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Business Value Assessment for WebSphere Portal
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Business Value Assessment for WebSphere Portal


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This is a very high level presentation on the business value assessments we (IBM) run to help customers see where value for an investment in IBM Portal software comes from.

This is a very high level presentation on the business value assessments we (IBM) run to help customers see where value for an investment in IBM Portal software comes from.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Business Value Assessment (BVA)
  • 2. What is a Business Value Assessment?
  • 3. Enterprise Portal Business Value Methodology Business Value Assessment Modules Business Value Day in the Life Architecture Alignment Assessment ROI/TCO Case Visioning “What could “What might “What actions “How can we we or should the portal should IT take financially we do with a experience be to build & justify our portal?” for us?” deploy our portal?” Portal?” A methodology
  • 4. What does a business value assessment output? 1 Background, Objectives and Approach 2 Business Needs and Portal Capabilities Alignment 3 A ‘Day-in-the-Life’ Demonstration 4 Financial Case 5 Recommendations and Next Steps (buy software)
  • 5. How do we do it?
  • 6. Executive Sponsor Review Board Content & Audience Perspective Leads ETL Book Strategic Positioning & Alignment Technology Solutions Leads Program Managers End Users Director Corporate Communications We conduct interviews with key stakeholders representing multiple business areas to help us understand the business challenges
  • 7. Identify business objectives and challenges that portal capabilities could improve or eliminate Corporate Positioning Business Objectives 1. Synthesize and align Vision, Strategy, and Execution content 1. Disseminate and scale Corporate Positioning content to an estimated audience of 1.3 million ranging from Corporate Positioning , Directors and above, and Field Sales to external thought leadership communities, channel partners, and the external syndication audience 1. Improve productivity and operational efficiency in high-value business process areas in support of Vision, Strategy and Execution content alignment and dissemination 4. Model collaboration innovation in partnership with IT
  • 8. Align capabilities with Business Requirements Portal Business Requirements Challenges Opportunities • Inconsistent communication within Integrated Business Portal corporate user communities causes Platform challenges to alignment of strategy, Strengthen vision, and execution • Roles-based content delivery communication and • Lack of a common place and format to • Web Content Management collaboration share content • Web Conferencing & Recording • Limited communication and collaboration due to lack of tools other • Targeted executive and than phone, e-mail, and travel management communications • Presence Awareness • Networks of informal contacts have been built “the trick is to know who to call” • Presence Awareness & profiling of Improve experts Integrated Business Portal Platform operational • Process redundancy especially in content • Team Workspaces efficiencies for creation and reuse • Self Publishing to roles-based alerts & creation and • Limited operational process optimization content – date/time controlled sharing of content • Silo’ed websites • Personalization • Common unified Search capability • Multiple language and locale requirements for global user communities • Language translation • Single sign on
  • 9. Capabilities Prioritization 4 High Role Based Content & Personalization Alerts Business Value Impact Team Workspaces 3 Content taxonomy Pervasive Access Language translation Dashboards Continuous Content Maint, 2 Offline Access WCM DAM Search Auto Workflow Doc Mgmt Biz Rules & KPI 1 Low Prioritize portal capabilities by graphing Ease of 0 Implementation against Business Value Impact 0 2 4 6 Easier Difficult Ease of Implementation
  • 10. Deliver a Day In the Life Demonstration
  • 11. Deliver Financial Analysis ROI – NPV - Payback A risk adjusted analysis of the proposed solution's impact resulted in $12,616,018 of three year cumulative benefits. Of these projected benefits, $206,719 are direct (hard) benefits and $12,409,299 are indirect (soft) benefits. Comparing the costs and benefits of the proposed project using discounted cash flow analysis and factoring in a risk-adjusted discount rate of 9.5%, the proposed business case predicts:  Risk Adjusted Return on Investment (RA ROI) of 505%  Net Present Value (NPV) savings of $8,520,415  Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 1,166%  Payback period of 11.0 months
  • 12. Implementation Plan 2008 2009 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Feb 15 – AprilA S O N June J 30 D J F M A Dec 3 - 31 Jan 2 – Feb 18 Project Go Siena Live go- Phase ahead One Requirement s & Design Build Testin g Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 1 & 2 Audience: CP, Leadership, Internal Field, Partners Phase 3 Audience: CP, Leadership, Internal Field, Partners, & External Audience *Subject to change depending on full scope and technology solutions required. Dependent on corporate portal architecture and infrastructure.
  • 13. The end result will be a happy customer
  • 14. Want to know more?
  • 15. Chris Sparshott 0064 21 574 696 (Sparkbouy) Portfolio Blog IBM