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Irc how to   sept 2012
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Irc how to sept 2012



Published in Technology
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  • 1. IRC How-ToCode n Splode - Sept 2012
  • 2. Agenda● Welcome● Introductions● Announcements● Talk● Questions● Splode!
  • 3. What is IRC?● Internet Relay Chat● Multi-user chat system● Users participate in group chat via "channels" or communicate privately● Constantly evolving● Its simplicity makes it powerful● There are many, many chat networks
  • 4. IRC History● Written by Jarkko Oikarinen, a BBS admin at University of Oulu in Finland● First released August 1988● Needed an improvement for existing talk feature● Modeled after Bitnet Relay for BITNET● Many specifications: RFC 1459, RFC 2810- 13, but none are official
  • 5. Tech Details● Text-based, client-server protocol● Uses TCP, typically on port 6660-6669 and 7000 (officially assigned port 194)● Each message and reply is a single line● Each chat network has at least 1 server, but can have many (in a tree structure)
  • 6. Raw IRC Messages<< JOIN #codensplode IegaThai4>> :christiek!~christiek@pdpc/supporter/active/christiekoehler JOIN#codensplode<< MODE #codensplode<< WHO #codensplode>> 332 christiek #codensplode :>> 333 christiek #codensplode akfarrell! 1345957605>> 353 christiek @ #codensplode :christiek addiemew_ephany1 kcomandich spinnerin skgolden akfarrell reidab>> 366 christiek #codensplode :End of /NAMES list.>> 315 christiek #codensplode :End of /WHO list.>> :services. 328 christiek #codensplode :
  • 7. Raw IRC Messages<< JOIN #codensplode IegaThai4>> :christiek!~christiek@pdpc/supporter/active/christiekoehler JOIN#codensplode<< MODE #codensplode Thankfully, you dont have to type<< WHO #codensplode these commands...>> 332 christiek #codensplode :>> 333 christiek #codensplode akfarrell! 1345957605 ...unless you only ever want>> 353 christiek @ #codensplode :christiek addiemew_ephany1 kcomandich spinnerin skgolden akfarrell reidab to use telnet.>> 366 christiek #codensplode :End of /NAMES list.>> 315 christiek #codensplode :End of /WHO list.>> :services. 328 christiek #codensplode :
  • 8. Terminology● Network● Client● Channel● Operator● Channel Operator● Commands
  • 9. Network● Consists of at least one server, but can consist of many servers in a spanning tree.● What your client connects to so that you can chat with others.● Each server in the tree is running IRC daemon software.● In a multi-server network, two users dont have to be on the same server to chat with one another.
  • 10. Client● Anything that connects to an IRC network that isnt a server.● Includes your chat program and bots as well.● Each client must be uniquely identified.● Messages to clients are transmitted through the server (no need for direct connection).
  • 11. Channel● A "room" that users can join and chat as a group.● Messages sent to a channel are seen by all who have currently joined that channel.● Channel names are unique and usually prefixed with hash character (#).● Channels are created when the first user joins the channel and destroyed when the last user leaves.
  • 12. Operator● A client with special privileges on a network.● Help maintain the network by adding and removing servers; adding, removing and banning (if necessary) other clients, etc.
  • 13. Channel Operator● A client with special privileges on a channel.● Help maintain the channel by removing disruptive clients, setting the topic and changing channel settings (like keywords).● If you are the first to join a channel, you are often made its operator automatically.
  • 14. Commands● Commands are how clients interact with servers.● Prefixed with a forward-slash (/).● They often take one or more arguments.● On most networks you can issue the help command for more info about any command ○ /help ○ /help <command>● Can usually run commands for one channel while in another by specifying other channel.
  • 15. Lets Connect!Freenode: SSL enabled, port 6697, 7000 or 7070List of location specific servers:
  • 16. Basic Commands● Get list of channels ○ /list ○ /list -min 30 ○ note: not recommended for large networks● List who is in a channel ○ /who ○ /who #channel● Get info about a user ○ /whois nick● Change your nickname ○ /nick newnick
  • 17. Basic Commands● Join a channel ○ /join #channel ○ /join #channel keyword● Leave (part) a channel ○ /part ○ /part #channel● Invite someone to a channel: ○ /invite nick #channel● Set away status (message optional) ○ /away message● Set returned status ○ /back
  • 18. Basic Commands● Send a private message ○ /msg nick message● Open privmsg window to a user ○ /query nick● Actions ○ /me description of action ○ produces "christiek does something" ○ always in the third person● Ignore a user ○ /ignore hostmask types options ○ some networks use nick, freenode uses hostmask
  • 19. Register with NickServ● NickServ is a service that helps manage clients on IRC networks.● Registering with NickServ preserves your nickname and is often required to do things like join channels with keywords.● To register, enter this once: ○ /msg NickServ REGISTER password● On subsequent connects, enter: ○ /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password● Record your password in a safe place!
  • 20. Register with ChanServ● Like NickServ, ChanServ is a service that helps maintain channels on IRC networks.● Registering your channels with ChanServ links you with the channel and provides a mechanism for recovering the channel should it be taken.● Usage: ○ /msg ChanServ register <channelname> <password> description_of_channel● Record that password in a safe place!
  • 21. Items not covered...● Channel management● Bouncers● Bots● DCC and filesharing● Operating an IRC network
  • 22. Thank you! Questions? Get in touch! Christie Koehler Twitter: christiekoehler Freenode: christiek