Post modernism1


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Post modernism1

  1. 1. What theory are we studying toda
  2. 2. What theory are we studying today?
  3. 3. What theory are we studying today?
  4. 4. What theory are we studying today?
  5. 5. What strand of the theory does this demonstrate?
  6. 6. What strand of the theory does this demonstrate?
  7. 7. What strand of the theory does this demonstrate?
  8. 8. What strand of the theory does this demonstrate?
  9. 9. Applying Postmodernism Post Modernism is the stage where art had to be deconstructed to evolve and develop. The overarching census is that once all ideas had been created, They had to be deconstructed, swapped around and mixed together. -Parody -Hybridity -Homage -Hyper reality
  10. 10. Parody A parody is a twisted imitation of another artistic work. Some aspects may be exaggerated, and others downplayed. A parody uses a cine-literate audience’s knowledge for usually, comedic effect. Parodies could not exist without the texts that came before.
  11. 11. Hybridity The period of modernism put art into fixed boxes with separate identities, we now define this as genre. The theory of post modernism believes these boxes/genres have blended.
  12. 12. Homage Homage is defined as a special honor or tribute paid in public. In film this could be one director honoring their visual or conceptual influences.
  13. 13. Hyperreality Hyperreality is the inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality. The theory states what is fiction and real are so diluted, reality can no longer be defined. The Media is often criticised for creating a so called Hyper reality.
  14. 14. Applying Postmodernism The troubling factor about the theory is, what happens when we mix, parody or pay homage to already post modern texts? Are we already doing this? What would this be called? Post- Post Modernism?
  15. 15. Task Each group will research into one particular strand of post modernism to progress our knowledge deeper. Each task has a resource and guidance. 15 minutes on each task and then we will rotate.
  16. 16. Jack Michael. M Rose Rhian Ella Yasmin Leah Romany Danny McCauley Conor Hybridity Jordan Megan Michael. B Rhian Hyperreality Hybridity Chloe Evie Tom Sarah Homage/Parody Homage/Parody Hybridity Hybridity Homage/Parody Hyperreality Hybridity
  17. 17. Review
  18. 18. Intertextuality Intertextuality is using a previous text to add value to your own work. Media that is classified as intertextual often owes more to other texts than to their own makers. Texts provide contexts within which other texts may be created and interpreted
  19. 19. Task - In groups What films are the following 2 advertisements intertextual with? What qualities does this add to the brand?
  20. 20. Intertextuality Intertextuality in advertising is a clever way of getting your message across quickly. The brands take positive audience associations and connotations from previous texts and adds it to their own. This is often present in advertising to help sell products.
  21. 21. Task Using Youtube, find an example of an advertisement that is intertexual with a film, which helps sell the product. Result, video and justifications to be recorded on blog.