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Beyoncé 3

  1. 1. BeyoncéFrom then till now…
  2. 2. Beyoncé… Basic info• Beyoncé Giselle Knowles.• Born on 4 September 1981.• Born and raised in Houston, Texas.• Genres ; R&B, Soul, Hip Hop.• Singer, Actress, Dancer.• Wife of JayZ.
  3. 3. How it all started… • Beyoncés journey to stardom started off as a mere confidence boost as her parents signed her up for after school dance class at the age of seven, from there she began to win and compete in contests.‘My main accomplishment is achieving peaceand happiness. Sometimes you think itssuccess, and you think that its being a bigstar. But I want respect, and I wantfriendship and love and laughter, and I want
  4. 4. Girl Tyme…• At the age of nine Beyoncé auditioned for a place in the girl group ‘Girl Tyme’.• Girl Tyme consisted of 6 which where; Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson, Nina & Nikki Taylor.• All ranging from 10-13 years old.• The group released songs such as ‘Killing time’ which become the soundtrack for men in black, and the all famous ‘No,No,No’• Shortly after the 6 become 4 with a new addition LaToya Luckette.• This change then creating the group ‘Destiny’s Child’
  5. 5. Destiny’s Child…• Destiny’s child consisted of 4 of members; Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson and LaToya Luckette.• Shortly After both Roberson and Luckette left, being replaced by Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin.• Farrah Franklin then left the group making it turn into a trio.• The sold over 40 million records worldwide.• Marked as one of the greatest trios worldwide.
  6. 6. Beyoncé; Solo Career… • From 2000, Beyoncé started to appear in movies such as Austin Powers Gold member, also releasing her first single ‘Work it out’. • From this Beyoncé started to star in all kinds of movies such as Fighting Temptations, The Pink Panther, and Dream Girls. • She Also released 3 solo albums to this current day ; B’Day, I Am Sasha Fierce and 4(her current album)
  7. 7. Extra…• In 2009 Beyoncé got married to Jay- Z• In November 2004 Beyoncé joined the rest of the members of Destiny’s child to create their last ever album ‘ Destiny Fulfilled.’• She has won 3 American music awards, 7 BET awards, 7 Billboards awards, 1 Brit awards, 16 Grammy awards, 5 MOBO awards,5 MTV Europe music awards, 11 MTV video awards, 2 NAACP Image awards, 7 Soul train awards, and 2 world music awards.• Also winning cosmetic awards for her fragrances.