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  • 1. M. Neri, A. Campi , R. Suffritti, F. Grimaccia, P. Sinogas, O. Guye, C. Papin, T. Michalareas, L. Gazdag, I, Rakkolainen SKYMEDIA – UAV-BASED CAPTURING OF HD/3D CONTENT WITH WSN AUGMENTATION FOR IMMERSIVE MEDIA EXPERIENCES
  • 2. Skymedia goals
    • Aims at exploring, designing, and demonstrating a novel multimedia end-to-end architecture focused on immersive media experiences to audience during live events
    • Multimedia Service Platform
      • real-time HD/3D processing
      • augmented HD/3D video
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Wireless Sensors Network (WSN) are enabling technologies
      • UAVs capture HD and 3D videos and images from the sky
      • Wireless sensors are able to acquires side-information be fused with the main audiovisual contents
  • 3. Key technologies
    • Innovative 3D coding methods with MVD (Multi-view plus Depth), to be executed in real-time
    • Advanced transcoding methods that work in real-time to filter and adapt multimedia content to different distribution networks
    • Mid-air screens materializing high resolution screens
      • By means of vaporized water
    • UAV to capture HD video and images from the sky
    • Wireless Sensors to form an Augmentation Network (WSAN) deployed on ground to enrich the multimedia content with side-information
      • To be fused with the main audiovisual content
  • 4. Conceptual Architecture
  • 5. Level Sub-System Architecture
  • 6. UAV-Based Content Capturing
    • Technical challenges
      • an unobtrusive and silent video/image capturing
      • data from a ground sensor network need to be collected and aggregated
    • Progress beyond the state-of-the-art
      • carries one or more cameras
        • Vibrations, 3D/HD real time video images (H.264/AVC)
      • kinds of sensor devices
        • , payload size, limited resources, power consumption
  • 7. Wireless Sensor Augmentation Networks and Data Fusion
    • Technical challenges
      • different types of sensors in dynamic environment with different requirements
        • sport games like soccer, rugby, athletics, or motor sports, etc.
      • aggregate data from both ground sensors and airborne sensors
        • With user generated content
    • Progress beyond the state-of-the-art
      • wireless multi-sensor network
        • multi hop network with either a single or a multi sink structure
        • energy management algorithms
        • improved network protocols
      • data fusion
        • development of tools capable of quickly managing the various datasets and of fusing data
  • 8. Multimedia Service Platform
    • Technical challenges
      • Provide real–time immersive services to end-users platforms
        • different constraints, heterogeneous input/output computing power, storage, screen resolution, user interface, sensors and actuators
    • Progress beyond the state-of-the-art
      • Collects pre-formatted multimedia data
        • view point selection and stereoscopic video enrichment and personalization
        • adaptation according to device (smartphone, HD/3D TV screen)
      • real-time management of the HD/3D (MPEG4 MVC, JPEG2000) processing in relation with WSAN data with user interactivity
        • to choose a point of view
        • metadata that are displayed on the HD/3D screen
    • Video-on-Demand is a mandatory multimedia service
  • 9. Data path for live and VoD services
  • 10. Enabled Services (1/2)
    • Real time HD video content captured from the UAV platfor over the live scene
      • Special real-time transcoding methods is needed to enrich and adapt multimedia content
        • focused on bit-rate reduction, format conversion and resolution optimization
    • Telemetry Data
      • remote measurements regarding live event players parameters
        • delivered to a number of different users
    • Location Based Services
      • Ex. touristic information
  • 11. Enabled Services (2/2)
    • Augmented Reality
      • Live capturing, time constraints are particularly stringent
      • Processing center should be coupled with efficent data gathering network
    • Immersive framework for mobile applications
      • Spatial immersion: utilizing the knowledge of users
      • Psychological immersion: offering the user an experience that is updated and related to events
      • Sensory immersion: utilizing state of the art available sensors on the handset (cameras, GPS, gyroscopes, microphones, tough UI, etc.)
  • 12. Applications and Use Cases
    • Marathon race
      • different kinds of sensors (biosensor)
        • runner’s shoes or suit, and fixed sensors and cameras placed along the marathon path
      • athlete health status, his relative position in the race, shifting from his best previous performance, deviation from the race record and so on
    • Pre-Test
      • Turin Marathon, November 2011
      • “ Tutta dritta”, April 2012
    • Final demonstration
      • Turin Marathon, November 2012
  • 13. Marathon Use Case
  • 14. Applications and Use Cases
    • Outdoor music concert
      • The active part of a concert is a small perimeter event with little movement. The audience of a big concert can, however, cover quite large an area. A freely flying UAV gives more flexibility for filming and other sensors than e.g., cameras on static balloons or on moving wire systems, which can move only very limitedly
    • Motorized sport
      • augment the experience of motorized sports fans
      • avoiding them to become bored during the race
  • 15. Conclusion
    • Multimedia architecture able to create immersive media experiences
    • Key roles
      • UAV platform, enabling content capturing from the sky
      • WSAN to collect sensor data
      • advanced Multimedia Service Platform able to manage in real-time HD/3D processing
    • The project is still ongoing
      • Main test event planned in Turin Mrathon 2012
      • Integration process has been started with preliminary encouraging results
  • 16.
    • Thanks