Lady Gaga - Born this way


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Lady Gaga - Born this way

  1. 1. The world of the celebrity and Social Media • Have any of your decisions or perhaps your behaviour, ever been influenced by a celebrity. • What celebrities do you follow on social media? • Question why you follow them? • Have you searched for a celebrity who were in fact not on certain platforms of social media?
  2. 2. Born this way Released in 2011 5 Singles released over a 8 month period. • Born This Way • Judas • The Edge of Glory • You and I • Marry the Night
  3. 3. Lady Gaga Digital technology, Internet, Marketing, Global appeal, Industry importan A pioneer in forming a parasocial relationship with her fans via social media. The music video Digital distribution and advertising Promotion of an acceptance ideology
  4. 4. Lady Gaga embraces technology to form a parasocial relationship with her fans Lady Gaga has a close relationship with fans, built by her heavily promoted ideology of self-acceptance. (find examples) Lady Gaga calls her fans “little monster’s” and herself “mother monster r” as an ironic play on the word. She enables fans to use her as a mirror to reflect upon and embrace their differences from mainstream culture. (a desirable gratification)
  5. 5. Gaga uses social media based fan interaction the same way Tesco uses a loyalty card, to encourage and reward consumers/fans via interaction, which in turn encourages them to continue to buy into the brand/artist. This strategy suggests similarity and a two way relationship. This marketing strategy has proven to be very successful. Lady Gaga embraces technology to form a parasocial relationship with her fans
  6. 6. Parasocial interaction/relationship is a term used to describe one-sided, "parasocial" interpersonal relationships in which only one party knows a great deal about the other. The most common form of such relationships are one-sided relations between celebrities and fans. A Parasocial interaction seems to be required nowadays to enable a singer to turn into a pop star. Modern audiences demand, via instant technology, access into private lives and personalities. Shows like the X factor pay attention to this desire and provide 12-14 weeks of us getting to know the winner. Some writers believe we gain aspiration and self esteem from an exotic lifestyle but at the same time demand some realism. Norma Jeane Mortenson
  7. 7. Examples of Lady Gaga rewarding fans who are buying into her brand.
  8. 8. Examples of Lady Gaga rewarding fans who are buying into her brand.
  9. 9. Beliebers Justin Bieber Directioners One Direction Barbies Nicki Minaj Katy Kats Katy Perry Wayniacs Lil Wayne Smilers Miley Cyrus She is widely recognized as a pioneer for her use of online and social media to publicize her work and connect with fans
  10. 10. Is their proof this parasocial relationship sells music? Born this way topped the charts in 23 countries. The single set an iTunes record for selling one million copies in five day Lady Gaga has sold 16.5 million albums and 29.5 million digital singles Her popularity is illustrated by her record-breaking following on Facebook, 57m fans. 1.2 billion Youtube views for offical Lady Gaga content. “Lady Gaga has cultivated a large, lively, and loyal following” (Daily mail)
  11. 11. Unlike the past we desire everything when it come to celebrities. We desire the glamour and the real. The act and the person.Celebrities have cashed in on this via social media. Artists create a sense of intimacy by sharing what appears to be personal information with fans, using language, cultural references or “private” images to increase the sense of affiliation.
  12. 12. Marketing experts reckon 'Born This Way' star makes a third of her cash through social media site. The Wall Street Journal claims that the 'Born This Way' star has built up such a strong relationship with her followers on the social media site that it is worth one third of the reported $90 million (£56.9 million) that she made last year. Marketing manager John Bonini, who works for Impact Branding & Design, claimed that the publicity and direct connection the singer has developed with her admirers through the site helps boost her earning potential, as well as ensuring that her fanbase purchase her music rather than download it illegally. He added "She really engages them and re-tweets stuff they say as if she was one of them".
  13. 13. In March 2012, Gaga launched an invite- only social networking site for her fans, On the site, users can download Gaga’s music, buy tickets for her shows, communicate with each other, and, on occasion, talk to Lady Gaga herself (“Little Monster Mash”). Give the people what they want
  14. 14. Lady Gaga advertises and sells via the the most popular digital music platform of all, I-tunes. Remember, prime positioning costs. Digital distribution and advertising
  15. 15. Use of the Music video Lady Gaga released a music video for all 5 singles. These videos are flamboyant, often contain a extended narrative. The videos feature the themes of sexuality, outsider art and flamboyant fashion but above all they express individuality and acceptance.