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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Welcome! The agenda reads Ropin’ and Ridin’ in the Social Media World So ask the audience if they’re ready for you to “rope” them in and “ride” with you As you take them into the social media revolution.
  • Kevin Lets take a look at audience reach “ Old” Media Newspapers continue to see declining reach That’s one of the reasons we do very little newspaper advertising At the same time, our own “channels” have grown dramatically Our website reaches over 12 million Unique Customers per month We have over 300,000 followers on Twitter and we are seeing over 7000 new followers each day People want to Connect with our Brand The Social Media stats are staggering.
  • Linda This slide will demonstrate how our communication during crisis has changed in just 5 years
  • Kevin and Linda Here are our Southwest Social Media Touchpoints Kevin cover, travel guide, Linked in, mobile Linda - you tube, twitter, nuts about southwest, flickr, facebook
  • Linda Slide Important Take Away: Our early involvement is shaping these channels as much as they are shaping us. TV is fixed medium – but social media is constantly evolving. Southwest is a pioneer in this space and in turn is part of the DNA.
  • Transition Slide Kevin - so lets take a deep dive into the some of the largest social media channels and how we are a part of the conversation We’ll also give you a chance to play as we’ve got some polling questions for you!
  • Linda Social Media can be called a strategy and an outlet for broadcasting, while Social Networking is a tool and a utility for connecting with others. Overall Tone of Definition Slides to communicate that we can provide all the definitions but the best way to understand these spaces is to explore and poke around on your own. Similar to learning how to ride a bike…
  • Linda How many of you have watched a video clip on You Tube?
  • Linda Click to View Top Image to Play the Engine Washing Video – This video has received over 62,000 views Talk about the other videos and the high number of views……Too Pretty to Fly….over 219,000 What Not to Pack ….over 110,000 views…..GAP Rap…..over 40,000 views Amazing stats
  • Kevin - How many of you have a profile in Facebook? How many of you had to get your kids to help you set it up? Connect with current friends and reunite with high school and college buddies Share photos. Tell people where you are and what you’re doing. Publish updates frequently ……warning……it can become addictive!
  • Kevin - Here’s a snapshot of our Facebook Fan Page Key Thing to Point Out: You’re chatting with Tom, Lindsey, and Christi – Personal Connection, which is what social media is about.
  • Linda Key Take-Away: Our Employees and Employee’s families are already in the space, interacting with each other and publicly representing the company. The goal is not to control these conversations but to encourage under some guidelines (keeping groups private).
  • Linda Slide
  • Linda Slide Christi to engage Twitter audience within hours of presentation time and ask them to say hi to the Southwest leadership team – and show responses live (give a sense of immediacy and engagement). Will show live tweets later in the presentation
  • Kevin
  • Kevin KEY TAKEAWAY: Southwest is a lifestyle brand – Our brand is the backdrop for life events. We are interacting with our Customers at some of the most important, special events of their life.
  • Linda Slide
  • Linda Slide KEY TAKEAWAYS: Each of these videos were captured by a Customer. Although our Employees are the main focus in these videos, the Customer is the one creating the conversation. These videos surfaced because we have monitors within the space. David Story
  • Kevin Slide The bigger the word, the more frequently it’s Tweeted by the airline’s account. This shows how we are representing ourselves within the space. Key Take Away: Success that our social media channels have been able to communicate and reflect the core of Southwest. Southwest Overall: Evokes feelings, thanks, hope. Even RT (retweet) is large showing the focus on what the Customer is saying. jetBlue and Alaska: Very tactical, Alaska name doesn’t even come up
  • Linda So lets look into some case studies Who’s doing it right and who’s not
  • Linda Slide
  • Linda Slide
  • Linda Slide Church’s Note: Focus is on community giving
  • Linda Zappos Relevant example is his post including the e-mail he sent all employees about the Amazon acquisition – Transparent
  • Linda
  • Kevin slide SWA Tie: The day this story broke, we posted our policy on traveling with instruments on our Twitter page and even had a Customer create and post their own music video about how SWA doesn’t break his guitar.
  • Linda Slide
  • Linda Slide
  • Kevin Introduce the team (also in the back of the room) Thank them (round of applause) for doing such an amazing job for Southwest Call them….Email them ……or better yet…..connect with them on Facebook and schedule a tutoring class!
  • Transcript

    • 1. October 2009 JOIN THE © 2009, Southwest Airlines Co. Confidential and Proprietary CONVERSATION Social Media: Every Employee Matters
    • 2.
      • Mainstream Media
        • New York Times – Circulation of 1,038,000
        • Wall Street Journal – Circulation of 2,012,000
        • USA Today – 2,293,000
      • SW Numbers
        • visitors: Reached over 16 million visitors in June
        • CNS subscribers: more than 7.2 million subscribers to Click ‘N Save e-mails
        • Followers on Twitter: Over 610K followers
      • Overall Industry numbers
        • 83 percent of the Internet population (ages 13 to 54) participates in Social Media.
        • Twitter currently has 20 million unique monthly visitors.
      Source: Wikipedia, Mashable, and comScore How the World Has Changed
    • 3.
      • For Southwest specifically, if you compare how a crisis was handled just four years ago to how a crisis is handled now, the impact of Social Media is apparent.
      • MDW 1248 in 2005
        • Press Release distributed in less than three hours post incident
        • No direct way to talk to Customers (no Blog, Facebook, or Twitter presence)
        • Relied completely on the traditional media to deliver and shape our message
      • Flight 2294 in 2009
        • Immediate monitoring of the Social environment
        • Official statement distributed on Blog and Twitter in less than three hours post incident
        • Able to distribute message through Blog, Facebook, and Twitter
        • SWA was able to shape the conversation and set the tone of the incident
      How the World Has Changed
    • 4. More than 6,000 Customer-submitted photographs More than 77,000 friends We now have over 670,000 followers More than ONE MILLION people have viewed our content In its first month, we had 1.2M visitors to the mobile site 29,989 Total Profiles as of 7/3 One of the first Fortune 500 companies to have a blog. Named Best Blog by PR News for two years in a row Reaches over 12 million visitors monthly Southwest Communication Touchpoints More than 500 Employees listed on LinkedIn including our CEO.
    • 5.
      • The Twitter Phenomenon has become mainstream and a powerful form of communication.
        • 6/09, Time magazine featured Twitter: "How Twitter Will Change the Way we Live.”
      • Just a fad?
        • The environment will evolve and channels may change – as it has in the past. The vehicle will change and be formed by what we see and interact with today.
        • “ It’s entirely possible that three to four years from now, we’ll have moved on. But the key elements of the Twitter platform will persevere. Every major channel of information will be Twitterfied.”
      Source: Time Magazine How the World Has Changed
    • 7.
      • Social Media
      • A fusion of sociology and technology, transforming monologues (one to many) into dialogues (many to many)
        • Transforming people from content readers into publishers
      • Social Networking
      • Supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest
      Source: Wikipedia and Definitions: Social This and That
    • 8.
      • What is YouTube? 
        • YouTube is television on the web with a bazillion channels with a wide spectrum of varied content.
          • Content is different from TV content – it doesn’t have to be the slick, highly produced video. Many times the rougher, user-generated content gets more views.
            • Provides one of the easiest distribution channels for video.
      Source: The Cohcom Blog Social Networking: YouTube
    • 9. Southwest Airlines YouTube Channel Most Viewed Videos on Our Channel Southwest Airlines YouTube Channel
    • 10. Source: The Cohcom Blog and Wikipedia
      • What is Facebook? 
        • A free-access social networking web site that allows users to join networks organized by city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with other people.
      • People can:
        • Add friends and send them messages,
        • Update their personal profiles
        • Broadcast my pictures, my links, my book lists, my blog posts
      Social Media/Networking: Facebook
    • 11. With our Southwest Airlines Facebook page, we have over 80K Superfans. Facebook is about personal conversation style connections – and the Superfans are not shy to call us on any updates that are more “marketer-speak”. Southwest Airlines Facebook Fan Page
    • 12.
      • Searching Facebook for Southwest Airlines groups returns 200 independent Southwest Airlines Groups – formed by various Employees groups, airports, alumni, etc.
        • Many of these groups have now been made private, meaning you must request to join the group to see the page’s content and user’s posts
      Southwest Airlines Presence on Facebook
    • 13.
      • What is Twitter? 
        • Simple tool that blends the status update function of MySpace and Facebook with the idea of the chat room
        • People write short updates, often called "tweets“ of 140 characters or fewer. These messages are posted to your profile, sent to your followers and are searchable on Twitter search.
      • What does it mean to follow someone on Twitter?
        • Following someone simply means receiving their Twitter updates. When you follow someone, every time they post a new message, it will appear in your Twitter home page.
      Source: The Cohcom Blog and Twitter Handbook for Teachers (Tomaz Lasic ) Social Networking: Twitter
    • 14. Southwest Airlines joined Twitter in July ‘07 and has built relationships with over 750K Customers as well as with Twitter itself. Earlier this summer, Twitter included @SouthwestAir as a Suggested User. Southwest Airlines Twitter Page
    • 15.
      • What is flickr? 
        • flickr (an image and video hosting web site and online community platform) allows Southwest Customers and Employees to express themselves.
        • One of the “older” social media channels, flickr has thrived and survived since its launch in 2004.
      Social Networking: flickr
    • 16. Slideshow of Southwest flickr images Our brand is the backdrop for life events. We are interacting with our Customers at some of the most important, special events of their life. Southwest Airlines flickr Page
    • 17. Our Influencers Jen Leo: Travel blogger for LA Times. More than 3,400 followers on Twitter. LUVS SWA! “ Curbcrusher” aka Drew Ramsey: Self-proclaimed airline geek. Regularly reaches out to reporters to share the Southwest “scoop.” Has been known to contact us about an issue, before we know it exists! “ Flygirl737700” aka Laura Groves: A Southwest Captain. She goes to bat for us constantly, and weighs in on all airline conversations. Perfect role model of how Employees can participate online.
    • 18.
      • Social Media at Southwest (Every Employee Matters/Every Interaction Matters)
        • Our Employees are ALWAYS ON
        • People are watching and with these new social media tools have the ability to immediately share their experiences online – whether Southwest is formally in the space or not
      Our Employees Are ALWAYS On Passenger Removal from SW Flight 1552 Singing Flight Attendant Rapping Flight Attendant
    • 19.
      • There are measurement tools that can assist you in understanding tone and how a brand is being represented in the social media space. These are created by the Twitterstreams from Southwest, jetBlue, and Alaska.
      What Your Twitter Feed Say About You
    • 20. CASE STUDIES
    • 21.
      • Successful brands form a relationship with their Customers. Because Southwest is built on this philosophy, Social Media is a piece of cake because we’re just creating more channels to engage
        • Brand already talked about, praised
        • Already have the Customer evangelists
      For SWA, Social Media is a Piece of Cake
    • 22.
      • Southwest Social Media Secrets to Success
        • Keep It Simple.
          • Keep messaging short
          • Example: Direct users to links and multimedia that help explain the message
        • No Gimmicks.
          • Example: SWA Porch
        • Be All In.
          • Which means monitoring and being actively involved in a 24/7 medium
          • Example Fare Sale: Pushing Sale at 2 a.m., immediately picked up online
        • Allow Customers to Shape What you are Doing.
          • Use your Social Media channels as an immediate customer response channel
          • Example: Including Color Ads on boarding passes: Responses came in and able to change immediately
      Social Media: Secrets to Success
    • 23. @Shamu: Sea World’s Twitter is written from Shamu’s perspective. Funny posts and pictures of the animal world, trivia, giveaways, and light-hearted humor @ChurchsChicken: Witty, zaney tweets Twitter Works Best if Your Brand is FUN…
    • 24. Twitter posts are relevant to the Customer’s needs. Use the channel to communicate “new” news but with the inside scoop – Zappos posted the e-mail he sent to employees about the Amazon acquisition. If Your Brand is Relevant…
    • 25. Gives the brand a real, conversational voice. Simple, no gimmicks, genuine responses. And, if You’re Brand is Real
    • 26.
      • Who: United Airlines
      • What: United Airlines shows us how our viral culture has given a voice to all.
        • After United failed to resolve an issue with a customer, the customer created a YouTube video of the song, “United Breaks Guitars”.
      • Implications:
        • YouTube Video has over 3 million views in less than 10 days.
        • Number 3 on Google when you search with the keywords "United Airlines“.
        • More than 100 news stories and almost 2,000 blog posts on the issue. Story made the TV news networks and was a hot topic on Twitter.
      Source: Aviation Week Brands that Missed the Mark - Airlines
    • 27. @ jkrums There's a plane in the Hudson. I'm on the ferry going to pick up the people. Crazy. Within 10 minutes of the aircraft touching the water, a Consumer generated photo and headline were circulating on Twitter Brands in Crisis: US Airways/Hudson
    • 28. By 9am on July 14, this picture had been viewed 6,100 times Brands in Crisis: SWA/Flight 2294
    • 29. Your Resources Christi Day Communications Specialist [email_address] @christiday