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Revelation Part Three
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Revelation Part Three


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Revelation Part Three is a study of the last two chapters, chapters 21 and 22. These are the chapters that alerted me to the idea that the brain model, the model based on the Anima Mundi, is also The …

Revelation Part Three is a study of the last two chapters, chapters 21 and 22. These are the chapters that alerted me to the idea that the brain model, the model based on the Anima Mundi, is also The Golden City described in this ancient text. Perhaps when we understand how integrated our intelligence is with Mother Earth and how dependent we are on cosmic forces we will gain some much needed humility, desist from pushing our weight around, learn to live in accord with what the ancient Chinese called the Tao, and get it right in the end.

Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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  • 1. REVELATION PART THREE Chapters 21 and 22 The Marriage of Heaven and Earth An Add-On presentation 19 November 2011 C BambergApocalypseFolio055rNewJerusalem. Chrissy Philp
  • 2. Now we get to the last two chapters. These are the chapters that astonished me by describing the model that I had inadvertently stumbled across hidden within Liz’s diagram of the interrelating cognitive functions on the Anima Mundi. Some of the verses are still an enigma. The one which lists the gem stones The City is based on I shall leave to you though my husband has pointed out that ‘lithic’ technology, lithic means ‘stone’, underlies our present civilisation. Here is the invitation to the wedding posted back in Chapter 19 verse 9, after the fall in Chapter 18, but before Faithful and True ride out on the white horse in chapter 19 verse 11. I think it identifies our first view of our planet and the astronauts and cosmonauts who personally experienced this first view all knew just how ‘blessed’ they were. 19:9 And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. ‘We hope that you too will experience this new connection between us human beings and our home planet ... It is the golden thread that connects us all ..’ Russell L. Schweickart. From The Home Planet, by Kevin W. Kelly (for the Association of Space Explorers).
  • 3. In the very first verse of Chapter 21 the Bride appears as The Holy City.
  • 4. 21.1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth … 21:2 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down .. from heaven prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
  • 5. 21:9 ... Come hither, I will show thee the bride, the Lambs' wife. 21:10 It had the radiance of some priceless jewel ....’ Astronaut Edgar Mitchell writes: ‘Suddenly from behind the rim of the moon .. there emerges a sparkling blue and white jewel, a light delicate skyblue sphere laced with slowly swirling veils of white.’ This photo was taken on May 13 2009. NASA’s Marshell Space Flight Centre
  • 6. 21:10 And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God. Russell L. Schweickard describes how it felt to look down on Earth from space: ‘For me, this experience was a dramatically enlarged version of looking out over hills and valleys spreading into the distance after having climbed a high mountain peak.’
  • 7. These last two chapters of Revelation, 21 and 22, have long been understood to introduce a New Age. We took a quick look at Ages in Part Two, perhaps we need to understand the mechanics behind them? The horoscope is a cosmic clock that doesn’t just have moving hands, it has a moving face that keeps it aligned both with Earth’s spin, and her place on her trip around the sun. So, to keep tabs on her movement we have two significant points on the face of this clock. The first is 00 Aries; the first day of spring. Babylonians celebrated their New Year on the first day of spring. 00 Aries is the point in the heavens behind the Sun at midday. The Sun (the most important hand) then passes through 30 degree divisions called signs so we know where we are in the year. It’s summer in the northern hemisphere when the Sun is in Cancer and when it’s in Capricorn it’s winter. The second significant point is the Ascendant. The Asc aligns the face of our clock in relation to where we are at any particular place and time on the surface of our planet. It points to the degree of the sign that is rising on the Easterly horizon as the Earth turns. The Sun’s position in relation to the horizon tells us the time of day. The Sun will always be at the apex of the chart, the MC, at midday, but the Ascendant will be pointing at a different sign dependent on where we are on the surface of our planet. So 00 Aries gives us the starting point of the Tropical Zodiac, the Zodiac that is relative to our common experience, the first day of spring in the Northern hemisphere, and the Asc gives us the starting point of a ‘horoscope’ aligning the Zodiac in relation to a specific time and place on a specific day. It marks the start of the first house which carries Aries connotations.
  • 8. I have set one of these charts for the equinox in Bath UK, 2012. The other chart is set for Quito in Ecuador (Ecuador means equator). In Bath the Ascendant is 29 degrees Aquarius and the Sun, at 00 Aries, has not yet risen. In Quito the Asc is 29 degrees Gemini and the Sun is high in the sky. Ascendant Ascendant 00.00 Aries 00.00 Aries
  • 9. These pictures show two equatorial fields - anomalies caused by the interaction of gravity and spin. Earth has a celestial equatorial field. It is invisible but it is utilised by satellites in geostationary orbit. The Sun’s field is invisible too but most of the planets orbit on or near the Sun’s equatorial field. Looking at Saturn and the Sombrero galaxy, you can see that sprinkled with dust and ice (just like iron filings around a magnet) an equatorial field is clearly visible. Equatorial fields can extend into space over great distances. How big is the Sombrero galaxy’s? UM … around 135,000 light years.
  • 10. On this diagram the Sun – the yellow circle - is orbiting around us - the blue circle in the middle. We know that it doesn’t really, this is the twenty-first century, but the Sun does go round us from our perspective on Earth, and so, from our standpoint, this is an accurate representation. I have taken the liberty of colouring the fields so that they are visible within the Sun’s orbit. In reality the fields extend beyond the boundaries pictured here. 1) The Tropical Zodiac identifies the intersection between Earth’s celestial equatorial field (green disc) and the Sun’s celestial equatorial field (yellow). 2) The Horoscope identifies the intersection between the event’s horizon projected into space (purple disc) and the Sun’s celestial equator. Event 00 Libra 00 Aries 1) The Tropical Zodiac. Dsc Asc 2) The Horoscope
  • 11. A virtual point. 00 Aries Spring Equinox We have named the point in the heavens behind the Sun, 00 Aries. Equator Here is a person standing on the equator at midday on the equinox. I have turned the Earth onto its side so that he doesn’t fall off. It doesn’t matter where he is on the equator because as the earth spins he will always have the Sun overhead at midday. South Pole Earth Earth’s North Pole Orbit of Sun as it appears from Earth Not to scale ! 00 Libra Autumnal Equinox
  • 12. This is Wiki’s rather better diagram of the same mechanics. There will undoubtedly be a person on the equator somewhere – perhaps on Isabella Island - but he/she is (obviously) too small to see.
  • 13. Here is the situation from an objective point of view (or as viewed by USS Enterprise). Earth orbits close to the Sun’s equatorial field. Earth is tilted at twentythree-and-a-half degrees to her orbital plane. These fields interact through Earth and the Sun at the equinoxes. Intermingling fields cause interference (this might be an important observation) – see presentation Astrology Fights Back. 00 Aries 23 1/2 degrees 00 Libra
  • 14. 00 Aries marks the first degree of the Tropical Zodiac. It identifies the first day of spring … but hang on – only for the northern hemisphere. For the Antipodeans … yes there are people who live upside down … 00 Libra is the first day of Spring. 00 Aries 00 Libra
  • 15. Great Ages tell us how were are aligned in relation to the fixed stars of the Milky Way. The gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon cause Earth to wobble on her axis. Her North pole, and therefore her celestial equator, shift relative to the surrounding Galaxy.
  • 16. The north pole presently points at Polaris, which is why, if you watch the sky all night, you will see all the stars circling around this star.
  • 17. Great Age 2012 N Polaris Leo We can see here that 00 Aries acts as planet Earth’s Ascendant relative to the surrounding Galaxy (the Sidereal Zodiac). Aquarius = rising point, Leo = setting point. 00 Aries Aqua rius S
  • 18. Great Age 13,000 (ish) N Vega Aquarius Leo = rising point, Aquarius = setting point. In 12 thousand years Earth’s North pole will be pointing at Vega. Then it will be the dawning of the Age of Leo. The last Age of Leo must have been very exciting. Creativity and selfexpression – important stuff. 00 Aries Leo S
  • 19. You can see from this picture that the constellations of fixed stars have no definite boundaries PISCES so the exact time it takes for an age to pass is undecided. I use the old two millennia but only because it fits vaguely with the AQUARIU stories. S Using the star Regulus (the heart of the Lion) as a regulator Ed Gillam has proposed that the New Age began at the end of Nov 2011. 00 ^ TROPICAL ZODIAC Regulus
  • 20. Ed’s own words … Astrological Journal March/April 2010. Page 53.
  • 21. Is Ed onto something? We can see that Regulus stands between Moon ruled Cancer and Sun ruled Leo identifying the two most important planets in the Revelation text. Ed notes that this pair marks this allimportant division on the Ptolemaic Order. This is Ed’s diagram. It is the same on the Anima Mundi isn’t it? This is the complementary pair that stand for LIFE. I like this model because it fits with all our other models. On the next slide you will once more see the diagram of World Ages we Astrological Journal Nov 2 looked at in Part Two. 2010. p.51 This time I want to draw your attention to the fact that Ages have a noticeable seed point .
  • 22. Time scales are very, very, approximate. Cupid Venus Paris The martyred Christ is born of a Virgin Mother, a powerful Piscean/Virgoan story. The story of how the very Martian Trojan Wars began tells how young Paris ran off to Troy with the beautiful Helen after he had chosen Venus as his preferred goddess (well, she did offer him the most beautiful woman on Earth and he was only a young lad). You can see him choosing Venus here - it’s a favourite story for artists – Venus Flood rules art doesn’t she? Helen was already married to someone else (OH NO! She wasn’t was she? Yes she was.) This story is redolent with Aries Libra images.
  • 23. Aquarius/Leo story ? So, if this is another Age, what is going on here? Perhaps we should think of an Aquarius/Leo scenario. Is there something special about this famous Princess who was born when the Moon was in Aquarius ruled by Uranus in Leo?
  • 24. Astrologers describe the chart for Charles and Diana’s wedding as a ‘wrong’ chart because it doesn’t describe a happy marriage, but look, it speaks of the birth of princes. Is there something special about these royal children born of a famous princess who cared deeply about the people. From the point of view of the universe this chart might be absolutely right. Moon, mother, conjunct Mars, boys, in Moon-ruled Cancer on the MC, and Jupiter, crown prince, conjunct Saturn, ruler, in the 12th house womb just waiting to be born. Astrologers have suggested that the star of David was actually a Saturn Jupiter conjunction. triple Plugging into the Jupiter Saturn by sextile and trine, and illuminated by the Sun, the Moon’s nodal axis is 01 degrees Leo/Aquarius.
  • 25. In the next diagram you will see that Ages are either male/creative - right brain, or female/receptive - left brain. This means they are either evolving our understanding of our physical world (think hardware) or our symbolic, theoretical world (software) - a world of archetypes and processes. The Age of Taurus/Scorpio developed hardware. It was Receptive because the complementary properties are negative – Earth and Water. During this age we learnt to manage our material world. We learnt to manage money and build big. The Age of Aries/Libra was positive and Creative, therefore concerned with software. The ideas and stories, symbols and myths, created during this age are still with us today. Think of the gods on mount Olympus, and what about democracy, and then there is Plato, Pythagoras , Aristotle and Euclid etc ... we still discuss their ideas today? The age of Pisces/Virgo has been another female age. Hospitals began in monasteries. We understand how our bodies work so successfully we can take bits out and replace them. It has taken us the full 2000 years to learn how this can be done. We have also developed our knowledge of our planet and surrounding heavens. Armed with our newfound genius we have recently constructed the computer, a material object that has shown us the importance of ‘software’ – so we are led into a New Age in which the photoelectric effect (a photon is a light particle (Sun) electric (Uranus) lights up our television, computer and telephone screens, an ‘information processing’ age. During the New Age maybe we will develop our understanding of universal software and define ourselves in relation to our developing understanding?
  • 26. Male/Yang/Creative Right Left EARTH AIR OLD AGE Pisces/Virgo NEW AGE Aquarius/Leo Water/Earth=female Air/Fire=male WATER Female/Yin/Receptive FIRE
  • 27. Thinking in terms of archetypal Aquarius and Leo, here are some more Age related symbols. For Leo: ‘…the Lapis Philosophorum, is so distinctly marked in the literature we have no difficulty in recognising it as a symbol of ... ‘The Self.’ Jung, Aion, p. 268 And Aquarius: ‘The air realm is the world of archetypal ideas behind the veil of the physical world, the cosmic energy actualised into specific patterns of thought. It is associated with geometric lines of force functioning through the mind, the energy which shapes the patterns of things to come’. Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements, CRCS Publications, 1975.
  • 28. And this is the diagram I drew way back in 1988 before I had read the Revelation texts, well before I even knew the background for this model was Jung’s Anima Mundi. It looks just like a marriage of Heaven and Earth to me. HEAVEN EARTH Geometric lines of force ... functioning through the mind?
  • 29. Jung points out that the mandala of THE SELF, Anima Mundi, World Soul, World Mind, or Lapis Philosophorum, features in ALL World Ages. He say that it is the psychic basis for Christianity’s obsession with the CROSS (p 240 ). ‘It is what is called ultimo exquadra circulae, the square in the circle, or the circle in the square. It is an age-old symbol that goes right back to the pre-history of man. It is all over the earth and it either expresses the deity or the self;’ Conversations with Carl Jung and Reactions from Ernest Jones. Richard I. Evans. Publisher: D. Van Nostrand Company. Princeton, NJ. 1964. ‘The lapis (the philosopher’s stone) consists of the four elements or has to be put together from them’. Morienus, from Tractatus Aureus, Aion, p 236-237. ‘And as a man is made up of four elements, so also is the stone, and so it is dug out of man, and thou are its ore’. Ibid, p. 168.
  • 30. So here (again) are the two people I must thank for this model. Jung is looking at this copy of his Anima Mundi diagram in AION, and Liz is smiling at me (I took this photo.) Next to Liz is her inspirational diagram from Relating. Liz is a Jungian, her diagram is based on the same underlying organisation pictured in Jung’s book but with cognitive functions added.
  • 31. And here are the Spirit and the Bride again. You will recognise this diagram if you have familiarised yourself with Part One in which I imposed it onto you every few slides. HEAVEN EARTH Personifications The Spirit The Father The Groom The Husband
  • 32. 21:12 And it had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates and at the gates twelve angels …. And this brings us back to the description of the Bride .. um .. City .. um ... New Earth. Right .. that’s exactly what we have here. Four walls, each with three entrance-exit gates with an angel at each gate. 21:14 And the wall of the city had twelve foundations.. 21:13 On the east three gates; on the north three gates; on the south three gates; and on the west three gates. Twelve planetary energies standing at the gate of twelve signs, on a foundation of twelve houses. Right!
  • 33. Now we take a look at Einstein’s famous equation. Since yin means mass and yang energy (mass exists in space while, energy (movement) is the basis of time) this equation is also relevant to a symbolic marriage of the Spirit and his Bride, of Heaven and Earth. E - energy (yang), is the same as, m - mass (yin), 2 times the speed of light, c , squared, 2. E = mc So Einstein is also implicated in the introduction of the New Age! And look, Wilhelm’s translation of the I Ching agrees. The Creative Heaven is represented as unrestricted by any fixed conditions in space and is therefore conceived of as motion. Time is … the basis of this motion’. Wilhelm I Ching. E According to metrology light moves at 186,291 miles per second. Nassim Haramein suggests this wiggly line is spin viewed side on. The Creative’s symbol is the circle that moving through time creates a spiral: Nassim might very well be right. The Receptive Earth: ‘Straight square great without purpose’. Wilhelm I Ching. up mc backwards forwards down side to side
  • 34. So, back to apocalypse (which we know means unveiling) and the description of the Bride. 21:16 And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: … The length and breadth and height of it are equal. Brides aren’t usually described as cubes, are they? Neither are cities, but the Anima Mundi model, the model we equate with The Receptive Earth, is symbolised by a cube. So that’s OK. backwards forwards down side to side The Receptive Earth, Line two: Creation moves in a straight line, generating the first dimension; At right angles it generates the plane, defining the second dimension. Movement in the third dimension generates the cube, the form that the Chinese believed to be the shape of earth. Neil Powell. The Book of Change. 1979
  • 35. 21:21 The street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass .. The Sun rising over the Earth. ADD ON Terry Ilott reminded me that space visors are coated with gold to protect the wearer from harmful radiation just as Earth's atmosphere and magnetic field protects life on planet Earth.
  • 36. 21:22 And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it. ‘My view of our planet was a glimpse of divinity’. Edgar Mitchell Anima Mundi means Living World. If you are alive, here, on this extraordinary planet, you are in the temple, you are divine. In the previous age of Pisces Jesus carried the quality of divinity. In this New Age of Aquarius we see that we are all divine and wherever we are (we might be on the Moon) we carry the temple with us as the Anima Mundi is not just our living planet but also the lines of force active in our brains. It takes nine months to make a baby. It has taken billions of years to make a brain and Revelation seems to be suggesting that it is presently in the process of being seriously upgraded. ‘During a space flight, the psyche of each astronaut is reshaped. Having seen the sun, the stars, and our planet, you become more full of life, softer. You begin to look at all living things with greater trepidation and you begin to be more kind and patient with the people around you. At any rate that is what happened to me.’ Boris Volynov. The Home Planet
  • 37. These are the ‘Complementary Connections’ on our Anima Mundi model. They rise from the Neptune-Jupiter womb, are born into the arms of mother and father, Sun-Moon, where they are confronted with the constant change we call Time, Mars-Pluto. Out of the point of incarnation in the centre (where all the energies combine) a recognisable Form develops, Venus-Earth, a Form that can be Worked with, Mercury-Chiron-Asteroids, to create a product, Saturn-Uranus, Wealth. But this product is unstable. The flow breaks up at the top and returns to the Source ready for a new cycle. This flow is a river, a River of Life, a river that depicts both the cogitations of a moment and the experiences of a lifetime. Capricorn WEALTH Aquarius Virgo WORK Gemini Taurus FORM Libra Scorpio TIME Aries Cancer LIFE Leo Pisces SOURCE Sagittarius
  • 38. So this verse can come as no surprise. 11 22:1 And he showed me a pure river of water of life clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. Is ‘SOURCE’ the throne of God and the Lamb? Neptune ruled the Age of Pisces and a symbol for Christ is the sacrificial lamb (also the Piscean fishes) and Jupiter is king of the Gods? Or could it be Saturn/Uranus – the 7th gate? Here is the clue to Tree of Life what comes next.
  • 39. When we put the elements up the way they are arranged by gravity it is easy to construct ‘a tree’ out of the organisation of the Anima Mundi. Remember this is the same tree that was given as a gift to the Sun in the letters to the angels. The roots of the tree are planted in the wet earth. Osmosis draws up water and chemicals needed for creating more tree. The leaves of the tree are factories. They utilise carbon dioxide (air) using photons (light from the Sun) as energy. Oxygen is the by-product. This process is called photosynthesis. r Ai Ea rt h Fir e r ate W
  • 40. 22:2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bear twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. And look, this tree does indeed grow on both sides of the river, trees don’t usually straddle both sides of a river do they? And it really does have twelve fruits one for each of the seasons. I hope this means that in the future we will learn to produce energy through photosynthesis, just like plants do. We are not going to run out of sunlight for billions of years. See, New Scientist 14 April 2012 p 29.
  • 41. Do you REMEMBER THIS? 2:17 ... let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches. To him that overcometh I will give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it. AND NOW THIS? 19:12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.’ This ‘name’ is the gift to Mercury, the last of the angels to find a partner. Mercury is pure air, thinking. ‘I’ is what we call our ‘thinking selves’. No man can know another man’s ‘I’. Me (Moon) is what we call our physical self. Remember? We say I am me. ‘Am’ is the operative word. On the model ‘consciousness’ results from the attraction between this opposing pair.
  • 42. And here is mention of this name once again! 22:4 And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads. So the Philosopher’s Stone, otherwise called Anima Mundi, or World Mind, expresses ‘the deity or the self’. And now we learn that ‘they shall see his face’ – I suspect this face is our face ... and ‘his name shall be in our foreheads!’. So the Philosopher’s Stone, otherwise called Anima Mundi, or World Mind, expresses ‘the deity or the self’. And now we learn that ‘they shall see his face’ - I suspect this face is our face ... ... and ‘his name shall be in our foreheads!’. Our brains are in our foreheads and the Saturn/Uranus pre frontal cortex where over time we build up a personal sense of identity, our wealth, is close by the Gemini Virgo motor cortex where we name our thinking self I.
  • 43. HERE they are on the Anima Mundi. In 2008 Patrick Curry and Tamara Howard attempted to get me into the Cambridge Brain Unit to study this model. In 2012, at a conference in Bristol, I listened to Professor Goodyer of Cambridge University showing us the results of recent research – apparently a child’s brain develops from the back to the front – um – like the flow from Source to Wealth perhaps? Professor Goodyer lamented the lack of a brain model which he said they were unlikely to discover in the near future. Well, here it is, but they wouldn’t have me in Cambridge! I wonder why?
  • 44. Now Revelation is winding up and that’s a good thing as even leaving out great chunks its been a lot to take in. 1846 1930 1961 1977 22:16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and offspring of David, the bright and morning star. EARTH VENUS The Morning Star is the name the Greeks gave to Venus isn’t it? And I think that Venus may be Earth’s complementary partner don’t I? In the letters it says that if Venus kick’s a few bad habits – like seduction and projection - she is going to rule the world. I was going to say ‘good girl’ but then I remember that Venus is ruler of a male sign. She is positive yang – a process. It is her consort, Earth, who gives birth to physical life and is female.
  • 45. 22:13 .. I am Alpha and Omega the first and the last the beginning and the end … So we are back at the very beginning, where we were introduced to the speaker – Alpha and Omega, The Creative Heaven - symbolised here by the Zodiac. Please notice the ‘I AM’. YANG YIN YIN YANG YANG YIN YIN YANG YANG YIN YIN YANG Before Completion After Completion
  • 46. 22:16 .. I am ... the bright and morning star. Remember the letters to the angels? To Venus, if her love and faithfulness win through, is awarded the gift of … power over the nations: She looks like a cross doesn't she? And her Martian looking sword - yet another cross. Perhaps Jung was right about the importance of this symbol. Venus, at her best , is fair and reasonable. Democracy was born in Athens - is this alluding to democracy? Athena is known for her wisdom, and Venus is also love, beauty, joy and music. I think, today, as I have just got back from the dress rehearsal of La Traviata with the WNO, I will go with the idea that it is our remarkable ability to create something extraordinary and beautiful out of our ability to pool our resources and work as a team that makes us so special.
  • 47. My friend Ian is manager of the WNO, I asked him how many people worked on this production. He emailed me this information. 40 chorus, 60 orchestra, 6 dancers, 50 technicians of various ilks, 40 front of house staff, Conductor, 3 music staff , …. in the background … Anne Designers, Producer, 1 set model maker, 20 set builders and set painters, 3 prop makers . Tony
  • 48. 229 people all working together! Venus rules OK. And Ian hasn’t counted the designers and makers of the musical instruments, or Verdi, or the men who made the ink and the paper on which Verdi wrote his score, or the librarians who archived this work of genius for posterity, or the architects and builders of the Millennium Centre, or the appreciative audience OR Ian himself. I am stopping at this point or I could go on for a lot longer (I don’t think I am exaggerating either).
  • 49. Think of it ... I can’t fly like my greenfinches, swim like a dolphin or run like a cheetah, I am not as strong as an elephant or as beautiful as a butterfly. I can’t think of one creature who can’t do something better than I can - but the world is my oyster because I belong to a species that enjoys pooling its resources and sharing its talents, a species that has an innate desire to please the other and leave behind something of value for the next generation. This is how the wonderful William puts it. But be contented when that fell arrest Without all bail shall carry me away. My life hath in this line some interest Which for memorial still with thee shall stay, When thou reviewest this thou dos’t review The very part was consecrate to thee, The earth can have but earth, which is its due My spirit is thine, the better part of me. So then thou hast but lost the dregs of life, A prey of worms, my body being dead, He means A coward conquest of a wretches knife Saturn. Saturn always gets Too base of thee to be remembered. the flack. The worth of that is that that it contains And that is this, and this with thee remains.
  • 50. Here, in the middle, Venus balances the energies of Uranus, our social awareness, our sense of being one of the people, and the Sun, our individual creative selfexpression. Venus recognises and appreciates ‘you’. She harmonises our expression so that it operates effectively within social parameters. She was born of electric Uranus’ genitals falling into the water, the water belonging to the Sun’s receptive partner, the Moon. Venus is neither as unfeeling as Uranus nor as egocentric as the Sun. She is the mediator making peace between these two disparate energies. Venus combines intellectual (air) with warmth (fire). She is in the perfect position to make choices that will benefit both the Self and the Collective. Uranus/Saturn HERE Venus/Earth Sun/Moon
  • 51. ‘Esoteric doctrine tells us that Venus is twin sister or alter ego of the earth and that in the coming centuries she will have greater power both astrologically and symbolically.‘ From Liz Greene, Saturn, A New Look at an Old Devil, page 115, 1976. I asked Liz where she got this information – she said maybe she made it up! It was along time ago. This information isn’t new is it?
  • 52. If Venus, as ruler of Libra, is partner to our planet, ruler of Taurus - and she is on the model isn’t she? Then can we hope she will encourage us to treat our home planet and all that lives upon her with better manners? Can she help us to stop raping our beautiful world (yes it is rape) leaving her ‘desolate and naked, eating her flesh and burning her with fire.’ I do hope so.
  • 53. Right … is this a good symbol for this New Age of Aquarius Leo? Here is a model of the Leo ‘Self’ upon which are imprinted the Aquarian ‘lines of force’ active in the brain. RIGHT LEFT h Just to confuse you, as we have a picture of a ‘real’ brain here (viewed from beneath to show the all important Sun/Moon cerebellum), the right brain, The Creative, is on the left. b
  • 54. The Golden City So we arrive back where we began, at The Golden City, the female representative of The Marriage of Heaven and Earth, The Creative and The Receptive, time and space, energy and mass, software and hardware, the Spirit and his Bride.
  • 55. Perhaps the idea ‘a Golden City’ is also a prophecy – in another 2,500 years, in preparation for the age of Cancer Capricorn (structures on the Moon perhaps), we will be designing a city in space, a city made of glass sprayed with a fine layer of gold to exclude harmful radiation. A golden glass globe enclosing a great tree that soaks up the carbon-dioxide and produces oxygen, food, and purified water. Uranus is technology and who knows where technology will lead. There is a hexagram called Abundance – it tells us that abundance creates more abundance. I used to think that if there were fewer people there would be more to go around but my husband explained that during the Black Death fewer people meant fewer commodities and great poverty so perhaps I am wrong. Maybe each one of us is a neuron in a developing brain? (Wildly speculating again.) I know our Earth cannot support more than a given quantity of life, but that should provoke us to make an effort to create a New World. If this interpretation has any truth it suggests that we are no longer kids – we are come of age. Perhaps it’s time for us to think about moving out? We are inherently greedy and lazy we won’t leave unless we are pushed. The Golden City?
  • 56. This set-up looks very well organised to me. Leo ‘the King’ is the great ‘organiser’ isn’t he? Heaven The Spirit Earth The Bride Personifications The Spirit The Father The Groom The Husband
  • 57. Ed White was the first American to perform a spacewalk. Image Credit: NASA I have already quoted the astronaut Russell L. Schweickard more than once but as his words are extraordinarily apropos I have decided to end this interpretation quoting Russell once again. This is also from Kevin W. Kelley’s wonderful book The Home Planet. ‘And then you look back on the time you were inside that EVA and on those few moments that you could take, because a camera malfunctioned, to think about what was happening. And you recall staring out there at the spectacle that went before your eyes, because now you are no longer inside something with a window looking out at a picture. Now you are out there and there are no frames, there are no limits, there are no boundaries. You’re really out there, going at 17,000 miles an hour, ripping through space, a vacuum. And there’s not a sound. There’s a silence the depth of which you've never experienced before, and that silence contrasts so markedly with the scenery you're seeing and with the speed at which you know you are moving.
  • 58. And you think about what you are experiencing and why. Do you deserve this, this fantastic experience? Have you earned this in some way? Are you separated out to be touched by God, to have some special experience that others cannot have? And you know the answer to that is no. There’s nothing you have done to deserve this, to earn this; it’s not a special thing for you. .... You are the sensing element, that point out on the end, and that’s a humbling feeling. It’s a feeling that says you have a responsibility. It’s not for yourself. The eye that doesn’t see does not do justice to the body. That’s why it’s there; that’s why you’re out there. And somehow you recognise that you are a piece of this total life. And you are out there on that forefront and you have to bring it back somehow. And that becomes a rather special responsibility, and it tells you something about your relationship with this thing we call life. So that’s a change. That’s something new. And when you come back there’s a difference in that world now. There’s a difference in that relationship between you and that planet and you and all those other forms of life on that planet, because you’ve had that kind of experience. It’s a difference and it’s so precious. ‘
  • 59. 22:17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him who heareth say, Come. And let him who is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely. Welcome to LIFE
  • 60. Life is free! And maybe that is a good thing as sometimes it’s not easy and some of us might want our investment returned. But, really, it has some great moments doesn’t it, and this Apocalypse stuff is not so bad in the end, is it? With thanks to the internet, to the astronauts and cosmonauts, my students and my friends, and all other amazing people who’s insight has added to this text. I could not have done this without you. And a final reminder, nothing I have come up with in this presentation is sacrosanct – I am only wondering. St John was called ‘the divine’. In this New World we are all divine - it says so doesn’t it? Chrissy Philp