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Magazine Design System


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A presentation given at the Minnesota Magazine & Publications Association. 2 of 4. See also Magazine Cover Design, Web Magazine Design, and Magazine Design Troubleshooting.

A presentation given at the Minnesota Magazine & Publications Association. 2 of 4. See also Magazine Cover Design, Web Magazine Design, and Magazine Design Troubleshooting.

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  • 1. editorial / design Publication system mmPa 2009 summit & exPo may 21, 2009
  • 2. editorial / design -P ublication system How do you keep a reader’s attention? n the average person spends 45 minutes with a magazine. source: mri Fall, 2007, national directory of magazines, 2008, oxbridge communications mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 3. editorial / design -P ublication system publication system: structure n grid n hierarchy n exPerience mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 4. editorial / design -P ublication system grid: a well-deFined grid is the backbone to your Publication mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 5. editorial / design -P ublication system 02_Tufts_SP09 4/21/09 8:47 PM Page 2 03_Tufts_SP09 4/21/09 8:48 PM Page 3 grid THE ISSUE CONTRIBUTORS The backbone What’s Gray and Amazing? DALE PETERSON (“The Secret Lives of Elephants,” page 22), a lecturer in the English Department, has written fifteen MAGAZINE books, which have been translated into jumbo seems an unlikely mascot for a uni- nine foreign languages. Two works, in- VO L U M E X V I , N U M B E R 2 versity. Not as unlikely as Sammy the Banana Slug cluding his last one, Jane Goodall: The (UC Santa Cruz), perhaps, or Artie the Fighting Editor Woman Who Redefined Man, have been Artichoke (Scottsdale Community College), but David Brittan named New York Times Notable Book of Peterson Sommers Maintain order the Year. not a “safe” choice either, like an eagle or a mus- Editorial Director tang or a Highlander. Karen Bailey Book Award for his memoir, Fields of SAM SOMMERS (“The Toolbox of Self- As a source of inspiration for school spirit and Light, and recently published a novel, Deception,” page 32) is an assistant pro- athletic prowess, Jumbo is, shall we say, compli- Design Director Before. His forthcoming short story col- fessor of psychology at Tufts. His research Margot Grisar lection is titled Light Wings. examines how juries make decisions in cated. On the one hand, the creature was a prodigy in his day, billed (erroneously) as criminal trials and how interactions be- Donroe Inman the largest elephant in captivity, and credited (if P.T. Barnum is to be believed) with a A freelance writer, obsessive blogger, tween people of different races go awry. Design Consultant hero’s death, suffered while rescuing the baby elephant Tom Thumb from an oncom- 2communiqué and former editor of Boston magazine, In 2007 he received the Lerman-Neubau- A seven-time category winner in the BBC TAMMY DONROE INMAN, J95 (“Test er Prize for Outstanding Teaching and ing freight train. On the other hand, few outside of Tufts know the history. Indeed, few News & Notes Editor Wildlife Photographer of the Year com- Kitchen Confidential,” page 36), is secretly Advising. people know much about elephants, period. To take Jumbo seriously as a mascot, one petition, KARL AMMANN (“The Secret glad her Tufts professors flunked her out Mark Sullivan must cling to the frayed stories of his strength and valor while tuning out the popular Lives of Elephants,” page 22) has pub- of her science major. She lives in Waltham, ROY B. STEINBERG, A73 (“One Life to image of elephants as portly, slightly ridiculous versions of ourselves. Contributing Editors lished his images in National Geographic, Massachusetts, with her husband and two Live,” page 8), a graduate of Yale School But the world of elephants is not all circuses and peanuts. The more one learns Beth Horning the New York Times Magazine, and else- sons. Her kitchen is a mess. of Drama, has been a director, a pro- Kara Peters where. He and his wife live on a fifteen- ducer, and an actor in theater, television, about them, in fact, the more admirable the animals appear. Elephants are remarkably acre game ranch near Mount Kenya. LESLIE MACMILLAN (“An Army of Ex- and film. At the International Drama Columnists smart, for instance. Their brains, which weigh nine to thirteen pounds, are the largest Nicholas Dodman perts,” page 10) is a writer/editor in Tufts’ Festival in Ireland he played opposite of any land animal. Elephants are tool users: they swat flies with branches, disable elec- Sol Gittleman MICHAEL BL ANDING (“Mr. Electric,” Office of Publications. She has written William Hurt, A72, in Lanford Wilson’s Jeswald W. Salacuse tric fences by smashing them with boulders, and wield paintbrushes gracefully enough W. George Scarlett page 16) is an award-winning maga- for the Associated Press, the Boston Globe, The Rimers of Eldritch. He was recently zine writer whose work has appeared and the Boston Herald, and worked on a named artistic director of Cape May (with their trunks, of course) to paint recognizable pictures of other elephants. They Contributing Writers in The Nation , The New Republic , game reserve in South Africa. Stage in New Jersey. can be crafty when they need to be. Captive elephants in Burma have been observed Julie Flaherty Lauren Katims Boston Magazine, and the Boston Globe Magazine. “Mr. Electric” is his second columnists stuffing their bells with mud before sneaking into their master’s orchard to steal fruit. Leslie Macmillan They are good mimics—one elephant in Kenya imitates the sound of trucks she hears cover story for Tufts Magazine. Class Notes from her compound. And they are among the few species with enough self-awareness Kaleigh Fitzpatrick Susan Pasternack BILL FINLEY, A83 (“Stepping Up to the One of the world’s leading animal behaviorists, NICHOL AS DODMAN (“Animal to recognize themselves in the mirror. Plate,” page 12), started out writing for Instincts,” page 41) directs the Animal Behavior Program at the Cummings School of In this issue, Dale Peterson, the Tufts lecturer who penned “The Secret Lives of Tufts Magazine (USPS #619-420, ISSN #1535-5063) is the Daily Racing Form and moved on to Veterinary Medicine and is the author of four bestsellers in the field. His latest book Elephants” (page 22), illuminates the animals’ social side. The article, with photographs published quarterly by the Trustees of Tufts University. the New York Post and the New York Daily is The Well-Adjusted Dog: Dr. Dodman’s Seven Steps to Lifelong Health and Happiness Direct magazine calls to 617.627.4287. Send correspondence News. He still frequents the racetrack, for Your Best Friend (Houghton Mifflin). by Karl Ammann, is based on the duo’s new book, Elephant Reflections (University of to Tufts Magazine, Tufts Publications, 80 George Street, writing for and the New York Medford, MA 02155, or email California Press). As Peterson makes clear, elephants are a model of cooperative living. Tufts Magazine is distributed without charge to alumni, Times. He also cohosts a horse racing In his forty-five years at Tufts, SOL GITTLEMAN (“Scholar at Large,” page 39) has been Mothers look after one another’s offspring, giving each mom time off to forage and rest parents of current undergraduates, and other members of program on Sirius XM satellite radio. a professor of German, Judaic studies, and Biblical literature, and has taught in a vari- the Tufts community. Periodicals postage paid at (imagine, universal child care in the veldt). An elephant clan will accommodate dis- Boston, MA, and additional mailing addresses. ety of departments. Formerly Tufts’ provost and chair of the Department of German, Postmaster: Send address changes to Development Records, JULIE FL AHERT Y (“When Film Stars Slavic, and Asian Languages, he is now the Alice and Nathan Gantcher University abilities: if one member is lame, the others will slow their pace accordingly. Elephants Tufts University, 80 George Street, Medford, MA 02155. Light Up,” page 11) is a senior health Professor. His most recent book is on the 1949–1953 New York Yankees. © 2009 Trustees of Tufts University have even been known to protect sick or injured humans. Their remarkable ability to sciences w riter in Tuf ts’ Of f ice of communicate is another story, one I leave to Peterson to explain. What we see in the end Publications and the editor of Tufts JESWALD W. SALACUSE (“Negotiating Life,” page 42) is the Henry J. Braker Professor is a magnificent animal, at once sensitive, capable, and strong. The next time you utter Nutrition. She has been a frequent con- of Law and former dean of the Fletcher School at Tufts. His most recent book is Seven Printed on 10% recycled paper by Lane Press, Inc., South Burlington, VT tributor to the New York Times. Secrets for Negotiating with Government (AMACOM). the words “Go Jumbos,” you may be grateful that Tufts chose such a sensible mascot. J O S E P H H U R K A (“Rober t Rober t W. GEORGE SCARLETT (“Kids These Days,” page 40) is deputy chair of the Eliot- d av i d b r i t t a n Robert,” page 30) teaches creative writing Pearson Department of Child Development. His new book, Approaches to Behavior editor Cert no. SW-COC-002556 at Tufts. He won the Pushcart Editors’ and Classroom Management (Sage Publications), was published in January. 2 t u f t s m ag a z i n e s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 PHOTO: MELODY KO PHOTOS: STEVE MARSEL (INMAN), WYN PETERSON (DALE PETERSON) s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 t u f t s m ag a z i n e 3 mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 6. editorial / design -P ublication system 57_Tufts_SP09 4/10/09 10:56 PM Page 57 grid THE ALUMNI COMMUNITY DIGEST The backbone has been chosen as a recipient of the 14th annual Heinz Award in Public Policy. He has been a Burlington. Jose Juvas. See HILL 95. John O’Callahan. See HILL 94. MUSEUM Chris Nardone is a 94 HILL Natalie Cohen and Gene Alperovich, M01, welcomed baby Benjamin whose project name is ‘oh dorian.’ Check her out at ohdorian.” Marsha Durbano, respected advocate of the inter- partner and designer at form3, a Edgar on September 9, 2008. G95, and John O’Callaghan, A93, ests of low- and middle-income custom furniture and architectural The family recently moved back welcomed baby Sean on July 18, Americans in matters related design studio in Petaluma, CA. The to the Boston area from the 2008. He joins Caroline, four, and to the federal budget. He is the firm has a new line of eco-con- Bay area. Cohen works as a Craig, two. O’Callaghan recently founding executive director of the scious PLYFORM lounge furniture. speech-language pathologist, began working for Baystate nonpartisan Center on Budget and GRADUATE Marcia Stein has and Alperovich is a hospitalist at Financial Services in Boston. Jeff Distinguish edit from ad Policy Priorities. He is one of five distinguished Americans to receive one of the awards, given by the Heinz Family Foundation. been named CEO of the Young Survival Coalition, the largest national organization dedicated to serving young women affected by breast cancer. A twelve-year breast Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Gerald Devokaitis writes of his career in the music industry, including working for artists such as the Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule, Ehrenkranz, senior vice president of the North American Marketing Group at Octagon, has been named to lead a revamped marketing solutions division. 93 HILL Christine Anderson and Christopher LaPorte, E92, welcomed baby cancer survivor, Stein will draw on her extensive corporate experience in the health-care arena to expand Alanis Morissette, and Susan Tedeschi. “I recently decided to stop working for ‘established’ He oversees groups focused on providing specific expertise in such areas as events and hospitality, Noah Christopher on December the organization’s capabilities. artists, with hopes of finding and music and entertainment, 14, 2008. He joins Madelyn, six, Most recently she was cofounder developing undiscovered talent,” consumer promotions, and and Parker, four. Anderson is a and chief development officer for he writes. “I started my own music multicultural marketing. Christine nurse practitioner in Lowell, MA, Senior Whole Health, a multistate management company, and my Sossaman McShane and Matthew and LaPorte works as a project organization providing patient main client is an amazing singer- McShane welcomed baby Evan engineer for EBI Consulting in services to the underserved. songwriter named Heather Kemp, Alexander on June 1, 2008. The s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 t u f t s m ag a z i n e 5 7 mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 7. editorial / design -P ublication system plane tufts et 08_Tufts_SP09 4/14/09 11:08 PM Page 8 09_Tufts_SP09 4/14/09 11:09 PM Page 9 grid The backbone PLANET TUFTS P E O P L E , P R O J E C T S , PA S S I O N S women have upset the old model of would give “presents” to his favorite ac- lettuce and skinless chicken breasts and The author, safely Structure but not returned to the stage housewives watching their “story” while tors and producers and directors. When how many hours they spent at the gym as ironing. And reality TV has brought non- an auditor showed up, articles of clothing they grumbled about their lack of story. actors into the equation, making soap op- that had been “forgotten at home” began Oh, I will miss all that. era actors—crying models, as some call to reappear. You can imagine the auditor’s My parting gift to the soap world was them—seem dated. puzzlement when a short, obese producer a serial I directed called Life In General. Maybe it’s just as well. Now that enter- arrived on a sweltering July day, dressed Created for the website Strike.TV by limitation tainment is shifting to computers and cell in a cashmere overcoat that he “just hap- Writers Guild members during their phones, someone is bound to dream up pened to be wearing” and thought he strike last year, it told the story of back- interactive serials that feed people’s hun- might return—even though it would have stage life on a fictional soap, Greenville ger for stories about families, while finally fit no actor on earth. General. Ironically, this sendup of the breaking the mold of linear storytelling One of my favorite moments occurred genre received five nominations for day- that grew out of radio. Still, as an insider, I at a celebration before the Emmys in 2007. time drama’s Spirit Awards—more than will mourn the passing of the outrageous, When I complained to my superior that some broadcast soaps. hilarious, and larcenous antics that go on our show had no story, I was told that the Working in daytime drama has given backstage at the soaps. Believe me, the show’s owner was depressed and could me the financial security to return to my cameras are pointed the wrong way. make no decisions about plot develop- roots in live theater, with its equally in- Crooked deals by Armani-clad corpo- ments. The stories would “tread water” sane cast of characters. The daily grind of rate moguls are a staple of daytime televi- until the meds kicked in and he could sign banging out a soap opera can’t compare to sion, but nothing on your screen can rival off on new directions for the show. As I re- the thrill of exploring dramatic literature the way deals are made in the soap world. ceived this information, I was greeted by with real actors (you can’t fake it when it’s One executive sold a producer position air-kissing actresses in glamorous gowns live) and recreating a performance every to settle a gambling debt in Atlantic City. and their leading men who passed up night before a different audience. At long When the sponsor learned of this arrange- the fancy food so that they could main- last, I am beginning to get the taste of ment, it fired the executive, who then tain their figure. We discussed living on soap out of my mouth. barricaded himself in his office for three One Life to Live days. Security officers eventually took the badly?” He explained that this cartoonish hinges off the door and escorted him from PEACE & LIGHT style of acting was the fantasy of a charac- the premises. Now, that’s drama. Has Roy left the soaps for good? Can they go on without him? ter dreaming of being wealthy. I replied: But wait, there’s more. This same fel- MAPPING POST-KATRINA HEALTH CARE “My fantasies are mostly sexual and seem low resurfaced on another show, where B Y R OY B . S T E I N B E R G , A7 3 real.” The executive producer signed me he became so loathed that the crew se- A crew of student volunteers from Tufts T right there to direct a cycle of episodes. cretly poured a puddle of motor oil under and Brandeis are working to connect New That was in the 1980s, when Luke his new Ferrari, for the sheer pleasure of Orleans residents with the best possible he wor ld of day time 1965 and is the oldest continually broad- and Laura’s wedding on General Hospital watching it get towed away. medical care as the city rebuilds. In the drama is peopled with char- cast show on NBC. I produced and direct- made the cover of Time. In recent years, a Then there was the young assistant wake of Katrina, damaged health facilities acters engaging in adultery, ed many episodes of both. shift in viewing habits has eroded the au- whose boss had a series of secret rendez- were forced to close, and many small clinics avarice, blackmail, and psy- I got into the business after years of dience, and threatens the very existence vous, which she helped him cover up from and specialized centers have been popping chological breakdowns— acting and directing in New York, both on of this peculiar genre. Remember Search his wife. The fee for that service: a pro- up in their stead. Even health-care profes- and that’s just backstage. and off Broadway. The executive producer For Tomorrow? The Edge of Night? Ryan’s ducer position. Another office assistant, a sionals find it difficult to navigate the system Serialized soap operas have been part of of Guiding Light saw several plays I had di- Hope? Another World? All canceled. Even temp, got the executive producer a special these days. No wonder one in four residents uses emergency rooms for primary care. American entertainment for generations. rected, and wondered if I would do some Guiding Light will go dark in September. deal at her father’s Mercedes-Benz dealer- National Collegiate Volunteers, cofounded by Jonah Peppiatt, A08, and Noah Kaplan, Guiding Light, which began on radio in directing for him. I remember sitting in College students—who used to schedule ship in exchange for—you guessed it—a of Brandeis, is developing a complete health-care database to steer uninsured residents 1937 and first aired on television in 1952, his office watching the “air show”—which their classes around their favorite soaps— producer position. to free or low-cost services in different medical specialties. Accessible online and by is the longest continually broadcast show was as foreign to me as Noh drama—and rarely tune in today. Both the Internet and Or maybe outright theft is more to phone, it will have student volunteers standing by to assist callers. Launch is scheduled in history. Days of Our Lives first aired in blurting out, “Why are they all acting so cable have taken away viewers. Working your taste. One costume designer I know for August 2009. 8 t u f t s m ag a z i n e s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 PHOTO: JAMES GLADER PHOTO: CORBIS s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 t u f t s m ag a z i n e 9 mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 8. editorial / design -P ublication system HierarcHy: take your reader through the Page with hierarchy oF word and image mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 9. editorial / design -P ublication system 22r1_Tufts_SP09 4/14/09 9:11 PM Page 22 23r1_Tufts_SP09 4/14/09 9:12 PM Page 23 HierarcHy Lead your reader An important conversation is taking place below the range of human hearing BY DALE PETERSON LECTURER IN ENGLISH Keep experience PHOTOGRAPHS BY K ARL AMMANN my first close encounter of the one of them plodded toward us. Karl got The incident would emblemize so They are not obsequiously communica- pachydermic kind happened at the edge a tangerine out of his pack. “A gift,” he much of my later experience with ele- tive in the manner of dogs. Their faces, interesting of a twisty road in the mountains of said with some eagerness. He held it out phants. Indeed, throughout my time in contrast with those of primates, tend northwestern Burma, where I was travel- first in front of the creature’s eye and then in Burma, and even later, as Karl and I to be blandly immobile. ing with the wildlife photographer Karl within reach of her trunk. traveled into East and Central Africa, After my travels with Karl, I came Ammann. Our underpowered, over- He waited, and then tossed it onto the observing and photographing the sub- home to begin a journey of a different loaded car had been laboring uphill for patch of road in front of her. Her trunk jects you see in these pages, my sense of kind, into the realm of scientists who hours when we heard someone shout, curled, rose and arched, and lowered its tip what I came to call “elephant otherness” have studied elephants. These men and “The elephants!” until it hovered right above the tangerine. only grew stronger. All species are alien women, too, have found the animals We pulled over at a roadside hamlet She sniffed, vacuuming up a trunkload to one another, you may say. We can only almost impenetrably mysterious. But in where onlookers milled around a small of scent molecules. She sniffed a second imagine the mental lives of dogs or apes, the past several decades, they have begun forest of gray-skinned legs and tails and time. Then, silently, she curled her trunk for example. But dogs will pay attention to shed light on elephants’ social behav- trunks and torsos quietly gathered and up again. She shifted slightly, raised a foot, and let you know what they’re feeling or ior. It turns out that, however indiffer- swaying. These were elephants who had and brought it down slowly but decisively what they want with a growl or whim- ently they might treat a gift offered by a been put to work transporting heavy onto the fruit, which splattered on the per, a twist of the head, a wag of the tail. human, elephants are anything but aloof loads of wood for the Burmese logging pavement. She sniffed once again, then Apes will look you in the eye, and, as with among themselves. industry, and they were well acquainted showed no further interest, as if some fake people, their faces provide a window into with people and their ways. After a while, person had just offered her fake food. their minds. Elephants are not like that. mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 10. editorial / design -P ublication system 35r1_Tufts_SP09 4/14/09 8:59 PM Page 35 HierarcHy Lead your reader We frequently call to mind our illustrious associations, basking at random, were told they had succeeded, while others, also cho- pronounced among men and among students of either sex who sen at random, were told they had failed. The participants’ next reported feeling self-conscious in public. in their reflected glory. You’ll find a variety of websites on which task was to select a test for their unseen partner in a separate Do you recognize any of these self-deceiving strategies in posters can tout their great-great-grandmother’s affair with room—a test that they would score for the partner. Those who your family? Your friends? Your colleagues? I know better than General Custer or a chance golf outing with Alice Cooper. thought they themselves had done poorly assigned their partner the most challenging test to muddle through. to ask if you engage in any of them. I mean, of course you don’t. Though this tendency doesn’t paint the prettiest picture of human nature, sometimes there’s nothing like other people’s but even if we are momentarily candid with ourselves, lies with another of our feel-good strategies: illusions of control. are following a loss. In a second study, Cialdini and colleagues struggles to make us feel better about our own plight. Research the question remains: What should we do about this blindness We convince ourselves that the randomness of life doesn’t apply reported that while 32 percent of students use the pronoun we on breast cancer reveals that one coping strategy for women who to reality, this resistance to the awful truth? Quite possibly, to us. Others may be unable to manage their own destinies, but in talking about a victory by their school’s team, only 18 percent need a lumpectomy is to compare themselves with those under- nothing. Break up the page somehow we think we can. use we in talking about a loss. going mastectomy. Our own fi nancial woes don’t seem so bad In an influential article published in 1988, Shelley Taylor, of The Harvard psychologist The we effect is most pro- when we think about families in foreclosure. And your 75 on the UCLA, and Jonathon Brown, of the University of Washington, Ellen Langer ran a study in which nounced when people need an biology exam isn’t as problematic when you consider the even suggested that distortions of reality are essential to our mental she either gave people a raff le ego boost. In yet another Cialdini lower score of that guy who sleeps through class. well-being. This idea was illustrated in a study by Lauren Alloy, ticket or let them choose one. study, respondents were asked Not to mention that the test was unfair, you were nursing a of Temple University, and Lyn Abramson, of the University of When she then tried to buy the to complete a survey about the head cold, and you stayed out too late the night before. Speaking Wisconsin. Study participants—some of them depressed and tickets back, those who had been student body on their campus. of which . . . some of them not—sat in front of a light bulb with a button that allowed to select their own held Half of the participants, selected they could either push or not, as they chose. Sometimes when 6. we actually undermine our own performance to out for four times as much money at random, were given positive the button was pushed, the light went on; other times it didn’t. as those who were simply handed feedback (“you did really well SELF-HANDICAPPING In reality, the button wasn’t connected to the light at all—the a ticket. Just putting thought into, compared to the average stu- Sometimes bulb simply flashed on and off at random. Later, when asked how for example, which lotto numbers dent”). The other half received ward off threats to the ego. Psychologists refer to this as self- much control they thought they had over the light, participants to play is enough to make us more negative feedback (“you did really handicapping. To illustrate, let’s say you do stay out late the who were depressed accurately reported that they had none. But optimistic—as if our intellect poorly”). In subsequent discus- night before a big test. If you don’t perform well, you can tell those who weren’t saw things differently. These “normal” people were so profound that it somehow sions about their school’s victori- yourself that it wasn’t because of any intellectual shortcoming. If had an exaggerated sense of control, the same type of illusion gave us better odds than all those ous football team, the tendency you pull off a good grade anyway, then wow—you did it without harbored by the overconfident lotto player or the superstitious idiots with lousy numbers. to use we was higher among the even studying. sports fan. Illusions of control also explain students who presumably needed For me, the king of self-handicapping will always be my best Our real task, psychologically, may not be to banish self- why, even after being reminded pumping up: 40 percent for those friend from college. He had an uncanny knack for placing himself deception but to make it work for us—to enlist it when we feel that divorce rates hover at 50 per- who believed they had failed the in no-lose situations. In Wiffle ball, he’d inevitably start swing- threatened and let go of it when we’re ready to face facts. Should cent, respondents in one study survey, compared with 24 percent ing left-handed halfway through. we always evaluate ourselves in by the late Ziva Kunda, a psychologist at Canada’s University for those who believed they had aced it. If he lost, well, hey, he was swing- relation to those of inferior apti- of Waterloo, estimated that their own marriage had only a 20 There’s a reason why those big foam fingers sold at football ing left-handed; if he won, we’d tude? No—we’ll grow compla- percent probability of dissolving. Or why, in a recent survey stadiums never say “They’re #1.” never hear the end of it. The hon- cent and develop an exaggerated on the real estate website, half of homeowners said ors thesis that I sweated over for sense of competence. But some- their house had held its value or even appreciated during a year when nationwide sale prices dropped 9 percent. Or why we’re 5. DOWNWARD SOCIAL COMPARISON months during my senior year? He wrote his the night before. times a dash of downward social comparison is just what we need able to assure ourselves that we will escape the documented So associating ourselves with successful and accomplished oth- Literally all of it. That we earned to bounce back from failure. Or side effects of a given medical treatment—you know, the ones ers is always the way to go, right? Not so fast. What if those oth- the same grade chafed a bit, I’ll maybe the better-than-average that are muttered in hurried tones at the end of pharmaceutical ers are thriving in the very areas where we’re faltering? The nov- admit. But it made his day. effect will do the trick. Or a commercials. elist may revel in the feats of her neighbor the musician, but the Some people are more prone little rationalization. best-selling book of her cousin may bring on crippling envy. And to self-handicapping than others, My health screening was a 4. are social animals. We spend much of our lives seeking People BASKING IN REFLECTED GLORY what if we can’t even use the better-than-average effect? What if we run up against irrefutable evidence that we’re actually not of course. Several studies indicate that men are more susceptible case in point. Denial, with a dollop of rationalization, helped better than average? In such cases, we often resort to downward than women. And according get me through the day. I taught, out and managing bonds with others. It should come as no sur- social comparison, viewing our attainments alongside those of to Robert Arkin, of Ohio State got some writing done, and went prise, then, that when we’re trying to feel good about ourselves, the least successful individuals we know. University, self-handicapping is about business as usual. Then a we frequently call to mind our more illustrious associations, Think about the last time you were handed back an exam, especially common among the few days later, when I had come basking in their reflected glory. If you don’t believe me, Google whether days or decades ago. If you’re like most of the test tak- chronically self-conscious. In one to grips with reality, I made “claim to fame.” You’ll find a variety of websites on which post- ers I know, one of your fi rst reactions was to wonder what the of Arkin’s studies, students were given a choice of music to listen an appointment to see my doctor. Now, the offending number ers can tout their great-great-grandmother’s affair with General average score was. Or to ask your friend how she did. Or maybe to while completing a test of spatial skill. Some musical options, is back to normal, and I have a new morning routine before I Custer or celebrate a chance golf outing with Alice Cooper. even to sneak a peek at the score of the guy sitting down the row they were told, might enhance their concentration, while others teach: running at the gym. Consider it a public service—my Sports fans are awash in reflected glory. A study by Robert from you. could prove distracting. When the test was framed as a powerful ten-minute miles are perfect fodder for your next downward Cialdini, a psychologist at Arizona State University, has found A study by Joanne Wood and colleagues at the University predictor of future college and career success, more participants social comparison. that college students are more likely to wear their school insig- of Waterloo shows downward social comparison in action. went for the supposedly distracting music, giving themselves a And when I fi nally cash in my gift card, I’ll order a salad, nia to class on a Monday following a football victory than they Participants were given a series of tests, and then some, chosen ready-made excuse for poor performance. This tendency was dressing on the side. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. T 3 4 t u f t s m ag a z i n e s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 t u f t s m ag a z i n e 3 5 34_Tufts_SP09 34 4/7/09 9:41:30 PM mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 11. editorial / design -P ublication system 39_Tufts_SP09 4/10/09 10:52 PM Page 39 HierarcHy SCHOLAR AT LARGE Lead your reader BY SOL GITTLEMAN ALICE AND NATHAN GANTCHER UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR The Fuse That Lit the Fire Use scale and color L Jackie Robinson’s struggle isn’t over yet ast january was an auspicious month for the in- from the Negro leagues. They hit home runs, stole bases, and played the outfield auguration of an African-American president. Martin with an abandon that sent white journal- Luther King Day fell one day earlier. And there was an- ists scurrying to their thesauruses. Then came Roberto Clemente of the other birthday on January 31: Jackie Robinson would Pittsburgh Pirates, and Latino fans had have turned ninety. With the arrival of baseball season, I fi nd myself re- their first great icon, to be followed by countless others. Having pushed open flecting on the gains that Robinson single-handedly made for the game, for the door for blacks and dark-skinned sports, and for racial equality. Latinos, Robinson lived to see every ma- jor league team integrated. As George Pre-Robinson, Major League Baseball happily married, and coal-black. Will wrote, “Robinson’s first major league was a white preserve. The attitude ex- Rickey brought Robinson to Brooklyn game was the most important event in pressed by Kenesaw Mountain Landis, and rehearsed the kinds of abuse that the emancipation of black Americans commissioner since 1920, was typical the fi rst black baseball player could ex- since the Civil War.” Robinson was, in of the day. “Let them play in their own pect. Then Rickey asked him to prom- Will’s words, “the fuse that lit the fire.” Negro leagues,” he said—and they did. ise not to fight back. For this chance, Robinson died in 1972, at fifty-three, But after Landis died, in 1944, the Robinson said he would take what was ravaged by heart disease and nearly owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Branch coming. He signed a contact in 1946 to blind, but he still possessed the intensity Rickey, felt it was time to make base- play with the top Dodgers farm team, in that changed baseball and America for- ball truly an all-American game. After Montreal. Playing second base, Jackie ever. Shortly before his death, he threw succeeding Landis, Albert “Happy” had an MVP season, leading his team to out the fi rst ball at a World Series game Chandler, an easy-going Kentucky sena- the International League championship. and spoke his mind: “I’d like to live to see tor, was asked for his position on blacks Robinson went to spring training with a black manager. I’d like to live to see the in pro ball. He replied: “If they can fight the Dodgers in 1947 and put on a daz- day when there’s a black man coaching and die on the beaches of Okinawa, they zling exhibition of hitting and running. at third base.” In 1975, Frank Robinson can play in the major leagues.” Rickey’s He was the fi rst Rookie of the Year and broke down that door; others once out- scouts hit the road. by 1949 the Most Valuable Player in the side are still coming in. Everything in Robinson’s life had National League. When some of his own But would Robinson be satisfied? What made him “the right man.” At UCLA, he teammates refused to play with him, would he say about the shrinking pres- played six sports in addition to baseball. Rickey got rid of them. ence of African Americans in professional He went into the Army, and fought seg- Robinson not only transformed base- baseball? Would he point out the irony of regated busing in Fort Hood, Texas, for ball racially, he changed the fundamen- a Red Sox spring training roster without a which he faced court martial and won. He tals of the game. He brought that unique single African American? Racial freedom was proud of his race, proud of his coun- combination of speed, daring, and power for him would not have ended with the try, and dead set against second-class that produced a more exciting brand of march at Selma, or an Obama election citizenship. Rickey found him playing for baseball in the Negro leagues than was victory. For Jackie Robinson, there was the Kansas City Monarchs, where he was seen in the majors. Willie Mays, Frank always one more battle to fight. an in-your-face shortstop hell-bent on Robinson, and Henry Aaron all shocked winning. He was articulate, handsome, baseball veterans when they came over DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF PROFESSOR GERALD GILL. ILLUSTRATIONS: DAN PAGE s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 t u f t s m ag a z i n e 3 9 mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 12. editorial / design -P ublication system experience: create multiPle exPeriences through your Pagination mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 13. editorial / design -P ublication system C1r1_Tufts_SP09 4/14/09 9:07 PM Page C1 C4r2_Tufts_SP09.qxd 4/22/09 4:18 PM Page C4 experience “I FLUNKED OUT OF AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN ” SPRING 2009 Create multiple experiences 80 george street MAGAZINE medford, ma 02155 Not all people read the MAGAZINE See what’s shaking in Denial is not a river First in the arts of his same way San Fran 7 in Egypt 32 countrymen 45 An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent 22 SPARK OF LIFE IF A NEWT CAN REGROW A LIMB, WHY CAN’T YOU? mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 14. Cape May, NJ. He writes, “After Mediation, an insider’s perspective years of producing and directing on using mediation strategies to daytime drama”—the subject of resolve disputes. Mary Royer, a his article “One Life to Live,” page freelance medical writer based 8—“I am returning to my first in Ithaca, NY, has been named love and running a theater. I hope secretary of the American Medical Tufts alumni will contact me for Writers Association. work and play!” William Wattles FLETCHER Elizabeth Musch- has been named coordinator of Tricot is the new CEO of the loyalty editorial / design -P ublication system the quality enhancement plan division at Ipsos in Paris, which and promoted to professor of does market research and Web psychology at Francis Marion development. She had been CEO University in Florence, SC. for Europe at Added Value/WPP. ITALIAN RENAISSANCE. Beth Miller, J80, invited twelve of her dearest friends, including six alumnae, to join her October 17–23, 2008, at Villa DENTAL Mohammad Moini, “This is a global job, so hopefully Ferraia in Monticiano in Tuscany to celebrate her fiftieth birthday. Back DG73, was inducted as a fellow of I will see some of you during my row, from left: Ellen Sullivan Gaudiano, J79; Kirsten Webster Griebel, the American Academy of Implant travels,” she writes. J79; and Lisa Sullivan Wallace, J77; front row: Liz Gladstone Martin, Dentistry. He is also a diplomate J81; Beth Miller; and Deb Knez, J82. experience of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry. He has more than thirty years 75 HILL Regina Pacitti writes that she was appointed a guardian ad litem in Middlesex 79 HILL Jon Birnkrant sent in an interesting tale of in public health at several universities. She received a Create multiple experiences of experience as a specialist in periodontics and dental implants. (MA) Juvenile Court. his recent vacation in Waikiki, HI, where he and his family, including Ph.D. in 2008 from the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine, Len Radin was inducted as the first member of the Northeast EdTA Hall of Fame at the Northeast 77 HILL Sarah Kelly of Cozen O’Connor gave a presentation on “Email Monitoring, son Michael, A10, ran into Oliver Grant, A91, who spotted his fellow Jumbos from the Tufts logos School of Public Health. She is active in international efforts for advocacy and research in health. Guide your reader Educational Theatre Festival in Internet Access, and Blogging: A on their fleeces. Coincidentally, Waterbury, CT. The award was Survey of Employers’ Rights and later that evening those same logos caught the eye of a California alumnus whose 81 HILL Crane Johnstone was nominated as one of South Florida’s most effective lawyers Roy Steinberg, A73, daughter just entered Tufts. This recent sighting recalled by the Daily Business Review. He recently won a jury verdict in one of a fugitive from daytime soaps, another encounter by the Birnkrant family at the Broward County’s largest medical malpractice suits. tells all (p. 8). same hotel two years ago, created to recognize theater Employees’ Responsibilities” at when they were awakened by a familiar harmony emanating from the beach—the 82 HILL Kevin Gallagher has been elected to the board of directors of the National Board professionals who have made a the 16th annual conference of the voices of the a cappella group the for Certified Counselors. Since difference for theater students American Employment Law Council. Beelzebubs rehearsing. 1990 he has operated a private in the Northeast. He founded She concentrates her legal practice counseling practice in Burlington, the Yankee Thespian Festival, an annual event for theater students and teachers from the region and in employment law and related litigation. 80 HILL Diane Levin-Zamir has been living in Israel since 1981 and has a home VT, primarily serving treatment- resistant youth and families. Francine Storfer Glazer has parts of Canada. 78 HILL Robert O’Regan, G80, E10P, has been in Tel Aviv with her husband, Amos, and their three children. accepted a position as assistant provost and founding director 74 HILL Frederick Gold, a partner in the Stamford, CT, office of Shipman & Goodwin, named cochair of the fiduciary litigation committee of the trusts and estates section of the Boston She is national director of the Department of Health, Education, and Promotion for Clalit Health at the Center for Teaching and Learning at the New York Institute of Technology. She had been at is the author of a chapter titled Bar Association. He is a partner at Organization, in addition to Kean University for sixteen years “Mediating Business Disputes Burns & Levinson. teaching in master’s programs as a professor in the department s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 t u f t s m ag a z i n e 5 3 mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 15. 74_Tufts_SP09 4/9/09 3:24 PM Page 74 editorial / design -P ublication system TAKE IT FROM ME EXPERT ADVICE FROM OUR READERS... experience Create multiple experiences Affordable Europe Travel tips for the budget conscious Create levels of LORI HEIN, J79, WRITER, NORTH EASTON, MASSACHUSETTS engagement Skip summer. Everything costs less in the iffy weather of off- season. Yet a great place is a great place year-round. An October walk on Spain’s Mediterranean beaches calls for a sweatshirt, but the sun’s still warm enough to let you linger over wine and grilled fish at al fresco cafes. Germany in December is chilly, but it’s alive with holiday lights and ornament shops. And a Scottish February’s gray sky is the perfect backdrop for ancient castle ruins. Fly frugal. If the major airlines’ off-peak prices are too high, investigate economical carriers like Icelandair and Aer Lingus. Travel midweek. Check airlines and tour companies for air/ho- tel bundles, often cheaper than airfares alone. Browse discount- ed packages at sites like Then be ready Dine midday. Make luscious lunches your day’s major culinary to combine air travel with other transportation options. Say event; for dinner, grab something quick or buy groceries and you’ve found a cheap flight to London but are headed elsewhere. eat in. Eating your main meal in the afternoon lets you indulge Grab the fl ight, then travel to your destination by train, bus, inexpensively in local cuisine—and get enough sleep for sight- ferry, or low-cost intra-Europe airlines like Ryanair or easyJet. seeing: European dinnertime is typically nine or ten. Hotel hunt. Sites like Expedia and Orbitz list some budget accommodations, but a little digging can uncover many more WORKING WITH HEADHUNTERS two- and three-star hotels. Start at your G. ANGELA HENRY, J79, SEARCH CONSULTANT, PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM, NEW YORK destination’s official tourism site, which will likely have an expansive list of ac- commodations, often with links to their Search consultants can be useful colleagues. Here’s how to cultivate a relationship websites. with them: � Write a solid résumé. Recruiters look for length of time at each job, depth of Make contact. Email each hotel you’re experience, types of management experience, and career progression. Be prepared to interested in. Explain that you’re look- elaborate: a good recruiter will get details from you. Even if your profile isn’t right for a ing for budget accommodation for spe- particular position, it may be perfect for one that opens up later. mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21 cific dates, and ask for the best rate. If � Make referrals. Even if you’re being recruited for a position that doesn’t interest you can write a few words in your po- you, try to think of another possible candidate. Good recruiters are discreet; if you ask tential host’s language, do. Bypassing a for your referral to be anonymous, they will respect that. booking service gives the hotel an op- � Be honest. Don’t pad your résumé, and don’t use the search process to get your portunity to actively compete for your foot in the recruiter’s door, to negotiate with your current employer, or to line up prac- business and fill a room that might tice interviews. otherwise go empty. And the personal Of course, the recruiter’s client is the employer—that’s who pays the fees. But contact can yield surprise perks like a good recruiters are like good matchmakers. Their success in identifying a candidate
  • 16. editorial / design -P ublication system navigation: n table oF contents n Page headers n entry Points mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
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  • 18. CONTE TUF TS MAGAZINE editorial / design -P ublication system columns 39 SCHOL A R AT L A RGE Jackie Robinson’s legacy BY SOL GITTLEMAN 01r1_Tufts_SP09.qxd 4/22/09 2:09 PM Page 1 40 K I DS TH E SE DAYS The origins of resilience table of contents BY W. GEORGE SCARLETT Reflect the content and CONTENTS TUF TS MAGAZINE SPRING 2009 VOL . XVII, NO. 2 41 A NI M A L I NSTI NCTS You can train a cat BY NICHOLAS DODMAN 42 structure columns 30 NEGOTI ATI NG LI FE Ask lots of questions BY JESWALD W. SALACUSE 39 SCHOL A R AT L A RGE Jackie Robinson’s legacy BY SOL GITTLEMAN 40 K I DS THE SE DAYS The origins of resilience departments Sitemap 41 BY W. GEORGE SCARLETT A NI M A L I NSTI NCTS You can train a cat BY NICHOLAS DODMAN 2 The Issue The elephant in the room FEATURES 42 NEGOTI ATI NG L I FE 3 Contributors Ask lots of questions Clear content BY JESWALD W. SALACUSE departments 4 5 Letters Jumbolaya 16 Mr. Electric COV E R Some creatures can replace damaged l Michael Levin, a Tufts biologist, think 2 The Issue 8 Planet Tufts subtle electrical signals transmitted be The elephant in the room FEATURES he says, and we could regenerate body Easy to navigate 8 Backstage at the soaps 3 Contributors 10 Help for failed states 4 5 Letters Jumbolaya 16 Mr. Electric COV E R Some creatures can replace damaged limbs and organs, some can’t. 11 Cinematic smoking 22 The Secret Lives of El Michael Levin, a Tufts biologist, thinks the difference has to do with and teens Research into their mysterious world i 8 Planet Tufts subtle electrical signals transmitted between cells. Control those signals, 8 Backstage at the soaps he says, and we could regenerate body parts at will. BY MICHAEL BLANDING 12 He covers the Red Sox whose members bond for life and com 10 Help for failed states defies distance. BY DALE PETERSON, LEC 11 Cinematic smoking 22 The Secret Lives of Elephants 14 Laurels PHOTOS BY KARL AMMANN and teens Research into their mysterious world is revealing a close-knit society 12 He covers the Red Sox whose members bond for life and communicate on a wavelength that 43 Bookshelf 14 Laurels defies distance. BY DALE PETERSON, LECTURER IN ENGLISH PHOTOS BY KARL AMMANN 47 News & Notes 30 Robert Robert Robert 43 Bookshelf BY JOSEPH HURKA, LECTURER IN ENGLISH 30 Robert Robert Robert F ICT ION 47 News & Notes BY JOSEPH HURKA, LECTURER IN ENGLISH 70 Beyond Boundaries 70 Beyond Boundaries 32 The Toolbox of Self-Deception 74 Take It From Me 32 The Toolbox of Self-D 74 Take It From Me Your tips on budget travel, We think we’re hot when we’re lukewarm. We blame others for our Your tips on budget travel, We think we’re hot when we’re lukewa shortcomings. How do we delude ourselves ? Let a social psychologist using headhunters, business count the ways. BY SAM SOMMERS, DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY using headhunters, business shortcomings. How do we delude ours survival, gifted kids survival, gifted kids count the ways. BY SAM SOMMERS, DEP 76 Afterimage 36 Test Kitchen Confidential West Side glory A refugee from TV’s most persnickety cooking show tells all. BY TAMMY DONROE INMAN, J95 76 Afterimage 36 Test Kitchen Confiden COVER ILLUSTRATION: PETE MCARTHUR West Side glory BACK COVER ELEPHANT PHOTO: KARL AMMANN PHOTO OPPOSITE: ALONSO NICHOLS A refugee from TV’s most persnickety BY TAMMY DONROE INMAN, J95 COVER ILLUSTRATION: PETE MCARTHUR BACK COVER ELEPHANT PHOTO: KARL AMMANN PHOTO OPPOSITE: ALONSO NICHOLS mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 19. editorial / design -P ublication system page Headers: Publication street signs n Quick, easy access n always let your reader know where they are mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 20. editorial / design -P ublication system 47_Tufts_SP09 4/14/09 10:28 PM Page 47 page Headers Publication street signs NEWS&NOTES A C O M M U N I T Y D I G E S T O F T H E T U F T S U N I V E R S I T Y A L U M N I A S S O C I AT I O N Quick, easy access Massachusetts State Senator JACK HART, A91, has reason to sport a green tie (see page 48). PHOTO: JOANIE TOBIN s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 t u f t s m ag a z i n e 4 7 mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 21. editorial / design -P ublication system 60r1_Tufts_SP09 4/21/09 9:23 PM Page 60 50_Tufts_SP09 4/14/09 10:29 PM Page 50 page Headers NEWS&NOTES CL ASSES Publication street signs NEWS&NOTES IN MEMORIA M Office of Alumni Relations, of Massachusetts Professor in for Catholic Relief Services. ahead to its fortieth anniver- 80 George Street, Suite Public Health and chair of the The 2009 Young Alumni sary. A gala is planned on cam- 100-3, Medford, MA 02155. department of public health Achievement Awards were pre- pus this fall to kick off a series and community service at Tufts sented to David M. Backman, of regional events … The DISTINGUISHED SERVICE School of Dental Medicine; A94, president of the San Sesquicentennial Committee Frederick C. Nelson, E54 Jeanne MacDougall accepted Steven E. Karol, A76, A04P, Francisco Tufts Alliance, and planning Tufts Alumni’s 150th Always let your reader the award that was to have managing partner and founder Sister Anna L. Kupin, J00, a anniversary festivities in 2010 been presented to her late of Watermill Ventures and Salesian nun at the Sacred is considering founding a Tufts husband, Alan, A65. Other Watermill Advisors, and chair Heart Home (Hogar Sagrado Alumni Hall of Fame. Check 2009 winners of Tufts Alumni’s of the Board of Overseers to Corazon), an orphanage for the Tufts Alumni website Distinguished Service Awards, the School of Engineering; girls in Montero, Bolivia. ( Former dean of engineering know where they are given for service to Tufts, David J. McGrath III, G83, for information … Campus their communities, and their V86, A11P, a veterinarian who LIGHT ON THE HILL speakers this spring semester professions, were Sherwood L. owns several animal hospitals AWARD WINNER included Seth Merrin, A82, Gorbach, M62, J84P, emeri- in eastern Massachusetts Deb Jospin, J80, was honored president and CEO of Liquidnet tus director of the Nutrition and southern New Hampshire, on April 21. The Dan Dutko Inc., who gave the Lyon & Infection Unit at Tufts School and who is both a univer- Fellowship Program she Bendheim Alumni Lecture, A funeral service was held on January 10 at the Parish of the of Medicine, professor of sity trustee and chair of the created in honor of her late and Ben Silverman, A92, medicine and public health and Board of Overseers to the husband provides graduating cochair of NBC Entertainment Epiphany in Winchester, Massachusetts, for Frederick C. Nelson, family medicine at the medical Cummings School of Veterinary Tufts seniors with ten-month and NBC Universal Television E54, professor of mechanical engineering emeritus and a former school, and a professor at the Medicine; and Karel Zelenka, public policy fellowships in Studio and executive producer Friedman School; Catherine F70, F71, F85, the country Washington, D.C. … The of such shows as The Office dean of Tufts School of Engineering. He died of melanoma on Hayes, D87, the Delta Dental representative for Zimbabwe Africana Center is looking and The Biggest Loser. January 7 at age seventy-six. He had just put the finishing touches VOLUNTEER VOICE on his final book, An Introduction to Rotordynamics, which will be TUFTS PREPARED ME TO SEE THE WORLD published later this year. ELIZABETH (KNIPE) BORNER-MOUER, J69 On how Tufts kindled the spirit of active “He was Mr. Tufts Engineering,” Jordan Birger, E43, a longtime CHAIR, TUF TS SWISS ALLIANCE, TUF TS ALUMNI COUNCILOR, citizenship: “As a student back in the six- engineering overseer, told the Boston Globe. Nelson modernized ties, I remember the wonderful societies WÜRENLINGEN, SWITZERLAND and clubs which allowed us to volun- the engineering school and its curriculum during his tenure as teer in the community. More than that, After graduating from Jackson College, perhaps, is that Tufts prepared me to see dean (1980 to 1994), renovating Bray Lab for the mechanical Elizabeth Knipe went to Japan. She earned the world: it made me more confident, Frederick C. Nelson a master’s degree in sociology at Tokyo’s positive, idealistic, willing to embrace engineers, replacing the environmental labs for the civil engineers, Keio University and teaching certificates in the Japanese tea ceremony; in ikebana other cultures and experiences with poise and engagement. I am grateful for this. It revamping Halligan Hall for the electrical engineers, and moving “He really moved (the art of f lower arrangement); and in has made all the difference. the chemical engineering department into the new Science and focus on purely und the traditional Japanese stringed instru- Elizabeth (Knipe) ment the koto. After earning a Ph.D. in Borner-Mouer On the spread of Tufts’ reputation abroad: Technology Center. He was also involved in establishing technol- profile,” Linda M. Ab Japanese studies in Australia, she moved “In certain circles Tufts is well known. In to Zurich, married her husband, Adrian Borner-Mouer, Switzerland, with its concentration of international organi- ogy centers in electro-optics and biotechnology, which gave the “And he was always and began teaching classes at the Swiss Federal Institute of zations, the Fletcher School has many alumni, and dentists Technology and the University of Zurich in Japanese sociol- around the world know Tufts. As more foreign students school a national reputation in research. After he left the dean’s to teaching.” ogy, finance, and banking. She began a career as an invest- ment banker with Japan’s Yamaichi Securities in Zurich. study at Tufts, awareness will increase. post, alumni funded the construction of the Nelson Auditorium in Jim O’Leary, pro Today she commutes between Switzerland and Monaco as an On keeping in touch from overseas: “The various networking Anderson Hall in his honor. the Globe: “He was adviser to EFG Bank. On the boards of both the Swiss Japan sites—Facebook, ASmallWorld, to mention a couple—are Chamber of Commerce and the Swiss Japan Society, she says marvelous. Obviously, the Tufts Online Community is an- she continues to “live and breathe Japan every day.” other way for us to find one another.” 5 0 t u f t s m ag a z i n e s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 PHOTO: ADRIAN BORNER-MOUER 80 George St., Medford, MA attended performances of a variety member of several sci 02155. of Chicago’s music and theater mittees of the Nationa DOROTHY LAWRY, J46, of groups. He was the author of The of Health, he served a Melrose, MA, on March 3, 2008. Drama Reader: Full-Length Plays for research programs Active in her community, she for the Secondary School. radiation and headed was a member of the board of the the Radiation Effects Fitch Home, a retirement home, 1950s Foundation in Hiroshim and a member of the D.A.R. An PAUL ROCKWELL KRAUSE, A50, THOMAS LENTHA avid traveler, she visited all seven of Brooklyn, NY, in February 2008. of Cambridge, MA, on mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21 continents. A veteran of World War II, he saw 22, 2008. After gradu NAOMI SOLOMON action in the Battle of the Bulge. Tufts, he became a tr ROSENBERG, J48, of Albuquerque, He was a caseworker, writer, and tion consultant, spec NM, on August 25, 2008. She inveterate traveler. schedules and timeta lived in the Boston area and in SHELDON WOLFF, A50, of founder of the New Ha Palos Verdes, CA, before moving to Mill Valley, CA, on May 24, 2008. Scottish Games, he w Albuquerque seventeen years ago. A scientist, he was honored for in Scottish-American She was an active member of the his discovery that the body’s society circles. He als
  • 22. editorial / design -P ublication system entry points: Pull your reader in n caPtions, PullQuotes, sidebars n connect to more inFormation n url: don’t Forget to include it mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 23. editorial / design -P ublication system 12r1_Tufts_SP09 4/21/09 8:17 PM Page 12 13r1_Tufts_SP09 4/21/09 9:14 PM Page 13 entry points PLANET TUFTS Pull your reader in They proposed that one of the criteria for giving a movie an R rating—along with Stepping Up to the Plate was an atrocious writer,” he admits. But the kid who couldn’t hit or write got the scoop once again. “You have to win your credibility,” he says. “It’s not the news business. Like newspaper staff- ers everywhere, he worried that his em- nudity, sex, violence, drug use, and bad has done pretty well for himself. After a given to you.” ployer might not survive. He also had a language—should be whether characters A life in baseball, one way or another long career at the Boston Herald, he was When the 2004 season rolled around, wife and two young children. So when he smoked. tapped by the rival Boston Globe last year to Massarotti had covered nearly two thou- was courted by the Boston Globe, which B Y B I L L F I N L E Y, A 8 3 Recently, the industry has begun to become the main face of the paper’s sports sand games and had turned his hand to seemed at the time to be on sturdier T make changes. In May 2007, the Motion website. Along the way, he has grown into just about every baseball story conceiv- ground, he couldn’t say no. He made the Picture Association of America an- one of the most prominent voices on the able. All that was missing was one about move in September. Captions, pullquotes, nounced it would consider tobacco use as on y massarotti, a89, had exactly one hit in twenty-six at-bats. New England sports scene—a frequent a Red Sox World Series win, the glory Not much has changed, despite the a factor in its film ratings. In July 2008, six g rew up in t he Boston But he still didn’t give up on the idea of a presence on TV and radio and a two- that had eluded the team since 1918. And switch to mostly web-based reporting. major movie studios said they would place suburb of Waltham, wor- future at Fenway Park. He just traded his time winner of the Massachusetts Sports then it happened. The Sox, having lost Massarotti is still entrusted with keeping antismoking public service announce- shipping the Red Sox. His bat and glove for a pen and a reporter’s Writer of the Year award. ments on the DVDs of all G, PG, and PG- dream was to be the next notebook. His journey to professional success be- 13 movies that depict smoking. The in- Fred Lynn, he says, refer- He started with the sports section of gan twenty years ago, when, as graduation “My editor called and said, ‘Hey, how sidebars would you like to cover the Red Sox?’ dustry could be under even more pressure ring to the beloved Sox slugger of the the Tufts Daily, where he soon discov- neared, he connected with a fellow Jumbo, with the recent release of a comprehensive seventies. Then came his second season ered that the new career path he had Tim Horgan, A49, then a columnist at the report from the National Cancer Institute showing that films have a powerful effect on the junior varsity team at Tufts: he chosen wasn’t going to be easy, either. “I Boston Herald. Horgan helped get him a job answering phones in the Herald’s I was ecstatic.” on adolescent tobacco use. Massarotti in sports department. There, Massarotti de- Meanwhile, Dalton says, researchers the heart of Red cided that even if he wasn’t a born word- three straight games to their archri- those rabid Red Sox fans informed about can hone their techniques for judging Sox Nation smith, he could improve if he put his mind vals, the Yankees, in the 2004 American their team. The only difference is that, smoking scenes. As she noted in a study to it. “You learn how to write by reading League Championship Series, proceeded, working for what aims to be a twenty- published in Preventive Medicine, there is people who know how to write,” he ex- improbably, to win the next four. They four-hour sports destination—“the place a limit to how well a researcher can con- plains. “Then it’s just a matter of applying moved on to the World Series, where they where you are constantly tuning in to find vert “the contextual richness and nuances that and working at it. If you’re a sports fan ended eighty-six years of misery by sweep- out what’s going on,” as he puts it—Mas- of movies” into survey data. She points who grew up in Boston, you got to grow up ing the St. Louis Cardinals. “I remem- sarotti can never take a breather. Stories to a scene from Romeo + Juliet in which reading Peter Gammons, Bob Ryan, Dan ber at the end of Game Seven in Yankee break at all hours, and he must post them a brooding Leonardo DiCaprio smokes Shaughnessy, Will McDonough. These Stadium and at the end of Game Four in online as soon as humanly possible. while writing in his diary. Simply noting guys are among the most accomplished St. Louis, I told myself to take a minute, His job might be a bit more difficult, it as “a pensive moment with negative af- writers and reporters in the history of the stand there, and watch the celebration,” but you will never hear him complain. fect” in the character’s smoking tally— industry. You can learn a lot by seeing how Massarotti says. “It was, quite literally, an This is a man who gets paid to hang out the current methodology—“would not they do their job.” historic occasion.” at the ballpark and watch baseball games. capture the fact that smoking followed a Massarotti did learn, and quickly By 2008, he was fretting less about the The .038 hitter made the major leagues scene in which Romeo’s parents described moved up the Herald pecking order. He team’s prospects than about the state of after all. his depression and alienation from them,” was promoted to staff reporter in 1992. something many adolescents can identify Three years later, he got the break of a with, she writes. “Nor would it capture lifetime. “My sports editor called me and FINDINGS the almost sensual nature in which smok- said, ‘Hey, how would you like to cover ing was portrayed, which has to do with the Red Sox?’ ” he recalls. “I was ecstatic. THE GREEN TEA DIET lighting, sound, and other factors that I remember pinching myself, thinking, simply cannot be coded in a large sample ‘Is this for real?’” Over the next fourteen Want to slim down for swimsuit season? of movies.” seasons, he emerged as the paper’s key Don’t just hop on the exercise bike—unwind A lot depends on teen psychology. Red Sox writer. His greatest asset was his with a few cups of green tea first. Research Some argue that villains should be al- reporting skills—plus a knack for break- by Jeffrey Blumberg and others at the Jean lowed to smoke because it only under- ing major stories. Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research scores their wickedness. But Dalton notes “There were a couple of stories that Center on Aging at Tufts has shown that that the characters who draw children in really helped springboard me to bigger overweight, sedentary adults who take up aren’t always the ones who wear white things,” he says. One was pitcher Roger a regime of moderate exercise lose sig- hats. She laughs, thinking of her own ad- Clemens’s departure from the Red Sox in nificantly more belly fat if they also drink olescent sons. “When they are watching 1996 after a bitter contract dispute. “We beverages containing catechins, nutrients found most abundantly in green tea. The Godfather,” she says, “they want to be had that before anyone else did.” And in You don’t have to drink very much, either. The daily dose of catechins in the like members of the family, not the police 1997, when the Red Sox acquired Pedro study was 625 milligrams. An average cup of green tea has about 150 milligrams who are after them.” Martinez, another star pitcher, Massarotti if its brew time is relatively short, and as much as 250 if you let it steep awhile. 1 2 t u f t s m ag a z i n e s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 PHOTO: JOHN SOARES PHOTO: ISTOCK s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 t u f t s m ag a z i n e 1 3 mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21
  • 24. 68_Tufts_SP09 4/14/09 10:32 PM Page 68 editorial / design -P ublication system NEWS&NOTES THE BIG DAY 68_Tufts_SP09 4/14/09 10:32 PM Page 68 entry points 25. NEWS&NOTES THE BIG DAY 26. Pull your reader in 25. 26. More information Morgan, F00. The couple resides 28. in Somerville, MA. Vera has trans- ferred to the Boston-area office of the same government consulting company, CENTRA Technology Inc., she worked for in Washington, DC. Her husband works in management consulting. 28. ZIMMERMAN & SLEWETT Peter Zimmerman, A98, wed Danielle Slewett on May 31, 2008, 27. at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, FL. Jumbos in attendance included David Zimmerman, A95, M00; Jill Gottlieb, J98; Tatiana Morgan, F00. The couple resides Miron Ahlers, J99; John Sherry, 28. A02; groom; bride; Moira Poe, J01; A99; and Melissa Arbus, J00. The couple resides in Miami Beach, FL. in Somerville, MA. Vera has trans- and Julie Schnur, A02. ferred to the Boston-area office of 27. TRABKA & KILFOYLE YOUR CELEBRATION PHOTOS Kimberly Trabka, A03, wed Brian the same government consulting Kilfoyle, A01, on August 16, 2008, at Visit the online Big Day Album the Tribeca Rooftop in New York City. at We strongly encourage couples company, CENTRA Technology Inc., Jumbos in attendance included, front row, from left: Brett Kobelin, E03; Mohi Peeran, A01; James Kraemer, to have their professional wedding photographer take she worked for in Washington, DC. E02, E03; and Greg Devine, E03; back row, from left: Sharon Kobelin, the photograph they submit to Tufts Magazine to ensure high- Her husband works in management Ani Altoonian, A04; Kate Harris, A03; Ilina Chaudhuri, A03; and Josh A03; Page Perkins, J01; Lynelle Cortellini-Devine, A03; Paige Baker, quality reproduction in print. Photos submitted electronically consulting. A04; Jessica Khamsyvoravong, Cohen, A03. A03, groom; bride; Elizabeth Grant, must be at least 1024x680 pix- A04; Akiko Takahashi, A04; Shira A03; Emily Goodman, A03; and els to be printed. Please email Levy, A04; and Janet Luan, A04. 26. STERN & LOEWENBERGER Elizabeth Davis, A03. your information to kaleigh. Joanna Stern, J01, wed Jeremy Your 28. ZIMMERMAN & SLEWETT 25. STEIN & BENNETT Loewenberger on January 24, 2008, ZIEMAN & GARIBALDI information must be submitted Rebecca Stein, A03, wed Matthew in New York City, where they are liv- Vera Hannah Zieman, F01, wed within one year of your big day Peter Zimmerman, A98, wed Bennett, A03, on August 31, 2008, ing. Jumbos in attendance included, Oscar Andrew Garibaldi on May to be published in the maga- in Chicago, where they live. Jumbos back row, from left: Beth Rotenberg, 25, 2008, at Whitehall Manor in zine. Submissions may be held for an issue because of space Danielle Slewett on May 31, 2008, 27. in attendance included, from left: Joi Kamper, A03; Amira Baker, A03; A02; Alessandro Terenzoni, A01; and Bill McCarthy, A02; front row, Bluemont, VA. Jumbos in atten- dance included Jana (Butland) limitations. at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral bride; groom; Kristin Sternowski, from left: Seren Levinson Cepler, McCarthy, J97, F03, and Kelly Gables, FL. Jumbos in attendance 6 8 t u f t s m ag a z i n e s p r i n g 2 0 0 9 included David Zimmerman, A95, M00; Jill Gottlieb, J98; Tatiana Miron Ahlers, J99; John Sherry, A99; and Melissa Arbus, J00. The A02; groom; bride; Moira Poe, J01; couple resides in Miami Beach, FL. and Julie Schnur, A02. 27. TRABKA & KILFOYLE YOUR CELEBRATION PHOTOS Kimberly Trabka, A03, wed Brian Kilfoyle, A01, on August 16, 2008, at Visit the online Big Day Album the Tribeca Rooftop in New York City. at We Jumbos in attendance included, front strongly encourage couples row, from left: Brett Kobelin, E03; to have their professional Mohi Peeran, A01; James Kraemer, wedding photographer take E02, E03; and Greg Devine, E03; the photograph they submit to mmPa 2009 summit & exPo 05.21 back row, from left: Sharon Kobelin, A03; Page Perkins, J01; Lynelle Tufts Magazine to ensure high- quality reproduction in print. Ani Altoonian, A04; Kate Harris, A03; Ilina Chaudhuri, A03; and Josh Cortellini-Devine, A03; Paige Baker, Photos submitted electronically A04; Jessica Khamsyvoravong, Cohen, A03. A03, groom; bride; Elizabeth Grant, must be at least 1024x680 pix- A04; Akiko Takahashi, A04; Shira A03; Emily Goodman, A03; and els to be printed. Please email Levy, A04; and Janet Luan, A04. 26. STERN & LOEWENBERGER Elizabeth Davis, A03. your information to kaleigh. Joanna Stern, J01, wed Jeremy Your 25. STEIN & BENNETT Loewenberger on January 24, 2008, ZIEMAN & GARIBALDI information must be submitted Rebecca Stein, A03, wed Matthew in New York City, where they are liv- Vera Hannah Zieman, F01, wed within one year of your big day Bennett, A03, on August 31, 2008, ing. Jumbos in attendance included, Oscar Andrew Garibaldi on May to be published in the maga-
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