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SNWF Coca Cola Presentation

  1. 1. What is Coke doing about all this Social Networking Stuff? Michael Donnelly Group Director, Worldwide Interactive Marketing
  2. 2. History of “painting the town red”… 1.5 BILLION SERVINGS A DAY
  3. 3. Of course, Consumers remind us every day that it is THEIR brand…
  4. 4. Working from the center…
  5. 5. Social Media Marketing Learning Initiative…(SMMLI) • Collect, Learn, Analyze, Share & SCALE then REPEAT – Interviewed 23 countries – Matrix of SM Tactics – be segment, by objective and by appropriate measures – Collected 60+ Coke and 150+ competitor case studies – Lots „o Learning yielding very specific country level strategies and a baseline of understanding around the world. – Broad definition of SMM – Blogs, Social Networks, Photo Sharing, Video Sharing, Virtual Worlds, Microblogging, and more…
  6. 6. Here’s a few of those case studies… • Coca-Cola Conversations – Corp Blog • Virtual Thirst – Virtual Worlds • 007 Trivia Challenge/CokeTag/AskMyFriends – Apps • Brand Page
  7. 7. Coca-Cola Conversations • Our 1st Corporate Blog - content in a “non-commercial” way • Focused primarily on • our role in pop culture • brand history • Coke collectibles • Recently extended to a YouTube Channel
  8. 8. Virtual Worlds…
  9. 9. 007 Trivia Challenge… CokeTag ZeroZero7 Edition - Custom Quantum of Solace skin - Fully-functional and customizable CokeTag - Collectible and populated with: - Links to wallpapers, games & exclusive video - Premiere count-down - Links to official contest rules and sites - Media linking to C2A for text-to-win promotion
  10. 10. 007 Trivia Challenge Evolution to AskMyFriends… - Wall/Publisher/Notification based interactions to accommodate for redesign - Daily 007 trivia questions - Individuals respond, but need friends to do so as well to unlock correct answers - Users invite friends (active virality) to assist - Notifications and wall posts alert friends (passive virality) of the question - Unlocked answers “rank” the ad hoc team‟s performance
  11. 11. Some Quick Lessons Learned… • These platforms change frequently, and can be very disruptive and unannounced – be vigilant in maintaining your presence and updating your strategy • 3rd-party app networks can deliver efficiency and flexibility • Get beyond the “Build it & they will come” mentality…because they won’t just come • Keep it simple and intuitive – fewer objectives is better, and shorten users’ paths at every opportunity • Silly to start from zero… • “Viral” shouldn’t BE your strategy – just part of a comprehensive plan • Clear the Legal hurdles first – we underwent churn and re-work due to multiple review cycles with counsel • Always work with pros…There is no “just sticking your toe in the water”
  12. 12. Now, Let’s Talk fb Pages…Who do you think has the #1 page?
  13. 13. We are #2…at the moment… Classified - Internal use
  14. 14. These guys are on our tails…
  15. 15. We asked them to tell their story…
  16. 16. What’s Next… • We will be everywhere our consumers are in a non- BIG advertiser way…as members of these communities • We will focus on SMM (not just sn) as part of a holistic integrated marketing plan in support of BIG ideas and brand objectives • We will continue to test, learn, share, SCALE & REPEAT…again, and again, and again