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Project #2 venture class Project #2 venture class Presentation Transcript

  • Coconut Tree Climbing Academy An Exhilarating Way to Push Toward the Top
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Cost Structures Costs pertaining to the establishment and operations of the Coconut Tree Academy include: Lease or purchase land with coconut trees Construction of the site Personnel/ Administrative costs (wages, supplies, uniforms, licensing…) Site maintenance and gardening Marketing/advertising costs (flyers, radio ads, internet ads etc…) Costs pertaining to the facility during Contest/Rio Carnival Season include: Aggressive ad campaign Site maintenance & Decorations Award (This may depend on the our contractual agreement w/ sponsors) Security Special Guests (Recruiting a celebrity to host will help boost attendance) Administrative costs and increased personnel
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Revenue Streams Class Fees Pay per class fee – $8 1 week crash course for beginners- $25 Intro to Tree Climbing (1 month beginners course) – $55 Fundamentals of Climbing Course (A 2 hr tour of the facilty & class marketed to tourists) – $25 Membership fees for tree climbers Quarterly membership - $30 Yearly membership - $105 Lifetime membership - $2000 During Contest/Carnival Season Sponsorships /Endorsements  (negotiable based on contractual agreement) Vendor/booth rentals - $500 per booth Make and sell our own coconut products (Coconut Oil, Candies, Soap) - Varies
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Value Proposition Fitness & Adventure Climb professionally trained CTA graduate with over 1000 hours of experience Our trees are grouped into levels of difficulty to match your skill level Children and adults can use our specially designed coconut tree safety-harnesses, and get elevated, with a drink in hand! Train to become one of the worlds premier Coconut climbers and compete at Carnival Games! Get sponsored by Nike and be the face of our Climbing shoe made with sustainable materials! 4
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Eco-Tourism We offer daily tours to learn about all aspects of coconut harvesting and coconut products Drink premium coconut water, straight from the tree. Bottled coconut water is available for purchase. Enjoy a beautiful sunset on Copacabana beach from our tree-pods designed from coconut-based materials 5
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Eat Eat at Use Your Coconut: explore our coconut-inspired cuisine! Enjoy a glass of coconut palm beer or wine or cocktail with coconut vodka or coconut rum Try our baked treats made with coconut palm sugar -- coconut sugar is more nutritious than plain sugar, agave, honey or stevia. Just ask Dr. Oz! Our restaurant proceeds are invested in the Coconut Tree Climbing Academy & surrounding communities 6
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Relax Relax at our Spa with a coconut oil massage by our trained massage therapists Treat yourself with our coconut-based beauty treatments Proceeds from the Coconut Tree Spa are directed to Coconut Tree Academy operations. Relax and contribute at the same time! 7
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 More than Carnival ~ Leave a legacy Are you a tourist visiting Brazil? or during Carnival? All proceeds from the Coconut Tree Academy are invested into the CCTA and surrounding communities of Copacabana Beach to improve the quality of life Stay connected: Adopt a Coconut Tree - and the CCTA will send you a premium bottle of coconut water or rum from your tree! 8
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Demographic Why CTA? Visiting during Carnival? Enjoy a fun activity within steps of your hotel or resort! Get Fit with CTA trainers for a unique outdoor fit-camp experience Purify & Restore: Take a Yoga class in our Coconut Husk Palapa - our woven coconut yoga mats are available for a small fee! 9
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 CTA is for everyone F a m ilie s Our patented safety harness can lift adults of all ages and children aged 5 into and above into our coconut trees We offer fun activities including a coconut maze, a playground complete with coconut swings, coco- bowling, coco-cricket and coco-bocce. 18 and under CCTA Camps CCTA camps are available for children and teens - supervised fun with our child-care specialists. CCTA camps and child-care allow parents to have alone time while on vacation! 10
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 On your wedding or honeymoon? Hold your ceremony or reception in our 10,000 foot coconut and bamboo palapa Enjoy a glass of coconut wine, or a coconut cocktail in our rooftop tree pod 11
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Seeking Adventure? Adventure Seekers Improve your climbing skills at the CCTA - our trees are grouped into levels of difficulty just like skiing! Climb and enjoy the view in one of our coconut hammocks secured right at the top of our trees! 12
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Commercial Storyboard Introduction This storyboard is strictly for an ad.  It is to describe every scene in the ad as clearly as possible so that it is super easy to implement the ideas represented.  We can think of ourselves as a marketing firm hired to design an ad for a Coconut Climbing Safari company... :) Examples that can serve as    Format We can still use the exact same powerpoint slides. It will just be awesome if we could have someone narrate the story as the animation plays.  The ideas below should be cognizant of our limitations.  Thus, each idea preferably should be something that we can easily translate into a slide. Sign up now at or just check out our mobile app.
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Ideas We have to have someone who is really bored and desperately needs a vacation (5 secs) Define customer here This person needs to have friends who are also bored with their work and need a  vacation too (5 secs) This can be optional but it could promote the concept of group activity They should be a way where all friends find out they’re bored and need a vacation (10 secs) Chatting at work? Bar scene? All the vacation spots they find should be boring and not involve any activity: cruise, tours, etc. (10 secs) Contrast what is out there with what we will offer Voila - COCONUT CLIMBING SAFARI (10 secs) Announce Coconut Safari with a bang! Located in Brazil - just in time for World Cup Why Coconut Climbing Safari (as compared to others) (30 secs) Punchline / Call to action  (5 secs)
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Key Activities Key Activities for customers to participate in the Coconut Tree Academy Location Secured at Copacabana: The World’s most famous beach in Rio de Janeiro will showcase this championship event. Interact with Incredible Partners: Zico, Mailbu Rum, and Nike. Opportunity to be on Television: Broadcast by NBC & ESPN. Rio’s Most Entertaining Daytime Activity: All Carnival attendees will have the opportunity to test their skills with our academy for amateurs. 15
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Customer Relationships The best way to cultivate strong customer relationships is to identify and meet them where they are. Our target customer is a traveler, male, fairly young and has interests in sports, action and fun. The best way to build relationships is building strong relationships with some of their favorite brands. Incentives •Zico Water’s now have a scratch off backing with a secret code. Coconut water lovers who find the correct code receive an all expenses paid trip to the World Coconut Tree Climbing Competition 2012. •Members of the Real World 2012 cast will be enlisted to work on the Coconut Tree farm where training takes place. They’re jobs will include organizing courses, assisting with planning the championship event and training to become coconut tree climbing instructors themselves. While working on the farm, the cast will wear branded t- shirts every day. •Tickets for the The Coconut Tree Climbing World Championship 2012 will be available for advance purchase to American Express Cardholders only. At any time, cardholders will earn rewards back from the purchase of any Championship ticket or Coconut Tree Climbing course. •Nike is giving away Nike+ Fuelbands to the first 500 people who purchase tickets to the Championship 2012 •In house promo and advertising at Equinox gyms across the U.S. 16
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Connecting •Engage users on Twitter and Instagram with the branded hashtag #CocoRio2012 . Tweets will focus on fitness, the sport of climbing coconut trees, picture uploads of fans and climbers in action, information about the championship, information on how fans can get there and the latest press. •The Facebook page will focus on images, recent press, news and sharing content. •Foursquare users will receive exclusive badges for checking in to the championship games. 17
  • Coconut Tree Climbing Camp and Championship 2012 Channels Digital Travel Travel and Leisure Twitter National Geographic Traveler Facebook Conde Nast Traveler Instagram Departures Magazine Lonely Planet Magazine (UK) Foursquare Travel Weekly TV Additional MTV Playboy ESPN Fuse Brand Partnerships G4 Pepsi Spike Gatorade Nike Print Zico/Vita Coco Sport American Express ESPN the Magazine Malibu Rum Sports Illustrated Trip Advisor Health and Fitness Magazine Foursquare Travel and Leisure Sport’s Weekly National Geographic Traveler Skateboarding magazine Conde Nast Traveler Men’s Health Departures Magazine Men’s Journal Lonely Planet Magazine (UK) Complex Magazine Travel Weekly Additional •Playboy Brand Partnerships 18 •Pepsi
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