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  • 1. •  Summarise your research into five sentences (aim findings). •  Each sentence becomes your topic for five paragraphs. •  In each paragraph, explain exactly where you have applied these findings and allowed them to influence your mode of address. •  Refer to facts and figures/quotations, where you can.  Also refer to media theory, if relevant. •  If you have subverted your research – you must explain why! (Negative stereotypes perhaps?) Evaluation Guidance   Friday – 10:00 -1:00 College services
  • 2. My investigation explored if the action genre had evolved in relation to the two texts James Bond, Goldfinger and The Bourne Identity. I created 1 DVD cover and 1 film poster which were influenced by my findings.   Example
  • 3. I discovered that the action genre is still male dominated and females are under represented and often represented in stereotypical gender roles.   Representation This influenced my production as I adhered to this type of gender representation in my print texts. I ensured the male character dominated the poster and clearly came across as the protagonist. I also constructed the male body language to be strong and confident and female body language and facial expressions to be vulnerable, worried or subtly seductive.   This supports the notion of hegemonic masculinity and reinforces a culture where “men act and women appear” (Berger, 1972).  
  • 4. During my investigation I identified key iconography and mise en scene and found mainstream action films has not evolved or challenged this formulaic approach. Iconography These findings influenced and informed my production which enabled the target audience to gain the preferred reading. I ensure I had the correct iconography in my texts, such as…….these acted as signifiers that ensure an audience could decode the text as I intended.  
  • 5. My research investigation discovered the action genre’s protagonists have evolved from the classic Propp character role of the hero to the more contemporary Film Noir influenced anti hero.   Character roles I used my technical skills and knowledge to ensure my male model was lit with low key lighting to help the character connote the anti hero role. Low key lighting helps an audience decode this character type by paying homage to this Noir convention.