Leadership in a growth startup


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What leadership values and beliefs we use in Tradeshift to drive growth and alignment

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Leadership in a growth startup

  1. 1. Global Leader Camp
  2. 2. We want to build a company that matters, that have a meaningful impact on the world
  3. 3. We want to democratize business
  4. 4. Create transparency, growth and new jobs
  5. 5. We want to be able to IPO that company in 3 years
  6. 6. Here is what we need to § The world's largest b2b network measured in active users § Realize USD XXXm in revenue in 2016 § Build the world’s largest platform for networked business apps
  7. 7. It’s not really possible
  8. 8. Here is where we were three years ago
  9. 9. Today we are a 150 people, with offices in San Francisco, Copenhagen, London, Suzhou and Paris with more than $100m in funding and double digit revenues and plenty of Fortune 500 Customers
  10. 10. That’s not really possible either
  11. 11. Leadership in a startup is the job of making the impossible reality
  12. 12. What do that mean in Tradeshift?
  13. 13. Leadership is shaped by your personal values, courage to act on your beliefs and your ability to execute
  14. 14. A leaders ability to execute depends on the personal beliefs, the courage to act and the ability to execute of anyone who follows him
  15. 15. What leadership feels like in a startup You
  16. 16. My personal beliefs
  17. 17. Start-ups are factories of make-believe We only fly because everyone closes their eyes and believe we can
  18. 18. Flying requires bold and visionary ambition Nobody want to take a leap on faith on something that is not meaningful
  19. 19. Vision without execution is just hallucination (it feels good, but don’t do shit) The difference between being a liar or a visionary is razor thin, execution is the difference
  20. 20. Lead from the front Be the first to shovel shit, and carry your weight
  21. 21. Fight for your vision, always Quitting is for pussies
  22. 22. Challenge conventional wisdom If most people agree, they are probably wrong – selection bias is deadly
  23. 23. Be the the first to change direction when needed The past is only context, not direction (history don’t repeat itself)
  24. 24. Radical Trust Trust everyone, absolutely and if they fuck-up, help them and keep trusting them
  25. 25. Vulnerability is a strength not a weakness I’m an insecure overachiever
  26. 26. Empathy Don’t be an asshole
  27. 27. This is what I believe, but what I believe won’t matter unless those who lead and follow with me don’t share the vision, the beliefs and have the courage to act
  28. 28. At the end of the day it will not be about what I believe or do, it will be about what we believe and do
  29. 29. As a Tradeshift Global Leader I expect you to be out there every day, leading from the front, using your own personal beliefs and courage to create the results we all need.
  30. 30. Making the impossible reality