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Suppr Club Pitch Deck
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Suppr Club Pitch Deck


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1.
    • Cook, Share, & Be Happy. marian c. brodigan, ceo brooklyn ny, | 703.300.2349 [email_address]
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address]
  • 2. grace & chrissie share a problem
    • Grace:
    • Chrissie
      • GRACE
      • I love to cook!
      • I’ve made this delicious meal, but I hate that I’m eating alone & don’t have anyone to enjoy it with me.
      • I love hosting dinner parties, but I always end up covering all the costs, so I don’t do it as often as I WANT to.
      • Ugh. I’m single & I hate to cook, & hate to cook for just myself.
      • What I really want is a home-cooked meal with friends.
      • I don’t know ANYBODY in my building or even on my block.
      • I wish there was a non-creepy way I could get to know them & share meals together.
      • CHRISSIE
      • Tonight, I’d really like a home-cooked meal with friends.
      • I don’t know ANYBODY in my building or on my block.
      • I wish there was a non-creepy way I could get to know people & share meals together.
    We figured out that they need a local supprclub!
  • 3. let’s solve this problem
    • We created a marketplace specifically for food-loving people to host & attend supprclubs
      • Simple supprclub planning tool that lets “hosts” create & promote (privately or publicly) a supprclub with a menu & charge for invitations
      • Integrated PayPal into the user experience
  • 4. but, can “it” make money?
    • supprclub is an online marketplace for cooks & diners to exchange money for services
      • Hosts create & share/promote events
      • Guests discover events in their own neighborhoods
    • Host markets & sells tickets on supprclub
    • supperclub deducts 2.5% per transaction + $0.99 for first 8 tickets
      • Free supprclubs are free
      • PayPal payment processing
    • Premium subscription services
    • Affiliate partnerships
      • Fresh Direct, Whole Foods,, cooking suppliers, etc.
      • Local business owners
      • Sponsorships/online advertising
  • 5. marketing & uptake
    • Grassroots outreach
      • twitter, facebook, video blog, blog, local/established supprclubs & Brooklyn Blogade (we’ve been active members for 2+ years)
      • work with the more than 300 food-related meetups in NYC
      • host well-known nyc blogger supprclubs
    • supprclub-funded neighborhood supprclubs
    • supprclubs for charity
    • Spirited NYC-Borough neighborhood competitions
    Ted & Amy supprclub of Brooklyn hosts an annual hot dog cookoff w/more than 300 tickets sold @ $25 per ticket
  • 6. why supprclub will make lunch out of the competition
    • Online event-planning services are deficient for food/wine community
      •,,,, eVite, eventbrite, Facebook Events, Tweetups,
    • Existing event-planning services:
      • are not niche-focused w/specific niche community & features
      • are hard to use (30 minutes to plan your event)
      • do not create discoverable community or enable interactions around nice-specific content
      • rely on old media revenue models (online advertising)
  • 7. data sampler
    • Food Networ k reports audience metrics, Spring 2009:
      • 63% prepared 5+ meals at home in last 7 days
      • 75% searched for recipes or meal planning suggestions online in the past 30 days
    • 66% of users agree that gets them to try new things (higher than Epicurious, Allrecipes and Yahoo! Food)
    • 60% of users agree that is a way to learn about new products (outperforming Epicurious, Allrecipes and Yahoo! Food)
    • Major cooking & recipe sites report major growth to both traffic & engagement
      • Yahoo! Food
      • Home & Garden
      • Rachel Ray
    supprclub will own this growing home-cooking movement & develop a marketplace!
  • 8. the growing home-cooking market
    • The recession has impacted the food service economy, more people are “dining out” over home-cooked meals:
      • The CRFA supplied statistics to MSN that forecast a 2.5 per cent drop in food service sales for 2009.
      • That means a reduction by $1.2 billion for the industry. Full service restaurants are forecasted to drop the hardest, as well as caterer sales and drinking places.
      • Your favorite watering hole might expect a decline of 2.6 per cent, which is the fifth year that segment has experienced a drop in sales."
  • 9. supprclub alpha is launching soon
    • First to the marketplace (like was for crafts)
    • Optimizing a new economy of dining
    • Ready to monetize
    • Peppering the web w/social assets
    • Engaging food, beer, and wine bloggers in NYC with tempting tactics
    • Invested in community support
    • Working on upgrades to supprclub based on ongoing user feedback with engaging planning & social features
    • Next up: Customize, deploy & market in more food-centric cities:
      • San Fran, Boston, Portland OR, & Philadelphia
  • 10. serving a wide community of users
    • supprclub’s nyc “street team” will be working with:
      • Restaurant owners looking to bring in new or group-driven business
      • Non-restaurant businesses looking to promote their particular shops to the community in a fun way
      • Individuals & groups interested in hosting communal meals
        • Building/block parties, holiday parties, couples, mixers, bunco players, sports teams, PTAs, etc.
      • Singles who want to meet new people, couples who want to set friends up
      • Charities/groups interested in raising money & awareness for causes
  • 11. funding to grow & feed . . .
    • a full-time back-end/front-end developer(s) & aggressively release new features
    • supprclub street team marketing programs
      • encourage friendly competition between hosts, who can “compete” for items like kitchenaid mixers, appliances, dinners out, etc.
      • host larger supprclub events at a well-known local locations (e.g. Kelso Brewery), etc.
    • nyc celebrity chef appearances
    • video outreach & small business pamphleting (engage your neighbors, host supprclubs in your space)
    • hosting & site maintenance/email database growth
  • 12. supprclub team
    • We’ve mixed together an amazing team: a chef/caterer/food blogger + organizer + community support specialist 4.5+ years + CTO of a large viral wine site + combined intelligence & passions together.
    • Biz Dev, Marketing, Community Support co-founders
      • Marian C. Brodigan, CEO, 8+ years in frontend/backend product development TV & magazine online platforms (,,,, Ph.D. History & New Media, writer/editor/blogger
      • Katie Saddlemeire, VP of Community Support (formerly of's customer support team & currently community manager for HuffPost)
      • Grace Piper, VP of Marketing (, former chef/caterer, critical voice & image of supprclub)
    • marian c. brodigan, ceo
    • brooklyn ny |703.300.2349 |