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  • 1. What is Coke doing about all this Social Networking Stuff? Michael Donnelly Group Director, Worldwide Interactive Marketing
  • 2. History of “painting the town red”… 1.5 BILLION SERVINGS A DAY
  • 3. Of course, Consumers remind us every day that it is THEIR brand…
  • 4. Working from the center…
  • 5. Social Media Marketing Learning Initiative…(SMMLI) • Collect, Learn, Analyze, Share & SCALE then REPEAT – Interviewed 23 countries – Matrix of SM Tactics – be segment, by objective and by appropriate measures – Collected 60+ Coke and 150+ competitor case studies – Lots „o Learning yielding very specific country level strategies and a baseline of understanding around the world. – Broad definition of SMM – Blogs, Social Networks, Photo Sharing, Video Sharing, Virtual Worlds, Microblogging, and more…
  • 6. Here’s a few of those case studies… • Coca-Cola Conversations – Corp Blog • Virtual Thirst – Virtual Worlds • 007 Trivia Challenge/CokeTag/AskMyFriends – Apps • Brand Page
  • 7. Coca-Cola Conversations • Our 1st Corporate Blog - content in a “non-commercial” way • Focused primarily on • our role in pop culture • brand history • Coke collectibles • Recently extended to a YouTube Channel
  • 8. Virtual Worlds…
  • 9. 007 Trivia Challenge… CokeTag ZeroZero7 Edition - Custom Quantum of Solace skin - Fully-functional and customizable CokeTag - Collectible and populated with: - Links to wallpapers, games & exclusive video - Premiere count-down - Links to official contest rules and sites - Media linking to C2A for text-to-win promotion
  • 10. 007 Trivia Challenge Evolution to AskMyFriends… - Wall/Publisher/Notification based interactions to accommodate for redesign - Daily 007 trivia questions - Individuals respond, but need friends to do so as well to unlock correct answers - Users invite friends (active virality) to assist - Notifications and wall posts alert friends (passive virality) of the question - Unlocked answers “rank” the ad hoc team‟s performance
  • 11. Some Quick Lessons Learned… • These platforms change frequently, and can be very disruptive and unannounced – be vigilant in maintaining your presence and updating your strategy • 3rd-party app networks can deliver efficiency and flexibility • Get beyond the “Build it & they will come” mentality…because they won’t just come • Keep it simple and intuitive – fewer objectives is better, and shorten users’ paths at every opportunity • Silly to start from zero… • “Viral” shouldn’t BE your strategy – just part of a comprehensive plan • Clear the Legal hurdles first – we underwent churn and re-work due to multiple review cycles with counsel • Always work with pros…There is no “just sticking your toe in the water”
  • 12. Now, Let’s Talk fb Pages…Who do you think has the #1 page?
  • 13. We are #2…at the moment… Classified - Internal use
  • 14. These guys are on our tails…
  • 15. We asked them to tell their story…
  • 16. What’s Next… • We will be everywhere our consumers are in a non- BIG advertiser way…as members of these communities • We will focus on SMM (not just sn) as part of a holistic integrated marketing plan in support of BIG ideas and brand objectives • We will continue to test, learn, share, SCALE & REPEAT…again, and again, and again