Access control to bit torrent swarms using closed swarms


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Access control to bit torrent swarms using closed swarms

  1. 1. Access Control to BitTorrent Swarms using Closed Swarms Dr. Njål Borch Northern research institute, Tromsø, Norway
  2. 2. Why access control? • No access control – Limited commercial possibilities • DRM – Control content, not distribution – Limits usability from end user perspective • Closed swarms – Distributed access control mechanism – Differentiated services – Control network resources
  3. 3. DRM • Manage restrictions on content • Favoured by Broadcast TV – Non-authorized users costs zero – Loss of profit if people break it • But online (unicast)? – Non-authorized user costs money – Accumulates high bandwidth cost if broken or circumvented
  4. 4. Control access to resources • Central system – Authentication service – Username/password – Fairly simple solution – Accumulates bandwidth costs • P2P system – Cost saving – Appealing scalability properties – Centralized access control on central bits – Leaking nodes • But: Both (all really) systems can experience leaking content
  5. 5. Closed Swarms – the Idea Create a flexible authentication mechanism for P2P which is both scalable and allows for experimental and innovative business models.
  6. 6. The nodes AN L
  7. 7. The Math
  8. 8. The Math
  9. 9. The Math
  10. 10. So basically... • Non-authorized nodes can be of use – They can even be explicitly allowed • Can subsidize bandwidth to selected nodes
  11. 11. The basics Proof of Access Node Key Swarm Swarm Key Node
  12. 12. The Protocol Node A - Generate and send Nonce - Send signed PoA - Verify PoA, allow upload Node B - Generate and send Nonce - Verify PoA, allow upload - Send signed PoA
  13. 13. Points • Seeds do not need to sign and send PoAs • No central access required to validate PoAs • No need to know a node's keys in advance • Only performed on connect (handshake) • BitTorrent implementation backwards compatible – But non-CS clients are non-authorized • Allows easy addition of seeds – Provide data or a PoA for the seedbox
  14. 14. Possible applications • Sell guarantees – Free user gets community service. Might VoD, might not. – Paying customer is guaranteed high speed seeds, will VoD. • Sell guarantees 2 – Home user can watch a live event, if there is capacity – A venue can buy access to an event, and is guaranteed seeds. • Closed group sharing – Only authorized nodes are allowed access • Combine with Scalable video coding (SVC) – SD for free users, pay for HD
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