd Fl780 492-4458<br />GPR 4th Fl780 492-9061 <br />Implants 4th Fl780 492-7296<br />Main Clinic 3rd Fl780 492-5182<br />Oral Malodour 1st Fl780 492-7913<br />Oral Surgery 2nd Fl780 492-4456<br />Orthodontics 1st Fl780 492-3065<br />Pedodontics 4th Fl780 492-4448<br />Radiology 2nd Fl780 492-4476<br />Private Practice (SPA) 1st Fl780 492-7913<br />TMD/Oral Facial Pain Clinic 2nd Fl780 492-2300<br />Administration<br />Dean, Dr P Baker 2J2 WMC780 492-9728<br />Chair/School Lead, Dr P Major780 492-3312<br />Vice-Chair, Dr T Stevenson780 492-5403<br />Associate Chair, Academic, Dr S Patterson780 492 7383<br />Acting Associate Chair, Research, Dr D Dederich780 492-6256<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, Y Pinchbeck780 492-2850<br />Director of Clinics, Dr R Easton780 492-8681<br />Human Resources Manager, G King780 492-3317<br />Curriculum Coordinator, G Gaudet-Amigo780 248-1733<br />Admissions-Undergraduate, M Grams780 492-6437<br />Admissions-Graduate, P LaPointe780 492-8041<br />Program Offices<br />Continuing Dental Education780 492-5391<br />Dental Hygiene780 492-4479<br />Endodontics780 492-4448<br />Fixed/Removable Prosthodontics780 492-4474<br />Graduate Studies & Research780 492-8041<br />Operative780 492-8681<br />Oral Pathology Lab780 492-1336/1339<br />Oral Surgery780 492-1323<br />Orthodontics780 492-4469<br />Pedodontics780 492-4448<br />Periodontics780 492-5802<br />Satellite/Dental Outreach780 492-3066<br />TMD/Oral Facial Pain780 492-2300<br />DEVELOPMENT OFFICE<br />(see Office of Development)<br />DEVELOPMENT SERVICES<br />(see Office of Development)<br />DEVONIAN BOTANIC GARDEN<br />Devon, AB780 987-3054<br />www.devonian.ualberta.caFax 780 987-4141<br />Director, Bruce Dancik780 987-3054 x2233<br />Associate Director, Prairie & Northern Plant<br />Diversity Centre, Rene Belland780 987-3054 x2240<br />General Manager, Ruby Swanson780 987-3054 x2230<br />Personnel/Payroll & Financial Administrator,<br />Anna Strand780 987-3054 x2245<br />Curator, Microfungus Collection & Herbarium,<br />Lynne Sigler780 987-4811<br />Education780 987-3054<br />Event Facilities Bookings780 987-3054 x2223<br />Gift Shop (May-Oct)780 987-3054 x2243<br />Tours780 987-3054 x2259<br /> Memberships780 987-3054 x2227<br />DISABILITIES, SERVICES FOR STUDENTS AND STAFF WITH<br />(see Specialized Support & Disability Services) <br />DISCIPLINE OFFICE<br /> (see Student Judicial Affairs, Office of)780 492-0777<br />DISCOVER E ENGINEERING/SCIENCE CAMPS<br />discovere.ualberta.ca/780 492-8779<br />DISTRIBUTION OPERATIONS<br />(see Supply Management Services)780 492-4122<br />DRAMA<br />3-146 Fine Arts Bldg780 492-2271<br />www.drama.ualberta.caFax 780 492-9156<br />Chair, Kathleen Weiss780 492-2274<br />Assistant Chair Administration, Julie Brown780 492-1082<br />Production Manager, Gerry van Hezewyk780 492-1088<br />Academic Programs/Graduate Student Administrator,<br />Ruth Vander Woude780 492-2274<br />Accounting/Payroll Assistant, Susan Reynolds780 492-2272<br />Communications Officer, Salena Kitteringham780 492-8710<br />Office & Undergraduate Coordinator, Connie Golden780 492-2271<br />Recruitment & Special Projects Coord, Joanna Krupicz780 492-4908<br />Studio Theatre Box Office Rm 101 Timms Centre780 492-2495<br />CURA Project–Are We There Yet? 8919 HUB Mall780 492-5493<br />Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation 8919 HUB Mall780 248-1261<br />Workshops:<br />Fine Arts Building780 492-2486<br />Timms Centre-Costumes780 492-2484<br />Timms Centre-Scenery/Props780 492-2496<br />E<br />EARTH AND ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES<br />1-26 Earth Sciences780 492-3265<br />www.ualberta.ca/eas/<br />FAX Listings:<br />MainFAX 780 492-2030<br />Student ServicesFAX 780 492-2707<br />Chair/Asst Chair, AdministrationFAX 780 492-8190<br />Student Services<br />1-26 Earth Sciences780 492-3265<br />Associate Chair, Graduate, T Chacko780 492-5395<br />Graduate Student Administrator, M Boyd780 492-3329<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate, R Luth780 492-2740<br />Undergraduate Student Administrator, C Sheridan780 492-7988<br />Administration<br />Chair, M Sharp780 492-5249<br />Associate Chair, Research, B Rivard780 492-0349<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, MJ Turnell780 492-3216<br />Executive Assistant, J Enarson780 492-4825<br />Finance Administrator, S Gobeil780 492-2502<br />Admin Services Assistant, J Fjoser780 492-3265<br />Web Master, I Jakab780 492-0340<br />GIS Analyst, V Companiytsev780 492-3328<br />System Network Analyst, M Wadsworth780 492-5623<br />Workstation Network Analyst, C Lough780 492-6727<br />Museums & Collections<br />Paleontology/Mineralogy Museums780 492-3265/2518<br />Collections Manager, A Locock780 492-2518<br />Laboratories/Centres<br />App Sedimentology & Ichnology Lab 3-01A Earth Sci780 492-1963<br />Biogeography Lab 3-97 Tory HM780 492-0346<br />Carbonate Lab 2-03 Earth Sci780 492-3074<br />Centre of Earth Observation Systems (CEOS)780 492-9870<br />CM Scarfe Lab of Petrology B-06 Earth Sci780 492-1122<br />Communities, Institutions & Sustainable Development<br />2-7 Tory HM780 248-1701<br />Community, Health & Environment Research Centre<br />3-104 Tory HM780 492-3256<br />De Beers Lab for Diamond Research B-03 Earth Sci 780 492-0865<br />Earth Systems Observation Lab 3-107 Tory HM780 492-4783<br />Electronics Lab 109 Head House780 492-5948<br />Fluid Inclusion Chemistry Lab 3-01C Earth Sci780 492-5071<br />Fluid Inclusion Microtherm Lab 3-01F Earth Sci780 492-3430<br />Geochemistry Lab 4-22 Earth Sci780 492-5341<br />Geochronology Lab 4-21 Earth Sci780 492-1742<br />Geomicrobiology Lab 3-13 Earth Sci780 492-2571<br />Glacier Hydrochemistry Lab 1-20 Earth Sci780 492-4156<br />High Pressure Lab B-06 Earth Sci780 492-1122<br />High Temp Exp Petrology Lab B-14 Earth Sci780 492-5798<br />Hydrogeology Lab 3-19 Earth Sci780 492-1115<br />Ichnology Research Lab 1-43 Earth Sci780 492-3267<br />Metamorphic Petrology 3-11 Earth Sci780 492-5395<br />Meteorology Lab 2-107 Tory HM780 492-3265<br />Microprobe Lab B-10/B-12 Earth Sci780 492-3191<br />Ocean/Climate Modelling 3-101 Tory HM780 492-0351 <br />Paleoecology/Sedimentology Lab 1-47 Earth Sci780 248-1362<br />Paleontology Lab 5-60 CEB780 492-6644 <br />Petroleum Geology Lab 3-16 Earth Sci780 248-1513<br />Quaternary Geoscience Lab 1-19 Earth Sci780 492-1968<br />Radiogenic Isotope Facilities:<br />Mass Spectrometer Lab 1-03/1-07 Earth Sci780 492-1118<br />Ultra-Clean Lab (Creaser) 4-07 Earth Sci780 492-8979<br />Ultra-Clean Lab (Heaman) 4-14/4-16 Earth Sci780 492-9248<br />Sedimentary Research 3-116Tory HM780 492-6569<br />SEM Lab 2-17 Earth Sci780 492-5746<br />Shell Canada Drill Core Lab B-22 CEB780 492-6356<br />Stable Isotope Lab 2-02 Earth Sci780 492-2827<br />Structural Geology Lab 4-10 Earth Sci780 492-3892<br />Superpress Prep B-05 Earth Sci780 492-1122<br />Thin Section/Rock Crushing Lab 1-08 Head House780 492-7301<br />Urban & Health Studies Tory HM 3-99780 248-1168<br />X-Ray Diffraction Lab 1-13 Earth Sci780 248-1270<br />EAST ASIAN STUDIES<br />3rd Fl Pembina Hall780 492-2836<br />www.eastasianstudies.ualberta.caFax 780 492-7440<br />Acting Chair, Dr Mikael Adolphson780 492-1131<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, M Gauthier780 492-3038<br />Prince Takamado Japan Centre<br />Xiao Zhang780 492-1569<br />EAST CAMPUS VILLAGE<br />(see Ancillary Services-Residence Services)780 492-3345<br />FAX 780 492-3426<br />ECONOMICS<br />8-14 Tory HM780 492-3406<br />www.economics.ualberta.caFax 780 492-3300<br />Chair, Dr Douglas West780 492-3306<br />Associate Chair, Graduate Programs, Dr Brad Humphreys780 492-5143<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate Programs, Dr Stuart Landon780 492-7632<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, Louise Whyte780 492-4417<br />Admin/Executive Assistant to the Chair, Charlene Hill780 492-7641<br />Graduate Program Coordinator, Audrey Jackson780 492-7634<br />Undergraduate/Honors Program Coordinator, Deborah Choi780 492-6670<br />Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, Chelsi Hudson780 492-4899<br />Research/Administrative Assistant, Brenda Carrier780 492-3319<br />Centres<br />Institute for Public Economics780 492-6670<br />Canadian Building Energy End-Use Data & Analysis Centre780 492-4134<br />EDMONTON REGIONAL LEARNING CONSORTIUM <br />20, 16325-83 Ave780 444-2497<br />www.erlc.ca/Fax 780 444-0894<br />EDUCATION ABROAD PROGRAM<br />(see University of Alberta International)<br />EDUCATION, DIVISION OF TECHNOLOGY<br />3-104 Education N780 492-3667<br />Fax Listings:<br />General OfficeFAX 780 492-3179<br />Instructional Resource ServicesFAX 780 492-7874<br />Director, E Rodgers780 492-5900<br />Administrative Assistant, J Verkland780 492-3667<br />Instructional Resource Services<br />B-111 Education N<br />Supervisor780 492-3995 <br />Equipment Distribution780 492-3993<br />Printing & Materials Preparation780 492-5433<br />Equipment Maintenance AND Design<br />Equipment Electronics780 492-3999/3992<br />Computer Laboratories<br />AICT Computer Labs, H Rupp780 492-5171<br />Education Computer Labs, V Bado780 492-8216<br />Computer Technical Support<br />Network Services, B Bolt780 492-3926<br />Windows Desktop Support, V Bado780 492-8216<br />Windows Desktop Support, C Ussher780 492-6172<br />Apple Desktop Support, J Mounteer780 492-8275<br />Database Support, A Schultz780 492-3994<br />EDUCATION, FACULTY OF<br />Education Centre<br />www.education.ualberta.ca<br />Faculty Office<br />845 Education SFax 780 492-0236<br />Dean, F Snart780 492-3751<br />Vice-Dean & Associate Dean, Academic, J da Costa780 492-3751<br />Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies, C Rinaldi780 492-3751<br />Associate Dean, International Initiatives, GH Richardson780 492-2818<br />Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration, F Sylvester780 492-3751<br />Director, Enrollment Management, Y Norton780 492-4209<br />Director of Communication, D Ford780 492-0195<br />Director of MES Program, R McKay780 492-0243<br />Undergraduate Student Services<br />1-107 Education N<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/ussFax 780 492-7533<br />General Information780 492-3659<br />Assistant Dean, Field Experiences, R Ritter780 492-0238<br />Admin Assistant, Collaborative Programs, M Sutton780 492-4500<br />Associate Dean, Teacher Education, J Wallace780 492-2937<br />Associate Dean, Programs & Services, C Hickson780 492-4952<br />Admin Assistant, Financials, L Vivier780 492-2218<br />Director, Student Support, C Christianson780 492-2638<br />Student Advisor, Special Circumstances, G Lindberg780 492-7375<br />Director, USS, F Billingsley780 492-9101<br />Admissions/Records/Program Inquiries780 492-3659<br />Student Advisors:<br />D Brandon780 492-0237<br />L Derman780 492-9530<br />J Letendre780 492-0738<br />A Payne780 492-3759<br />C Smythe780 492-8047<br />J Tackaberry780 492-3758<br />Field Experiences<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/fieldexperiencesFAX 780 492-9496<br />General Information780 492-7532<br />Placements Coordinators:<br />L Brittain (Regional)780 492-3661<br />A Corrigall (Elementary)780 492-7881<br />G Penney (Secondary)780 492-6129<br />Detailed listings for the following Departments, Centres and<br />Institutes are under their own alphabetical entries:<br />Clinical Services780 492-3746<br />Education, Division of Technology780 492-3667<br />Education Students' Association780 492-3650<br />Educational Policy Studies780 492-7625<br />Educational Psychology780 492-5245<br />Elementary Education780 492-4273<br />Library and Information Studies, School of780 492-4578<br />Masters of Education in Educational Studies780 492-0998<br />Secondary Education780 492-3674<br />Centres AND INSTITUTES<br />Canadian Centre for Research on Literacy780 492-4250<br />Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research780 492-4879<br />Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education780 492-0148<br />Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development780 492-7770<br />Centre for Research in Applied Measurement and Evaluation780 492-5246<br />Centre for Research in Youth, Science Teaching and Learning780 492-7613<br />Child Study Centre780 492-7341<br />Curriculum and Pedagogy Institute780 492-8284<br />Hope Foundation of Alberta780 492-1222<br />Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services780 492-0772<br />JP Das Centre on Developmental and Learning Disabilities780 492-3696<br />Western Canadian Centre of Studies in Deafness (WCCSD)780 492-5213<br />(Videophone)780 492-5213<br />EDUCATION LIBRARY (HERBERT T COUTTS)<br />(see Libraries-Education and Physical Education Library)780 492-3770<br />EDUCATION OFFICE OF EXTERNAL RELATIONS<br />4-107 Education N780 492-7755<br /> HYPERLINK " http://www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/education/alumnidonorsandcommunity.cfm" www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/education/<br />alumnidonorsandcommunity.cfmFax 780 492-0155<br />Director, N Hayes780 492-3680<br />External Relations Coordinator, C Potvin780 492-7755<br />Alumni/Special Projects Coordinator, D Kendrick780 492-4742<br />Development Officer, S Mowat780 492-8863<br />EDUCATION OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVES<br />5-182 Education N 780 492-0940<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/education/international.cfm<br />Associate Dean, GH Richardson780 492-2818<br />Office Manager, P Thorbourne780 492-1470<br />Coordinator, L De Fabrizio780 492-3178<br />Admin Assistant, L Parry780 492-0940<br />EDUCATION STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION<br />1-101 Education N780 492-3650<br />FAX 780 492-9180<br />EDUCATION, TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT<br />3-104 Education N <br />www.ualberta.ca/~edtechpd/<br />Acting Coordinator, A Meckelborg780 492-7121<br />Tech Facilitator, M Rhodes780 492-7356<br />Tech Facilitator, Mobile Lab, J Warner780 492-7355<br />EDUCATIONAL POLICY STUDIES <br />7-104 Education N780 492-7625<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/edpolicystudies/Fax 780 492-2024<br />Chair, J Kelly780 492-4229<br />Associate Chair & Graduate Coordinator, D Chovanec780 492-3690<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate Programs, R Wimmer780 492-0551<br />Assistant Chair, B Shokal780 492-0759<br />Centre for Research in Youth, Science Teaching<br />and Learning (CRYSTAL)780 492-7613<br />Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research780 492-4879<br />EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY<br />6-102 Education N780 492-5245<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/edpsychologyFax 780 492-1318<br />Chair, RD Everall780 492-2389Associate Chair, Grad Coordinator, G Buck780 492-9275<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, L Grieve780 492-2606<br />Admin Assistant to the Chair, G Burstow780 492-1152<br />Graduate Records Administrator, M Vaage780 492-1149<br />Admin Assistant/Grad Registration, B Burgess780 492-9735<br />Undergrad Registration, A Mierau780 492-5245<br />Admin Assistant, J Maycher780 492-2584<br />Admin Assistant/HR, M Brenzan780 492-3762<br />Admin Assistant/CRAME, M Truong780 492-5246<br />ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING<br />2nd Fl ECERF780 492-3332<br />www.ece.ualberta.ca<br />Fax Listing: Main OfficeFAX 780 492-1811<br />Chair, Horacio J Marquez780 492-3333<br />Admin Assistant to the Chair, Theresa Calverley780 492-3333<br />Associate Chair, Graduate Program, Ying Tsui780 492-3192<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate Program, Mrinal Mandal780 492-0294<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, Asha Rao780 492-1487<br />Financial Administrator, Mary Lou Lee780 492-0154<br />Accounting Assistants:<br />Sandra Peake-Thibodeau780 492-8483<br />Michelle Foley780 492-8648<br />Undergraduate Program Advisors:<br />AnnMarie Altheim780 492-0153<br />Graduate Program Advisor, Pinder Bains780 492-0161<br />Manager, ISS, Wendy Barton780 248-1568<br />Technical Resources<br />Electronics, Blair Harwood780 492-3549<br />Machine Shop, Herbert Dexel780 492-3823<br />Network Administrator, Francois Brochu780 492-2010<br />Laser Machining780 492-3369<br />NanoFabrication Facility<br />Director, Ken Westra780 492-7923<br />Admin Assistant, Melissa Hawrelechko780 492-0167<br />COMPUTER ENGINEERING PROGRAM<br />Director, Marek Reformat780 492-2848<br />ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PROGRAM<br />Director, James McMullin780 492-3838<br />ENGINEERING PHYSICS PROGRAM<br />Director, Christopher Backhouse780 492-2920<br />CRC/ICORE-Wireless Communication<br />Chair, Norman Beaulieu780 492-5558<br />Admin Assistant, Sharon Walker780 492-6708<br />Admin Assistant, Suzanne Cunningham780 492-0156<br />CRC/ICORE-Nanotechnology<br />Chair, Michael Brett780 492-4438<br />Admin Assistant, Audrey Lin780 492-6363<br />CRC-Computational Intelligence<br />Chair, Witold Pedrycz780 492-4661<br />CRC-Ultrafast Photonics<br />Chair, Abdul Elezzabi780 492-2363<br />Micralyne/NSERC/ICORE Industrial Research Chair,<br />Michael Brett780 492-4438<br />Rohit Sharma Professor in Communications,<br />Witold Krzymien780 492-5780<br />ECE ENGINEERING STUDENT CLUBS<br />Electrical Engineering E2-040B ETLC780 492-5033<br />Computer Engineering E2-040M ETLC780 492-6930<br />Engineering Physics E2-040F ETLC780 492-3332<br />Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Inc (IEEE)<br />McNaughton Centre E2-040N ETLC780 492-8706<br />International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)<br />E2-040K ETLC780 492-3332<br />ECE Graduate Students Association780 492-3332<br />ELEMENTARY EDUCATION<br />551 Education S780 492-4273<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/elementaryed/FAX 780 492-7622<br />Chair, Dr D Oberg780 492-5416<br />Associate Chair, Dr M Cooley780 492-0902<br />Graduate Coordinator, Dr J McClay780 492-0968<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, D Hamilton780 492-2211<br />EMERGENCY GUIDE<br />(see page 1 of this Directory)<br />EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT, OFFICE OF<br />1004 College PlazaFAX 780 248-1073<br />Manager, Adam Conway780 492-0037<br />Administrative Secretary, Salwa Amairi780 248-1045<br />Training & Development Officer780 248-1047<br />EMERGENCY MEDICINE <br />1G1.50 W Mackenzie Hlth Sci Centre780 407-7047<br />FAX Listings:<br />MainFAX 780 407-3314<br />ResearchFAX 780 407-3982<br />Professor & Chair, Dr B Holroyd 1G1.62 WMC780 407-7047<br />Professor, Dr M Bullard 1G1.58 WMC780 407-8856<br />Assistant Professor, Dr K Dong 565 CSC-RAH780 735-5374<br />Acting Executive Secretary, Peggy Foster 1G1.50 WMC780 407-7047<br />Residency Program Director, RCPSC/Clinical Professor,<br />Dr S Dong 1G1.61 WMC780 407-8860<br />Assistant Residency Program Director, Dr C Kjelland<br />1G1.61 WMC780 407-8860<br />Undergraduate Program Director/Assoc Clinical Professor,<br />Dr C Rabuka 1G1.54 WMC780 407-8860<br />Program Assistant, Medical Education, Maria Huether<br />1G1.50 WMC780 407-8860<br />Residency Program Director, CFPC-EM, Dr K Peterson<br />1G1.64 WMC780 407-8860<br />Assistant Residency Program Director, CFPC-EM,<br />Dr A Naismith 1G1.64 WMC780 407-8860<br />Professor & Research Director, Dr B Rowe 1G1.42 WMC780 407-6707<br />Research Secretary, Janelle Ostby 1G1.42 WMC780 407-6707<br />Research Coordinator, Debbie Boyko 1G1.42 WMC780 407-3742<br />Research Coordinator, Mira Singh 741 Univ Terr780 492-4716<br />Project Coordinator, Clinical Health Informatics Project (CHIP),<br />David Meurer 1G1.57 WMC780 407-7902<br />Finance & HR Coordinator, Peggy Scade 1G1.52 WMC780 407-7576<br />Biostatistician, Cristina Villa-Roel 741 Univ Terr780 492-9671<br />Research Site Coordinator, Debbie Boyko 2611 NECHC780 472-5081<br />ENERGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT, SCHOOL OF<br />www.see.ualberta.ca/FAX 780 492-3325<br />Director, Dr Joseph Doucet780 492-4257<br />Assistant Director, Shelley Williamson780 248-1652<br />Program Coordinator, Nicole Kosturic780 492-6175<br />ENERGY MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS<br />(see Facilitie and Operations)<br />ENGINEERING AND INFRASTRUCTURE<br />(see Facilities & Operations)<br />ENGINEERING CO-OP DEPARTMENT <br />E6-050 ETLC 780 492-5152<br />www.engineering.ualberta.ca/coopFAX 780 492-2732<br />Associate Dean, Dr KC Porteous780 492-8688<br />Assistant Director, S Concini780 492-8687<br />Engineering Co-op Coordinators:<br />C Bjornson780 492-8683<br />R Kully780 492-8680<br />S Kuss780 492-8848<br />M Marks780 492-8723<br />A Rumsby780 492-8686<br />R Sisson780 492-7043<br />B Strang780 492-8689<br />L Szekely780 492-7252<br />K Vande Vyvere780 492-9931<br />Admin Assistant, MA Dixon780 492-0553<br />Recept/Recruitment Clerk, M Varty780 492-5152<br />Recept/Recruitment Clerk, L Saunders780 492-5152<br />Engineering Co-Op Department<br />Calgary Office<br />Engineering Co-op Coordinator, L Lewington403 718-6393<br />ENGINEERING EMPLOYMENT CENTRE<br />E2-050 ETLC780 492-4360<br />www.employment.engineering.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-4366<br />Employment Coordinator, C Foged780 492-4363<br />Employment Coordinator, S Sayler780 492-4362<br />Recruiting Assistant, E Barnett780 492-4360<br />ENGINEERING, FACULTY OF<br />E6-050 ETLC780 492-3320<br />www.engineering.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-0500<br />Dean, DT Lynch780 492-3596<br />Admin Assistant to the Dean, L Roberge780 492-3596<br />Assistant Dean, ME Compton780 492-5925<br />Associate Dean, Research & Planning, S Dew780 492-0501<br />Admin Assistant, L Vogelesang780 492-5398<br />Associate Dean, Student & Co-op Services, KC Porteous780 492-8688<br />Admin Officer, Student Services, D Clark780 492-3399<br />Admin Assistant, J Stanton780 492-3320<br />Admin Officer, Recruitment & Student Programs, C Harper780 492-1385<br />Recruitment & Student Liaison Specialist, R Vanderleer780 492-6517<br />Director of Facilities, P Haswell780 492-1486<br />Communications Officer, R Cairney780 492-4514<br />Web Marketing Coordinator, A Herrera780 492-2929<br />Manager, External Relations, L Nickel780 492-4159<br />Acting Assistant Dean, External Relations, L Shinkaruk Calgary403 718-6394<br />Events & External Relations Coordinator780 492-7050<br />Network Administrator, R Patsula780 492-9923<br />Faculty Database Administrator, Y Jiang780 492-9663<br />SCIberMENTOR Administrator780 492-2926<br />Detailed listings for the following departments<br />are under their own alphabetical entries:<br />Chemical & Materials Engineering780 492-3321<br />Civil & Environmental Engineering780 492-4235<br />Electrical & Computer Engineering780 492-3332<br />Engineering Co-op Department780 492-5152<br />Mechanical Engineering780 492-3598<br />ENGINEERING PHYSICS<br />(see Electrical & Computer Engineering)780 492-3332<br />ENGINEERING STUDENTS' SOCIETY 780 492-6334<br />ENGLISH AND FILM STUDIES<br />3-5 Humanities Centre780 492-3258<br />www.arts.ualberta.ca/efsFAX 780 492-8142<br />Chair, S Hamilton780 492-4642/7841<br />Chair’s Assistant, B LeFort780 492-4642<br />Associate Chair, Academic, R Appleford780 492-7840<br />Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, T Zackodnik780 492-4639<br />Associate Chair, Research, S Slemon780 492-7846<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, K Calhoun780 492-7839<br />English Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, C Devereux780 492-0491<br />Film Studies Director, W Beard780 492-4886<br />Write Program Director, E Bishop780 492-7820<br />Undergraduate Advisor, M Marshall Durrell780 492-7842<br />Graduate Program Advisor, K Brown780 492-4701<br />Operations Manager, S Henry780 492-4640<br />Financial Assistant, S Kasinec780 492-4885<br />Technical Resource Specialist, M Whitecotton-Carroll780 492-9143<br />Salter Reading Room, E Kuiken780 492-4633<br />Writer-in-Residence, T Bowling780 492-7811<br />ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND SAFETY<br />RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES<br />107 Education Car Park780 492-0144<br />www.ehs.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-7790<br />Director, Rob Munro780 492-3710<br />Admin – Personnel & Finance, Cindy Ferris780 492-1810<br />Admin – Training & Reception, Salwa Amairi780 492-0144<br />E-Learning Coordinator, Michelle Rooker780 492-1631<br />Laboratory 1034 Research Transition Facility780 492-8204<br />Biosafety<br />Biosafety Officer, Dr Daniel Dragon780 492-3142<br />Biosafety Services:<br />Donald Koziol780 492-0122<br />Sandra Bolch780 248-1983<br />Research Safety Compliance Coord, Lorelei Betke780 492-8708<br />Enhanced Biocontainment Research Coord, Dr Christi Andrin780 492-2893<br />Environmental Services<br />Environmental Services Officer, Lois Dvorsky780 492-1638<br />Hazardous Waste Management Facility - Clover Bar SiteFAX 780 435-5269<br />13111 Meridian StCELL 780 499-1301<br />Hazardous Waste Technicians & Chemical Recycle Program:<br /> Tony Selinger780 988-8077<br /> Peter Loewan780 988-8077<br />Patrick Doran780 988-8077<br />General Safety<br />General Safety Officer, Ryan White780 492-6889<br />Faculty Health & Safety Advisors:<br />Kim Bettencourt780 492-6887<br />Karen Sochatsky780 492-1665<br />Security, Health & Safety Advisor<br />Andrew Cooper780 492-8488<br />Occupational Health<br />Manager, Occupational Health Nurse, JoAnne Seglie780 492-5378<br />Occupational Health Nurse780 492-3966<br />Occupational Hygiene AND Chemical Safety<br />Hygiene & Chemical Safety Officer, Nasrin Dhanani780 492-6888<br />Hygiene & Chemical Safety Advisors:<br />Lana Appelt780 492-4002<br />Mohammad Iqbal780 492-1550<br />Radiation Safety<br />Radiation Protection Officer, Carl Schumaker780 492-5655<br />Radiation Lab Services, Cory McHugh780 492-1611<br />ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND STUDIES CENTRE<br />(ERSC)<br />Director, Debra Davidson780 492-4598<br />ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES<br />(see Environmental Health & Safety)<br />EPICORE CENTRE (Epidemiology Coordinating and<br />Research Centre)<br />220 College Plaza780 492-8525<br />www.epicore.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-6059<br />Director, Dr Ross T Tsuyuki780 492-8526<br />Admin Assistant, Glennora Dowding780 492-8526<br />Assistant Director, Dr Finlay A McAlister780 407-1657<br />AMS Director, Tammy J Bungard780 492-3431<br />Secretary, Amy Machnik780 407-8597<br />Secretary, Rhonda Lemoine780 407-8597<br />Projects Manager, Paula Priest780 492-6362<br />Accounting Assistant, Peggy Yiu780 492-8527<br />Data Manager, Ruth Dupuit780 492-6305<br />Biostatistician, Marilou Hervas-Malo780 492-9461<br />Data Coordinators:<br />Betty Larson780 492-9510<br />Leah Foley780 492-8354<br />Izabela Seel780 492-3453<br />Project Coordinators:<br />Miriam Fradette780 492-9589<br />Carolyn Nilsson780 492-4428<br />Meagen Rosenthal780 492-8350<br />Clinical Instructor, Dr Marcelo Shibata780 492-7427<br />Assistant Professor, Dr Michael Kolber780 248-1933<br />AMS Pharmacists:<br />Tara Carnovale780 407-8597<br />Jodie Wilke780 407-8597<br />Karen Schultz780 407-8597<br />Jessica Hrudy780 407-8597<br />Norelle Cote780 407-8597<br />Systems Analyst, Lily Yushko780 492-4803<br />Postdoctoral Fellow, William Midodzi780 492-9714<br />Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Yazid al Hamarneh780 492-9608<br />MSc Student, Meghan Sebastianski780 492-3454<br />MSc Student, Sherilyn Houle780 492-3454<br />Centre for Community Pharmacy Research and<br />Interdisciplinary Strategies (COMPRIS)780 492-8525<br />EXTENSION, FACULTY OF <br />Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Ave780 492-3116<br />www.extension.ualberta.ca/<br />FAX Listings:<br />Administration/GeneralFAX 780 492-0627<br />Office of the DeanFAX 780 492-6735<br />Government StudiesFAX 780 492-8265<br />Student Registration/Courses780 492-3109<br />FAX 780 492-0627<br />Office Of The Dean<br />Dean, Katy Campbell780 492-2681<br />Associate Dean, Research, Al Cook780 492-5001<br />Associate Dean, Strategic, Lois Gander780 492 1621<br />Assistant Dean, Michael Splinter780 492-3035<br />Advisor to Assoc Dean/Professor, Helen Madill780-492-8661<br />Director of Development, Nisreen Baker780 492-8404<br />Extension Specialist, Walter Archer780 492-4906<br />Executive Assistant, Shairoz Rajwani780 492-8162<br />Faculty Event & Committee Coord, Krista Westly780 492-0296<br />Receptionist780 492-2681<br />FACULTY OF EXTENSION Administration<br />ACCOUNTING<br />Business Manager, Ying Zheng780 492-8929<br />Budget Administrator, Irina Naydorf780 492-5056<br />Financial Advisor, Payroll/Accounts Receivable,<br />Olea Anderson780 492-7758<br />Financial Advisor, Accounts Payable, Andrea Hurley780 492-3415<br />Computing<br />Network E-mail Administrator, Dennis Ng780 492-5366<br />Application & Desktops, Casey Chen780 492-1765<br />IT, Learning Engagement & Support, Paul Vandermeer780 492-6089<br />Facility AND Media Services<br />Facility Scheduling, Maggie Rojas780 492-5039<br />Gallery Curator, Val Smyth780 492-0166<br />Human Resources<br />HR Advisor780 248-1194<br />HR Advisor, Barbara Stratichuk780 492-3156<br />Marketing<br />Director, Anu Varsava780 492-5058<br />Marketing & Communications Coord, Michael Cooke780 492-2847<br />Web Coordinator, Michael Lewcio780 492-9967<br />Alberta Gaming Research Institute<br />Garry Smith780 492-2770<br />City Region Studies Centre<br />Academic Research Director, Rob Shields780 492-8262<br />Manager, Maryanne Wynne780 492-8444<br />Marketing & Events Coordinator, Howie Phung780 492-9660<br />Extension Learning Solutions<br />Academic Director, Stanley Varnhagen780 492-3641<br />Evaluations Research Consultant, Jason Daniels780 492-6332<br />Evaluations Research Consultant, Brad Arkison780 492-1720<br />Program Coordinator, Diane Millar780 492-7333<br />TEACHING AND LEARNING SERVICES<br />Executive Director, Christie Schultz780 492-6702<br />Instructional Designer, Erika Smith780 492-8596<br />Instructional Designer, Daniel Braun780 248-1173<br />E-Learning Specialist, John Sinclair780 492-8783<br />COMMUNITY-UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIP<br />(For The Study of Children, Youth, and Families)<br />Enterprise Square780 492-6177<br />www.cup.ualberta.ca<br />Director, Jeff Bisanz780 492-6170<br />Associate Director, Laurie Schnirer780 492-6173<br />Assistant Director, Early Childhood Measurement &<br />Evaluation, Rebecca Gokiert780 492-6297<br />Assistant Director, Women & Children’s Health,<br />Maria Mayan780 492-9209<br />Assistant Director, Knowledge Mobilization &<br />Life Long Learning, Sherry Ann Chapman780 492-9551<br />Centre Administrator, Marilyn Hawirko780 492-6177<br />Families First Edmonton Administrator, Birdie McLean780 492-0033<br />Programs<br />Liberal Studies<br />Executive Director, Virginia Stephen780 492-7261<br />Program Coordinator, Susan Boychuk780 492-1185<br />Program Coordinator, Megan Wood-Smith780 492-2408<br />English Language Program<br />Information780 492-3036/5530<br />Executive Director, Mimi Hui780 492-2497<br />Associate Director, Martin Guardado780 492-5063<br />E-Learning Specialist, Bryan Braul780 492-5862<br />Special Projects Coordinator, Greg Baker780 492-1183<br />Homestay Coordinator, Trudy Stevens780 492-0071<br />ELP Instructors780 492-4518<br />Professional Programs & Government Studies<br />Executive Director, Corey Wentzell780 248-1660<br />Program Coordinator/Business Seminars,<br /> Jackie Lane780 492-8315<br />Program Coordinator/Occupational Health,<br /> Nimmi Nayyer-Dua780 492-8924<br />Program Coordinator/CACE, Jennifer Cassidy780 492-1472<br />Program Coordinator/Business Certificates,<br /> Sandra Lacza780 492-5545<br />Program Coordinator/Applied Sciences, Irene Ng780 492-3156<br />Operations & New Ventures, Joy Beveridge780 492-6980<br />Program Coordinator/NACLAA, Slavinka Osmanagic780 492-2870<br />Business, Advisor, Robert Burrows780 492-5717<br />IAPP Program Manager, Wayne McDonald780 492-2862<br />Master of Arts in Communications & Technology Program<br />(MACT)<br />Director, Marco Adria780 492-2254<br />Academic Developer, Yuping Mao780 248-1110<br />Program Coordinator, Eileen Crookes780 492-1501<br />EXTERNAL RELATIONS – CALGARY<br />120, 333-5 Ave SW, Calgary AB T2P 3B6FAX 403 718-6376<br />Director, Andrea Marsh403 718-6386<br />Associate Director, Matthew Burns403 718-6387<br />Development Coordinator, Ted Photinopoulos403 718-6385<br />External Relations Officer403 718-6388<br />Main Reception403 718-6375<br />F<br />FACILITIES AND OPERATIONS<br />4th Fl General Services<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/piFAX 780 492-2897/0002<br />General Inquiries780 492-4261<br />Administration<br />Associate Vice-President (F & O), Bart Becker780 492-6422<br />Executive Coordinator, Alex Hatch780 492-1727<br />Communications Officer, Tobie Smith780 248-1690<br />Real Estate<br />Director, Craig Moore780 492-4164<br />Property Managers:<br /> David Ward780 492-4975<br /> Christine Zwozdesky780 248-1140<br />Real Estate Assistant, Teresa Powell780 492-1296<br />Architect, Office Of THE UNIVERSITY<br />Architect, Ben Louie780 248-1434<br />Associate Director, Long Range Planning, Bob Caldwell780 248-1171<br />Associate Director, Planning, Raymond Gosselin780 492-2473<br />Planning Officers:<br />Kelly Anderson780 492-9110<br />Lorna Baker-Perri780 492-4090<br />Lorrina Belland780 492-7513<br />Joanne Bortnick780 492-8614<br />Shannon Loughran780 492-4082<br />Colette O’Brien780 492-3452<br />Susan Patterson780 492-6872<br />Joylyn Teskey780 492-7513<br />Project Coordinator, Signage, Dennis Weber780 248-1043<br />Administrative Assistants:<br />Melonie Keehn780 492-1353<br />Eva Pang (ECN)780 492-9572<br />OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE<br />Executive Director, Hugh Warren780 492-6405<br />Team Lead, Operations & Maintenance Assistant,<br /> Debbie Rasmussen780 492-6400<br />Trades Admin Coordinator, Lisa Wheeler780 492-4027<br />Director, Trades, Tony Maltais780 492-9686<br />Architectural Trades Supervisor, Phil Letcher780 492-0149<br />Electrical Trades Supervisor, John Bannister780 492-3082<br />Mechanical Trades Supervisor, Bill Shaughnessy780 492-0128<br />Maintenance/Trouble Calls780 492-4833<br />Communications Control Centre<br />Fire/Life Emergency (24Hr-7Days)780 492-5555<br />Maintenance/Repairs (24Hr-7Days)780 492-4833<br />Operations Desk (24Hr-7Days)780 492-4855<br />General Inquiries780 492-4261<br />SUSTAINABILITY, OFFICE OF<br />Director of Sustainability, Trina Innes780 492-7162<br />Administrative Assistant, Nathalie Walker780 492-9289<br />Outreach & Engagement, Program Lead, Lisa Dockman780 248-1924<br />Outreach & Engagement, Program Lead, Emily Dietrich780 248-1959<br />Social Marketing & Communications, Program Lead, Sarah Hoyles780 248-1916<br />ENERGY MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS<br />Director, Energy Management & Sustainable Operations,<br />Len Sereda780 492-2209<br />Sustainability Coordinator, Christel Hyshka780 492-7520<br />Administrative Assistant, Nathalie Walker780 492-9289<br />Operations<br />Associate Director, Robert Pawliuk780 492-2036<br />Operations Desk (24Hr-7Days)780 492-4855<br />Energy Management<br />Energy Mgmt Program Manager, Michael Versteege780 492-4024<br />Transportation<br />Vehicle Pool Edm Rsch Station<br />Manager, Jim Laverty780 492-1920<br />Supervisor, Terry Evans780 492-1920<br />Fleet Safety<br />Fleet Safety Officer, Kenji Kinoshita780 492-1233<br />Quality Assurance<br />Anita Deakin780 492-4065<br />Kevin Krell780 492-7270<br />Susan Osterloh780 492-4051<br />Buildings AND Grounds Services<br />Maintenance/Repairs (24Hr-7Days)780 492-4833<br />Associate Director, Ray Dumouchel780 492-4048<br />Human Resources, Procurement & Grounds Manager,<br /> George Thomlison780 492-4047<br />Landscape Maintenance & Construction Manager,<br /> Wayne McCutcheon780 492-4045<br />Facility Services Managers<br />Acoustics Lab (Millwoods), J Benson780 492-3868<br />Administration Bldg, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Agriculture/Forestry, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Arts Bldg, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Assiniboia Hall, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Athabasca Hall, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Biological Sciences, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Book & Record Depository (BARD), J Benson780 492-3868<br />Business Bldg, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Cameron Library, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Campus Saint-Jean, J Benson780 492-3868<br />CCIS, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Central Academic, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Chemical Materials Engineering, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Child Care Centre, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Civil Electrical Engineering, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Chemistry East, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Chemistry West, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Clinical Sciences, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Computing Science, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Corbett Hall, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Dentistry/Pharmacy Centre, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Devonian Botanic Garden, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Earth Sciences, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Edmonton Research Station, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Education Car Park, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Education Centre, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Electrical & Computer Engineering Rsch Facility, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Ellerslie Research Station, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Engineering Teaching & Learning Complex, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Environmental Engineering, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Fine Arts, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Foote Field, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Garneau Houses, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />General Services, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Heritage Medical Rsch Centre, J Benson780 492-3868<br />HRIF East, J Benson780 492-3868<br />HUB, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Human Ecology, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Humanities Centre, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Industrial Design Studio, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Jubilee Car Park, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Katz Group-Rexall Centre for Pharmacy & Health Rsch,<br />J Benson780 492-3868<br />Law Centre, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Lister Centre, M Anderson780 492-7398<br />Materials Management, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Meanook Rsch Station, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Mechanical Engineering, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Medical Sciences, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Natural Resources Engineering Facility, T Lake780 492-1188<br />NINT, T Lake780 492-1188<br />NANUC, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Pembina Hall, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Power Plant (North), A Riddle780 492-3209<br />R E Phillips Services Bldg, J Benson780 492-3868<br />RCMS Shop, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Ring Houses 1,2,3,4, T Lake780 492-1188<br />RTF, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Rutherford Library (N/S), A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Saville Sports Centre, T Lake780 492-1188<br />South Field Car Park, J Benson780 492-3868<br />Stadium Car Park, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Structural Engineering, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Student Residences, M Anderson780 492-7398<br />Students’ Union (Bookstore, UofA Areas), T Lake780 492-1188<br />TELUS Centre, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Timms Centre; Car Park, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Tory HM, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />Triffo Hall, A Riddle780 492-3209<br />University Terrace, J Benson780 492-3868<br />University Hall, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Van Vliet Centre, T Lake780 492-1188<br />Windsor Car Park, T Lake 780 492-1188<br />Zeidler-Ledcor Centre, J Benson780 492-3868<br />PLANNING AND PROJECT DELIVERY<br />Executive Director, Pat Jansen780 492-1747<br />Team Lead, Planning & Projects Delivery Assistant,<br /> Darlene Neilson780 492-6263<br />PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE<br />Project Managers:<br />Kyle Braithwaite780 248-1858<br />Michael Madsen780 492-0045<br />Associate Director, PMO, Barry Temple780 492-1120<br />Administrative Coordinator, Gina MacPherson780 492-1166<br />Project Managers:<br />Colin Green780 492-2239<br />Scott MacKenzie780 492-7750<br />Rick Mercier780 492-5675<br />Derwyn Peloski780 492-6179<br />Ernie Rutsch780 492-5651<br />Project Coordinators:<br />Keith Harries780 492-8223<br />Kent Love780 248-1332<br />George Parent780 492-4306<br />Stantec Managing Representative, Barry Haughian780 492-4087<br />Project Administrative Assistants:<br /> Shauna Connelly780 492-7129<br /> Leigh Cole780 492-6720<br /> Deneen Goldsmith780 492-3241<br /> Jem Kuzio780 492-4092<br />Senior Project Managers:<br /> Scott Argent780 492-7111<br /> Larry Slywka780 492-7136<br /> Mike Turner780 492-6755<br />Senior Project Controls Specialist, Dan Boehm780 492-8390<br />Project Managers:<br /> Walter Drobot780 492-8387<br /> Vaughn Engel780 492-7153<br /> Peter Gegolick780 492-0734<br /> Ron Millham780 492-6749<br /> Fergus O’Neill780 492-8450<br /> Lou Zoldan780 492-7127<br /> Thomas Milan780 492-2257<br />Project Contract/Coordinators:<br /> Darlene Getschel780 492-6758<br /> Diane Read780 492-2711<br /> Chantelle Spurrier-Black780 492-5817<br />Design AND Technical Services<br />Associate Director, Keith Hollands780 492-6608<br />Administrative Assistant, Michelle Durocher780 248-1265<br />Design Group:<br />Manager, Mechanical Engineering, Darren St Hilaire780 492-6126<br />Manager, Electrical Engineering, Daryle Tilroe780 492-0640<br />Hazardous Materials Coordinator, Damien Fillier780 248-1378<br />Safety Codes/Arch Technologist, Darren Knudsen780 492-2450<br />Sr Electrical Technologist, Jash Atwal780 492-4252<br />Architectural Technologist, Jodi DeAlexandra780 492-2550<br />Mechanical Engineering Technologist, Jack Bula780 492-2407<br />Mechanical Engineering Technologist, Shawn Allers780 492-4491<br />Excavation Permits/Civil Eng Tech, Walter Stadnyczuk780 492-2669<br />RECAPP/Lockshop Data Support, Tim McDonald780 492-4669<br />CAFM Group:<br />CAFM Team Lead, Ricardo Moran780 492-7423<br />CAFM/Planning Technologists:<br /> Corrie Geertsen780 492-2780<br /> Paul Woeppel780 492-5975<br />CAFM Development, Lead, David Shu780 492-9869<br />CAFM Development Technologists:<br /> Jorge Casanova780 492-1582<br /> Jaya Yogasundaram780 492-6258<br />Furniture Coordinator, Julie Vanderwerff780 492-6544<br />Move Coordinator, Lyne Boucher780 248-1419<br />SUPPORT SERVICES<br />Maintenance Desk:<br />Gloria Mateychuk780 492-4833<br />Ellie Steil780 492-4833<br />Reception/General Inquiries:<br />Janelle Brouwer780 492-4261<br />Maintenance Mgmt Info Systems:<br />Greg Busch780 492-4037<br />Rod Wolfe780 492-4025<br />Joanne Wright780 492-4031<br />ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES<br />Administrative Services Manager, Chris Langer780 492-1705<br />Administrative Services Team Lead, Emma Mallett780 492-6599<br />Administrative Services Team Lead, Debbie Rasmussen780 492-6400<br />Administrative Assistants:<br /> Marian Bouanani780 492-9470<br /> Michelle Durocher780 248-1265<br /> Alex Hatch780 492-1727<br /> Melonie Keehn780 492-1353<br /> Rose Litzenberger780 492-4210<br /> Gina MacPherson780 492-1166<br /> Steven McPhee780 492-6854<br /> Teresa Powell780 492-1296<br /> Nathalie Walker780 492-3705<br /> Karen Wilson780 492-2301<br />Records Analyst, Debbie Williams780 492-0483<br />Special Projects, Colleen Warren780 248-1008<br />FINANCE<br />Senior Financial Officer, Lilianna Levesconte780 248-1875<br />Administrative Assistant, Karen Wilson780 492-2301<br />Accounting:<br /> Deb Balan780 492-4968<br /> Harpinder Dhillon780 492-4859<br /> Danielle Mohr780 248-1176<br /> Dennis Pho780 492-1007<br /> Branislav Sajlovic780 492-8613<br /> Charity Sidoroff780 492-4062<br /> David Wu780 248-2050<br />Accounts Payable:<br /> Elaine Colpron780 248-1868<br />Purchasing:<br /> Corrine Chorney780 492-4030<br /> Gloria Kapitski780 492-4032<br /> Svetlana Khodorkovski780 492-6602<br /> Donna Mercier780 492-4036<br /> Amanda Taylor-Nadeau780 492-4033<br />Trades Admin Coordinators:<br /> Joyce Choi780 492-4042<br /> Lisa Wheeler780 492-4027<br />HUMAN RESOURCES<br />Human Resources Manager780 248-1199<br />Administrative Assistant780 492-4046<br />Senior Human Resources Advisor, Lisa Lacroix780 248-1870<br />Human Resources Advisor, Evan Ramage780 248-1052<br />Human Resources Advisor, Neetu Thind780 492-9976<br />Payroll:<br /> Debra Harke780 492-3387<br /> Kayla Ingram (Ancillary Services)780 492-6060<br />FACULTY CLUB<br />Faculty Club780 492-4231 <br />www.uofafacultyclub.caFAX 780 492-4199<br />facclub@ualberta.ca<br />Manager, Peter Graf<br />Assistant Manager, Debra Hooper<br />FAMILY MEDICINE<br />205 College Plaza<br />www.med.ualberta.ca/familymed<br />FAX Listings:<br />Main 205 College Plaza/MARD 1704 College PlazaFAX 780 492-8191<br />Research 901 College PlazaFAX 780 492-2593<br />Grey Nuns FMCFAX 780 490-0953<br />Misericordia FMCFAX 780 735-2857<br />NECHC Family HealthFAX 780 472-5192<br />Royal Alexandra FMCFAX 780 735-4978<br />Chair, GR Spooner780 492-6611<br />Administrative Assistant, J Grace780 492-6611<br />Associate Chair, M Donoff780 492-6611/0780<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, M Perrault780 492-8197<br />Administrative Assistant, G Popoff780 492-7497<br />Administrative Services<br />Financial Supervisor, B Kautz780 492-2876<br />Accounting Assistant, C Rust780 492-6834<br />Quality Manager, D Armstrong780 492-7462<br />Aboriginal Health<br />C Cardinal780 492-6740<br />Applied Social Research in Health Informatics<br />1702 College Plaza<br />Researcher, M Ballerman780 492-4114<br />Behavioral Medicine Coordinator, M Cave780 492-9315<br />Secretary, K McDonough780 248-1116<br />Centre for Cross-Cultural Study of Health<br />& Healing 901 College Plaza<br />Director, E Waugh780 492-6424<br />Division, Care of the Elderly 1259 Glenrose Hosp<br />www.coe.fm.ualberta.ca<br />Director, J Triscott780 735-8800<br />Secretary, K Vicente780 735-8882<br />Research Director, B Dobbs 1704 College Plaza780 492-0374<br />Research Coordinator, R McKay780 492-6306<br />Educational Support Program<br />Co-Director, M Donoff780 492-0780<br />Co-Director, P Humphries780 492-1806<br />Assistant Director, S Ross780 248-1264<br />Administrative Assistant, K Kovithavongs780 492-9748<br />Faculty Development<br />Director, S Koppula780 492-1972<br />Administrative Assistant, K Kovithavongs780 492-9748<br />Medically at Risk Driver Centre (MARD)<br />1704 College Plaza780 492-MARD (6273)<br />www.mard.ualberta.ca<br />Director, B Dobbs780 492-0374<br />Executive Assistant, J Carstensen780 492-6273<br />Research Coordinator, S Skinner780 492-5892<br />Research Assistant, P Bhardwaj780 492-1591<br />Research Assistant, T Pidborodynski780 248-1728<br />Medical Informatics<br />Director, M Donoff780 492-0780<br />Informatics Coordinator, M Chiodo780 492-8842<br />Postgraduate Education 205 College Plaza<br />Family Medicine<br /> Director, S Schipper780 492-9961/3863<br /> Assistant Director, D Ross780 342-4038/4099<br /> Academic Coordinator, R Kijweski780 735-4201<br /> Site Director, Community Teaching Sites, M Rose780 492-8615<br /> Coordinator, C Heisler780 492-9961<br /> Community Site Administrator, B Harvey780 492-8615<br /> Res Program Assistant, K Rockall780 492-6628<br /> Res Program Assistant, Z Déry780 492-2401<br /> Integrated Curriculum Coordinator, S Veats780 492-6575<br />Care of the Elderly 1259 Glenrose Hosp<br /> Program Director, J Triscott780 735-8895<br />CFPC-Emergency Medicine<br /> Program Director, K Petersen780 492-9961<br /> Assistant Program Director, A Naismith780 492-9961<br />Enhanced Skills<br /> Program Director, P Humphries780 492-8106<br />Evidence Based Medicine 1706 College Plaza<br /> Program Director, M Allan780 492-8590<br />Rural Program<br /> Program Director, F Janke780 248-1360<br /> Co-Director, Rural Alberta North, J Bromley<br /> Red Deer403 346-2057<br /> Co-Director, Rural Alberta North, B Millar<br /> Grande Prairie403 538-7478<br />Urban Program<br /> Coordinator, Urban Preceptor Recruitment & Retention,<br /> G Blais780 248-1116<br />Research 901 College Plaza<br />Director, D Manca780 492-8102/8592<br />Associate Director, O Szafran780 492-4728<br />Secretary, S Edmondstone780 492-8102<br />Secretary, P Lewis780 492-8306<br />Education Researcher, S Ross780 248-1264<br />Research Coordinator, K Duerksen780 248-1949<br />Undergraduate Medical Education 205 College Plaza<br />Program Director, M Levy780 248-1274<br />Clerkship Coordinator, A Tan780 492-1150<br />Human Sexuality Coordinator, S Hughes780 492-3622<br />Preclinical Administrator, E Siroski780 248-1977<br /> Administrative Assistant, E Ramos780 492-8104<br />Academic Teaching Centres<br />Family Health, NE Community Health Centre<br />Director, D Ross780 342-4038<br />Secretary, S Cunningham780 342-4099<br />Family Medicine Clinic, U of A Hospital<br />Academic Program Director, L Smith780 407-7755<br />Secretary,T Baalam780 407-1831<br />Grey Nuns Family Medicine Centre<br />Director, D Campbell-Scherer780 342-1470<br />Secretary, M Wittenberg780 342-1488<br />Quality Coordinator, C Berezan780 342-1475<br />Misericordia Family Medicine Centre<br />Director, L Steblecki780 735-2800<br />Secretary, J Lukk780 735-2688<br />Quality Coordinator, C Johnson780 735-2425<br />Royal Alexandra Family Medicine Centre<br />Director, M Donoff780 735-4201<br />Secretary, K Adam780 735-4211<br />Quality Coordinator, T Chiodo780 735-4218<br />FEES<br />Tuition Fees Assessments<br />(see Registrar & Student Awards)780 492-3113<br />Education Credit Certificates & Income Tax Receipts<br />(see Registrar & Student Awards)780 492-3113<br />Fee Payments (see Financial Services)780 492-3000<br />Tuition Fees Receipts (see Financial Services)780 492-3000<br />FIELD RESEARCH OFFICE<br />L1-362 Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary ScienceFAX 780 492-8983<br />AVP (Research), Renée Elio780 492-3579<br />Admin Assistant, Kim Schaerer780 492-8981<br />FILM STUDIES<br />(see English & Film Studies)<br />FINANCIAL SERVICES<br />3rd Fl Administration<br />www.financial.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-2846<br />Receptionist780 492-1300<br />ADMINISTRATION<br />AVP, Finance & Supply Management Services, Martin Coutts780 492-3436<br />Director, Financial Accounting & Reporting, Michele Pearce780 492-0877<br />Director, Investments & Treasury, Ron Ritter780 492-9987<br />Executive Assistant, Treena Church780 492-1976<br />Administrative Professional Officer, Anthony (Tony) Mitchell780 492-5777<br />FINANCIAL Accounting and Reporting<br />Financial Internal Controls and Processes<br />Manager, Cindy Armstrong-Esther780 492-4480<br />Financial Accounting<br />Chief Accountant & Manager, Brian Boytang780 492-0878<br /> Senior Financial Accountants:<br /> Angie Ahn780 492-0694<br />Cynthia Cheung780 492-0677<br /> Don Koebel780 492-1306<br /> Darren Kondysar780 492-5410<br /> Beverly Scott780 492-4461<br /> Stefan Thordarson780 492-7917<br /> Financial Accountants:<br /> Alice Bouchard780 492-0795<br /> Rita Grayfer780 492-1307<br /> Sandra Selthun780 492-1310<br /> Edith Wishman780 492-5405<br />Systems Business Analyst, Elizabeth Yahn780 492-0676<br />Institutional Reporting<br />Manager, Chandra Wanigaratne780 492-5030<br />INVESTMENTS AND TREASURY<br />Associate Director, Phil Poon780 492-9988<br />Treasury<br /> Portfolio Manager, Richard Iwuc780 792-9986<br /> Senior Treasury Analyst, Chad Yaskiw780 492-2009<br /> Cash Manager, Richard Allin780 492-9984<br /> Cash Analyst, Pam Connors780 492-9985<br />PRODUCTION SERVICES<br />Manager, Frances Olinkin780 492-4495<br />Student Receivables (Fees)<br />Supervisor, Cristine Gibson780 492-4494<br /> Collections Coordinator, Lydia Poniewozik780 492-1091<br /> Student Services Coordinator, Shahin Virani780 492-4988<br /> Student Advisor Loans/Refunds, Amy Selewich780 492-5060<br />Administrative Assistant, Kimberlee Billows780 492-1300<br />PeopleSoft Functional Analysts:<br /> Donna McCagherty780 492-4498<br /> Khursheed Haider780 492-3389<br />Banking Analysts:<br /> Elaine Yadlowski780 492-5430<br /> Colette Stanton780 492-4484<br />Cashiers & Accounts Receivable<br />Supervisor, Cindy Bizon780 492-1940<br /> Head Cashier, Elizabeth Hewko780 492-2003<br /> Cashier & Accounting Assistant780 492-4684<br />Accounts Receivable Analysts:<br /> Carmen Teierle780 492-6299<br /> Dinah Wiredu780 492-0698<br />Pay Processing Assistant, Candice Enjeneski780 492-2240<br />FITNESS AND LIFESTYLE CENTRE <br /> W-98 Van Vliet780 492-7114<br />FITNESS UNIT<br />(see Provincial Fitness Unit)<br />FOLIO<br />(see Marketing and Communications)780 492-2325<br />folkwaysAlive!<br />3-47 Arts Bldg<br />www.ualberta.ca/folkwaysaliveFAX 780 492-0242<br />Director, R Qureshi780 492-0212<br />Associate Director for Multimedia, M Frishkopf780 492-0225<br />Project Manager, L Arndt780 492-7887<br />Technical Development Analyst, D Descheneau780 492-0147<br />FOOTE FIELD<br />11601-68 Ave780 492-6868<br />FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AND<br />PROTECTION OF PRIVACY PROGRAM <br />(see Information & Privacy Office)780 492-9419<br />FRESH START<br />(see Student Success Centre)780 492-5641<br />G<br />GILDR GROUP<br />(see GastroIntestinal & Liver Disease Research Group)<br />GASTROINTESTINAL AND LIVER DISEASE RESEARCH GROUP<br />(GILDR Group)<br />Zeidler LedcorFAX 780 492-8116<br />Director of Operations, Sharon Appelman-Eszczuk780 492-8602<br />Administrative Assistant, Nicole Vandekamp780 492-8602<br />GATEWAY, THE<br />3-04 SUBFAX 780 492-6665 <br />Editor780 492-5168<br />Ads780 492-6700<br />GENERAL COUNSEL<br />1-3 University HallFAX 780 492-8990<br />General Counsel, Brad Hamdon780 492-8997<br />Legal Counsel, Diane Alguire780 492-7193<br />Legal Assistant, Kim Dewniak780 492-8995<br />GENERAL FACULTIES COUNCIL<br />2nd Fl University Hall<br />www.ualberta.ca/GOVERNANCE<br />Chair, Dr Indira Samarasekera780 492-3212<br />Secretary of Council, Garry Bodnar780 492-4733<br />GENERAL SAFETY<br />(see Environmental Health & Safety)<br />GLASSBLOWING SHOP<br />(see Chemistry)780 492-3882<br />GLEN SATHER UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA <br />SPORTS MEDICINE CLINIC<br />E-05 Van VlietFAX 780 492-1637<br />General Inquiries780 492-4752<br />Radiology780 492-2243<br />Billing Inquiries780 492-0040<br />GLOBAL EDUCATION PROGRAM<br />(see University of Alberta International)<br />GOVERNMENT AND CORPORATE RELATIONS<br />3-12 University HallFAX 780 492-9453<br />Associate Vice-President, Karen Wichuk780 492-6590<br />Director, Alexis Pepin780 492-2287<br />Manager, Marieke Dubé780 492-9449<br />Government Relations Associate, Neil O’Connor780 248-1529<br />Government Relations Associate, Sara Daniels780 492-5454<br />Government Relations Associate, Sarah Desharnais780 492-8296<br />Government Relations Associate, Laura Young780 492-5454<br />Executive Assistant780 492-1413<br />GRADUATE STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION <br />1-37 Triffo Hall780 492-2175<br />www.gsa.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-2999<br />Student Executives<br />President780 492-2175<br />Vice-President Academic780 492-2175<br />Vice-President Communication780 492-2175<br />Vice-President Labour Relations780 492-2175<br />Vice-President Operations & Services780 492-2175<br />Staff<br />General Manager780 492-2175<br />Financial Manager780 492-2175<br />Executive Assistant780 492-2175<br />Office Administrator780 492-2175<br />Communication Assistant780 492-2175<br />Receptionist780 492-2175<br />GRADUATE STUDIES AND RESEARCH, FACULTY OF <br />Killam Centre for Advanced Studies<br />2-29 Triffo Hall780 492-3499<br />www.gradstudies.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-0692<br />Student Services<br />Admission Services780 492-9456<br />Program Services780 492-9464<br />Award Services780 492-9460<br />Office Services780 492-9139<br />ADMINISTRATION<br />Dean, Mazi Shirvani780 492-2816<br />Operations Manager/Graduate Assistantships,<br />Sharon Milne780 492-2816<br />Associate Deans:<br />Peter Schiavone780 492-5658<br />Marion Allen780 492-7592<br />Locksley McGann780 492-5920<br />Assistant Dean, Heather Hogg780 492-5525<br />Assistant Dean, Graduate Student Services, Lynne Blair780 492-0681<br />Financial Administrator, Barb O’Neil780 492-3194<br />Communications & Recruitment, Randy Lievers780 492-7589<br />Information Systems, Gagandeep Bharj780 492-0691<br />Outreach, Renee Polziehn780 492-0978<br />POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS OFFICE<br />Director, Janna Isabelle780 492-3264<br />Assistant780 492-5079<br />GRAPHIC DESIGN<br />(see Marketing and Communications)780 492-9036<br />GREENHOUSES<br />Biological Sciences780 492-5466<br />Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science780 492-3278<br />GYMNASTICS CENTRE<br />Research Transition Facility780 492-9288<br />H<br />HSLAS <br />(see Health Sciences Laboratory Animal Services)<br />HEALTH LAW INSTITUTE<br />4th Fl Law Centre<br />www.law.ualberta.ca/centres/HLIFAX 780 492-9575<br />Chair, Russell Brown780 492-1962<br />Executive Director, Tracey Bailey780 492-6127<br />Research Director, Timothy Caulfield780 492-8358<br />Administrator, Nina Hawkins780 492-8343<br />Project Manager, Mark Ammann780 248-1495<br />Project Manager, Robyn Hyde-Lay780 492-7577<br />Project Manager, Karin Kellogg780 492-9059<br />Research Associate, Zubin Master780 248-1965<br />Research Associate, Christen Rachul780 492-8828<br />Research Associate, Nola Ries780 492-8343<br />Research Associate, Amy Zarzeczny780 492-9055<br />Administrative Assistant, Julie Van Hill780 248-1175<br />Data Entry, Sandra Goldsmith780 492-8846<br />HEALTH PROMOTION STUDIES <br />(see Centre for Health Promotion Studies)<br />HEALTH RESEARCH ETHICS BOARD (HREB)<br />(see Research Ethics Office)<br />HEALTH SCIENCES BOOKSTORE<br />(see Bookstores)780 492-4646<br />HEALTH SCIENCES COUNCIL<br />300 Campus Tower780 492-2861<br />www.healthscience.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-2874<br />Vice-Provost, Jane Drummond780 492-2861<br />Admin Coordinator, Marilyn Weiss780 492-2861<br />Associate Director, Trish Whelan780 492-5233<br />Associate Director, Kathy Kovacs Burns780 492-7766<br />Associate Director, Shirley Roozen780 492-5883<br />Communications Manager, Cynthia Fawcett780 492-9231<br />HEALTH SCIENCES EDUCATION AND RESEARCH COMMONS<br />(HSERC)<br />218 Telus CentreFAX 780 492-7123<br />Director, Sharla King780 492-2333<br />Associate Director, Pam Rock780 492-6168<br />INTERPROFESSIONAL EDUCATION<br />Education Manager, Renate Kahlke780 492-9519<br />Practice Manager, Tara Hatch780 492-6616<br />Admin Coordinator, Lynne Moser780 492-0110<br />SIMULATION/DEMONSTRATION CENTRE<br />Associate Director, Shirley Roozen780 492-5883<br />STANDARDIZED PATIENT PROGRAM<br />Standardized Patient Educator, Petra Duncan780 248-1204<br />Project & Exam Coordinator, Judy Makarowski780 492-2527<br />Admin Coordinator780 492-6182<br />HEALTH SCIENCES LABORATORY ANIMAL SERVICES (HSLAS)<br />1-132 Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Research Innovation<br />www.hslas.ualberta.ca<br />Fax Listings:<br />Main OfficeFAX 780 492-7083<br />Animal AcquisitionsFAX 780 492-4426<br />Main Office780 492-3040<br />Director780 492-4531<br />Assistant Director, Administration780 248-1599<br />Assistant Director, Operations780 492-4349<br />Comparative Pathology780 492-1425<br />Animal Acquisitions780 492-3145<br />Accounting/Billing780 492-4543<br />Veterinary Services780 492-6058<br />Facilities780 492-7781<br />HEALTH SCIENCES LIBRARY (JOHN W SCOTT)<br />(see Libraries-Health Sciences Library)780 492-7947<br />HISTORY AND CLASSICS<br />2-28 Tory HM780 492-3270<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/historyandclassicsFAX 780 492-9125<br />Chair, Ken Moure780 492-4687<br />Associate Chair, Graduate, Frances Swyripa780 492-0849<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate, Rebecca Nagel780 492-2570<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, Louise Jenkins780 492-3146<br />HOPE FOUNDATION OF ALBERTA<br />11032-89 Ave780 492-1222<br />www.ualberta.ca/hopeFAX 780 492-9813<br />HOROWITZ THEATRE<br />2nd Fl SUB<br />Administration 2900 SUB780 492-4764<br />Stage Office SUB780 492-4779<br />HUB MALL ADMINISTRATION <br />www.ualberta.ca/hubmall780 492-2241<br />(see Ancillary Services-Real Estate andFAX 780 492-2242<br />Property Management Services)<br />HUB RESIDENCE<br />(see Ancillary Services-Residence Services)780 492-3345<br />FAX 780 492-3426<br />HUMAN ECOLOGY<br />302 Human Ecology780 492-3824<br />www.hecol.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-4821<br />Chair, Deanna Williamson780 492-5770<br />APO, Lori Moran780 492-8971<br />Dept Secretary, Colleen Borden780 492-3824<br />Admin Assistant, Linda Mirans780 492-5230<br />Accounts Manager780 492-3812<br />Clothing & Textiles Collection Rm 115<br />Vlada Blinova780 492-2528<br />Textile Analysis Service Rm B19780 492-7677<br />Protective Clothing & Equipment Research Facility<br />(PCERF) Rm B33780 492-3832<br />PCERF Flash Fire Facility 6720-30 St780 466-6465<br />HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTIONS PROGRAM<br />(see Research Ethics Office)<br />HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES<br />University Terrace<br />www.hrs.ualberta.ca<br />GENERAL INQUIRIES780 492-4555<br />Office Of The Vice-Provost & Assoc Vice-President<br />(Human Resource Services)FAX 780 492-6929<br />Vice-Provost & AVP780 492-4955<br />Executive Assistant780 492-1918<br />Finance AND PersonnelFAX 780 492-3960<br />Administrator780 492-8640<br />Professional Expense Reimbursement Program780 492-4679<br />per@hrs.ualberta.ca for confidential email<br />Human Resource Development Fund780 492-4350<br />hrdf@hrs.ualberta.ca for confidential email<br />Human Resource Consulting ServicesFAX 780 492-7777<br />Hrcs Administration<br />Director780 492-5634<br />Administrative Coordinator780 492-5204<br />ACADEMIC SERVICES<br />Manager780 492-4529<br />Immigration Officer780 492-2796<br />Relocation Coordinator780 492-2186<br />Compensation, Job Design and Recruitment<br />For the Consultant for your department, please see<br />our web page: www.hrs.ualberta.ca/Contacts.CJD.pdf<br /> Or email: hr.cjd@hrs.ualberta.ca<br /> Manager780 492-9235<br />Recall & Recruitment Coordinator780 492-8976<br />Interim Staffing Solutions, Program Lead780 492-5455<br />staffing.solutions@hrs.ualberta.ca for confidential email<br />Employee Relations AND HR CONSULTING<br />For the Consultant for your department, please see<br />our web page: www.hrs.ualberta.ca/Contacts.aspx<br />Manager780 492-3698<br />Staff Learning AND Development<br />Manager780 492-2159<br /> Program Assistant780 492-7125<br />Employment Equity Advisor780 492-3020<br /> stafflearning@hrs.ualberta.ca<br />Human Resource OPERATIONSFAX 780 492-8637<br />Director780 492-6109<br />PAYROLL OPERATIONSFAX 780 492-3800<br />For the Advisor for your department, please see<br />our web page: www.hrs.ualberta.ca/Contacts.aspx<br />cheques@ssp.ualberta.ca for confidential email<br /> Manager780 492-4386<br />Peoplesoft Hr System Support<br /> For HCM Smartform support email:<br />SmartForms@hrs.ualberta.ca<br /> For Peoplesoft Data & HCM Security support email:<br />hrpss@hrs.ualberta.ca<br />Team Lead780 492-8071<br />Staff Programs<br />Director780 492-1032<br />Health Promotion AND Worklife ServicesFAX 780 492-0798<br />www.hrs.ualberta.ca/worklife<br />hpaws@hrs.ualberta.ca for confidential email<br />Referrals & General Inquiries780 492-7124<br />WCB Reporting & Administration780 492-0207<br />EFAP Inquiries780 492-2249<br />Manager780 492-5399<br />Pension AND Benefits Advisory ServicesFAX 780 492-8637<br />For the Advisor for your department, please see<br />our web page: www.hrs.ualberta.ca/Contacts.aspx<br />benefits@hrs.ualberta.ca for confidential email<br />General Enquiries780-492-4555<br />Supervisor780 492-4538<br />Manager780 492-4816<br />Records MANAGEMENT AND Foipp<br />Administrator780 492-0953<br />HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICE<br />(see Internal Audit Services)780 492-7325<br />HUMANITIES COMPUTING PROGRAM<br />(see Interdisciplinary Studies)<br />HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES LIBRARY (RUTHERFORD)<br />(see Libraries-Humanities & Social Sciences Library)780 492-5791<br />I<br />ICARE<br />3rd Fl Environmental Eng 780 492-9200<br />www.icareabouthealth.caFAX 780 492-2145<br />iSMSS<br />(see Institute for Sexual Minority Studies)<br />ISTAR<br />(see Institute for Stuttering Treatment & Research)<br />INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAM<br />(see Interdisciplinary Studies)<br />INDUSTRY LIAISON OFFICE <br />(see TEC Edmonton)<br />INFORMATION AND PRIVACY OFFICE <br />Ring House 1780 492-9419<br />www.ipo.ualberta.ca<br />foipp@ualberta.caFAX 780 492-6185<br />Access & Privacy Advisor, Harry Davis780 492-2252<br />Administrative Assistant, Karen King-Lewandowski780 492-9419<br />INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY, OFFICE OF<br />(see Academic Information & Communication Technologies)<br />INSTITUTE FOR BIOMOLECULAR DESIGN<br />4-096 Katz Group-Rexall Centre780 492-2522<br />http://ibdcore.biochem.ualberta.ca/FAX 780 492-1473<br />Co-Director, Dr Larry Fliegel780 492-1848<br />Co-Director, Dr Richard Fahlman780 492-9566<br />Laboratory Technologist, Jack Moore780 492-2522<br />INSTITUTE FOR CONTINUING CARE, EDUCATION<br />AND RESEARCH<br />300 Campus Tower<br />www.iccer.caFAX 780 492-2874<br />Interim Director, Sandra Woodhead Lyons780 248-1504<br />INSTITUTE FOR SEXUAL MINORITY STUDIES (iSMSS)<br />5-192 Education N780 492-0772<br />www.ismss.ualberta.ca/FAX 780 492-2024<br />Director, A Grace780 492-0767<br />Administration, B Clarke780 492-0772<br />Youth Intervention & Outreach Worker, S Mair780 492-1971<br />Camp fyrefly Coordinator, C Busch780 492-4909<br />INSTITUTE FOR STUTTERING TREATMENT AND RESEARCH<br />1500 College Plaza 780 492-2619<br />www.istar.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-8457<br />istar@ualberta.ca<br />Acting Executive Director, Marilyn Langevin<br />Office Manager, Sheri Ruffo<br />INSTITUTE FOR UNITED STATES POLICY STUDIES (IUSPS)<br />(see Alberta Institute for American Studies)780 492-5674<br />INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE SERVICES <br />(see Education, Division of Technology)<br />INSURANCE AND RISK ASSESSMENT, OFFICE OF780 492-8886<br />1004 College PlazaFAX 780 248-1073<br />Manager, Bob Picken780 492-8886<br />Accounting & Risk Assistant, Peter Karrer780 248-1053<br />Risk Analysts:<br />Stephen Podkowka780 492-8887<br />Tammy Tang780 492-8875<br />INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES, OFFICE OF<br />1-17 Humanities Centre780 492-9557<br />www.ois.ualberta.ca/<br />ois@ualberta.caFAX 780 492-9787<br />Senior Director, G Rockwell780 248-1209<br />Administrative Assistant, H Ono-Paul780 492-9557<br />Administrative Director, B Heagle780 492-2174<br />Financial Coordinator, L Erl780 248-1482<br />Graduate Programs Assistant, J Kennedy780 492-4802<br />PROGRAMS<br />Comparative Literature780 492-9557<br />Program Director, A Braz780 492-7318<br />Undergraduate Coordinator, M Verdicchio780 492-9557<br />Graduate Coordinator, I Sywenky780 492-9557<br />Humanities Computing780 792-9557<br />Program Director, S Gouglas780 492-3021<br />Graduate Coordinator, H Quamen780 492-9557<br />Individualized PrograM780 492-9557<br />Program Director, R Szostak780 492-7645<br />International Studies780 492-9557<br />Undergraduate Coordinator, G Anderson780 492-0632<br />Middle Eastern And African Studies780 492-9557<br />Program Director, G Thompson780 492-2563<br />Undergraduate Coordinator, I Mersal780 492-9557<br />Peace And Post-Conflict Studies780 492-9557<br />Acting Director, S Bryne780 492-2066<br />Religious Studies Program780 492-9557<br />Program Director, D Gay780 492-9557<br />Undergraduate Coordinator, L Ouzgane780 492-9557<br />Graduate Coordinator, W Braun780 492-2879<br />Science, Technology And Society780 492-9557<br />Program Director, R Szostak780 492-7645<br />WRITING STUDIES780 492-9557<br />Interim Director, B Sargent780 492-0457<br />INSTITUTES<br />Canadian Institute for Research in Computing and the Arts<br />Director, G Rockwell780 248-1209<br />INTERNAL AUDIT SERVICES <br />307 Campus Tower780 492-0628<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/internalaudit<br />Associate Vice-President & University Auditor, Mary Persson780 492-4762<br />Office Coordinator, Nora Buchanan780 492-0628<br />Auditors:<br />Lisa Nykolyshyn780 492-3203<br />Kemi Kufor-Boakye780 492-2980<br />Chad Schulz780 492-9667<br />Susantha Tennakoon780 492-9411<br />SAFE DISCLOSURE AND HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICE<br />312 Campus Tower<br />www.ualberta.ca/humanrights<br />Advisor, Wade King780 492-7325<br />Records & Administrative Coordinator, Sheryl Raivio780 248-1894<br />HELPING INDIVIDUALS AT RISK<br />312 Campus Tower<br />Case Team Coordinator, Kris Fowler780 492-4372<br />QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN CLINICAL RESEARCH OFFICE<br />312 Campus Tower<br />Advisor, Scott Jamieson780 492-6223<br />INTERNATIONAL CENTRE <br />(see University of Alberta International)<br />INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND RECRUITMENT<br />(see University of Alberta International)<br />INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SERVICES<br />(see University of Alberta International)<br />INTERNATIONAL STUDIES <br />(see Interdisciplinary Studies)<br />INTERPROFESSIONAL INITIATIVE<br />(see Health Sciences Education & Research Commons)780 492-0110<br />ISLAMIC CAMPUS MINISTRY<br />(see Chaplains)<br />J<br />JP DAS CENTRE ON DEVELOPMENTAL AND<br />LEARNING DISABILITIES<br />6-123C Education N780 492-3696<br />FAX 780 492-1318<br />Director, RK Parrila780 492-3696<br />JEWISH CAMPUS MINISTRY<br />(see Chaplains)<br />JOHN DOSSETOR HEALTH ETHICS CENTRE <br />5-16 University Terrace 780 492-6676<br />www.ualberta.ca/bioethicsFAX 780 492-0673<br />Director, RJ Sobsey780 492-6203<br />Centre Administrator, C Nahorniak780 492-6587<br />Information Officer 780 492-6676<br />JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION AND<br />INTEGRATION<br />(see Prairie Metropolis Centre)<br />K<br />KULE FOLKLORE CENTRE<br /> 250 Arts BldgFAX 780 492-2051<br />Director, Huculak Chair, Dr Andriy Nahachewsky780 492-6906<br />Kule Chair, Dr Natalie Kononenko780 492-6810<br />Kule Centre Coordinator, Lynnien Pawluk780 492-6906<br />Assistant Director, Mariya Lesiv780 299-6043<br />KULE INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDY<br />322A Arts & Convocation Hall<br />Director, J Varsava780 492-6781<br />Executive Manager, G Edwards780 492-6436<br />L<br />LABORATORY MEDICINE AND PATHOLOGY<br />4B1 W Mackenzie Hlth Sci Centre<br />www.lmp.ualberta.ca<br />FAX Listings:<br />Chair’s OfficeFAX 780 407-8599<br />Anatomic PathologyFAX 780 407-3009<br />Chair, Dr FJ Bamforth780 407-8851<br />Anatomical Pathology<br />Director, Dr A Lacson780 407-1256<br />Hematology<br />Director, Dr S Nahirniak780 407-3426<br />Medical Biochemistry<br />Director, Dr G Cembrowski780 407-3185<br />Medical Microbiology<br />Director, Dr G Tyrrell780 407-8949<br />Molecular Pathology<br />Director<br />Graduate Coordinator, Dr J Martin780 492-1190<br />Administrative Assistant, C Titus780 492-6601<br />RESIDENCY PROGRAMS<br />General and Anatomical Pathology<br />Director, Dr L Puttagunta780 407-2606<br />Hematopathology<br />Director, Dr G Clarke780 407-7414<br />Photography, Tom Turner780 407-8968<br />MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE<br />B 117 Clin Sci780 492-6601<br />www.lmp.ualberta.ca/education/mls/index.htmFAX 780 492-7794<br />Analytical and Environmental Toxicology<br />10-102 Clin Sci<br />www.aetox.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-7800<br />Director, Dr XC Le780 492-6416<br />Administrative Assistant, K Carastathis780 492-1673<br />LAW, FACULTY OF<br />4th Fl Law Centre<br />www.law.ualberta.ca/FAX 780 492-4924<br />Information780 492-3115<br />Dean, Philip Bryden780 492-5590<br />Vice-Dean, John Law780 492-2151<br />Associate Dean, Research, Barbara Billingsley780 492-1793<br />Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Linda Reif780 492-2800<br />Assistant Dean, Melissa Hartley780 492-3151<br />Admissions & Student Records780 492-3067/3062<br />Development & Alumni Relations780 492-5953<br />Career Development Office780 492-7305<br />Indigenous Academic Services780 492-0046<br />Detailed listings for the following<br />are under their own alphabetical entries:<br />Alberta Law Reform Institute780 492-5291<br />Alberta Law Review780 492-5559<br />Centre for Constitutional Studies780 492-5681<br />Health Law Institute780 492-8343<br />Student Legal Services 11011-88 Ave780 492-2226<br />LAW LIBRARY (JOHN A WEIR MEMORIAL)<br />(see Libraries-Law Library)780 492-3371<br />LEARNING RESOURCES<br />(see Academic Support Centre)<br />LEARNING SERVICES <br />Vice-Provost, Ernie Ingles780 492-5170<br />FAX 780 492-7925<br />Administrative Assistant, Diane Schaub780 492-2659<br />University Libraries<br /> (see Libraries)<br />Chief Librarian (Acting), Mary-Jo Romaniuk780 492-5958<br /> Administrative Assistant, Diane Schaub780 492-2659<br /> Director of Development, Josh Bilyk780 492-8001<br /> Director of Communications, Skye Rodgers780 492-5569<br />University Museums780 492-5834<br />Executive Director, Janine Andrews780 492-5834<br /> (see University of Alberta Museums)<br />Rights Management Administration<br />Copyright Advisor, Cindy Paul780 492-0151<br />University Bookstores<br />Director, Todd Anderson780 492-0589<br /> (see Bookstores)<br />University Press780 492-3662<br />Director, Linda Cameron<br /> (see University of Alberta Press)<br />University Archives780 248-1300<br />University Archivist (BARD)780 248-1301<br /> (see University of Alberta Archives)<br />Technology Training Centre B-11 Cameron780 492-1397<br />LEGAL RESOURCE CENTRE<br />201, 10350-124 St<br />www.legalresourcecentre.caFAX 780 451-2341<br />Executive Director, Diane Rhyason780 451-5285<br />LawNow Magazine780 451-0782<br />LEGAL STUDIES PROGRAM<br />(see Legal Resource Centre)<br />LIBRARIES <br />Library Hours & Information (Recorded Message)780 492-4174<br />www.library.ualberta.ca<br />sERVICE Desks<br />Augustana Library780 679-1156<br />Bibliotheque Saint-Jean780 465-8711<br />Education and Physical Education Library HT Coutts780 492-3770<br />Health Sciences Library JW Scott780 492-7947<br />Humanities & Social Sciences Library Rutherford780 492-5791<br />Law Library John A Weir Memorial780 492-3371<br />Science and Technology Library Cameron780 492-8440<br />Business Library Winspear Business Reference780 492-5652<br />Administration780 492-3790<br />Chief Librarian (Acting), Mary-Jo Romaniuk780 492-5958<br />Administrative Assistant, Diane Schaub780 492-2659<br />Associate University Librarian, Human Res & Teaching/Learning,<br />K De Long780 492-7675<br />Associate University Librarian, Research & Special Coll Serv,<br />M Distad780 492-1429<br />Associate University Librarian, International Relations,<br />M Law780 492-9849<br />Associate University Librarian (Acting), Law Library,<br />K Arbuckle780 492-3717<br />Associate University Librarian, Biblio & Inf Tech Services,<br />M Truitt780 492-4770<br />Associate University Liibrarian, Public Services & Operations,<br />K Wilson780 492-5734<br />Human Resource Services780 492-3788<br />Personnel Assistant, D Turek780 492-1712<br />Administrative Assistant, S Pianzola780 492-3688<br />Assessment Librarian, A Sivak780 492-7324<br />Staff Development & Training Librarian, D Clark780 492-9364<br />NEOS Manager, A Carr-Wiggin780 492-0075<br />Facilities Manager (Acting), G Kayler780 492-3305<br />Mailroom/Shipping & Receiving780 492-3781<br />Financial Systems and Analysis<br />Business Analyst, D Hazlett780 492-1511<br />Financial Operations Assistant, C Chauvette780 492-8320<br />Accounts Receivable Assistant, D Ferguson780 492-1513<br />Accounts Payable Assistant780 492-1645<br />Facilities & Operations Assistant, K Tkachuk780 492-3683<br />Fines780 492-3683/6509<br />General Accounting Assistant, A Haniff780 492-6509<br />Special Funds Assistant, C MacQueen780 492-0058<br />ACCESS SERVICES780 492-8320<br />Access Services Coordinator, CJ de Jong780 492-7882<br />Supervisor, Access Services780 492-1459<br />Book and Record Depository (BARD)780 248-1400<br />Operations Supervisor, V Munro780 248-1406<br />Interlibrary Loans/Document Recovery780 492-3795<br />FAX 780 492-4327<br />Reserves780 492-7105<br />Stacks & Collections Maintenance Coordinator, T Mayes780 492-7891<br />Stacks Supervisor, A Aytenfisu780 492-9707<br />Augustana Library780 679-1156<br />FAX 780 679-1594<br />Head Librarian, N Goebel780 679-1189<br />Public Services Librarian, P Neff780 679-1592<br />Public Services Librarian, S Polkinghorne780 679-1554<br />Acquisitions780 679-1566<br />Library Services Coordinator780 679-1507<br />Bibliographic AND Information Technology<br />Services CameronFAX 780 492-3695<br />Associate University Librarian (Bibliographic &<br />Information Technology Services), M Truitt780 492-4770<br />Bibliographic Services Unit<br />Secretary780 492-3780<br />Coordinator (Acting), S Marshall780 492-8251<br />Information Technology Services Unit<br />ITS Manager, S Shores780 492-6456<br /> Secretary, R John780 492-5282<br />Digital Initiatives Technology Librarian, P Binkley780 492-3743<br />Network LAN Admin, W Cheng780 492-5282<br />SIRSI Team Leader, A Holubitsky780 492-5282<br />Web Development Librarian, K Good780 492-9737<br />Bibliotheque Saint-Jean<br />8406, rue Marie-Anne Gaboury (91 St)FAX 780 468-2550<br />Directrice de la Bibliotheque, T Usova780 465-8710<br />Bibliothecaire aux services publics, Education780 465-8712<br />Acquisitions, D DeLongchamp780 465-8615<br />Superviseure a la circulation, M Grzeszczuk780 465-8608<br />Service Desk780 465-8711<br />Book AND Record Depository (BARD)780 248-1400<br />Unit 100, 8170-50 StreetFAX 780 248-1444<br />Operations Supervisor, V Munro780 248-1406<br />Education AND Physical Education Library780 492-3770<br />Herbert T Coutts Library (Educ S)FAX 780 492-8367<br />Head, K West780 492-1460<br />Service Desk780 492-3770<br />Public Service Manager, J Colter780 492-1464<br />Lab Bookings780 492-3770<br />Health Knowledge Network (HKN)<br />General Manager, P Sandercock403 220-8250<br />Health Sciences LibrarY780 492-7947<br />John W Scott Library (2K3.28 WMC)FAX 780 492-6960<br />Head, M Dorgan780 492-7945<br />Service Desk780 492-7947<br />Public Service Manager, L Slater780 492-7948<br />Collections Manager, L Seale780 492-7943<br />Facilities, I Richardson780 492-7954<br />Humanities AND Social Sciences Library780 492-3794<br />Rutherford Library (Ruth)FAX 780 492-5083<br />Head, C Brown780 492-1405<br />Service Desk Ruth N780 492-5791<br />Public Service Manager, I Hooper780 492-1408<br />Access Services Office780 492-5976<br />Collection Development, F Ziegler780 492-1406<br />Data Library Ruth N<br />(see Information Resources)780 492-5212<br />Film/Video Collection780 492-5976<br />HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES<br />(see Administration)780 492-3788<br />INFORMATION RESOURCES Cameron<br />Associate University Librarian (Acting), K Arbuckle780 492-3717<br />Collections & Acquisitions Coordinator, D Koufogiannakis780 492-5331<br />Data Library Ruth N780 492-5212<br />Data Library Coordinator, C Humphrey780 492-9216<br />Data Librarian, A Bombak780 492-2202<br />Digital Initiatives Coordinator, G Harder780 492-7914<br />Digital Repository Services Librarian, L Vanderjagt780 492-3851<br />Director of Research, A Schrader780 492-5372<br />Electronic Access Coordinator, E Howe780 492-8156<br />Information Technology Services Cameron780 492-5282<br />(see Bibliographic and Information Technology Services)FAX 780 492-9243<br />Law Library780 492-3371<br />John A Weir Memorial Library (2nd Fl Law)FAX 780 492-7546<br />Head, K Arbuckle780 492-3717<br />Service Desk780 492-3371<br />Senior Public Services Assistant, S Brown780 492-1445<br />Mailroom Cameron<br />(see Administration)780 492-3781<br />Music Library<br />(see Research and Special Collections Services)780 492-5708<br />NEOS Cameron<br />www.neoslibraries.caFAX 780 492-8302<br />NEOS Manager, A Carr-Wiggin780 492-0075<br />Research AND Special Collections Services<br />Associate University Librarian (Research &<br />Special Collections Services), M Distad780 492-1429<br />Secretary780 492-3780<br />Book Donations<br />Gifts Assistant780 492-7060<br />Bruce Peel Special Collections Library Ruth S780 492-5998<br />Special Collections Librarian, R Desmarais780 492-7929<br />Music Library Ruth N780 492-5708<br />Music Librarian, L Snyder780 492-0598<br />Peel Bibliographer & Content Coordinator, R Cole780 492-6898<br />William C Wonders Map Collection Cameron<br />Map Librarian, D Jones780 492-3433<br />Science AND Technology Library780 492-8440<br />Cameron Library (Cameron)FAX 780 492-2721<br />Head, P Ryan780 492-7918<br />Service Desk780 492-8440<br />Public Service Manager, L Johnston780 492-5946<br />Collection Librarian780 492-1419<br />Canadian Circumpolar Collection780 492-8440<br />Special Collections Ruth S<br />(see Research and Special Collections Services)780 492-5998<br />Staff Development AND Training<br />(see Administration)780 492-9364<br />Technology Training Centre780 492-1397<br />B-11 CameronFAX 780 492-7487<br />Winspear Business Library780 492-5652<br />1-18 BusinessFAX 780 492-1649<br />Head, K West780 492-7931<br />Reference/Information780 492-5652<br />LIBRARY AND INFORMATION STUDIES, SCHOOL OF<br />3-20 Rutherford S780 492-4578<br />www.slis.ualberta.ca/FAX 780 492-2430<br />Director, Ernie Ingles780 492-3932<br />Graduate Students Lounge780 492-2392<br />LINGUISTICS<br />4-32 Assiniboia Hall 780 492-3434<br />www.linguistics.ualberta.ca/FAX 780 492-0806<br />Chair, John Newman780 492-5500<br />Dept Secretary, J Tomasovic780 492-3434<br />Dept Administrator, O Rossier780 492-3459<br />MSc Students780 492-4189<br />PhD Students780 248-1502<br />Research Coordinator, E French780 492-4190<br />Centre for Comparative Psycholinguistics780 492-7560<br />Alberta Phonetics Lab780 248-1409<br />Linguistics Abstracts Office780 248-1358<br />LISTER HALL<br />(see Ancillary Services-Residence Services)780 492-4242<br />FAX 780 492-0064<br />LOST AND FOUND<br />(see University of Alberta Protective Services)780 492-5050<br />LUTHERAN CAMPUS MINISTRY<br />(see Chaplains)<br />M<br />MANAGEMENT RESEARCH GROUP<br />W1-16 Van Vliet<br />Daniel Mason780 492-6822<br />MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS<br />6th Fl General Services<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/publicaffairs/FAX 780 492-2997<br />General Inquiries780 492-2325<br />AVP (External Relations), Deb Hammacher780 492-8458<br />Director, Steven Heipel780 492-0442<br />Financial & HR, Fatima Jaffer780 492-0448 <br />Executive Assistant, Megan Quinn780 492-0336<br />Admin Assistant, Debbie Keehn780 492-2325<br />Media Associates, Media:<br />Bev Betkowski780 492-3808<br />Jamie Hanlon780 492-9214<br />Michael Davies-Venn780 492-0437<br />Carmen Leibel780 492-0436<br />Brian Murphy780 492-6041<br />ExpressNews Editor, Ileiren Poon780 492-4698<br />Acting Editor of Folio, Michael Brown780 492-9407<br />Video Producer, Geoff McMaster780 492-0440<br />Editor, Cait Wills780 492-7005<br />Visual Identity Program<br />Trademarks & Licensing, Brenda Briggs780 492-5044<br />www.creative.ualberta.ca/vip.cfm<br />2-08 Materials MgmtFax 780 492-2939<br />General Inquiries780 492-9036<br />Director, Raymond Au780 492-2670<br />Associate Director, Steven Kress780 492-9972<br />Administrative Assistant, Maria Skulmoski780 492-9036<br />Graphic Design<br />Elise Almeida780 492-0053<br />Marcey Andrews780 492-8520<br />Tim Garvie780 492-2658<br />Penny Snell780 492-3088<br />Production Artist, Leslie Stewart780 492-6434<br />Photography<br />Photography/Photo Archives<br />Richard Siemens780 492-0520<br />Michael Holly780 492-8413<br />Web Services<br />Manager, Tim Schneider780 492-7175<br />Web Designer, Karen Chow780 492-3884<br />Web Communications Coordinator, Tannis Gibson780 492-6326<br />Web Application Developer, Gregory Onuczko780 492-4918<br />Web Systems Analyst, Geoffrey Pagel780 492-6918<br />CMS Specialist, Benjamin Selland780 492-7187<br />MASTER OF EDUCATION IN EDUCATIONAL STUDIES<br />832 Education S 780 492-0998<br />www.mes.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-1027<br />MATH AND APPLIED SCIENCES CENTRE (MASC)<br />CAB 289780 492-6272<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/masc/<br />Director, Carmen Ropchan780 248-1942<br />Director, Markus Molenda780 248-1940<br />Office Administrator, Ann Margel780 248-1941<br />MATHEMATICAL AND STATISTICAL SCIENCES<br />632 Central Academic Bldg780 492-3396<br />www.math.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-6826<br />Chair, Arturo Pianzola780 492-1784<br />Administrative Secretary, Vera Toth780 492-3394<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, Rick Mikalonis780 492-6122<br />Administrative Assistant, Patti Bobowsky780 492-0292<br />Associate Chair, Graduate, Thomas Hillen780 492-8203<br />Administrative Secretary, Tara Schuetz780 492-5799<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate, Gerda de Vries780 492-8202<br />FSO, Undergraduate, David McNeilly780 492-3815<br />Administrative Assistant, Leona Guthrie780 492-3385<br />Associate Chair, Research, James D Lewis780 492-8230<br />Administrative Secretary, Tara Rasko780 492-0446<br />Applied Math Institute<br />Director, Yau Shu Wong780 492-2331<br /> Administrative Secretary, Dana McCallum780 492-2331<br />Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences<br />Director, Charles Doran780 492-4308<br /> Administrative Assistant, Dana McCallum780 492-4308<br />MATHEMATICS LIBRARY<br />(see Libraries-Science & Technology Library-<br />Mathematics Branch Library)780 492-3529<br />MCCALLUM PRINTING GROUP<br />502-F1 Cameron 780 492-9491<br />FAX 780 492-9472<br />Consultants<br />Ruth Bell780 492-7204<br />Bonar McCallum 780 492-9803<br />Copy Centres<br />Education S Rm B105 780 492-3754<br />Tory HM Rm B29 780 492-5872<br />Digital Output Centre B-08 Cameron780 492-9637<br />MEANOOK BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH STATION<br />Athabasca, AB780 675-4934<br />MECHANICAL ENGINEERING<br />4-9 Mechanical Eng780 492-3598<br />www.mece.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-2200<br />Chair, Larry Kostiuk780 492-3598<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate, C Robert Koch780 492-8821<br />Associate Chair, Graduate, Brian Fleck780 492-3870<br />Associate Chair, Research, Alidad Amirfazli780 492-6711<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, Suzanne Roy780 492-2466<br />Director, Bio-Medical Engineering Program, Jason Carey780 492-7168<br />Industrial Professor of Design, Curt Stout780 492-6927<br />Sr Undergraduate Tutor & Project Research Engineer,<br />Glen Thomas780 492-0016<br />Financial Supervisor, Doris Riedner780 492-2366<br />Sr Graduate Program Coordinator, Gail Dowler780 492-0414<br />Executive Assistant, Linda Paulic780 492-0909<br />Financial Assistant, Ellena McGregor780 492-2372<br />Graduate Applications Assistant, Richard Groulx780 492-1640<br />Human Resources Coordinator, Cathy Evans780 492-9152<br />Reception, Donna Waring780 492-3598<br />Travel & Accounts Assistant, Teresa Gray780 492-9437<br />Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Kate Mahoney780 492-8267<br />LAN Administrators:<br />A Wilson, J Clark, D Dubyk, V Makofka, W Pittman780 492-5316<br />Web Developer, M Panahi Akhavan780 492-5316<br />Technical Services Supervisor, Roger Marchand780 492-1466<br />Technicians’ Office780 492-2346<br />Mec E Club780 492-2352<br />MEANU 6720-30 St780 466-6465<br />Canada Research Chair in Colloids & Complex Fluids,<br />S Bhattacharjee780 492-6712<br />Canada Research Chair in Surface Engineering, A Amirfazli780 492-6711<br />Canada Research Chair in Nano-Biomolecular Hybrid Materials,<br />T Tang780 492-5467<br />Development & Communications Officer, Linda Kelly<br />4-18 Mech Eng780 492-4160<br />FAX 780 492-0500<br />MEDICAL GENETICS<br />839 Medical Sciences780 492-0874<br />www.medicalgenetics.med.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-1998<br />Administration<br />Chair, Michael Walter780 492-9044<br />Administrative Officer, Shari Barham780 492-9104<br />Administrative Assistant, Lindsey Brown780 492-4172<br />Department Secretary780 492-0874<br />GENETIC LABORATORY SERVICES<br />Director, Martin Somerville780 407-1434<br />Dna Diagnostic Laboratory<br />Director, Stacey Hume780 407-1434<br />Assistant Director, Patrick Scott780-407-1434<br />Cytogenetics Laboratory<br />Director, Rosemary Mueller780 407-1542<br />MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE<br />B-117 Clinical Sciences780 492-6601<br />www.lmp.ualberta.ca/education/mls/FAX 780 492-7794<br />Director, Dr FJ Bamforth780 407-7379<br />Associate Director, L Purdy780 492-6511<br />Coordinator, J McPhee780 492-6601<br />Preparation Room, B Bablitz780 492-6513<br />MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY<br />141 Medical Sciences780 492-2309<br />Heritage Med Rsch Centre, 6th FlFAX 780 492-7521<br />www.ualberta.ca/~mmi/<br />Chair, Dr David H Evans780 492-2308Administrative Coordinators:<br />Anne Giles780 492-2079<br />Michelle Zadunayski780 492-9398<br />VIROLOGY/IMMUNOLOGY OFFICE<br />6-50 Heritage Med Rsch Centre780 492-9291/9451/2306<br />siRNA Core Coordinator, Robert Maranchuk780 492-2106<br />LI KA SHING INSTITUTE OF VIROLOGY<br />6010 Katz Group-Rexall Centre <br />Director, Dr D Lorne Tyrrell780 492-8415<br />MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES<br />(see Medical Microbiology & Immunology)<br />MEDICAL STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION <br />2-45 Medical Sciences780 492-7639<br />MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY, FACULTY OF<br />2J2.00 W Mackenzie Hlth Sci Centre780 492-6621<br />FAX 780 492-7303<br />Receptionist/Admin Secretary, Sandy Frank780 492-6621<br />Administration 2J2.02 WMC<br />Dean, Dr Philip N Baker780 492-9728<br />Assistant to the Dean, Kathy Jansen780 492-9728<br />Administrative Assistant780 492-2583<br />Vice-Dean, Faculty Affairs, Dr Verna Yiu780 492-9727<br />Administrative Assistant780 492-9727<br />Vice-Dean, Education, Dr Fraser Brenneis780 492-1950<br />Administrative Assistant780 492-4609<br />Executive Director, Vivien Wulff780 492-1558<br />Administrative Assistant, Arlene DeLuca780 492-1092<br />Budget Officer, Carol Rogan780 492-9542<br />Director, Special Projects, Therese Vanden Broek780 407-8714<br />HR/Finance Admin, Kendra Brunt780 492-6626<br />Sr HR/Financial Assistant, Jacqui Mowat780 492-0460<br />HR Assistant, Wendy Batienko780 492-6687<br />Financial Assistant, Jennifer Bernard780 492-8731<br />Financial Assistant, Sheena Pow780 248-1581<br />COMMUNICATIONS 2J3 WMC<br />Director, Jo-Anne Nugent Sexsmith780 492-9651<br /> Internal Communication Associate, Lindsay Elleker780 248-0647<br />Administrative Assistant780 248-1320<br />Senior Writer/Editor, Julia Necheff780 288-6692<br />Manager of Media Relations780 492-5986<br />DEVELOPMENT AND ALUMNI AFFAIRS OFFICE 2J1 WMC<br />Assistant Dean, Alyssa Grace780 492-4719<br />Development Assistant, Silvia Velikonja780 492-9051<br />Development Officer, Katherine Captain780 492-1157<br />Sr Development Officer (Medicine), Holli Bjerland780 407-6524<br />Sr Development Officer (Surgery), Sue McCoy780 407-2140<br />Development Officer, Erica Viegas780 248-1607<br />FACILITIES 1-131 HRIF EastFAX 780 248-1731<br />Director, Facilities Planning & Projects, Lynne MacGillivray780 492-7293<br />Admin Assistant, Capital Projects, Judy Harris 780 492-9342<br />Capital Project Coordinator, Mary Carlson780 492-1079<br />Scientific Equipment Consultant & Construction Liaison,<br />Richard Sherburne780 492-2305<br />Office Of Research 2J2.11 WMC<br />Vice-Dean, Dr Marek Michalak780 492-9723<br />Assistant Dean, Dr Teresa Krukoff780 492-6768<br />Director of Research, Mark Taylor780 492-9720<br />Research Administrator, Anne Wright780 492-0555<br />Exec Administrative Assistant, Vera Missen780 492-9723<br />Graduate Programs Advisor, Janis Davis780 492-9721<br />Administrative Assistant, Jen Koskela780 248-1023<br />FSO, Dr Deborah James780 492-6988<br />MedIT 0J1.18 WMC<br />www.med.ualberta.ca/helpdesk<br />Chief Information Officer, Yuen Ip780 248-1154<br />IT Manager, Eddie Mudaliar780 492-6683<br />Systems Analysts:<br />Travis Lee780 492-3925<br />Shane Barclay780 492-3837<br />Quan Nguyen780 248-1319<br />Network Analysts:<br />Sharon McNaughton780 492-3180<br />Trevor Silvey780 492-8446<br />Help Desk Analysts:<br />OJ Wagontail, Rick Culler780 492-9731<br />Jenna Fraser, Carl Kolotylo780 492-9731<br />Mark Maclan, Lloyd Welch780 492-9731<br />Priya Gounder780 492-9731<br />Kelly Machula, Janet Tollenaar780 492-9731<br />Web Application Developers:<br />Laura Watson, Kelvin Sun780 492-3925<br />OFFICE OF EDUCATION 2132 HRIF EastFAX 780 492-5487<br />Director, Administration, Sandi Barber780 492-1420<br />Director, Education Support, Dr Louanne Keenan780 492-1418<br />DIVISION OF STUDIES IN MEDICAL EDUCATION (DSME)<br />2132 HRIF East<br />Director, Psychometrics, Dr Dwight Harley780 492-0705<br />Programmer/Analyst, Martin Matthiesen780 492-7347<br />Administrator, Coleen Kato780 492-6776<br />Research Assistant, Daina Sparling780 492-6638<br />CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL LEARNING 2J3 WMC<br />www.cpl.ualberta.caFAX 780 407-1442<br />Administrative Assistant, Kim Rennick780 407-3755<br />Associate Dean, Dr Chris de Gara780 407-6346<br />Assistant Director, Dr Doug Klein780 407-6346<br />DIVISION OF COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AND SOCIAL<br />RESPONSIVENESS (CESR) 2-76 Zeidler LedcorFAX 780 492-2696<br />Associate Dean, Dr Lorraine Breault780 492-6420<br />Executive Assistant, Wendy Brown780 492-8928<br />Director, History of Medicine, Dr Dawna Gilchrist780 492-1105<br />Director, Aboriginal Education Program,<br />Dr Danielle Behn-Smith780 492-8482<br />Co-Director, Arts & Humanities, Dr Pamela Brett-Maclean780 492-0980<br />OFFICE OF FACULTY DEVELOPMENT<br />Associate Dean, Dr Bruce Fisher 2132J HRIF780 492-2097<br />Administrative Assistant, Linda Semper 2J2.07 WMC780 407-7290<br />POSTGRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION 2-50 Med SciFAX 780 492-4144<br />Associate Dean, Dr MG Elleker780 492-9722<br />Assistant Dean, Dr P Hamilton780 407-8153<br />Administrative Manager, Kelly Storie780 492-6729<br />Administrative Assistant, Marie Goudreau780 492-9730<br />Administrative Assistant, Sandy Boychuk780 492-9553<br />Administrative Assistant, Barb Haekel780 492-9722<br />STUDENT AFFAIRS 1-001 Katz Group-Rexall CentreFAX 780 492-9531<br />Assistant Dean, Dr Laurie Mereu780 492-3092<br />Administrative Assistant, Marj Thomson780 492-3092<br />Director, Dr Kinga Kowalewska-Grochowska780 492-3150<br />Administrative Assistant, Michelle Phillips780 492-3150<br />UNDERGRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION 2-45 Med SciFAX 780 492-9531<br />Receptionists, Karen Pirie/Jillian Chow780 492-6350<br />Associate Dean, Dr Kent Stobart780 492-9523<br />Exec Secretary to the Assoc Dean, Priscilla Woodard780 492-9523<br />Program Director, Murray Diduck780 492-7967<br />Program Assistant, Jodi Salling780 492-9527<br />Asst Dean, Admissions: Medicine, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene,<br />Dr Marc Moreau780 492-9524<br />Administrator, Admissions, Diane Baker780 492-9525<br />Administrative Assistant, Admissions, Gisele Lepage-Wilcox780 492-9524<br />Administrative Assistant, Admissions, Janice Kung780 492-6769<br />Assistant Dean, Clinical Education, Dr MA Peggy Sagle780 492-9522<br />Administrator, Clinical Education, Tracey Sikorski780 492-9522<br />Administrative Assistant, Clinical Education, Elisha Krochak780 492-5835<br />Administrative Assistant, Clinical Education, Bobbie Kostuk780 492-1514<br />Director, Integrated Community Clerkship, Dr David Ross780 492-8569<br />Admin, Integrated Community Clerkship, Morgen Zoeller780 492-8334<br />Assistant Dean, Preclinical Education, Dr Ron Damant780 492-9529<br />Team Lead, Preclinical Education, Dennise Schutz780 492-9529<br />Administrator, Preclinical Education, Kristine Perez780 492-8565<br />Administrator, Preclinical Education, Shannon Erichsen780 248-1314<br />Administrator, Preclinical Education, Lisa Williamson780 492-5024<br />Admin Assistant, Preclinical Education, Valerie Andriowski780 248-1311<br />Administrator, Aboriginal Healthcare Careers Program780 492-9526<br />Admin Assistant, Aboriginal Healthcare Careers Program,<br />Roxanne Blood780 492-8068<br />Patient Coordinator, Clinical Skills, Carol Mangan<br />3-11 Zeidler Ledcor780 492-4493<br />Administrator, Clinical Skills & Exams, Silvia Franklin<br />3-12 Zeidler Ledcor780 492-5913<br />Admin Assistant, Clinical Skills & Exams, Jennifer Kam<br />3-12 Zeidler Ledcor780 492-0279<br />RURAL REGIONAL HEALTH 1-126 HRIF EastFAX 780 248-1163<br />Associate Dean, Jill Konkin780 492-0678<br />Assistant to the Associate Dean, Tamara Mitchell Schultz780 492-0678<br />Secretary, Giselle Horne780 492-0678<br />Learning Specialist, Integrated Community Clerkship<br /> Program, Linda Hui780 492-0678<br />Community Liaison Coordinator, Integrated Community<br /> Clerkship Program, Davina Rousell780 492-0678<br />MEDICINE, INTERNAL AND CLINICAL MEDICINE<br />Administrative Services, Reception, Dawn Racz<br />4-001 RTF780 248-1610<br />Chair’s Office Dr Barbara Ballermann 4-027 RTF780 248-1861<br />Executive Assistant, Joan Kravic780 248-1861<br />Assistant Chair, Barbara Sonnenberg 4-029 RTF780 248-1638<br />Administrative Assistant 4-025 RTF780 248-1639<br />Medicine Finance 4-003 RTF780 248-1613<br />Business Manager, Carole LePlante 4-023 RTF780 248-1634<br />Human Resources Manager, Darrel Johnson 4-022 RTF780 248-2054<br />Human Resources Assistant, Orlene Brow 4-020 RTF780 248-1648<br />Billing Office 4-006 RTF780 248-1133<br />Billing Coordinator, Wendy Gadway780 248-1198<br />Health Information Management, Tanya Voth 4-017 RTF780 248-1137<br />Director of Career Development, Dr Lil Miedzinski 2E4 WMC780 407-7313<br />Career Development Officer, Chuck Morrison 4-016 RTF780 940-4562<br />Director of Post-Graduate Medical Education,<br />Dr Darryl Rolfson 2F1.19 WMC780 248-1347<br />Medical Education Office 4-012 RTF<br />Doris Kurtz780 248-1343<br />Graduate Education and Research Office 4-032 RTF<br />Paulette Gunderson780 248-1619<br />Cardiology 2C2 WMC<br />Dr Blair O’Neill780 407-6353<br />Dermatology Centre 2-104 Clin Sci<br />Dr Tom Salopek780 407-1555<br />Endocrinology 362 HMRC<br />Dr Connie Chik780 407-3636<br />Gastroenterology 130 Zeidler Ledcor<br />Dr Sander van Zanten780 492-9840<br />Clinical Hematology 2E3 WMC<br />Dr Loree Larratt780 407-7021<br />Infectious Diseases 2E4.11 WMC<br />Dr Geoff Taylor780 407-7786<br />General Internal Medicine 2F1.30 WMC<br />Dr Ann Colbourne780 407-2774<br />Geriatric Medicine 1259 Glenrose Hosp<br />Dr Adrian Wagg780 492-5338<br />Multiple Sclerosis Clinic 9-101 Clin Sci780 492-6298<br />Nephrology 11-107 CSB<br />Dr Kailash Jindal780 407-1098<br />Neurology 2E3.26 WMC<br />Dr Ted Roberts780 407-7456<br />Pulmonary Medicine 2E4.36 WMC<br />Dr Irvin Mayers780 407-1854<br />Rheumatology 562 HMRC<br />Dr Joanne Homik780 407-8070<br />MICHENER PARK RESIDENCE SERVICES<br />(see Ancillary Services-Residence Services)780 492-7044<br />FAX 780 492-7731<br />MICROFUNGUS COLLECTION<br />(see Devonian Botanic Garden)780 987-4811<br />MICROSTORE<br />(see Bookstores)780 492-1495<br />MIDDLE EASTERN AND AFRICAN STUDIES<br />(see Interdisciplinary Studies)<br />MINING AND PETROLEUM ENGINEERING, SCHOOL OF<br />(see Civil & Environmental Engineering)780 492-4235<br />MODERN LANGUAGES AND CULTURAL STUDIES<br />200 Arts Bldg 780 492-4926<br />www.mlcs.caFAX 780 492-9106<br />Administration<br />Interim Chair, Garrett Epp780 492-1997<br />Dept Secretary, Dolores Wohland780 492-1997<br />Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Marie Carriere780 248-1245<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies, Jelena Pogosjan<br />pogosjan@ualberta.ca<br />Administrative Officer, Vanessa Ogilvy780 492-3271<br />Graduate Program Inquiries780 492-3272<br />Undergraduate Programs Administrator, Marina Menze780 492-3272<br />Operations Assistant, Scott Jensen780 492-8107<br />Reception, Carol Dean780 492-4926<br />MOLD HERBARIUM<br />(see Devonian Botanic Garden)780 987-4811<br />MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS SERVICES<br />(see University of Alberta Museums)780 492-5834<br />MUSIC<br />3-82 Fine Arts Bldg780 492-3263<br />www.music.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-9246<br />Chair, David Gramit780 492-4009<br />Administrative Officer, Tim Khaner780 492-0606<br />Accounting Assistant, Olga Franzoi780 492-1320<br />Student Programs Administrator, Heather Hindman780 492-0603<br />Undergraduate Advisor, Theresa Corus780 492-0602<br />Media & Communications Coordinator, Megan Dart780 492-3682<br />Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology780 492-0274<br />Music Library 2nd Fl Ruth N780 492-5708<br />Reception, Marcella Kolody780 492-0601<br />MUSIC RESOURCES CENTRE<br />(see Libraries-Research & Special Collections<br />Services-Music Library)780 492-5708<br />MUTTART DIABETES RESEARCH AND TRAINING CENTRE<br />1-009 HRIF E780 492-6855<br />N<br />NASA<br />(see Non-Academic Staff Association)<br />NEOS<br />(see Libraries)780 492-0075<br />NANUC<br />101 NANUCFAX 780 492-9174<br />Director, BD Sykes780 492-0689<br />Scientific Director, R McKay780 492-2700<br />Business Manager, D Webb780 492-8530<br />Administrative Assistant780 492-0689<br />NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR NANOTECHNOLOGY<br />NINTFAX 780 641-1601<br />Director General, Dr Nils Petersen780 641-1600<br />NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF CANADA<br />7th Fl, 9107-116 St780 495-3910<br />FAX 780 495-7779<br />NATIVE STUDENT SERVICES <br />(see Aboriginal Student Services Centre)<br />NATIVE STUDIES, FACULTY OF<br />2-31 Pembina Hall780 492-2991<br />www.ualberta.ca/nativestudiesFAX 780 492-0527<br />Dean, Dr Ellen Bielawski780 492-2991<br />Executive Assistant, Lana Sinclair780 492-8178<br />Associate Dean, Research, Dr Frank Tough780 492-7260<br />Associate Dean, Academic, Dr Nathalie Kermoal780 492-7207<br />Assistant Dean, Administration, Reginald Cardinal780 492-9885<br />Academic Advisor, Meika Taylor780 492-0525<br />Métis Archival Project780 492-7217<br />aboriginal policy studies journal780 492-2900<br />NEWTON PLACE<br />(see Ancillary Services-Residence Services)780 492-3345<br />FAX 780 492-3426<br />NEW TRAIL MAGAZINE<br />(see Alumni Affairs)780 492-6321<br />NON-ACADEMIC STAFF ASSOCIATION<br />507 College Plaza 780 439-3181<br />nasa@gpu.srv.ualberta.caFAX 780 433-5056<br />NORTHERN ALBERTA CLINICAL TRIALS AND<br />RESEARCH CENTRE<br />1800 College Plaza780 407-6221<br />NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE CENTRE<br />(see Biomedical Engineering)<br />NURSING, FACULTY OF<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/nursing/FAX 780 492-2551<br />Receptionist780 492-9546<br />Administration<br />Office of the Dean<br />Dean, A Molzahn780 492-6236<br />Vice-Dean, J Profetto-McGrath780 492-6236<br />Exec Secretary, S Crackston780 492-6236<br />Finance and Information Technology<br />Director, U Yusuf780 492-6242<br />Programmer/Analyst, P Davis780 492-3259<br />Senior Financial Analyst, V Borromeo780 492-9172<br />Human Resources<br />Director, S Kavanagh780 492-9953<br />Planning and Operations<br />Operations Administrator, P Isley780 492-9441<br />Strategic Planning Officer, P Noden780 492-6389<br />Public Relations and Development<br />Director, J Twidale780 492-5804<br />Communication Coordinator, D Given780 492-7643<br />Program/Events Coordinator, L McCaw780 492-5617<br />Senior Development Officer780 492-0952<br />Undergraduate Programs<br />Associate Dean, J Olson780 492-6252<br />Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Education, K Kushner780 492-5667<br />Admin Assistant, O Urvanova780 492-6785<br />Director, Undergraduate Services, L Youell780 492-0435<br />Student Advisor, I Payne780 492-6314<br />Student Services Team Lead, H Siemens780 492-6237<br />Records Assistants:<br />A-L780 492-6346<br />M-Z780 492-0763<br />Graduate Programs<br />Associate Dean, K Moore780 492-4338<br />Director, Graduate Services, B Dussault780 492-3914<br />Research Office<br />Associate Dean, C Newburn-Cook780 492-6764<br />Director, Research Office, J Babiak780 492-3769<br />Research Librarian, T Chambers780 492-9684<br />Statistician, D Schopflocher780 492-7112<br />Strategic Programs Coordinator780 492-5135<br />Admin Assistant, T McLash780 492-6832<br />International Nursing Office<br />Associate Dean, Global Health, J Mill780 492-7556<br />Admin Assistant, A Sales780 248-1694<br />TEACHING OFFICE<br />Associate Dean, F Myrick780 492-0251<br />Centres/Institutes/Research<br />Collaborative Research in Ethnicity, Social Care<br />and Health (CRESH)780 492-4925<br />Interdisciplinary Health Care Teams780 492-2956<br />Institute for Philosophical Nursing Research780 492-5911<br />International Institute for Qualitative Methodology780 492-9041<br />Knowledge Utilization Studies and Practice (KUSP)780 492-6187<br />Relational Ethics in Health Care780 492-2988<br />Social Determinants of Health780 492-8030<br />Women’s Health Research Unit (WHRU)780 492-9046<br />O<br />OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY-RAH<br />5S131 Lois Hole Hospital, Robbins Pav, RAHFAX 780 735-4981<br />Chair (Interim), P Sagle780 735-5469<br />Administrative Assistant, G MacKinnon780 735-5469<br />APO, S Charney780 735-4899<br />Education Office<br />PGME Director, S Chandra780 735-4806<br />UGME Director, V Jain780 735-6655<br />Fertility/Women's Endocrine<br />DC Cumming780 735-4911<br />MA Sagle780 735-4911<br />T Motan780 735-5604<br />Gynecologic Oncology<br />V Capstick780 735-4927<br />A Schepansky780 735-4927<br />H Steed780 735-4927<br />T Wells780 735-4927<br />Maternal-Fetal Medicine<br />S Chandra780 735-4812<br />R Chari780 735-4815<br />N Demianczuk780 735-4815<br />V Jain780 735-4812<br />R Turnell780 735-4812<br />Urogynecology<br />C Flood780 735-4942<br />J Schulz780 735-4942<br />WCHRI Tissue Collection<br />4503 Children’s Pavilion780 735-5257<br />WCHRI.ResearchNurses@capitalhealth.caFAX 780 735-6685<br />Research Nurse Coordinators:<br />D Dawson780 735-6662<br />CELL 780 974-2025<br />W Savard780 735-5647<br />PAGER 780 988-7192<br />C Lux780 735-5420<br />PAGER 780 412-9300<br />OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY-U OF A<br />220 Heritage Med Rsch CentreFAX 780 492-1308<br />Research Administrator, S McManus780 492-8560<br />Division of Reproductive Sciences<br />PN Baker780 492-8560<br />ST Davidge780 492-1864<br />YX Fu780 492-2727<br />D Hemmings780 492-2098<br />BF Mitchell780 492-8561<br />DM Olson780 492-8560<br />Maternal Fetal Newborn Training Program<br />Program Administrator, P Jacquier780 492-2773<br />AHFMR Team Program<br />Program Administrator, P Jacquier780 492-2773<br />OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH<br />(see Environmental Health & Safety)<br />OCCUPATIONAL HYGIENE AND CHEMICAL SAFETY<br />(see Environmental Health & Safety)<br />OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY<br />2-64 Corbett Hall780 492-2499<br />www.ot.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-4628<br />Chair, Dr Lili Liu780 492-0399<br />APO, Katherine Shuttle780 492-2772<br />Occupational Performance Analysis Unit<br />(OPAU)FAX 780 492-9599<br />Director, S Brintnell780 492-2067<br />Clinical Services Officer, M Roxburgh780 492-9595<br />OFFICE OF DEVELOPMENT<br />3rd Fl Enterprise Square780 492-7400<br />Fax 780 492-1862/9198<br />Administration<br />AVP/Chief Development Officer (Acting), O’Neil Outar780 492-2955/0266<br />Executive Assistant, Beverley Wald780 492-9831<br />Director, Campus Development, Robert Campbell780 492-2735<br />Executive Assistant, Corrine Caithness780 492-4418<br />Director, Development Services, Mike Meldrum780 492-0333<br />Executive Assistant, Emille Currie780 492-6564<br />INFORMATION SERVICES<br />Manager, Advancement Systems, Karen Erickson780 492-8644<br />Programmer Analyst, Andrew An780 492-6313<br />Programmer Analyst, Steve Chiu780 492-9559<br />Advancement Systems Administrator, Ray Fennema780 492-5636<br />Team Lead, Systems Development, David Hemmingson780 492-3655<br />Programmer Analyst, Michael Laing780 492-6576<br />Network Administrator, Qi Lu780 492-8122<br />Programmer Analyst, Mike Ma780 492-8487<br />Functional Analyst, Julie Midgley780 492-7516<br />Help Desk Analyst, Derrick Van Troyen780 492-9554<br />ADVANCEMENT RECORDS<br />Address Updates:780 492-3471<br />alumrec@ualberta.ca866 492-7516<br />Manager, Advancement Records, Ellen Binks780 492-1895<br />Advancement Records Analyst, Mark Christensen780 492-4504<br />Advancement Records Business Analyst, Joelle Johnston780 492-5541<br />Advancement Records Analyst, Sheena Macdonald780 492-2208<br />Advancement Records Assistant, Jo-Anne Sommer780 492-5400<br />Advancement Records Assistant, Jo-Ann Treige780 492-9563<br />Annual Giving<br />Associate Director, Annual Giving, Jeff Wright780 492-7761<br />Annual Giving Associate, Angel Cousineau780 492-4948<br />Development Officer, Leadership, Miranda Diakiw780 492-9897<br />Annual Giving Officer, Mary Saretski780 492-7374<br />Annual Giving Associate, Riyaz Sharan780 492-8993<br />CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT<br />Director, Campus Development, Robert Campbell780 492-2735<br />Manager, Advance Training & Processes, Peggy Hansen780 492-6319<br />Associate Director, Campus Development780 492-2735<br />Sr Development Officer, Student Awards, Angela Martincevic780 492-6770<br />Project Support, Campus Development, Amanda Baril780 492-7400<br />Donor Relations And Stewardship<br />Associate Director, Lynn Hruczkowski780 492-0995<br />Donor Relations Officer780 492-0335<br />Development Officer, Stewardship, Kate Holt780 492-2353<br />Development Officer, Endowments, Regan Wetsch780 492-6765<br />Gift Planning<br />Associate Director, Gift Planning, Marilyn Monson780 492-6570<br />Sr Development Officer, Gift Planning, Bryan Gutteridge780 492-8949<br />Sr Development Officer, Gift Planning, Mien Jou780 492-9153<br />Sr Development Officer, Michele Shea780 492-2394<br />Gift Planning Assistant, Sue Alexander780 492-0332<br />Gift SERVICES<br />Donation/Receipting Inquiries:<br />giftprocessing@ualberta.ca<br />Associate Director, Gift Services, Matt Weaver780 492-6565<br />Endowment Gift Officer, Greg Ash780 248-1165<br />Sr Accountant, Charan Sira780 492-0337<br />Coordinator, Donor Acknowledgement, Joyce Hostland780 492-9580<br />Systems Development Analyst, Holly Gorgichuk780 492-8850<br />Gift Processing Associate, Giale Doan780 492-6563<br />Gift Processing Assistant, Elena Anderson780 492-6567<br />Gift Processing Assistant, Shannon Vinding780 492-9477<br />Gift Depositing Assistant, Jan Valastin780 492-8411<br />Global Development<br />Director, Global Development780 492-1328<br />Development Officer780 492-1328<br />PRINCIPAL GIFTS<br />Director780 492-3215<br />Development Coordinator, Principal Gifts & Global Development,<br />Shelly Baker780 492-6091<br />Prospect Research<br />Manager, Margie Gregg780 492-0328<br />Project Support, Patricia Hurst780 492-6146<br />Prospect Research Analyst, Jay Jorgensen780 492-8335<br />Prospect Research Analyst, Sheena MacDonald780 492-2548<br />Prospect Research Analyst, Steven Sorensen780 492-7542<br />Prospect Research Analyst, Maria Cheung780 492-8225<br />Prospect Research Analyst, Tyrel Brochu780 492-8937<br />STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS<br />Associate Director, Jane Potentier780 492-8119<br />Project Support, Strategic Partnership Assistant, Patricia Hurst780 492-6146<br />External Relations – Calgary Centre<br />Main Reception403 718-6375<br />FAX 403 718-6376<br />Director, Andrea Marsh403 718-6386<br />Associate Director, Matthew Burns403 718-6387<br />Development Coordinator, Ted Photinopoulos403 718-6385<br />Calgary Centre Coordinator, Vanessa Ferreira403 718-6389<br />OFFICE OF THE UNIVERSITY ARCHITECT<br />(see Facilities and Operations)<br />ONCOLOGY<br />2237 Cross Cancer Institute<br />www.oncology.med.ualberta.ca/FAX 780 432-8425<br />Chair, Alexander McEwan780 432-8320<br />Executive Secretary, Gwen Mendoza780 432-8320<br />Assistant Chair, Academic & Research Admin, C Henderson780 432-8576<br />Admin Assistant, Graduate Program, Cheryl Erickson780 432-8477<br />Student Program Assistant, Cathy Walsh780 588-8083<br />Research Admin Assistant, Noreen Carlson780 432-8420<br />Divisions<br />Experimental Oncology Rm 4328<br />Dr D Murray780 432-8430<br />Medical Oncology Rm 2218<br />Dr P Venner780 432-8756<br />Medical Physics Rm 0149<br />Dr G Fallone780 432-8750<br />Oncologic Imaging Rm 1213<br />Dr S McQuarrie780 432-8524<br />Palliative Medicine Grey Nuns<br />Dr R Fainsinger780 735-7727<br />Radiation Oncology Rm 2117<br />Dr M Parliament780 432-8749<br />Surgical Oncology Rm 2004<br />Dr C de Gara780 432-8337<br />ONEcard OFFICE<br />B-12 Cameron780 492-7924<br />www.onecard.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-5936<br />onecard@ualberta.ca<br />(see Ancillary Services-Operations)<br />OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE<br />(see Facilities and Operations)<br />OPHTHALMOLOGY<br />2319 Royal Alexandra Hospital<br />FAX Listings:<br />Main RAHFAX 780 735-4969<br />Ocular Genetics Lab UofAFAX 780 492-6934<br />Administration<br />Chair, Dr Ian MacDonald780 735-5954<br />Dept Administrator, Holly Ridyard780 735-4924<br />Admin Assistant, Darlene Conroy780 735-5954<br />Research & Development Coordinator, Georgie Jarvis780 735-4986<br />Eye Clinics780 735-5754/5755<br />Glaucoma and Visual Field Unit780 735-4764<br />Paediatric Ophthalmology and<br />Adult Strabismus Unit<br />2-133 Clinical Sciences780 407-6417<br />Retinal Angiography Unit780 735-5894<br />Ophthalmologists<br />Dr S Chan780 735-4985<br />Dr K Damji780 735-4200<br />Dr G Drummond780 407-6417<br />Dr M Johnson780 735-4769<br />Dr J Lewis780 407-6417<br />Dr O Lehmann780 735-4720<br />Dr I MacDonald780 735-5954<br />Dr C Rudnisky780 735-5013<br />Dr E Weis780 735-4932<br />Ocular Genetics Laboratory<br />Dr O Lehmann 8-29 Med Sci780 492-8550<br />Dr I MacDonald 4-020E Katz Ctr780 492-6843<br />Dr Y Sauve 7-55 Med Sci780 492-8609<br />Admin Assistant, Lisa Trottier 4-020 Katz Ctr780 492-3013<br />ORLANDO PROJECT<br />www.ualberta.ca/ORLANDO780 492-7803<br />orlandoproject@ualberta.caFAX 780 492-8142<br />P<br />PALEONTOLOGICAL COLLECTIONS <br />(see Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)<br />PARKING SERVICES<br />1-051 Lister Centre780 492-7275<br />www.ualberta.ca/parkingFAX 780 492-7832<br />parking.services@ualberta.ca<br />(see Ancillary Services-Operations)<br />PARKLAND INSTITUTE<br />11045 Sask Dr780 492-8558<br />www.parklandinstitute.caFAX 780 492-8738<br />Director, Gordon Laxer780 492-0476<br />Executive Director, Ricardo Acuña780 492-0417<br />Research Director, Diana Gibson780 492-6112<br />Admin Coordinator780 492-8558<br />Program Coordinator780 492-3952<br />South Alberta Outreach403 270-9669<br />PATENTS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY<br />(see TEC Edmonton)<br />PEACE AND POST-CONFLICT STUDIES<br />(see Interdisciplinary Studies)<br />PEDIATRICS<br />7331 Aberhart Centre<br />www.pediatrics.ualberta.ca<br />FAX Listings:<br />MainFAX 780 407-7136<br />AdministrationFAX 780 407-8538<br />Chair, Dr S Gilmour780 407-7084<br />Assistant Chair, C Mummery780 407-7174<br />HR Manager, R Hardowa780 407-1686<br />HR Coordinator, H Leedell780 407-7230<br />Executive Manager, Business Operations & AARP, T Herrick780 407-3997<br />Manager, Accountability & Innovation, A Wasney780 407 2112<br />Sr Administrator, Research Finance, M Tweedie780 407-2017<br />Sr Administrator, Clinical Services, K Pederson780 407-7794<br />Admin Assistant to the Chair, L Nowak780 407-7084<br />Admin Assistant to the Assistant Chair, B Porter780 407-8494<br />Divisions<br />Aboriginal and Northern Pediatric Health, Dr L Wincott780 407-3093<br />Allergy and Immunology, Dr S Carr780 413-6689<br />Ambulatory Pediatric Clinic 1D1 WMC780 407-6370<br />Anesthesia, Dr J Koller780 407-7035<br />CARE Program, Dr S Vohra780 342-8592<br />Office Administrator, L Majcher780 342-8504<br />Cardiology, Dr J Dyck780 407-3964<br />Central Booking780 407-7790<br />Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Dr G Hnatko780 407-6501<br />Critical Care (PICU), Dr A Conradi780 407-1673<br />Dermatology, Dr L Fiorillo780 407-6440<br />Emergency, Dr B Wright780 407-3667<br />Endocrinology, Dr B Couch780 407-6888<br />Pediatric Diabetes Education Centre780 407-6888<br />ENT, Dr H El-Hakim780 407-8629<br />Epidemiology, Dr D Spady780 407-2728<br />Gastroenterology, Dr H Huynh780 407-3339<br />General Pediatrics, Dr B Moriartey780 407-7859<br />Hospital Medicine, Dr D Hartfield780 407-1385 <br />Hematology/Oncology, Dr P Grundy780 407-8798<br />Infectious Diseases, Dr W Vaudry780 407-1680<br />Medical Genetics, Dr S Bamforth780 492-0874<br />Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU)780 407-1302<br />Nephrology, Dr V Yiu780 407-7567<br />Neurodevelopment/Neuromotor:<br />Dr D Andrews, Dr L Zwaigenbaum780 735-7921<br />Neurology, Dr H Goez780 407-7329<br />Neurosciences, Dr J Yager780 407-7329 <br />Palliative Care, Dr D Davies780 407-7210<br />Pathology, Dr A Lacson780 407-1256<br />Radiology, Dr R Bhargava780 407-6893<br />Research Director, Dr P Cheung780 407-3783<br />(see also WCHRI below)<br />Respiratory Medicine, Dr C Majaesic780 407-3302<br />Rheumatology, Dr J Ellsworth780 407-2728<br />Site Medical Leader, Dr C Kyriakides780 407-3496<br />Surgery, Dr W Cole780 407-1847<br />Thrombosis, Dr P Massicotte780 407-1070<br />Transplant, Dr L West780 407-3200<br />Pediatric Medical Education<br />2E1.63 WMC780 407-3190<br />Postgraduate Director, Dr H Rajani780 407-3190<br />Undergraduate Directors:<br />Dr M Lewis, Dr J Lee780 407-6370<br />Graduate & Student Director780 492-9406<br />Education Director, Dr S Forgie780 407-1680<br />Continuing Medical Education, Dr J Ellsworth780 407-7433<br />Alberta Research Centre For Health EvidencE<br />(ARCHE)780 492-1078<br />9418 Aberhart CentreFAX 780 407-6435<br />Director, Dr L Hartling780 492-6124<br />Office Administrator, K Munchinsky780 492-6357<br />Pediatric Centre For Weight AND Health<br />Unit 8C Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre<br />Dr G Ball780 342-8465<br />Women AND Children’s Health Research Institute<br />(WCHRI)<br />2-304 RTF780 407-7238<br />www.wchri.orgFAX 780 407-1982<br />Interim Director, Dr P Cheung780 407-7238<br />Executive Manager, J Beck780 248-1382<br />Research Grants Administrator, M Bailleux780 407 8123<br />Administrative Assistant, C Maron780 407-7238<br />Financial & HR Assistant, L Kaert780 407 8115<br />Biostatistical Consulting Group, Dr R Rosychuk780 492-0318<br />Research Coordination Core Team Lead, S McKenna780 407-2804<br />Clinical Research Informatics Core Team Lead, R Watts780 248-1170<br />Community-based/Qualitative Research Cores Team Lead,<br />M Mayan780 492-9209<br />Lipid & Lipid Metabolite Analysis Core Operations Manager,<br />A Moses780 248-1881<br />Umbilical Cord Blood & Tissue Collection Team Lead,<br />S Janes-Kelley780 735-4802<br />PENSION AND BENEFITS<br />(see Human Resource Services)<br />PENTECOSTAL CAMPUS MINISTRIES<br />(see Chaplains)<br />PEOPLESOFT HELP (IBM HELP DESK)<br />(see Administrative Information Systems)<br />PETER AND DORIS KULE CENTRE FOR UKRAINIAN<br />AND CANADIAN FOLKLORE<br />(see Kule Folklore Centre)<br />PHARMACOLOGY<br />9-70 Medical Sciences780 492-3575<br />www.pmcol.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-4325<br />Chair, SMJ Dunn780 492-0511<br />Admin Assistant, JC Pedersen780 492-0511<br />Admin Officer, JC Deuel780 492-0511<br />Financial Administrator, S Kilback780 792-0513<br />FMD Workshop 7-58 HMRC, S Graziano780 492-6526<br />PHARMACY<br />(see University Health Centre)<br />PHARMACY AND PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES, FACULTY OF<br />3126 Dentistry/Pharmacy780 492-3654<br />www.pharmacy.ualberta.ca/<br />FAX Listings:<br />General OfficeFAX 780 492-1217<br />Dean's OfficeFAX 780 492-1843<br />Office Of The Dean 3118 Dent/Pharm<br />Dean, James P Kehrer780 492-0204<br />Associate Dean, Graduate Studies & Research, A El-Kadi780 492-3071<br />Executive Secretary, S Swift780 492-0199<br />Academic Programs 3126 Dent/Pharm<br />Undergraduate:<br />Assistant Dean, Admissions & Standards, D Brocks780 492-2953<br />Assistant Dean, PharmD Development, S Mitchell780 492-4636<br />Admissions Coordinator, G McIntyre780 492-3363<br />Undergraduate Admin Secretary, C Ellis780 492-3362<br />Experiential Education Coordinators:<br /> C Cox780 492-2110<br /> M Gukert Calgary403 254-6449<br />Graduate:<br />Graduate Studies Coordinator, J Johnson780 492-2967<br />Administration 3126 Dent/Pharm<br />Assistant Dean, Administration, K Nicholson-Scheer780 492-8375<br />Faculty Administrative Assistant, A Arnould780 492-3654<br />Financial/HR Administrator, D Corrigan780 492-0201<br />Fund Development 3118C Dent/Pharm<br />Director, T Legaarden780 492-8084<br />Technical Resources<br />Facilities/Services Coordinator, J Turchinsky780 492-5996<br />Instrumentation Technician, D Price780 492-5184<br />Network/Systems Analyst, G McRae780 492-4492<br />Spectrometry Service Coordinator, V Somayaji780 492-2508<br />PRACTICE DEVELOPMENT 3127 Dent/Pharm<br />Director, T Schindel780 492-6134<br />Admin Assistant, C Hawkes780 492-2393<br />Canadian Society For Pharmaceutical Sciences<br />3118D Dent/Pharm<br />Administrator, B Berekoff780 492-0950<br />PHILOSOPHY<br />2-40 Assiniboia Hall780 492-3307<br />www.ualberta.ca/PHILOSOPHYFAX 780 492-9160<br /> Chair, Dr B Hunter780 492-0616<br />Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Dr AM Schmitter780 492-9030<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies, Dr J Welchman780 492-8554<br />Dept Administrator, A Theroux780 492-4102<br />Administrative Assistant, S McDonald780 492-4108<br />Dept Secretary, W Minns780 492-4108<br />PHOTOGRAPHY<br />(see Marketing and Communications)780 492-9036<br />PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND RECREATION, FACULTY OF<br />W1-34 Van Vliet780 492-3341<br />www.physedandrec.ualberta.ca<br />FAX Listings:<br />Office of the DeanFAX 780 492-1008<br />Academic ProgramsFAX 780 492-2364<br />Undergraduate ProgramsFAX 780 492-6548<br />AthleticsFAX 780 492-7307<br />Campus RecreationFAX 780 492-5705<br />Climbing ComplexFAX 780 492-1881<br />Foote FieldFAX 780 492-6867<br />Saville Sports CentreFAX 780 492-1302<br />Dean's Office W1-34 Van Vliet780 492-3341<br />Dean, Dr Kerry Mummery780 492-3364<br />Executive Assistant, A Hodgson780 492-3364<br />Associate Dean, Community & International Engagement,<br />Dr T Hinch780 492-2759<br />Assistant Dean, Administration, B Esslinger780 492-0720<br />Admin Financial Supervisor, A Minarchi780 492-2128<br />Communications Strategist, J Hurly E4-15 Van Vliet780 492-6821<br />Development & Alumni Relations<br />Director, Bob Kinasewich780 492-1002<br />Manager, C Berg780 492-8804<br />Admin Assistant, J Lambert780 492-3893<br />Coordinator, Capital Development, J Barry780 492-1004<br />Academic Programs<br />Vice-Dean, Dr D Syrotuik E4-07 Van Vliet780 492-6583<br />Admin Assistant, C McConnell780 492-6583<br />APO, J Daniel780 492-8025<br />Accounting/Financial, D Owens780 492-4699<br />Associate Dean, Graduate Studies,<br />S Petersen E4-77 Van Vliet780 492-0581<br />Program Advisor, A Jordan780 492-3198<br />Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs,<br />P Baudin P4-79 Van Vliet780 492-1381<br />Program Advisor, K Willsher E4-66 Van Vliet780 492-5604<br />Program Advisor, D Tessari E4-66 Van Vliet780 492-5604 <br />Receptionist780 492-5604<br />Practicum Supervisor, D Mitsui E4-69 Van Vliet780 492-2931<br />Recruitment Practicum Officer, K Wuetherick780 492-5656<br />Associate Dean, Research, Dr J Spence W1-16 Van Vliet780 492-5910<br />Admin Assistant, L Baudistel780 492-5910<br />General Office, B Ethier E4-73 Van Vliet780 492-5601<br />Services W1-34 Van Vliet<br />Activity Registration Zone W-79 Van Vliet780 492-2231<br />Athletics P2-20 Van Vliet (see Athletics)780 492-2327<br />Associate Director, Vang Ioannides780 492-3413<br />Campus Recreation W-10 Van Vliet (see Campus Recreation)780 492-2555<br />Director, L Hall Dorothy780 492-1010<br />Operations W1-34 Van Vliet<br />Director, E Montgomery780 492-1376<br />Associate Director, South Campus, C Harwardt780 492-2222 x226<br />Associate Director, Events, C Ma780 492-5801<br />Operations Service Coordinator, D Budynski780 492-3017<br />Receptionist, L Arnason780 492-3341<br />Aquatics Supervisor, K Carter780 492-4533<br />Climbing Wall780 492-2767<br />Supervisor, S Johnston780 492-2746<br />Clare Drake Arena, F Macapagal780 492-3569<br />Curling, R Krepps S Campus780 492-2222 x229<br />Equipment Room780 492-3276<br />Supervisor, H Kura780 492-8478<br />Events, R Stewart S Campus780 492-2222 x225<br />Fitness & Lifestyle Centre780 492-7114<br />Supervisor, G Lembke780 492-9854<br />Foote Field S Campus780 492-6868<br />Gymnastics Centre, A Demchuk RTF780 492-9288<br />Saville Sports Centre S Campus780 492-2222<br />Sport & Activity Camps, J Van Dyke780 492-6320<br />Tennis Centre, R Sluchinski S Campus780 492-2222 x224<br />Centres And Labs<br />Detailed listings for the following Centres (*)<br />are under their own alphabetical entries:<br />*Alberta Centre for Active Living780 427-6949<br /> Alberta Sport Development Centre780 248-1982<br /> Behavioural Medicine Fitness Centre780 492-5404<br /> Children & Adolescent Sport & Activity Research Centre780 492-9296<br /> Exercise Physiology Lab780 492-7394/1859<br /> Exercise Psychology Lab780 492-7424<br /> *Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic780 492-4752<br /> Health & Physical Activity Lab780 492-8739<br />*Management Research Group780 492-6822<br /> Neurophysiology Lab780 492-4759<br /> Pat Austin Centre780 492-3566<br /> Perceptual Motor Behavioural Lab780 492-0579<br /> *Provincial Fitness Unit780 492-4435<br /> Sedentary Living Lab780 492-2004<br /> Sociocultural Lab780 492-0549<br /> Sport & Health Assessment Centre780 492-7394<br /> *Steadward Centre, The780 492-3182<br />PHYSICAL EDUCATION OPERATIONS<br />(see Physical Education & Recreation, Faculty of)<br />PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION<br />1229 GlenroseFAX 780 735-6018<br />Divisional Director, Dr Nigel Ashworth780 735-8870<br />Director, Residency Program, Dr Lalith Satkunam780 735-7917<br />Admin Assistant, Roberta Fyffe780 735-8870<br />PHYSICAL THERAPY<br />2-50 Corbett Hall780 492-5983<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/pt/FAX 780 492-4429<br />Chair, Dr RG (Bob) Haennel780 492-2889<br />Associate Chair, Professor Berni Martin780 492-8749<br />APO, Deborah Palmer780 492-2071<br />Academic Assistant, Tamie Heisler-Schafer780 492-4956<br />Clinical Education Assistant, Deborah Martens780 492-2488<br />Dept Secretary, Cheryl Low780 492-5984<br />Receptionist/Secretary, Jessica Wagenvoort780 492-5983<br />PHYSICS<br />2-38 CEB780 492-5286<br />www.physics.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-0714<br />Chair780 492-7673<br />Executive Assistant, Rosann Whale780 492-1073<br />Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Sharon Morsink780 492-3518<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies, Roger Moore780 492-4170<br /> Associate Chair, Research, Askel Hallin780 492-3516<br />Assistant Chair, Elizabeth Berends780 492-3585<br />Admin Officer, Mark Henderson780 492-9116<br />Graduate Student Advisor, Physics, Sarah Derr780 492-1072<br />Undergraduate Student Advisor, Physics, Janet Couch780 492-1070 <br />Department Services<br />Medical Physics Cross Cancer Inst780 432-8522<br />Financial Admin Supervisor, Patty Chu780 492-5875<br />Financial Admin Assistant, Linda Jacklin780 492-6219<br />Financial Admin Assistant, Nandi Khanna780 492-2462<br />Computer & Network Services, Adrian Warrington780 492-8226<br />Electronics Shop780 492-3043<br />Electron Microscope Facility, Al Meldrum780 492-3626<br />Machine Shop780 492-3524<br />Machine Shop (CMP)780 492-5887<br />Centre for Nanoscale Physics780 492-5522<br />Rock Physics780 492-7360<br />Stores & Receiving, Steve Rogers780 492-3941<br />CELL 780 554-0990<br />Physics High Vacuum Thin Film Lab780 492-6120<br />Ultrafast Microscopy780 492-4197<br />Undergraduate Laboratories<br />Academic Director, Isaac Isaac780 492-5691<br />Tech Supervisor, Terry Singleton780 492-5878<br />UGL Technologists:<br /> Dave Leonard780 492-5881<br /> Wladyslaw Rudzinski780 492-3097<br />Centre For Particle Physics<br />http://cpp.phys.ualberta.ca/cpp/<br />General Office780 492-3637<br />Professor/Director, Dr DM Gingrich780 492-9501<br />Executive Secretary, Suzette Chan780 492-1052<br />Theoretical Physics Institute<br />Professor/Director, Don Page780 492-4129<br />Administrative Assistant780 492-3521<br />Institute For Geophysical Research<br />Associate Professor/Director, Moritz Heimpel780 492-3519<br />Administrative Assistant780 492-2375<br />INSTITUTE FOR SPACE SCIENCE, EXPLORATION<br />AND TECHNOLOGY<br /> www.isset.ualberta.ca<br />Co-Director, Ian Mann780 492-6882<br />Co-Director, Chris Herd780 492-5798<br />ISSET Administrative Assistant, Betty Daniel780 492-8831<br />PHYSIOLOGY<br />7-55 Medical Sciences780 492-1238<br />www.physiology.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-8915<br />Interim Chair, Keir Pearson780 492-5628<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, Barb Armstrong780 492-2195<br />Administrative Assistant, Donna Simpson780 492-1238<br />Graduate Advisor, Sharon Orescan780 492-3359<br />Undergraduate Advisor, Kim Sawada780 492-1238<br />Financial Administrator, Dominique Burlot780 492-5480<br />Assistant Financial Administrator, Ada Tang780 492-5480<br />MPRG & Administrative Assistant, Trish Graham780 248-1943<br />PLANNING AND PROJECT DELIVERY<br />(see Facilities and Operations)<br />PLANT SCIENCE<br />(see Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science)<br />POLICY STANDARDS OFFICE<br />1004 College PlazaFAX 780 248-1073<br />Manager, Erin Hnit780 492-0693<br />POLITICAL SCIENCE<br />10-16 Tory HM780 492-3555<br />www.politicalscience.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-2586<br />Chair, W Andy Knight780 492-0533<br />Chair’s Executive Assistant, Donna Coombs-Montrose780 492-3429<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate Programs, Jim Lightbody780 492-5815<br />Associate Chairs, Graduate Programs,<br />Lori Thorlakson, Ian Urquhart780 492-4771/0535<br />Associate Chair, Research, Yasmeen Abu-Laban780 492-2162<br />Assistant Chair, Tara Mish780 492-3771<br />POPULATION RESEARCH LAB (Sociology)<br />1-62 Tory HM780 492-4659<br />www.ualberta.ca/prlFAX 780 492-2589<br />Executive Director, Dr Gillian Stevens780 492-4659 x227<br />Office Administrator, Stephanie Baker780 492-4659 x226<br />Research Administrator, Donna Fong780 492-4659 x224<br />Research Analyst, Dave Odynak780 492-4659 x230<br />POSTAL OUTLET<br />Lower Level SUB780 492-7716<br />POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS OFFICE<br />105 AdministrationFAX 780 492-0692<br />Coordinator, Susan Buchsdruecker780 492-3264<br />Assistant, Sameera Benson780 492-5079<br />PRAIRIE CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR RESEARCH <br />ON IMMIGRATION AND INTEGRATION <br />(see Prairie Metropolis Centre)<br />PRAIRIE METROPOLIS CENTRE <br />2-060 Research Transition Facility780 492-6600<br />FAX 780 492-2594<br />Co-Directors:<br />Dr Tracey Derwing780 492-4444<br />Dr Linda Ogilvie780 492-0898<br />Assistant to Co-Directors, Lenise Anderson780 492-0635<br />Jr Research Scholar, Marlene Mulder780 492-0146<br />Office Coordinator, Geneviève Murphy780 492-6600<br />Journal<br />Journal of International Migration and Integration (JIMI)<br />Editorial Office, Lenise Anderson780 492-0635<br />PRESBYTERIAN CAMPUS MINISTRY<br />(see Chaplains)<br />PRESIDENT, OFFICE OF THE<br />   3-1 University Hall<br />   www.president.ualberta.ca/ FAX 780 492-9265<br />   Records Coordinator & Receptionist, Charlotte Padilla780 492-3212<br />   Exec Coordinator to the President, Giovana Bianchi780 492-6658<br />   President, Dr Indira Samarasekera780 492-3212<br />   Chief of Staff/University Relations, Marcia Lang780 492-4383<br />   Chief Creative Officer, Sandra Conn780 619-7108<br />   Communications Coordinator, Aubrey Chau780 492-1206<br />   Financial Administrator780 492-2857<br />   Operations Manager, Jackie Wright780 492-9592<br />   Events Coordinator, Sheila Stosky780 492-1525<br />   Provost and Vice-President (Academic)<br />   (see Provost and Vice-President (Academic))<br />   Secretariat (see University Governance)<br />   Vice-Presidents (see Vice-Presidents)<br />PRINTING SERVICES<br />(see McCallum Printing Group)<br />PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE<br />(see Facilities & Operations)<br />PROTECTIVE CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT RESEARCH<br />FACILITY (PCERF)<br />B33 Human Ecology780 492-3832<br />FAX 780 492-4111<br />PROVINCIAL FITNESS UNIT<br />11759 Groat Road780 492-4435<br />FAX 780 455-2264<br />Director, K Mackeigan<br />Administrative Assistant, N Bilodeau<br />Alberta CSEP Health & Fitness Program<br />Director, K Mackeigan<br />Coordinator, W Barton<br />Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Assoc (AFLCA)<br />Executive Director, K Mackeigan<br />Program Coordinator, D Ponich<br />Admin & Certification Coordinator, C Legault<br />Project Coordinator, L McEwan<br />Be Fit For Life Network, K Mackeigan<br />Edmonton Be Fit For Life Resource Centre<br />Coordinator, L Wright<br />PROVOST AND VICE-PRESIDENT (ACADEMIC)<br />2-10 University Hall780 492-3920<br />www.ualberta.ca/provostFAX 780 492-1438<br />Receptionist/Secretary, Sheryl Neuman780 492-3920<br />Provost & Vice-President (Academic), Carl Amrhein780 492-3443<br />Exec Coord to the Provost & VP (Academic), Diana Hrynchuk780 492-3836<br />Information Coordinator, Carol Rae780 492-6304<br />Senior Administrative Officer, Von Whiting780 492-6709<br />Office Coordinator, Helen Steinke780 492-1503<br />Deputy Provost, Dru Marshall780 492-8182<br />Exec Assistant, Pamela van Someren780 492-8182<br />Senior Financial Officer, Edith Finczak780 492-4957<br />Financial Coordinator, Theresa Curry780 492-8372<br />Vice-Provost (Academic), Colleen Skidmore780 492-2280<br />Exec Assistant, Karen Unger780 492-2280<br />Vice-Provost & Assoc Vice-President (Information Technology),<br />Jonathan Schaeffer780 492-8087<br />Exec Assistant, Tashie Macapagal780 492-8087<br />Information Technology Planning & Forecasting Officer,<br /> Rob Lake780 492-6473<br />Information Technology Security Officer, Gordie Mah780 492-8087<br />Information Technology Strategic Initiatives Officer,<br />Scott Delinger780 492-6492<br />LAN Supervisor, LAN Administration, Robin Sawh780 492-0255<br />Senior LAN Administrator, Tony Yung780 492-4003<br />Committee Initiatives Manager, Cindy Watt780 492-6643<br />Portfolio Initiatives Manager, Kathleen Brough780 492-6655<br />Issues & Communications Manager to the Vice-Presidents,<br />Jason Cobb780 492-2845<br />Selection & Review Initiatives Manager, Irene Hacke780 492-7586<br />Selection & Review Assistant, Sara Amerongen-McKeon780 492-4485<br />Records Coordinator/Receptionist, Rose Huculak780 492-6830<br />FACULTY RELATIONS<br />Director, Jay Spark780-492-4959<br />Special Advisor to the Provost, Donna Herman780 492-8690<br />Special Advisor to the Provost, David Johnson780 492-6473<br />Administrative Assistant, Lacey Detka780 492-4076<br />ADVISORS TO THE PROVOST<br />Senior Advisor to the Provost, Art Quinney780 492-8138<br />Secretary, Sheryl Neuman780 492-3920<br />Special Advisor to the Provost & Chancellor Emeritus,<br />Eric Newell780 248-2020<br />Administrative Assistant, Kally Basra780 492-1893<br />Special Advisor to the Provost, Tracy Bear780 492-9237<br />PSYCHIATRY<br />1E1.01 W Mackenzie Hlth Sci Centre780 407-6501<br />www.psychiatry.ualberta.caFAX 780 407-6804<br />Professor & Interim Chair, Dr K Todd780 407-6503<br />Administrative Professional Officer, S Griffin780 492-9576<br />Education Programs<br />Graduate Program<br />Coordinator, Dr A Joyce780 407-6501<br />Program Admin Assistant, T Checknita780 492-7604<br />Postgraduate Medical Education<br />Director, Dr L Stovel780 407-8725<br />Associate Director, Dr B Stonehocker780 407-6564<br />Psychotherapy Coordinator, Dr N Tomy780 407-8330<br />Administrative Assistant, B Meier780 407-6938<br />Undergraduate Medical Education<br />Pre-Clinical Director, Dr J Banasch780 735-7292<br />Clinical Director, Dr J Perez-Parada780 407-6564<br />Administrative Assistant, J Gilmour780 407-6574<br />Continuous Professional Development<br />CPD Director, Dr P Silverstone780 407-6576<br />CPD Assistant, L Hoath780 407-6503<br />Divisions<br />Child and Adolescent Psychiatry<br />Director, Dr J Ustina780 407-1611<br />Administrative Assistant, K Copus780 407-1611<br />Forensic Psychiatry<br />Director, Dr W Friend780 342-5572<br />Clinical Psychology<br />Director, Dr J Eustace780 407-6895<br />Administrative Secretary, G Fisher780 407-6896<br />CLINICAL PROGRAMS<br />Psychodynamic Psychiatry Service<br />Dr J Rosie780 407-6501<br />Psychotherapy Research and Evaluation Unit<br />Coordinator, Dr A Joyce780 407-6501<br />Psychiatric Treatment Clinic<br />Coordinator, Dr J Rosie780 407-8330<br />Day Treatment Program<br />Coordinator, Dr L Stovel780 407-6469<br />Evening Treatment Program<br />Coordinator, Dr J O’Kelly780 407-8330<br />Research units<br />Bebensee Schizophrenia Research Unit<br />Co-Director, Dr S Purdon780 342-5536<br />Neurochemical Research Unit<br />12-127 Clin Sci<br />Director, Dr G Baker780 492-5994<br />Associate Director, Dr K Todd780 492-6591<br />Administrative Assistant, S Tomlinson780 492-7319<br />Brain Neurobiology Research Program<br />2B2.31 WMC<br />Director, Dr J-M LeMellédo780 407-6578<br />Research Coordinator, J Khudabux780 407-3929<br />PSYCHOLOGY<br />P217 Biological Sciences780 492-5216<br />www.psych.ualberta.ca/FAX 780 492-1768<br />Chair, Dr Doug Grant780 492-5299<br />Exec Assistant to the Chair, Jan Zielinski 780 492-0964<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, Kerrie Johnston780 492-0966<br />Financial Administrator, Beverly Bochon780 492-0965<br />Financial/Trust Assistant, Marcy Maciborsky780 492-3943<br />Faculty Service Officer, Tom Johnson780 492-2834<br />Associate Chair, Research, Dr Marcia Spetch780 492-7548<br />Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Dr Nancy Galambos780 492-4607 <br />Graduate Program Assistant, Anita Mueller780 492-0969<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies, Dr Elena Nicoladis780 492-1758<br />Undergraduate Program Assistant780 492-3537<br />Undergraduate Student Advisor, Nicole Kiffiak780 492-2970<br />Work Experience/Internship Coord, Dr Sandra Ziolkowski780 492-2530<br />Research Participation Coordinator, Sharon Randon780 492-5689<br />Programmer/Analyst, Fred Boyko780 492-0967<br />Workshop780 492-3814<br />PUBLIC AFFAIRS<br />(see Marketing and Communications)780 492-2325<br />PUBLIC HEALTH, SCHOOL OF<br />3-12 University Terrace <br />www.publichealth.ualberta.ca<br />FAX Listing:<br />Office of the DeanFAX 780 492-0364<br />ADMINISTRATION<br />Dean, S Stachenko780 492-6682<br />Exec Assistant to the Dean, L Nordin780 492-6682<br />Associate Dean, Research, C Wild<br />Associate Dean, Education, L Laing<br />Assistant Dean, Administration, B Sadler780 492-5099<br />Senior Advisor to the Dean, D Wilson780 492-7385<br />Financial Coordinator, L Benoza780 492-7793<br />COMMUNICATIONS<br />Manager, Faculty Communications, D Richardson780 492-1386<br />Communications Developer, V Couse780 492-2027<br />Communications Coordinator, A Lauder780 492-1982<br />DEVELOPMENT<br />Director of Development, S Smardon780 492-3130<br />RESEARCH/RSO<br />Research Facilitator, A Kirk780 492-6149<br />Detailed listings for the following<br />are under their own alphabetical entries:<br />Alberta Centre for Injury Control & Research 4075 RTF780 492-6019<br />Centre for Health Promotion Studies 5-10 University Terrace780 492-4039<br />Public Health Sciences, Department of 3-50 University Terrace780 492-6408<br />PUBLIC HEALTH SCIENCES, DEPARTMENT OF<br />3-50 University Terrace <br />www.phs.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-0364<br />GENERAL OFFICE<br />Dept Admin Assistant, F Day780 492-6408<br />ADMINISTRATION<br />Chair, LD Saunders780 492-9072<br />Admin Assistant to the Chair, E Baluyut780 492-9072<br />Dept Administrator, F Hey780 248-1316<br />GRADUATE PROGRAMS<br />phs.programs@ualberta.ca<br />Associate Chair, A Senthilselvan780 492-6505<br />Graduate Programs Administrator, S Williams780 492-6407<br />PURCHASING <br />(see Supply Management Services-Procurement &<br />Contract Management Services)780 492-4668<br />R<br />RADIATION SAFETY<br />(see Environmental Health & Safety)<br />RADIOLOGY AND DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING<br />2A2.41 W Mackenzie Hlth Sci Centre780 407-6907<br />www.radiology.med.ualberta.ca/FAX 780 407-3853<br />Professor & Chair, Dr RGW Lambert780 407-6907<br />Assistant to the Chair, J Houtstra780 407-6907<br />Clinical Research Manager, T Clare780 407-6912<br />AHS Clinical Director, Dr W Anderson780 735-4327<br />AHS Vice-President, Diagnostic Imaging, M Chies780 735-1321<br />UAH Site Director, F Kozin780 407-8846<br />University Hospital Information780 407-8841<br />Graduate Student Research780 407-6810<br />Program Directors:<br />Diagnostic Radiology, Dr S Naik780 407-6810<br />Nuclear Medicine, Dr H Jen780 407-6810<br />Undergraduate Education, Dr E Wiebe780 407-8528<br />Clinical Fellowship, Dr R Owen780 407-6907<br />Full-time Faculty:<br />Body Imaging, Dr G Low780 407-6907<br />Body Imaging, Dr E Wiebe780 407-6907<br />Cardiac Imaging, Dr R Coulden780 407-2787<br />Musculoskeletal Radiology, Dr S Dhillon780 407-6907<br />Nuclear Medicine, Dr J Abele780 407-6907<br />Neuroradiology, Dr D Emery780 407-6907<br />Pediatric Radiology, Dr R Bhargava780 407-6907<br />Pediatric Cardiac Radiology, Dr M Noga780 407-6907<br />Vascular Interventional Radiology, Dr R Owen780 407-6907<br />Administrative Assistants:<br />Residency Training Program, J Dawson780 407-6810<br />Undergraduate Education, S Erichsen780 407-8528<br />Assistant to R Coulden, Deputy Site Chair, MAHI, L Loiseau780 407-2787<br />REAL ESTATE<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/vpfacilities/realestate.cfm780 492-1296<br />(see Ancillary Services-Real Estate and<br />Property Management Services)<br /> <br />RECEIVING <br />(see Supply Management Services)780 492-3228<br />REGISTRAR AND STUDENT AWARDS<br />Administration<br />www.registrar.ualberta.ca<br />FAX Listings:<br />MainFAX 780 492-7172<br />Student AwardsFAX 780 492-4851<br />Information/Switchboard<br />(8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday)780 492-3113<br />Registrar<br />Vice-Provost & University Registrar, G Kendal780 492-3723<br />Exec Assistant to the Registrar, R Earley780 492-1951<br />Policy Development & Issues Advisor, C Holstead780 492-2139<br />Undergraduate Student Admissions & Records,<br />Inquiries by Surnames:<br /> A – CLAR780 492-3853/7414<br /> CLAS – HANR780 492-3856/3404<br /> HANS – LEJ780 492-7415/4539<br /> LEK – OMZ780 492-4602/3850<br /> ONA – PALS780 492-4947/9105<br /> PALT – STEV780 492-2964/7416<br /> STEW – Z780 492-9184/3858<br />Admissions Supervisor, C Caputo780 492-4663<br />Records Supervisor, S Hazlehurst780 492-3218<br />Admissions/Records Trainers:<br />M MacKenzie, S Smith, S Warshawski780 492-9363<br />General Admission/Bear Tracks Inquiries780 492-3113<br />Admissions Division<br />Associate Registrar & Director, Enrollment Management780 492-3283<br />Assistant Registrar, Admissions, D Gougeon780 492-3556<br />Functional Analysts (Admissions):<br />C Norris780 248-1551<br />J Mah780 492-0843<br />S Giesbrecht780 492-1042<br />Transfer Credit Coordinator, H Frossard780 492-1958<br />International admission and prospective<br />student management<br />Assistant Registrar, Lihong Yang780 492-5456<br />Recruitment AND Liaison<br />Assistant Registrar, National Recruitment780 492-4981<br />Recruitment Officers:<br />J Stuka780 492-1952<br />K Park780 492-8589<br />Recruitment Officers780 492-8544/9644/3866<br />Aboriginal Recruitment Officer, T Moore780 492-6540<br />Recruitment Assistant780 492-1956<br />Open House780 492-1952<br />International Admissions<br />General International Student Inquiries780 492-1100<br />International Education Specialist, J Nicholls780 492-0891<br />International Admissions Supervisor, J Odhuno-Were780 492-8498<br />International Admissions Advisors:<br />M Bringas780 492-6287<br />C Okonkwo780 492-6288<br />T Leonty780 492-4597<br />M Liu780 492-0912<br />J Apreku780 492-8075<br />S Shen780 492-9668<br />R Duan780 492-5839<br /> L Nawara780 492-1490<br />International Admission Assistant & Bridging Program Advisor,<br />G Glozhyk780 492-7831<br />Records Division<br />Associate Registrar & Director of Records, A Schmude780 492-3644<br />Assistant to the Director of Records, M Winchester780 492-1960<br />Assistant Registrar, Records, T Hidson780 492-4510<br />Records Administration Advisor, C McHugh780 492-2913<br />Functional Analysts:<br />Records, I Poon780 492-1057<br />Registration, S Meins780 492-1077<br />Fee Assessment, W Polanski780 492-1186<br />Special Registrations<br />General Inquiries (including Open Studies & Audit)780 492-4601<br />Assistant Registrar, D Shields780 492-5583<br />Supervisor, A Beaumont780 492-5318<br />Special Sessions<br />(Spring, Summer, Evening & Off-Campus)<br />Programs Manager, S Main780 492-4915<br />Examinations AND Timetabling<br />General Inquiries780 492-5221<br />Assistant Registrar, E Szigety780 492-5186<br />Supervisor, A Vocioni780 492-1945<br />Timetable Coordinators:<br />B Bennett780 492-5222<br />S Currie780 492-1942<br />C Ramjohn780 492-5223<br />Timetable Assistants:780 492-2220<br />C Dube780 492-1944<br />L Durstling780 492-1943<br />Functional Analysts (ETT):<br />E Diep780 492-8026<br />P Toyad780 492-0092<br />Special Arrangements Coordinator, B Kessels780 492-1946<br />Examinations780 492-5221<br />Classroom Reservations780 492-5221<br />Special Events780 492-5221<br />Timetable Preparation780 492-5221<br />Academic Awards AND Ceremonies<br />Convocation, Student Inquiries780 492-1875<br />Assistant Registrar, C Callihoo780 492-2376<br />Convocation/Records Coordinator, C Kauffman780 492-3857<br />Convocation Assistant, S Vanderleer780 492-1875<br />Faculty Awards Facilitator, B Schiestel780 492-2644<br />Faculty Awards Assistant, L Connell780 492-2449<br />Administrative Systems Division<br />Associate Registrar & Director of Admin Systems, S Stowe780 492-1953<br />Human Resources<br />Human Resource Officer, C Devost780 492-1959<br />HR Coordinator, C Sutherland780 492-3005<br />FINAnce AND Administration<br />Assistant Registrar, Finance & Admin, L Stelck780 492-8341<br />Financial Services Coordinator, C Pidwerbeski780 492-2288<br />Financial Analyst, M Bencsik780 248-1093<br />Financial Analyst, J Lopetinsky780 492-4180<br />Financial Assistant, S Bergren780 492-6725<br />Central Registry Supervisor, L Cinq-Mars780 492-9260<br />Communications<br />Manager780 492-5392<br />Calendar Editor780 492-4983<br />Information Systems<br />Assistant Registrar, R Williams780 492-1955<br />Data Architect/Development Manager, J Raymond780 492-3874<br />Systems Analysts:<br />A Tai780 492-6096<br />J Zhang780 492-1957<br />Programmer Analysts:<br />K Kong780 492-1954<br />K Oksanen780 492-1941<br />T Reimer780 492-5013<br />Computer Support Analysts:<br />T Leung780 492-7191<br />M Hlynka780 492-1939<br />Internet Analyst, C Brunelle780 492-2201<br />Student Awards<br />General Inquiries780 492-3221<br />Assistant Registrar, Student Awards, C Prowse780 492-7795<br />Functional Analyst, G Wagner780 492-7998<br />Supervisor, F Halbert780 492-7699<br />Development Coordinator, H Dyck780 492-1517<br />Undergraduate Coordinator, D Bialowas780 248-1172<br />Entrance Award Coordinator, K Helm780 492-9577<br />International Award Coordinator, G Burron780 492-6697<br />Program Assistant780 492-1833<br />Program Assistant, L Lowie780 492-7697<br />REHABILITATION MEDICINE, FACULTY OF<br />3-48 Corbett Hall780 492-2903<br />www.rehabmed.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-1626<br />Dean, M Ferguson-Pell780 492-5991<br />Administrative Assistant, C Ebert780 492-0329<br />Assistant Dean, A Yates780 492-5981<br />Financial Admin Assistant, J Lopetinsky780 492-8573<br />Associate Deans of Professional Programs & Teaching,<br />D Magee and E Taylor780 492-5765<br /> Administrative Assistant, J Sara780 492-5949<br />Certificates Coordinator, S Drefs780 492-1587<br />Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Research, J Volden780 492-0651<br />Administrative Assistant, A Libutti780 492-1595<br />Research Facilitator, J De Pauw780 492-9680 <br />RSO Financial Assistant, D Pewar780 492-9901<br />Director of Development, M Robb780 492-0048<br />Faculty Communications Manager, L Wang780 492-9403<br />IT Manager, D Polvere780 492-4683<br />RMTG Help Desk, L Lim780 492-0389<br />Receptionist/Office Assistant, N Cheyne780 492-2903<br />Rehabilitation Research Centre<br />Director, S Warren780 492-7856<br />Rehabilitation Medicine Student Association780 492-4328<br />Detailed listings for the following departments<br />are under their own alphabetical entries:<br />Occupational Therapy780 492-2499<br />Physical Therapy780 492-5983<br />Speech Pathology & Audiology780 492-5990<br />REHABILITATION NEUROSCIENCE GROUP<br />5005 Katz Group-Rexall Centre<br />Co-Director, Dr Richard B Stein 780 492-1618<br />Co-Director, Dr Arthur Prochazka 780 492-3783<br /> Administrative Assistant, Brenda Topliss 780 492-4085<br />RELIGIOUS STUDIES PROGRAM<br />(see Interdisciplinary Studies)<br />RENEWABLE RESOURCES<br />www.rr.ualberta.ca<br />General Office 751 General Services780 492-4413<br />FAX 780 492-4323<br />Auxiliary Office 442 Earth Sciences780 492-3242<br />FAX 780 492-1767<br />Chair, Dr John R Spence780 492-1426/3003/3554<br />Associate Chair, Graduate, Dr Andreas Hamann780 492-6429<br />Associate Chair, Research, Dr Sylvie Quideau780 492-2358<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, Bob Longworth780 492-1428/3554<br />Graduate Program, Amanda Brown780 492-2820<br />Exec Assistant & Undergraduate Inquiries, Donna Thompson780 492-3554<br />Environmental & Conservation Sciences Program Chair,<br />Edward Bork780 492-3843<br />Forest Business Management Program Advisor,<br />Alex Drummond780 492-2056<br />Forestry Program Chair, Uldis Silins780 492-9083<br />Finance:<br />Carmen Dykes780 492-3442<br />Annie Arca780 492-4251<br />Christie Nohos780 492-7272<br />Ellerslie Research Station780 988-5454<br />Natural Resources Analytical Laboratory780 492-8930<br />Research Ethics Office<br />308 Campus Tower<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/reoFAX 780 492-9429<br />OPERATIONS<br />Administrative Director, Susan Babcock780 492-6561<br />Administrative Assistant, Kathy Strawson780 492-0459<br />HERO Support Desk, Alice Fritch780 492-0839<br />Animal Policy and Welfare program<br />University Veterinarian, Administrative Assistant780 492-2695<br />Post-Approval Consultative Evaluation (PACE)780 492-6828<br />GRANITE Administrator780 492-9697<br />ANIMAL CARE AND USE COMMITTEES (ACUC)<br />ACUC Health Sciences Coordinator780 492-5322<br />ACUC Livestock Coordinator780 492-2905<br />ACUC Biosciences Coordinator780 492-2905<br />Human Research Protections program<br />https://hero.ualberta.ca/hero<br />Director, Dr Lynn Penrod780 492-8208<br />Health REB 308 Campus Tower<br />Heath Research Ethics Officer, Kim Kordov780 492-2615<br />Sr Coordinator, Biomedical780 492-9724<br />Sr Coordinator, Health, Charmaine Kabatoff780 492-0302<br />Arts Science Law REB 308 Campus Tower<br />Jennifer Thorn780 492-2614<br />Business REB 3-30Q Business<br />Candice Kozak780 492-8443<br />Education Extension Augustana REB 308 Campus Tower<br />Jennifer Thorn780 492-2614<br />Engineering REB W2-034 ECERF<br />Dr James Miller780 492-5580<br />Physical Education & Recreation, Agricultural Life &<br />Environmental Sciences, Native Studies REB<br /> 308 Campus Tower<br /> Charmaine Kabatoff780 492-0302<br />RESEARCH SERVICES OFFICE<br />2nd Fl Campus Tower780 492-5787<br />www.rso.ualberta.ca<br />info@rso.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-0949<br />Receptionist/Admin Assistant780 492-5787<br />SENIOR ADMINISTRATION<br />Director, Lorraine Deydey 780 492-6282<br />Assistants to the Director, Jaleen Lessard/Karin Shantz780 492-1483<br />In-House Legal Counsel, Tricia Waddell780 492-1348<br />Communications Coordinator, Cindy Lieu780 492-0231<br />(Please see contact section of the RSO website for staff listings<br />and associated faculties.)<br />FINANCE AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT<br />Associate Director, Michael Walesiak780 492-1642<br />Manager, Lorena Li780 492-6284<br />Sr Financial Analyst, Indirect Costs Program, Monica Ding780 492-3123<br />Sr Functional/Financial Analyst, Tamin Pretty780 492-8382<br />Research Support Administrator, Oksana Colson780 492-5584<br />Quality Assurance Analyst:<br />Lana Law780 492-6953<br />INFORMATION MANAGEMENT TEAM<br />Database Administrator, Sheng Jin780 492-1844<br />Web/LAN Administrator, Wendy Lam780 492-2650<br />Research Information Analyst, Steve Ozar780 492-1838<br />HEALTH SCIENCES<br />Assistant Director, Julaine Herst780 492-7885<br />Sr Agreements Administrator, Elsie Mahe780 492-1475<br />Agreements Administrators:<br />Michelle Marchand780 492-5805<br />Angela McCormick780 492-2938<br />Anna Rea Trinidad-Penton780 492-5670<br />Sr Finance Analyst, Janet Paterson780 492-9650<br />Finance Analysts:<br />Ariam Araya780 492-8817<br />Saini Poonam780 492-6285<br />Grace Tian780 492-3295<br />Helga Toleikis780 492-6225<br />RFO – Medicine & Dentistry 213 HMRCFAX 780 492-1710<br />Acting Research Facilitator, Pat Jones780 492-1576<br />Research Support Administrators:<br /> Denise Baker780 492-8830<br /> Doug McKinnon780 492-6294<br />Admin Assistants (Research):<br /> Jamie Ball780 492-1605<br /> Wendy Duthie780 492-2464<br />Finance Analysts (Research), Karolina Michalak/Deanna Blais780 492-8032<br />Finance Analyst (Research), Sarah MacFarlane780 492-1598<br />RFO – Nursing 4-103B Clin SciFAX 780 492-2551<br />Research Facilitator, Jane De Pauw780 492-3769<br />Admin Assistant (Research), Farzana Gohar780 492-3769<br />RFO – Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 3126F Dent PharmFAX780 492-1217 <br />Research Facilitator, Andrew Kirk780 492-6149<br />Admin Assistant (Research), Diana Satanovsky-Feldman780 492-5458<br />RFO – Rehabilitation Medicine 3-48 CorbettFAX 780 492-1626<br />Research Facilitator, Jane De Pauw780 492-9680<br />Admin Assistant (Research), Farzana Gohar780 492-3769<br />Finance Assistant (Research), Dawne Pewar780 492-9901<br />RFO – School of Public Health 3-12J University TerraceFAX 780 492-0364<br />Research Facilitator, Andrew Kirk780 492-6559<br />INSTITUTIONAL PROGRAMS<br />Assistant Director, Lynda Brulotte780 492-7002<br />Manager - Health Sciences, Nancy Klimczak780 492-1452<br />Manager - Science & Engineering, Neil Sulakhe780 492-8936<br />CRC Coordinator & Advisor, Jane McCreery780 492-6266<br />CRC Admin Assistant, Rozina Walji780 492-9683<br />Sr Finance Analyst, Andrea Smart780 492-1535<br />Finance Analysts:<br />Craig Atman780 492-6260Dagmar Salomon 780 492-9798<br />Research Services Administrators:<br />Mireille Estephan 780 492-8378<br />Liz Huston780 492-1430<br />Kelly McGuirk-Petryk780 492-6154<br />Lucia Secchia-Ballanyi780 492-4919<br />Elspeth White/Kathleen Fleming780 492-1350<br />NATURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES<br />Assistant Director, Julie Stephens780 492-9189<br />Sr Agreements Administrator, Melissa Deane780 492-0548<br />Agreements Administrators:<br />Cathie Gordey780 492-3663<br />Marjorie Grady780 492-8655<br />Amy Maw780 492-1301<br />Patricia Sawatzky780 492-0276<br />Sr Finance Analyst, Lidia Batorski780 492-6954<br />Finance Analysts:<br />Lori Cull780-492-7519<br />Kelly Hartley780 492-6956<br />Terry LeCorre780 492-6955<br />Veronica Lonsdale780-492-1011<br />Tip Tip Wei780 492-1449<br />RFO – Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences<br />2-14 Agric/ForFAX 780 492-8524<br />Research Facilitator, Mariska Span-Smeelen780 492-8312<br />Admin Assistant (Research), Barbara Chan780 492-7178<br />Finance Analyst (Research), Sukhi Gill780 492-9511<br />RFO – Arts 6-18 Humn CtrFAX 780 492-7251<br />Research Facilitator, Kerri Calvert780 492-8059<br />Admin Assistant (Research)780 492-2452<br />Finance Analyst (Research), Krista Stefan780 492-4685<br />RFO – Augustana 1-47 Hoymes<br />Research Facilitator, Martine Desrochers780 449-2777 x1668<br />CELL 780 886-9211<br />Admin Assistant (Research)780 492-9853<br />RFO – Business 3-30Q BusinessFAX 780 492-3325<br />Research Facilitator, Victoria Morisbak780 492-8674<br />Admin Assistant (Research)/REB Admin, Candice Kozak780 492-8443<br />RFO – Campus Saint-Jean B-01A Pav Lacerte<br />Research Facilitator, Martine Desrochers780 465-8706<br />CELL 780 886-9211<br />Admin Assistant (Research)780 492-9853<br />RFO – Education 836/838 Educ SFAX 780 492-0236<br />Research Facilitator, Lan Chan-Marples780 492-0639<br />Admin Assistant (Research), Rita Veldkamp-Nyman780 492-5371<br />RFO – Extension 2-936A Enterprise Sq<br />Research Facilitator, Martine Desrochers780 492-8253<br />CELL 780 886-9211<br />Admin Assistant (Research)780 492-9853<br />RFO – Engineering E6-024 ETLC Mailstop 354FAX 780 492-0500<br />Research Facilitator, Terra Garneau780 492-2184<br />Finance Analyst (Research), Vera Harris780 492-8566<br />RFO – Law 405 LawFAX 780 492-4924<br />Research Facilitator, Megan McDougald780 492-2552<br />Admin Assistant (Research), Candice Kozak780 492-2552<br />RFO – Native Studies 1-03 Pembina<br />Research Facilitator, Martine Desrochers780 492-9853<br />CELL 780 886-9211<br />Admin Assistant (Research)780 492-9853<br />RFO – Physical Education & Recreation W1-16C Van VlietFAX 780 492-1008<br />Research Facilitator, Lan Chan-Marples780 492-1378<br />Admin Assistant (Research), Raj Joshi780 492-1378<br />RFO – Science G208 Bio SciFAX 780 492-9434<br />Research Facilitator, Betty Peavey780 492-2940<br />Admin Assistant (Research), Tess Gleason780 492-6423<br />Finance Analyst (Research), Natalie Lapidot-Croitoru780 492-2922<br />PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMS<br />Assistant Director, Bonnie Albrecht780 492-9705<br />Sr Agreements Negotiator780 492-7885<br />Sr Financial Analyst, Nafissa Aktary780 492-4912<br />Agreements Administrator, Cheryl Vos780 492-1680<br />HUMAN RESOURCES AND ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES<br />Manager - HR & Admin Services, Susan Baker780 492-9292<br />Training & Development Specialist, Kimberly MacLock780 492-4712<br />Operations Administrator, Paula William780 492-3134<br />Admin Assistants:<br />Shawna Forrest780 492-6247<br />Gloria Stroyek780 492-5787<br />Mary-Jane Sykes780 492-5360<br />RESIDENCES<br />(see Ancillary Services-Residence Services)780 492-4281<br />FAX 780 492-7032<br />RESOURCE PLANNING<br />1204 College PlazaFAX 780 492-2230<br />Director, Ray Wong780 248-1075<br />Executive Secretary, Janet Service780 492-5629<br />Budget Planning AND AdminISTRATION<br />Associate Director, Budget Planning & Administration,<br />Ian Bernard780 492-0252<br />Budget/Research Analyst, Chona Aguilar780 492-5632<br />Budget Administrator, Joanne Bruha780 492-7295<br />Budget Administrator, Academic, Angela Strachan780 492-7291<br />Budget Assistant, Brittany Shmyr780 492-7292<br />Financial Reporting<br />Manager, Jocelyn Groleau780 492-5140<br />Projects AND Systems<br />Associate Director, Systems Planning & Reporting,<br />Carol Rogan780 492-7238<br />Systems Supervisor, Soo-Chin Siaw780 492-0253<br />RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES<br />1204 College PlazaFAX 780 492-2230<br />Associate Vice-President, Philip Stack780 492-4976<br />Executive Secretary, Gerda Eykelboom780 248-1147<br />Manager, Communications & Project Planning,<br />Andrew Leitch780 492-8881<br />DETAILED listings for the following<br />are under their own alphabetical entries:<br />University of Alberta Protective Services<br />Emergency Management, Office of<br />Environmental Health & Safety<br />Insurance & Risk Assessment, Office of<br />Policy Standards Office (UAPPOL)<br />Resource Planning<br />ROMAN CATHOLIC CAMPUS MINISTRY<br />(see Chaplains)<br />RURAL ECONOMY <br />515 General Services780 492-4225<br />www.re.ualberta.ca/FAX 780 492-0268<br />Chair, Brent Swallow780 492-6656<br />Dept & Financial Administrator, Sarah Fatemi780 492-4580<br />Graduate Student Services Coord, Robin McClelland780 492-0271<br />Undergraduate & Dept Admin Assistant, Arlene Pelley780 492-4225<br />LAN Administrator, Randy Page780 492-0272<br /> ER Berg Reading Room780 492-0815<br />RUTHERFORD LIBRARY<br />(see Libraries-Humanities & Social Sciences Library)780 492-5791<br />S<br />ST JOSEPH'S COLLEGE<br />www.stjosephscollege.ca/780 492-7681<br />FAX 780 492-8145<br />President, Fr Timothy Scott780 492-7681 x223<br />Academic Dean, Dr Kenneth Munro780 492-7681 x227<br />Librarian, Donna Meen780 492-7681 x237<br />Accountant, Tracy Yurchak780 492-7681 x232 <br />Catholic Campus Ministry, Matthew Durham780 492-7681 x236<br />St Joseph's College Residence<br />Director, Fr Glenn McDonald780 492-7681 x248<br />Director, Facilities & Public Relations, Ronald Laginski780 492-7681 x224<br />ST STEPHEN'S COLLEGE<br />www.ualberta.ca/ST.STEPHENS/780 439-7311<br />FAX 780 433-8875<br />Principal & Dean, Dr Earle Sharam<br />DMin Chair, Dr Kae Neufeld <br />MAPPC Chair, Dr Julie Henkelman<br />MTS Chair, Dr Mona-Lee Feehan<br />Art Therapy Associate Chair, Tatiana Peet<br />Registrar, Shelley Westermann<br />Assistant Registrar, Kelly Parson<br />Coordinator, College & Community Relations, Lori Stewart<br />Executive Assistant to the Dean, Jenny Meers<br />Business Administration Assistant, Diane Harris<br />SAVILLE SPORTS CENTRE<br />11520-65 Avenue780 492-2222<br />SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY LIBRARY<br />(see Libraries-Science & Technology Library)780 492-8440<br />SCIENCE, FACULTY OF<br />CW223 Biological Sciences<br />www.science.ualberta.ca<br />FAX Listings:<br />Dean’s OfficeFAX 780 492-0372<br />Admin & ResearchFAX 780 492-9434<br />Student ServicesFAX 780 492-7033<br />DevelopmentFAX 780 492-4827<br />DEAN’S OFFICE/AdministratioN<br />Dean, GJ Taylor780 492-4757<br />Executive Assistant, R Butler780 492-4757<br />Vice-Dean, R Holte780 492-2253<br />Senior Associate Dean, Student Services, B Leskiw780 492-4758<br />Associate Dean, Diversity, MA Armour780 492-7572<br />Associate Dean, Research, L Heaman780 492-3169<br />Associate Dean, Intl & Graduate Studies, A Sanchez-Azofeifa780-492-9401<br />Administrative Assistant, Research, C Moore780 492-7488<br />Assistant Dean, Administration, J McClelland780 492-4765<br />Senior Financial Administrator, M Ziccarelli780 492-8627<br />Human Resources Officer, A Thompson780 492-5072<br />Human Resources Coordinator, L Budney780 492-4882<br />PROGRAMS & OPERATIONS<br />Assistant Dean, Programs & Operations (Acting), J Naylor780 492-4758<br />Undergraduate Student Services<br />Student Records Assistant/Receptionist, M Edmonds780 492-4758<br />Academic Officer, K Addy-Nicklin780 492-4758<br />Executive Secretary, N Anderson780 492-9452<br />Academic Advisors:<br />D Ash, K Brown, S Gillis780 492-4758<br />Student Records Coordinators:<br />D Kingyens, G Luff780 492-4758<br />COMMUNICATIONS<br />Communications Manager (Acting), W Vivequin780 492-6226<br />Recruitment & International Officer, S Fraser780 492-7649<br />Recruiter, P Sadeghi780 492-1679<br />Student Life & IIP Advisor, J Richter780 248-1117<br />INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY<br />Systems Administrator, R Lucas780 492-2275<br />Programmer Analyst, C Young780 492-0828<br />Applications Analyst, M Jiles780 492-1891<br />Web/Database Programmer, M Cutumisu780 492-8840<br />SCIENCE 100<br />Coordinator, D Lawrie780 492-8485<br />Lab Technicians:<br />B Bahnmann, D Vallee780 492-9745<br />DevELOPMENT<br />Assistant Dean, Development, T Berekoff780 492-8601<br />Senior Development Officer, E Lennstrom780 492-6688<br />Senior Development Officer, K Fitzgerald780 492-5864<br />Administrative Assistant780 492-9983<br />Rso<br />Research Facilitator, B Peavey780 492-2940<br />Financial Analyst, Research, N Lapidot-Croitoru780 492-2922<br />Administrative Assistant, Research, T Gleason780 492-6423<br />SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY<br />(see Interdisciplinary Studies)<br />SCIENCE UNDERGRADUATE SOCIETY (UASUS)<br />M230 Biological Sciences780 492-2099<br />SECONDARY EDUCATION<br />347 Education South780 492-3674<br />www.secondaryed.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-9402<br />Chair, Dr Susan Barker780 492-0743<br />Associate Chair, Dr Florence Glanfield780 492-3673<br />Graduate Coordinator, Dr Ingrid Johnston780 492-4599<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, Debra Elliot780 492-0741<br />Receptionist, Cris Ryder780 492-3674<br />Admin Secretary, Kateryna Nowytzkyj780 492-1731<br />Financial Admin Assistant, Vanessa Ianson780 492-0750<br />Graduate Program Admin, Margolee Horn780 492-2688<br />Undergraduate Program Admin, Jennifer Eigeard780 492-3675<br />Laboratory Coordinator, Rick Eng780 492-2022<br />SECURITY SERVICES <br />(see University of Alberta Protective Services)780 492-5050<br />SENATE<br />150 Assiniboia Hall<br />www.ualberta.ca/senateFAX 780 492-2448<br />Chancellor, Linda Hughes780 492-2268<br />Executive Officer, Derek Roy-Brenneis780 492-0449<br />Administrative Coordinator, Karen Gibson780 492-2268<br />Communications/Events Coordinator, Lisa Brunelle780 492-1357<br />Chancellor’s Cup Coordinator, Lorna Hallam780 492-3910<br />SENATE TRAVEL<br />(see Adventure Travel Company, The)780 492-2756<br />SEXUAL ASSAULT CENTRE<br />2-705 SUBFAX 780 492-3804<br />Manager, Leanne Wruck780 492-9802<br />Main Line780 492-9771<br />SLOWPOKE NUCLEAR REACTOR FACILITY<br />1099 Dentistry/PharmacyFAX 780 492-1217<br />Director, Dr J Duke780 492-0754<br />SOCIAL WORK (U OF C), FACULTY OF<br />444 Garneau Centre780 492-3888<br />FAX 780 492-5774<br />Associate Dean & Division Head, Dr A Calhoun780 492-2520<br />SOCIOLOGY<br />5-21 Tory HM780 492-5234<br />www.ualberta.ca/sociologyFAX 780 492-7196<br />Chair, Dr Harvey J Krahn780 492-0472<br />Executive Assistant, Cristeen Whalen780 492-0472<br />Associate Chair, Undergraduate, Dr Helen Boritch780 492-0469<br />Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Charlene Marshall780 492-0468<br />Director, BA Criminology Program, Dr Jana Grekul780 492-0477<br />Criminology Placement Coordinator, Jessica Thomson780 492-0473<br />Associate Chair, Graduate, Dr Karen Hughes780 492-0492<br />Graduate Program Coordinator, Nancy Evans780 492-5236<br />Assistant Chair, Curtis Champagne780 492-0466<br />Research Admin Assistant, Slavica Lepki780 492-0474<br />Financial Admin Assistant, Flora Webber780 492-5235<br />Centres<br />Centre for Experimental Sociology<br />Dr W David Pierce780 492-0485<br />Population Research Laboratory (PRL)780 492-4659<br />Executive Director, Dr Gillian Stevens780 492-4659 x227<br />Intermedia Research Studio<br />Research Director, Dr Rob Shields780 492-2223<br />Community Service-Learning<br />Program Director, Dr Sara Dorow780 492-2420<br />Journals<br />Canadian Journal of Sociology<br />Editor, Dr Kevin Haggerty780 492-5941<br />Assistant to the Editor, Laura Botsford780 492-5941<br />Canadian Studies in Population<br />Editor, Dr Frank Trovato780 492-5934<br />Space and Culture<br />Editor, Dr Rob Shields780 492-0489<br />SPECIAL COLLECTIONS LIBRARY<br />(see Libraries-Research & Special Collections<br />Services-Bruce Peel Special Collections Library)780 492-5998<br />SPECIALIZED SUPPORT AND DISABILITY SERVICES<br />2-800 SUB780 492-3381<br />FAX 780 248-1665<br />TTY or Videophone (for deaf & hard-of-hearing callers)780 492-7269<br />Acting Senior Manager, Theresa (Teddi) Doupe780 492 1493<br />Office Assistant, Shelly Dahl780 492-3381<br />Administrative Assistant, Mirela Tomuta780 492-0536<br />Manager, Operations, Tracy Hetman780 492-1493<br />Manager, PSLD, Theresa (Teddi) Doupe780 492-1492<br />Student Advisor/Psychologist, Dr A Sinha780 492-3381<br />Student Advisor/ Practicum Liaison Advisor, Joanne Yardley780 492-6803<br />Student Advisor, Betty Benson780 492-1494<br />Manager, Alternate Format Delivery, Jean Jackson780 492-3381<br />Interpreter/Coordinator, Communication Support<br />Services/Student Advisor, Tracy Hetman780 492-1493<br />Manager, Adaptive Technology, Tom Sheridan780 492-3381<br />Technical Support, Chris Dodd780 492-3381<br />Coordinator, Financial & Human Resources, Corry Klose780 492-0536<br />Instructor, PSLD, Tracy Preston780 492-4028<br />Exam Services Office CAB 215780 492-9816<br />FAX 780 492-6701<br />Exam Administrator, Jolanta Rudzinska780 492 9816<br />Exam Assistant Administrator, Dan Ingram780 248 1679<br />SPEECH PATHOLOGY AND AUDIOLOGY<br />270 Corbett Hall780 492-5990<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/spaFAX 780 492-9333<br />Chair, Karen Pollock780 492-5980<br />Admin Coordinator, Vicki Trombley780 492-5088<br />Receptionist/Office Assistant, Noriko Major780 492-0840<br />Corbett clinic<br />Clinical Education Assistant, Carol Gray780 492-5314<br />Clinic Supervisors780 492-5407/8061<br />Corbett Hall Early Education Program (CHEEP)780 492-5081<br />Materials Room Clerk, Shelley Richmond780 248-1601<br />Rehabilitation Medicine Satellite<br />604 College Plaza780 492-8594<br />SPORT AND ACTIVITY CAMPS<br />(see Physical Education & Recreation, Faculty of)780 492-2231<br />STAFF AND STUDENT PAYMENTS<br />(see Human Resource Services)<br />STANDARDIZED PATIENT PROGRAM<br />(see Health Sciences Education & Research Commons)780 492-6182<br />STATISTICS CENTRE<br />632 Central Academic Bldg<br />www.stat.ualberta.ca/stat_centre/<br />Director, E Gombay780 492-3396<br />STEADWARD CENTRE, THE<br />W1-67 Van VlietFAX 780 492-7161<br />Reception780 492-3182<br />Founder & Honorary President, Dr RD Steadward780 492-7298<br />Acting Executive Director/Program Director, Karen Slater780 492-7158<br />Financial Administrator780 492-7298<br />Transition Coordinator780 492-9389<br />Athlete Development780 492-2679<br />Adapted Fitness Program for Adults:<br />U of A780 492-9236/8339<br />Austin O’Brien Satellite Site780 466-7334<br />Free2BMe Physical Activity Program for Kids & Teens780 492-7091/8269<br />STRATEGIC ANALYSIS<br />1204 College Plaza<br />www.ualberta.ca/strategicdataFAX 780 492-2230<br />Sr Research Analyst, Dale Olausen 780 492-0254<br />Research & Communications Analyst780 492-6031<br />Research Analyst780 492-7478<br />Research Systems Analyst, Jim Doran780 492-7753<br />Academic Analyst, Steve Nicely 780 492-3631<br />Director780 492-9063<br />STUDENT AWARDS <br />Undergraduate Awards (see Registrar & Student Awards)780 492-3221<br />Graduate Awards (see Graduate Studies & Research, Faculty of)780 492-3499<br />STUDENT COUNSELLING SERVICES<br />(see University Health Centre)<br />STUDENT FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION CENTRE<br />(see Student Financial Resources Centre)780 492-3483<br />STUDENT FINANCIAL RESOURCES CENTRE<br />1-80 SUB780 492-3483<br />FAX 780 492-9607<br />University Bursaries And Emergency Funding<br />Office Manager, Shelley Mackay780 492-9817<br />Bursary Program Coordinator, Rachel de Leon780 492-9175<br />Student Financial Aid Information Centre<br />Director780 492-9982<br /> Director ACCESS Fund780 492-7165<br />Financial Aid Advisors780 492-3483<br />STUDENT JUDICIAL AFFAIRS, OFFICE OF<br /> 1-04 Triffo Hall 780 492-0777<br />FAX 780 492-1974<br />Director & Discipline Officer, Deborah Eerkes 780 492-5514<br />Discipline Officer, Chris Hackett780 492-1975<br />STUDENT LEGAL SERVICES OF EDMONTON<br />11011-88 Ave<br />Administration Office780 492-2226<br />Legal Education & Legal Reform780 492-2227<br />Civil Law780 492-8244<br />Family Law780 492-8244<br />Criminal Law<br />Emily Murphy House 11011-88 Ave780 492-2226<br />203, 9924 106 St780 425-3356<br />Pro Bono Students Canada780 492-8287<br />STUDENT OMBUDSERVICE<br />5-02 SUBFAX 780 492-1545<br />Reception780 492-4689<br />Ombudspersons<br />Director & University Ombudsperson, N Sharpe780 492-2965<br />University Ombudsperson, C Hollman780 248-1351<br />Graduate Ombudsperson, J MacLean780 492-9183<br />SU Director, M Mann780 492-1991<br />SU Director, E Cervantes780 492-2217<br />STUDENT SUCCESS CENTRE<br />2-300 SUB<br />Administrative Assistant, N Desaulniers780 492-5641<br />Interim Director, W Doughty780 492-0619<br />Detailed listings for the following (*)<br />are under their own alphabetical entries:<br />*Academic Support Centre780 492-2682<br /> Bursaries and Emergency Funding780 492-3483<br /> Fresh Start Program780 492-5641<br />*Math and Applied Sciences Centre780 492-6272<br />*Specialized Support and Disability Services780 492-3381<br />STUDENTS' UNION<br />www.su.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-4643<br />Executive Offices 2900 SUB780 492-4236<br />President, Nick Dehod780 492-4236<br />VP Academic, James Eastman780 492-4236<br />VP External, Aden Murphy780 492-4236<br />VP Student Life, Rory Tighe780 492-4236<br />VP Operations & Finance, Zach Fentiman780 492-4236<br />Administrative Offices 2900 SUB<br />Advocacy, Chris Henderson780 492-4241<br />General Manager, Marc Dumouchel780 492-4241<br />Room Scheduling, Wynita Ciccanti780 492-4241<br />Building Facilities, Margriet Tilroe-West780 492-4241<br />Horowitz Theatre, Dennis Franz780 492-4764<br />Theatre Stage Office, Dennis Franz780 492-4779<br />Dinwoodie Lounge, Jennifer Wanke780 492-2048<br />Student Services<br />Manager of Student Services, Jane Lee780 492-4236<br />Centre for Student Development 026 SUB, Amissa Jablonski780 492-4086<br />Orientation780 492-4086<br />Vitamin A, Torrey Dance780 492-4086<br />Campus Ambassadors, Jessica Zvonkovic780 492-1648<br />ECOS 030R SUB, Ian Moore780 492-7134<br />InfoLink: Academic & Information Services 0-26 SUB<br />Hallie Broadie780 492-4212<br />Safewalk 030E SUB, Andrea Michaud(4WALK ME) 780 492-5563<br />Student Financial Aid Info Centre 1-80 SUB<br />Sirina Hamilton-McGregor780 492-3483<br />Student Groups Services 040W SUB, Lana Cuthbertson780 492-9789<br />Student Distress Centre 030N SUB, Shoghi Nikoo780 492-4268<br />Student Distress Centre Client Line, Shoghi Nikoo(492-HELP) 780 492-4357<br />Student OmbudService 5-02 SUB, Michelle Mann780 492-4689<br />U of A Campus Food Bank 040J SUB, Meaghan Goebel780 492-8677<br />Su Businesses<br />Cram Dunk Main Fl SUB, Jerry Daley780 492-2090<br />Juicy Main Fl SUB, Jerry Daley780 492-2090<br />L'Express Deli & Catering, Jerry Daley780 492-2090<br />Postal Outlet Main Fl SUB, Elizabeth Tidswell780 492-7716<br />Dewey’s, Jerry Daley780 492-3101<br />SUBPrint Lower Level SUB, Susan Fleet780 492-9113<br />Room At The Top (RATT) 7th Fl SUB, Maureen Jensen780 492-2153<br />SUBmart Main Fl SUB, Elizabeth Tidswell780 492-3407<br />SUBtitles 0-22 SUB, Elizabeth Tidswell780 492-9744 <br />STUDENTS' UNION AND COMMUNITY DAY CARE<br />(see Child Care-Student’s Union & Community Day Care)780 492-2245<br />STUDIO THEATRE BOX OFFICE<br />Rm 101 Timms Centre780 492-2495<br />STUTTERING TREATMENT AND RESEARCH, INSTITUTE FOR<br />(see Institute for Stuttering Treatment & Research)<br />SUPPLY MANAGEMENT SERVICES<br />Materials Mgmt <br />www.sms.ualberta.ca<br />FAX Listings:<br />Procurement & Contract ManagementFAX 780 492-0607<br />Distribution OperationsFAX 780 492-8268<br />CustomsFAX 780 492-0607<br />SurplusFAX 780 492-1852<br />Receptionist780 492-4668<br />AVP, Finance & Supply Mgmt Services, Martin Coutts780 492-3436<br />Director, Procurement & Contract Mgmt, Brian Stewart780 492-2775<br />Director, Logistics & Business Services, Jody Brookwell780 492-4638<br />Office Manager, Colette Sych780 492-5438<br />Compliance Auditor, Pat St Jean780 492-2501<br />LOGISTICS AND BUSINESS SERVICES<br />LOGISTICS780 492-4122<br />Manager, Phil Webb780 492-5133<br />Distribution Services<br />Supervisor, Kris Urbanczyk780 492-6760<br />Dispatcher780 492-4122<br />Receiving780 492-3228<br />Shipping780 492-4121<br />Equipment Services<br />Jen Homer780 492-8899<br />Mail Services<br />Supervisor, Leslie Sauter780 492-4732<br />Surplus Assets Disposal and Warehouse Services<br />Supervisor, Mack Poholko780 492-1226<br />Used Furniture/Storage, Paul Kroeker780 492-0415<br />Surplus Assets Disposal, Tim Southernwood780 492-5393<br />business Services<br />Manager, Nicole Fluet780 492-6849<br />Team Leads:<br />Wendy Gammon780 492-4744<br />Linda Schneider780 492-5459<br />Customs<br />Customs Coordinator, Chad Alexander780 492-3435<br />Customs Compliance Coordinator, Rowayne Salvador780 492-0982<br />Invoice Payment Inquiries, Bonnie Shannon780 492-4136<br />SUPPLIER PAYMENT SERVICES<br />Payment Processing<br />Help Desk780 492-2872<br />helpdeskpayables@sms.ualberta.ca<br />Travel services<br />Manager, Linda Warner780 492-3275<br />Processing Inquiries, Linda Schneider780 492-5459<br />PROCUREMENT AND CONTRACT MANAGEMENT<br />Design and Construction<br />Manager, John Andrusiak780 492-6189<br />Contracting Specialist, Chris Miller780 492-2250<br />Contracting Specialist, Jim Bobryk780 492-4681<br />Contracting Specialist, Brian Deines780 492-3282<br />Support, Paulette Diduck780 492-6188<br />Procurement Services<br />Manager, Wendy Abel780 492-3786<br />Procurement Specialist, Norbert Brinkmann780 492-5005<br />Procurement Specialist, Paul Wain780 492-7743<br />Procurement Specialist, Eileen Anderson780 492-0911<br />Contracting Specialist, Tammy Froehler780 492-6501<br />Senior Supply Consultant, Jenn Nelson780 492-4677<br />Senior Supply Consultant, Donna Taday780 492-2738<br />Senior Supply Consultant, Jennifer O’Brien780 492-3497<br />Senior Supply Consultant, Marg Boyer780 492-2034<br />Corporate Purchasing Card Administrator, Barb Hubbard780 492-7366<br />Supply Consultant, Tara Paterok780 492-6190<br />Support, Cathy Pearson780 492-1089<br />Support, Janet Fermaniuk780 492-8564<br />SURGERY<br />2D1.02 W Mackenzie Hlth Sci Centre780 407-6605<br />FAX 780 407-7394<br />Chair, DM Hedden780 407-6605<br />Acting Admin Officer, Diane Titley780 407-6898<br />Fund Development, Sue McCoy780 407-2140<br />Graduate Studies, T Churchill780 407-3697<br />Surgical Research, EE Tredget780 407-6979<br />Neurosurgery, K Aronyk780 407-6870<br />Orthopaedic Surgery, DD Otto780 735-5709<br />Otolaryngology, H Seikaly780 407-3691<br />Plastic Surgery, G Wilkes780 483-6400<br />Urological Surgery, MP Chetner780 441-2579<br />Cardiac Surgery, A Koshal780 407-8058<br />General Surgery, DW Williams780 407-7815<br />Thoracic Surgery, K Stewart780 735-4243<br />Pediatric Surgery, Wm Cole780 407-7002<br />SURGICAL-MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE<br />140 Heritage Med Research Centre780 492-3083<br />www.ualberta.ca/~smri/SMRI.htmFAX 780 492-1627<br />Director, RV Rajotte780 492-1212<br />Manager, G Olson780 492-3083<br />Surgery OR Suites780 492-3595/3605<br />SUSTAINABILITY, OFFICE OF<br />(see Facilities and Operations)<br />SWITCHBOARD<br />333 General Services0<br />T<br />TEC EDMONTON<br />4th Fl Enterprise Sq<br />www.tecedmonton.com<br />info@tecedmonton.comFAX 780 492-7876<br />Reception, Audrey Dolinski780 492-8977<br />CEO, Chris Lumb780 492-8318<br />COO, Pamela Freeman780 492-0817<br />Legal AND Intellectual Property<br />Sr Legal Counsel, Technology Commercialization,<br />Laine Woollard QC780 492-2687<br />Manager, Intellectual Property, Brenda Service780 492-1584<br />IP Assistant, Darlene Kramps780 492-9498<br />Legal Executive Assistant, Brenda Holt780 492-9740<br />Technology Transfer<br />Director, Jayant Kumar780 492-9806<br />Administrative Assistant, Charlotte Cave780 492-2882<br />AHFMR ForeFront MBA Studentship Award, Kiersten Stead780 492-2494<br />Health Sciences<br />Manager, Joanna Preston780 492-7120<br />Officer, Bindi Ferguson780 492-7087<br />Officer, Farid Foroud780 492-1506<br />Natural Science and Engineering<br />Manager, Darrell Petras780 492-9913<br />Officer, Vicki Lui780 492-0230<br />Officer, Navid Hemmati780 492-8532<br />Officer, Alessandro Vena780 492-9640<br />bUSINESS Development<br />Executive Vice President, Randy Yatscoff780 492-5744<br />Manager, Andrew Pryor780 492-9808<br />Coordinator, Joy Hughes780 492-9804<br />Administrative Assistant, Shelley McDonald780 492-6903<br />AHFMR ForeFront MBA Studentship Award, Kiersten Stead780 492-2494<br />Business Development Associate, Rohit Mittal780 248-5879<br />Business Development Associate, Colin Coros780 492-9123<br />Business Development Associate, Gigi Ho780 248-5882<br />Business Development Associate, Ian Forsythe780 492-9120<br />Business Development Associate, Dean Zaragoza780 492-7377<br />TEC Source Manager, Hugh Wyatt780 492-7042<br />Executive in Residence, Denis Taschuk780 248-1994<br />Executive in Residence, Bern Philip780 492-8977<br />Executive in Residence, Jason Randhawa780 492-8977<br />Executive in Residence, Reg Joseph780 248-1061<br />Executive in Residence, Shaheel Hooda780 492-4049<br />Entrepreneur in Residence, Steve Jakeway780 492-9126<br />STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP<br />Manager, Lorena Forster780 492-6254<br />Manager, TEC Student Entrepreneurship, Nancy Collier780 248-1060<br />Alberta Deal Generator<br />Executive Director, Ken Gordon780 492-9122<br />Administrative Assistant, Linda MacInnis780 248-5886<br />Venture Prize<br />Coordinator, Kendel Ferrier780 492-8857<br />Administrative Assistant, Linda MacInnis780 248-5886<br />Finance and Administration<br />Controller, Cindy McKay780 492-3129<br />Financial Assistant, Brittany Pierce780 492-9910<br />COMMUNICATIONS<br />Communications/Marketing Manager, Nadia Andersen780 492-1865<br />TEC CENTRE<br />Manager, Alexandra Bayley780 492-3149<br />TECHNOLOGY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND COMPANY<br />DEVELOPMENT<br />(see TEC Edmonton)<br />TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION, DIVISION OF<br />(see Education, Division of Technology) <br />TECHNOLOGY TRAINING CENTRE<br />B-11 Cameron780 492-1397<br />www.ualberta.ca/trainingFAX 780 492-7487<br />training@ualberta.ca<br />Director, K De Long780 492-7675<br />Manager, Kevin Moffitt780 492-1397<br />Learning Solutions Coordinator, Sandy Robertson780 492-7463<br />Communications Coordinator, Kajan Kilar780 492-7463<br />TEXTILE ANALYSIS SERVICE<br />B19 Human Ecology780 492-7677<br />TIMMS CENTRE FOR THE ARTS<br />Rental Information & Bookings780 492-2273<br />TRADEMARKS AND LICENSING<br />(see Marketing and Communications)780 492-9036<br />TRAVEL CUTS<br />Main Fl SUB780 492-2592<br />univ_ualberta@travelcuts.com<br />TRAVEL<br />(see Supply Management Services)780 492-3275<br />University Travel Agent780 492-7000<br />U<br />UAPPOL<br />(see Policy Standards Office)<br />UHC PHARMACY<br />(see University Health Centre)<br />UHC STUDENT COUNSELLING<br />(see University Health Centre)<br />UKRAINIAN FOLKLORE CENTRE <br />(see Kule Folklore Centre)<br />UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT SERVICES <br />(see Education, Faculty of)<br />UNITARIAN CAMPUS MINISTRY<br />(see Chaplains)<br />UNITED CHURCH CAMPUS MINISTRY<br />(see Chaplains)<br />UNIVERSITY BURSARIES AND EMERGENCY FUNDING<br />(see Student Financial Resources Centre)780 492-3483<br />UNIVERSITY GOVERNANCE<br />www.ualberta.ca/GOVERNANCE<br />Chair, Board of Governors, Brian Heidecker780 492-4951<br />Chair, General Faculties Council, Indira Samarasekera780 492-3212<br />University Governance 3-20 Unversity Hall780 492-4262/4965<br />Governance Staff<br />University Secretary, Marion Haggarty-France780 492-1745<br />Director of General Faculties Council Services &<br />Secretary to GFC, Garry Bodnar780 492-4733<br />Manager of Board Services & Secretary to<br />the Board of Governors, Joan Burke780 492-9699<br />Associate Secretary to GFC, Marlene Lewis780 492-1938<br />Assistant Secretary to the Board of Governors,<br />Juli Zinken780 492-4715<br />Acting Assistant Secretary to GFC, Deborah Holloway780 492-1937<br />Appeals Coordinator, Iva Spence780 492-2655<br />Office Manager, Lindi Carter780 492-4780<br />Governance Assistant, Kyla Amrhein780 492-4965<br />Governance Assistant, Jon Buck780 492-4262<br />UNIVERSITY HEALTH CENTRE<br />2nd Fl SUBFAX 780 492-0172<br />Information780 492-2612<br />ADMINISTRATION<br />Director, Dr Donna Cave780 492-0864<br />Admin Support Specialist, Nicole Bartha780 492-0864<br />Assistant Director, Kevin Friese780 492-0769<br />Team Leader, Lorrie Killips780 492-0583<br />Financial Support Specialist, Margaret Matala780 492-0617<br />NURSING<br />Team Leader, Marlene Rhodenizer780 492-8616<br />HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAM<br />Team Leader, Jameela Murji780 492-1201<br />Uhc Pharmacy Bookstore, SUB780 492-2634<br />Team Leader, Mary Vetsch780 492-1065<br />Uhc Psychiatry and Counselling 2-600 SUB<br />Team Leader, Steve Knish780 492-0378<br />Psychiatry, Carrie Delaney780 492-5220<br />Counselling, Barb Goakery780 492-5205<br />PHYSICIANS<br />Team Leader, Nancy Cheng780 492-2629<br />UNIVERSITY MAP COLLECTION<br />(see Libraries-Research and Special Collections Services-<br />William C Wonders Map Collection)780 492-3433<br />UNIVERSITY MIXED CHORUS780 492-9606<br />UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA ARCHIVES (BARD)<br />8170-50 St780 248-1300<br />www.ualberta.ca/ARCHIVES/<br />archives@ualberta.caFAX 780 248-1444<br />Administration (see University of Alberta Museums)<br />University Archivist780 248-1301<br />Associate Archivist (University Records), James Franks780 248-1304<br />Associate Archivist (Private Records), Raymond Frogner780 248-1302<br />UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA HOSPITALS<br />8440-112 St780 407-8822<br />www.capitalhealth.caFAX 780 407-7418<br />Administration780 407-8888<br />Health Link(408-LINK) 780 408-5465<br />UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA INTERNATIONAL<br />www.international.ualberta.ca<br />Office Of The Vice-Provost & Associate<br />Vice-President (International)780 492-3600<br />3-600 Enterprise SquareFAX 780 492-1488<br />Vice-Provost & AVP (International), Britta Baron780 492-5104<br />Communications Coordinator, Darryl Markus780 492-4974<br />Executive Assistant to the Vice-Provost, Angela Welch780 492-2958<br />Budget & Finance Supervisor, Joan Wigmore780 492-8563<br />Financial Administrator, Margarita Bizina780 492-5762<br />LAN Administrator, Brad Perich780 492-8403<br />Education Abroad Program780 492-6040<br />8920 HUB International/3-600 Enterprise SquareFAX 780 492-6213<br />Associate Director, Zhi Jones780 492-5277<br />University Advisor on International Educational Experiences,<br />Wayne Renke780 492-6076<br />Internship Manager, Education Abroad Program,<br />Sherilyn Trompetter780 492-1407<br />International Internship & Research Placements<br />Coordinator, Melody Asdaghi780 492-1578<br />Student Mobility Communications & Asia Exchanges<br />Coordinator, Jennifer Woronuk780 492-1136<br />Faculty Led & Short Term Programs Coordinator,<br />Caroline Lawson780 492-6215<br />Global Education Program<br />3-600 Enterprise SquareFAX 780 492-1488<br />Coordinators:<br />Eilis Pourbaix780 492-6442<br />Leslie Weigl780 492-1604<br />International Centre780 492-2692<br />172 HUB InternationalFAX 780 492-1134<br />Human Resources & Office Coordinator, Sharon Schultz780 492-1132<br />Information Assistant/Receptionist, Pooneh Forooghi780 492-2692<br />International Student Services<br />172 HUB InternationalFAX 780 492-1134<br />Director, Doug Weir780 492-5396<br />Associate Director, Kumarie Achaibar-Morrison780 248-1325<br />Advisors:<br />Lubna Ahmad780 492-8064<br />Raymond Matthias780 492-6738<br />Work Programs Coordinator, Ashley Hunka780 492-5228<br />Manager, Sponsored Student Program, Dan Fredrick780 248-1260<br /> Student Coordinator, Sponsored Student Program,<br />Khadija Jetha780 492-1579<br />VSCP Manager, Gretchen Phillips780 492-7884<br />VSCP Student Advisor, Rod Loyola780 492-6194<br />International Relations AND Recruitment<br />3-600 Enterprise SquareFAX 780 492-1488<br />Director & Assistant Vice-Provost (International), Cen Huang780 492-0821<br />Assistant Director, Recruitment Services, John Soltice780 492-6447<br />Communications & Marketing Coordinator,<br />Julia Bourque780 492-6448<br />International Partnership Coordinator, Sean Malden780 492-8398<br />Regional Manager (Americas), Cristian Gonzalez-Paez780 492-2745<br />Recruitment Coordinator (Americas), Isabela Varela780 492-7104<br />Regional Manager (Asia), Danielle Scott780 492-9955<br />Recruitment Coordinator (Asia), Joanna Gill780 492-0120<br />Recruitment Coordinator (Asia), Jinjia Xu780 492-6032<br />Regional Manager (Middle East & Africa), Sky McLaughlin780 492-1482<br />Recruitment Services Assistant, Ami Fujimoto780 492-4094<br />UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA MUSEUMS <br />Ring House 1780 492-5834<br />www.museums.ualberta.ca<br />museums@ualberta.caFAX 780 492-6185<br />Executive Director, Janine Andrews780 492-0783<br />Associate Director, Frannie Blondheim780 492-2642<br />Administrative Coordinator, Christina Marocco780 492-5818<br />Administrative Assistant780 492-5834<br />Systems Administrator, Denis La France780 492-7958<br />Curator, University Art Collection, Jim Corrigan780 492-0779<br />Curator, Mactaggart Art Collection, Lisa Claypool780 492-7189<br />Collections Assistant, Tom Hunter780 492-6991<br />Collections Assistant, UAAC/Mactaggart, Danielle Gajewski780 492-4385<br />Collections Management Advisor780 492-6271<br />Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Jennifer Kuchta780 492-3802<br />Exhibitions & Outreach Manager, Ellen Cunningham780 492-0781<br />Info Management Advisor, Jim Whittome780 492-3871<br />Museum Education Coordinator, Stephanie Nemcsok780 492-9700<br />Museums Policy Advisor, Helen Chimirri-Russell780 492-7480<br />Special Project Assistant, Holly Sykora780 492-9369<br />Web Application Developer, Kyle Schmidt780 492-0653<br />Print Study Centre 3-78 Fine Arts780 492-6991<br />Gallery A TELUS Centre780 492-5834<br />UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA PRESS<br />Ring House 2<br />www.uap.ualberta.caFAX 780 492-0719<br />General Office, Sharon Wilson780 492-3662<br />Director, Linda Cameron780 492-0717<br />Senior Editor (Acquisitions), Peter Midgley780 492-7714<br />Editor (Production), Mary Lou Roy780 492-9488<br />Editorial Assistant, Duncan Turner780 492-4945<br />Design/Production, Alan Brownoff780 492-8285<br />Sales/Marketing:<br />Manager, Cathie Crooks780 492-5820<br />Assistant, Jeff Carpenter780 492-7493<br />Shipping/Receiving, Duncan Turner780 492-4945<br />UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA PROTECTIVE SERVICES<br />Education Car Park<br />www.css.ualberta.caFax (24 Hrs) 780 492-0793<br />EMERGENCY (24 Hrs)911<br />General Inquiries/Complaints (24 Hrs)780 492-5050<br />Lost & Found780 492-5050<br />Director, Bill Mowbray780 492-5136<br />Operations Manager, Al Belanger780 492-0790<br />Alarm Coordinator, Dwight Bozak780 492-0791<br />Professional Standards, Grace Berry780 492-5957<br />Professional Standards, Jim Newman780 492-9254<br />Training & Support, Tony Larson780 492-8782<br />Community & Crime Prevention,<br />Jerome Donahue, Stephanie Hartwig780 492-5050<br />UNIVERSITY SECRETARIAT<br />(see University Governance)<br />UNIVERSITY STUDENT SERVICES<br />Detailed listings for the following (*)<br />are under their own alphabetical entries:<br />*Aboriginal Student Services Centre780 492-5677<br />*Academic Support Centre780 492-2682<br /> Augustana Student & Residence Services780 679-1163<br /> Bursaries and Emergency Funding780 492-3483<br />*CAPS: Your U of A Career Centre780 492-4291<br />*Dean of Students, Office of the780 492-4145<br />*Math and Applied Sciences Centre780 492-6272<br /> Residence Services780 492-4242<br />*Sexual Assault Centre780 492-9771<br />*Specialized Support and Disability Services780 492-3381<br />*Student OmbudService780 492-4689<br /> Student Counselling Services780 492-5205<br />*Student Financial Resources Centre780 492-3483<br /> *Student Success Centre780 492-5641<br />*University Health Centre780 492-2612<br />UNIVERSITY TEACHING SERVICES<br />(see Centre for Teaching and Learning)780 492-2826<br />UNIVERSITY VETERINARIAN<br />(see Research Ethics Office)<br />UTILITIES <br />4th Fl General Services<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/utilities<br />General Inquiries780 492-4261<br />Executive Director, Agnelo da Silva780 492-4071<br />Director, Mike Kohlenberg780 492-3126<br />Engineer, Laurel Acton780 492-4963<br />Admin Assistant780 492-4046<br />Utility Services Manager, Information & Control Systems,<br />Terry Nonay780 492-4017<br />Utility Services Manager, Electrical, David Roh780 492-4021<br />Engineer, Lorne Clark780 492-6926<br />Accounting, Debbie Thierman780 492-4034<br />V<br />VEHICLE POOL<br />(see Facilities and Operations)780 492-1920<br />VICE-PRESIDENT (ACADEMIC) AND PROVOST<br />(see Provost and Vice-President (Academic))<br />VICE-PRESIDENT (EXTERNAL RELATIONS)<br />3-5 University Hall<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/er/FAX 780 492-9453<br />Vice-President, External Relations,<br />Debra Pozega Osburn 3-5A U Hall780 492-1583<br />Associate Vice-President, Deb Hammacher 6-68 GSB780 492-8458<br />Associate Vice-President, Karen Wichuk 3-14A U Hall780 492-6590<br />Senior Administrative Officer, Kelly Spencer 3-7A U Hall780 492-0330<br />Human Resources Manager 3-7B U Hall780 248-1939<br />Senior Issues & Communication Manager, Anne Bailey<br />3-5B U Hall780 492-3424<br />Executive Coordinator to the VP, Annette Bell 3-5 U Hall780 492-4419<br />Finance & Planning Coordinator, Nicole Bosma 3-13A U Hall780 492-7470<br />External Relations Assistant 3-13 U Hall780 492-6533<br />Information and Initiatives Coordinator, Kyla Dahlgren 3-7 U Hall780 492-9698<br />VICE-PRESIDENT (FACILITIES AND OPERATIONS)<br />1-3 University Hall<br />www.ualberta.ca/vpfacilitiesFAX 780 492-1439<br />Vice-President (Facilities & Operations), Don Hickey780 492-9238<br />Senior Administrative Officer, Mary Paul780 492-6171<br />Executive Coordinator to the VP, Sharon Mussolum780 492-3645<br />Issues & Communications Officer, Jason Cobb780 492-2845<br />Information & Initiatives Coordinator, Cheryl Ford780 492-0813<br />Administrative Clerk/Records Coordinator, Krystle Bennett780 492-9506<br />VICE-PRESIDENT (FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION)<br />1-3 University Hall<br />www.cs.ualberta.ca/VPFINANCEFAX 780 492-1439<br />Vice-President (Finance & Administration), Phyllis Clark780 492-5354<br />Senior Administrative Officer, Sandra Kereliuk780 492-3540<br />Executive Coordinator to the Vice-President, Tina Soloducha780 492-2657<br />Administrative & Financial Coordinator, June Leister780 492-4694<br />Issues & Communications Manager to the Vice-Presidents,<br />Jason Cobb780 492-2845<br />Associate Vice-President (Audit & Analysis), Mary Persson780 492-4762<br />VICE-PRESIDENT (RESEARCH)<br />1-20 University Hall<br />www.ualberta.ca/vpresearchFAX 780 492-3189<br />Vice-President (Research), L Babiuk780 492-5353<br />Executive Coordinator, J Walker780 492-5355<br />Associate Vice-President (Research), R Fedorak780 492-2918<br />Associate Vice-President (Research), R Elio780 492-3579<br />Associate Vice-President (Research), G Pavlich780 492-5320<br />Executive Coordinator, D Currie780 492-5335<br />Senior Administrative Officer, K Moore780 492-0868<br />Administrative Officer, A Kujda780 492-8342<br />Administrative & Special Projects Officer, D Epp780 492-4730<br />Research Awards Coord/Data Analyst, K Ballash780 492-6877<br />Research Partnerships Officer, C Swindlehurst780 492-9624<br />Communications/Events Officer, K Garnsworthy780 492-8885<br />VIDEO PRODUCTION CENTRE<br />4-234 Enterprise Square<br />Manager, Don Spence780 492-4962<br />VISUAL IDENTITY PROGRAM<br />(see Marketing and Communications)780 492-9036<br />W<br />WEB SERVICES<br />(see Marketing and Communications)780 492-9036<br />WEIR MEMORIAL LAW LIBRARY<br />(see Libraries-Law Library)780 492-3371<br />WILLIAM C WONDERS MAP COLLECTION<br />(see Libraries-Research and Special Collections Services)780 492-3433<br />WIRTH INSTITUTE FOR AUSTRIAN AND CENTRAL<br /> EUROPEAN STUDIES<br />300 Arts BldgFAX 780 492-4340<br />Director, Franz Szabo780 492-1444<br />Executive Manager, Sylwia Adam-Ross780 492-2716<br />Administrative Assistant, Leslie Best780 492-1444<br />WISEST<br />(see Women in Scholarship Engineering Science<br />& Technology)<br />WOMEN IN SCHOLARSHIP ENGINEERING SCIENCE <br />AND TECHNOLOGY (WISEST)<br />295 Central Academic Bldg<br />www.wisest.ualberta.ca/FAX 780 492-2990<br />Vice-Chair, Dr Denise Hemmings 227B HMRC780 492-2098<br />Coordinator, Grace Ennis 295 CAB780 492-1842<br />Assistant Coordinator, Kerry Humphrey 295 CAB780 492-7774<br />Outreach Coordinator, Jen Duffy 1059 RTF780-492-0726<br />WOMEN'S STUDIES PROGRAM<br />1-17 Assiniboia Hall<br />www.uofaweb.ualberta.ca/womensstudies/FAX 780 248-1185<br />Chair, Dr Jo-Ann Wallace780 492-0593<br />Assistant Chair, Administration, J McKinnon780 492-0130<br />Program Administrator, S MacKenzie780 248-1192<br />WRITING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM<br />(see Writing Initiatives)780 492-2639<br />WRITING INITIATIVES<br />1-42 Assiniboia Hall780 492-2639<br />FAX 780 248-1373<br />Director, Dr Betsy ME Sargent780 492-0457<br />Administrative Assistant, M Bolstler780 492-7322<br />Technician & Applications Developer, M Ru’Aini780 492-4272<br />CENTRE FOR WRITERS780 492-2639<br />Director, Dr L Moussu780 492-9582<br />WRITING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM780 492-2639<br />Director, Dr R Graves780 492-2169<br />WRITING STUDIES780 492-9557<br />Acting Director, Dr Betsy ME Sargent780 492-0457<br />WRITING RESOURCES<br />(see Academic Support Centre)<br />WRITING STUDIES<br />(see Interdisciplinary Studies, Office of)780 492-9557<br />