Ingham County Youth Commission


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A diverse group of young people in Ingham County, Michigan, ranging from 12-18 years of age who meet bi-weekly to discuss youth issues.

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Ingham County Youth Commission

  1. 1. “…To advise the Board of Commissioners, and others within county government, on issues relating to young people throughout the county.” Created by: Raven Odom and Zachari Cahimba – Members of the 2009 ICYC
  2. 2. A diverse group of young people in Ingham County ranging from 12-18 years of age who meet bi-weekly to discuss youth issues.
  3. 3. The purpose of ICYC is to advise to Board of Commissioners and others within the county government on issues relating to and concerning the youth in the county. Some of our goals include: Showcasing the youth voice on issues Developing leadership skills Educating youth about local issues
  4. 4. The Board of Commissioners were prompted to start a youth commission because of the lack of youth input. They felt that the best way to compensate for youth issues is to give them to the people who understand them the most- the youth.
  5. 5. Members of ICYC are appointed by the Ingham County Board of Commissioners. Individuals submit an application and are interviewed by the Board of Commissioners. As much as possible, membership is balanced amongst age groups.
  6. 6. Word of Mouth Ingham County Listserv Press Release to Ingham County media outlets Presentations to youth serving organizations including schools and community centers Information booths at local events Web (Ingham County website and social networking sites)
  7. 7. Standing Committees: Community Issues: Community Service Education Government Education Health Public Relations Juvenile Justice
  8. 8. Provides youth leadership opportunities Youth provide a fresh way of thinking and 1st hand knowledge ICYC offers a better understanding on issues pertaining to youth in the community Adults gain a better knowledge on issues and can use youth as a resource to reach their peers
  9. 9. ICYC members are recognized as a positive group working to better the community Given a sense of power and importance in the community
  10. 10. Understanding relationship with the Board of Commissioners- equal decision making Youth voice isn’t always respected Getting community to understand our role Schedules of youth that adults must be willing to accommodate
  11. 11. Youth Voices (Michigan’s Children, Community Coalition for Youth) Children Mental Health Awareness Day (Impact Systems of Care) 4 UR Future (MSU Extension Ingham County) ICYC Logo Contest
  12. 12. Youth and Adult Partnerships Youth and Adults working Challenges together as partners in Youth and Adult’s planning, implementation traditional perception of working together within the and evaluation of projects group and programs relevant to Stereotypes of youth and the needs and issues of adults that inhibit the ability youth. to move forward on a The relationship allows project both the adults and youth Building youth initiative so to have equal decision that they develop a respect making power for older adults without dependence upon them
  13. 13. Youth Commission in Action Leadership Training Teen Forum 2008 Holiday Project 2008 Great Start Literacy Event