2009 NASC Awards


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My most recent and last project at the Nashville Sports Council. This presentation was submitted to the National Association of Sports Commissions for thier annual awards in the category of best advertising / communications piece for 2008.

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2009 NASC Awards

  1. 1. 2009 NASC Awards Outstanding Communication & Advertising NASHVILLE IL SP O C RT UN S CO presents Bid Package for the NCAA Division I Women’s Final Four
  2. 2. APRIL 6 - 8, 2014
  3. 3. Marketing Objectives • Successfully secure a bid for the NCAA Division I Women’s Final Four between years 2012-2016. • Craft an all-encompassing bid package that markets Nashville as a destination for women’s basketball and their fans from around the country, as well as meeting all logistical, procedural and governmental requirements noted by the NCAA. • Achieve an extraordinary level of creativity with the actual casing of the bid documents.
  4. 4. The binder dividers were created so that each section of the bid is opened with a female basketball player, a brief description of who she is and what basketball means to her. Each divider is strategically placed in chronological order from the youngest female basketball player up to a professional player. We wanted to portray to the NCAA that Nashville is a natural place where women’s basketball thrives throughout all ages and levels. (See your bid package to view the actual dividers)
  5. 5. Map contained in the bid package illustrates the Nashville “campus”, where everything you need is within 5 miles of downtown. (See your bid package to view the actual map.)
  6. 6. Method of Distribution • The bid package was delivered to the NCAA bid committee in actual full-size guitar cases. This extra touch offered yet another unique characteristic to the bid that was very “Nashville” in style. • Following the delivery of the bid documents, Music City Bid Committee leadership made an in-person presentation that described in detail the rationale behind why Nashville should host the NCAA Division I Women’s Final Four.
  7. 7. Wrapped bottled water and bid themed notepads accompanied the Music City Bid Committee leadership’s in-person presentation.
  8. 8. Production Budget • The bid package was developed and produced by the Nashville Sports Council with creative support from White-Thompson, a local marketing agency. • The fee for design was $5,000 cash and $10,000 donated in-kind from White-Thompson. The cost of production was $8,500 cash paid to RJ Young printing services. • $23,500 was the total expenditure for designing and producing 50 binders, dividers and custom cases for each member of the NCAA Bid Committee as well as members of the Music City Bid Committee.
  9. 9. Results • The City of Nashville was selected to host the NCAA Division I Women’s Final Four in the year 2014. • The NCAA Bid Committee highlighted that the creativity of the bid package was one of the unique qualities Nashville conveyed, which caused us to stand-out among other candidates. Through that ingenuity, the Nashville Sports Council was able to solidify Nashville’s desire to host this prestigious event.
  10. 10. APRIL 6 - 8, 2014