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Names And Places Dutch Ca1 Names And Places Dutch Ca1 Presentation Transcript

  • Names and Places Dutch Christian Anarchists: an overview, By André de Raaij
  • Blaricum
    • Village where the first and most prominent christian anarchist colony was founded, near Laren , where Walden colony was located.
  • Jan Romein (1893-1962)
    • Dutch historian, theoretician on the fin-de-siècle, especially vitriolic on anarchists and even more on christian anarchism.
  • J.H. Lindeboom
    • Dutch theologian and church historian, author of De stiefkinderen van het Christendom (Christianity’s stepchildren).
  • De Hervorming (Reformation)
    • journal of the Nederlandsche Protestantenbond (Union of Dutch Protestants), union of modernist theologians (started 1870)
  • H.W.Ph.E. van den Bergh van Eysinga (1868-1920)
    • radical modernist Dutch minister, Tolstoyan, never becoming christian anarchist
  • H. C.J. Krijthe (1825-1902)
    • Prophet of Coevorden, modernist theologian, freethinker and anarchist
  • J.H. Gunning (1859-1951)
    • professor of modernist reformed theology, gave a series of lectures on anarchism in 1895
  • Abraham Kuijper (1837-1920)
    • started a split in the Dutch Reformed Church, called for attention for the social question, as a prime minister an enemy of the workers' movement
  • Louis A. Bähler (1867-1941)
    • main minister in the movement, never went to the colony, caused a rupture in the Dutch Reformed Church, left the ministry in 1911
  • J.K. van der Veer (1869-1928)
    • conscientious objector about whom Tolstoy wrote The end is nigh , Tolstoyan and christian anarchist, went to colonies in England and returned completely disappointed
  • Felix Ortt (1866-1959)
    • most important Dutch christian anarchist theoretician. Civil engineer, philosopher, pedagogue and much more.
    • See:
  • Frederik van Eeden (1860-1932)
    • Dutch author, friend of Ortt's, had his own colony named after Thoreau's Walden , socialist of his own kind
  • Jac. van Rees (1854-1928)
    • professor of histology, mainly financing the colony but never living there (lived very close by anyway)
  • Anne de Koe (1866-1941)
    • heavily idealist minister. Left colony very soon for Van Eeden's Walden, after leaving that colony he became a social-democrat (and a culturally important one at that)
  • S.C. Kijlstra (-1953)
    • leading reverend of the colony, becoming social-democrat after the 1903 events
  • Lod. van Mierop ( 1876-1930)
    • student of theology, left for the colony, long-time friend and fellow-activist of Felix Ortt
  • S. van den Berg
    • Jewish christian anarchist, syndicalist organizer and worker in the Rotterdam harbour, asked for assistance during a strike in 1906, which effectively marks the end of the first christian anarchist movement