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Competitive Analysis of the Ed Hardy Social Media Ecosystem.
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Competitive Analysis of the Ed Hardy Social Media Ecosystem.



An in-depth competitive analysis of the Ed Hardy social media ecosystem. Yup, That's right.

An in-depth competitive analysis of the Ed Hardy social media ecosystem. Yup, That's right.



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Competitive Analysis of the Ed Hardy Social Media Ecosystem. Presentation Transcript

  • 2. BRAND HISTORY In 2004, Christian Audigier licensed the rights to produce the Ed Hardy clothing line. Audigier was previously the Head Designer at Von Dutch Originals. Ed Hardy was once a really good tattoo artist. But that fact, along with human decency, is lost upon the majority of Ed Hardy customers. Ed Hardy stores are located worldwide and have been seen on everybody from celebrities, to John Gosselin (remember that guy?) and homeless people.
  • 3. As difficult as it is, letʼs get serious here and break down the audiences, marketing segmentation, social channels and their competitors. Come on, itʼll be fun, bro!
  • 4. TARGET AUDIENCE Example: A douche bag  Noun •  Male: 18-34-No respect for women or the fashion industry. •  Homophobic (probably). •  Careers ranging from personal trainers, to bouncers, to construction workers, to drug dealers. •  Illiterate (probably). •  Hobbies: bench press, punching,Example: B Example: C raging, roofies. Also referred to as, Bro, juice monkey, wanker, asshat, loser, roid head. The Situation, terrible human being. Origin: 2004-Present
  • 5. PRETTY MUCH…So, yah, theyʼre the stereotype. But come on, youʼve never met a guy in Ed Hardy and thought, “I gotta get to know this fella!”
  • 6. SECONDARY AUDIENCES Women (douchettes) Tweens Babies John Gosselinʼs Tribe Dogs
  • 7. WHAT THEY MAKEThey are famous for their line of t-shirts and hats. The apparel is flashy, withsequins, sparkly dragons and/or a puking dolphin as the focal point. Their tagline is: Love Kills Slowly. The font is very rebellious and dangerous.
  • 8. …..BUT NOT JUST APPARELDrink like a douchebag Smell like a douchebag Blow like a douchebagDrive like a douchebag Smoke like a douchebag Walk like a douchebag
  • 9. POPULARITY Ed Hardy was a huge brand in the 2000ʼs, bro: • It was like all artistic and stuff, bro. • It was expensive and made you standout, bro. • Velour pants were cool, bro. • Paris Hilton and celebrities wore it, bro. • Broʼs hadnʼt corrupted it yet, bro. Since then, itʼs been destroyed by: • Poor licensing agreements, bro. • General douchebaggery, bro. • Damn, bro. ***Whatʼs a deck without some clipart?
  • 10. SO LETʼS SEE HOW THEY MARKET THEMSELVES ( this is the slide used at the point of the presentation where clients are like – “get to the ʻeffing point”)
  • 11. SOCIAL CHANNELS: TWITTER Followers: 8739 Most often tweets about their product offerings and general douchebaggery. Does not respond to fansʼ tweets. Showing they clearly donʼt give an ʻeff. Directs people to their other (shitty) community – Facebook.Sample Tweets ( always awful) Some music to start the weekend right: Get the party started with our skull shot"Dance Again"- Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull glass set: http://bit.ly/TZ0lwAhttp://bit.ly/Tq9QnD
  • 12. SOCIAL CHANNELS: FACEBOOK Fans: 1.7 MILLION Posts about: Ink of the week: A showcase of awesome tattoos. (seriously) Ridiculously rude comments during natural disasters. Only lets hot chicks fan them.Sample Posts: (definitely horrible) “Elegance is a discipline of life.” - Oscar de la Which do you prefer dubstep or house music?Renta
  • 13. SOCIAL CHANNELS: INSTAGRAM They have their own channel over at @ed_hardy_pictures (horrible name) where they have 290 followers. But letʼs get some perspective here: There are 44,445 posts using the hashtag #EDHARDY from fans. Ridiculous. Instead those 44,445 could be about: 1.  World peace 2.  Apple vs. Samsung 3.  Steve Jobsʼ boat 4.  Foodstagrams 5.  Bieber 6.  Sunsets 7.  Personal hygiene 8.  North Korea 9.  Cats 10. The end of the world *2012 holla!*
  • 14. ED HARDY: WORD CLOUD (word cloud time!)
  • 15. WHAT FANS ARE SAYING: VERBATIMS ***Taken from real life tweets & FB
  • 16. OTHER BRANDS FANS MIGHT LIKE True Religion Rock nʼ Republic Any self-tanner brand 5-hour energy Souped-up civics MMA WWF Ke$ha Ice Road Truckers Dennys Chris Angel Crotch Rockets TapOut Whatever brand makes hanging balls for your trailer hitch Theory of a Deadman Bad Techno
  • 17. AND NOW LETʼS LOOK AT THEIR COMPETITORS ( this is another “interstitial slide”)
  • 18. COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT Strengths Weaknesses Rise of the eco- Huge rise in market movement. share to all brands Loss of Heidi & Spencer thanks to UFC and MMA rage fighting as spokespeople. Ed Hardy was the original Mockery from gen. pop. D-Bag apparel company Once a d-bag – always a d-bag. Partnership opportunities with: Courtney Stodden Afflicion & TapOut on the rise ( they are the same Potential re-launch of company right?) iconic Von Dutch line. Monster Energy drink on New social channels to the rise reach new markets. Opportunities Threats ( “whatʼs a deck without a SWAT or two”)
  • 19. COMPETITORS• May induce nation-wide caffeine rage. • Cheaper version of Ed Hardy.• May also kill their entire audience. • More marketed towards MMA guys• Starting to make apparel. Meaning vs. general d-bags.wearers will be able to identify fellow • More ʻIʼm going to slap you upʼ-typeragers – ideally not before Dec. 21st attitude.2012.
  • 20. AFFLICTION: SOCIAL OVERVIEWThey are active on Twitter, Facebook &Instagram – and probably more channels. Their audience likes to live life fast and well,they do a pretty good job at appealing to theIʼm-a-roid-rager-beat-my-girlfriend-drink-bud-light-and-will-probably-beat-the-crap-out-of-youtype of guy online.
  • 21. AFFLICTION: WORD CLOUD (word cloud time!)
  • 22. MONSTER ENERGY: SOCIAL OVERVIEW Monster Energy fans usually participate in the following scenarios: 1.  Fighting people for shotgun. 2.  Making fun of your job when they live in their parentʼs basement. 3.  Road raging 4.  Getting hit in dodgeball and staying on. 5.  Making bets, losing and saying, “we never shook hands so it didnʼt count.” 6.  Not voting but bitching about the President. ** pretty much scumbag steve.
  • 23. MONSTER ENERGY: WORD CLOUD (word cloud time!)
  • 24. SOV COMPARISONHere we see that in the last month, people raged more about Affliction and MonsterEnergy than they raged about Ed Hardy online. (BS chart)
  • 25. RECOMMENDATION TIME **another interstitial slide**
  • 26. NEW COMMUNITY MANAGER (***or hiring one to begin with) Example Posts: Ed Hardy needs a social vision and who better to lead them – than the former community manager (***or whoever wrote) these posts. ------- Why? Clearly they make poor life decisions. Already has an apparel-industry background. They probably got fired and need a new job. And well, who else would want this gig?
  • 27. NEW CELEBRITY SPOKESPERSON Snookiʼs Baby Wayne Gretzkyʼs Daughter Guy Fieri Ke$ha Tim Sharky Courtney Stodden
  • 28. CONTENT PLAY: “LEVERAGE MEMES”*ʼcause all the cool brands are doing it.
  • 29. NEW PARTNERSHIP: ETSY *ʼcause you know Ed Hardy can go into the crafting market. **real products/real descriptions*Bath Bomb Hands Wooden earrings Bow Little Girls Purse Pacifier Clip
  • 31. AND ME Hi! Iʼm Chrissy. Iʼm a marketing gal for hire. You know, one of those “creative people” and well, a huge beer geek too. Iʼm good at the Internets and a ridiculous sucker for sunset & rainbows. Follow me on most social networks as @chrissychrzan Or visit my site at http://www.chrissychrzan.com Thanks for viewing!