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This is a mobile application I concepted during my User Experience Design Immersive course at General Assembly. It allows users to record videos of themselves preparing for job interviews and then to share those videos with family and friends for feedback.

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Interview Preparation App Concept - InterviewMe

  1. 1. intervieWMe by Chris Stair GA UXDI Course Project #3 Monday, November 11, 13
  2. 2. Project Brief IntervieWMe was the Third project from my General Assembly course. Working alone over the course of two weeks I developed an idea from a research phase into a high fidelity prototype. These are the steps I took: • Research • Persona Creation • Feature Prioritization • Sketching/Iteration • First Iteration • User Testing • High Fidelity Prototyping Monday, November 11, 13
  3. 3. Final Product Description IntervieWME is an interview preparation tool designed to help recent college graduates prepare for upcoming interviews. It allows users to record, review, save and share answers to potential interview questions. The users can share their answers through multiple channels. InterviewME has an advantage over the competition because it is designed for mobile and connected to social media. 3 Monday, November 11, 13
  4. 4. Research I created a screener survey to select millenials from my class who had varying levels of job interviewing experience. From my pool of 12 qualified applicants I interviewed seven people over the course of two days. Participants in the study were asked about their interview preparation habits and their performance in past interviews. I found that participants fell into three basic categories in terms of their methods of preparing for interviews. Those three categories became personas. I designed for two of the personas because the third, by definition, did not spend time preparing for interviews. 4 Monday, November 11, 13
  5. 5. Cheryl Ko - The Overachiever “There was a time that I prepared a huge booklet for a job and it threw them off completely. They were impressed.” • Stresses before interviews, but alleviates the stress by preparing. • Rarely makes mistakes in an interview because of her intense preparation. • Highly social in her preparation, frequently solicits advice and feedback from friends and family. • Represents key demographic. Monday, November 11, 13
  6. 6. John Lenney - The Stresser “I get easily distracted, and then I get nervous and then I don’t do anything.” • Stresses before interviews, relieves stress by paying attention to something else. • Often makes simple mistakes in interviews because of his lack of preparation. • Generally prepares alone. • Preparation is short, generally 1-2 hours before each interview. • Often receives pressure from family to work harder at preparing. • Represents key demographic. Monday, November 11, 13
  7. 7. Mark Kurfess - The Winger “I don’t really go in thinking of things I like to do it off the cuff.” • Has experience interviewing. • Does not stress heavily before interviews. • Does not spend much time preparing, preparation often involves a quick background check on the company itself. • Makes mistakes in the interview, but they tend to be small and relate to a lack of preparation. • Not part of target demographic. Monday, November 11, 13
  8. 8. Design Iterations interviewME Designed Mobile First for Desktop Redesigned According to Mobile Conventions John Gates 10/25/13 Why I make an awesome worker Interview Recording of Why John Makes an Awesome Worker Justin Park I really like his explanation Roy Park ya me too Sara Brown 10/25/13 Why I make an awesome worker Converted to Desktop Monday, November 11, 13 Converted back to Mobile
  9. 9. First Wireframes Home Enter Your Question Here Projects Record Share BofA Why are you a good job candidate? Share Cancel Why would you be a good candidate? 1 Comment How much experience do you have? 0 Comments 0:50 What is your greatest weakness? 0 Comments 0:50 If you had a problem you couldn't finish, how would you deal? 0 Comments 0:50 T l me about el yourself. 0 Comments f 0:45 1:00 Why are you a good job candidate? 0:45 0:45 9 Monday, November 11, 13
  10. 10. Key Takeaways from User Testing Users: • • • • • Were confused by home screen Found two step sharing process cumbersome Were unsure of the format for their answers Needed a global navigation Needed standardized icons 10 Monday, November 11, 13
  11. 11. Final Design Home Profile Record interviewME Profile Record John Gates 10/25/13 Why I make an awesome worker Share Cheryl Ko 15 Videos Share Share Write Comment… 204 Connections Cheryl Ko Interview Recording of Why John Makes an Awesome Worker LinkedIn Email Justin Park I really like his explanation Roy Park ya me too What is my greatest strength? Comment Sara Brown 10/25/13 Why I make an awesome worker Share +Question Sean Bradcliffe Good Job Staying up late to work on this 11 Monday, November 11, 13 0:15 Facebook Interview Me
  12. 12. Key Features • • • Record Answers for Potential Questions Replay Recordings and Improve Answers Share Answers with Friends for Feedback 12 Monday, November 11, 13
  13. 13. Thank You! Chris Stair 13 Monday, November 11, 13