Sound analysis


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Sound analysis

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Sound analysis

  1. 1. Sound analysis Pretty Little Liars – Jenna’s Secret The scene begins as we are introduced to the four girls; Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily. Non-diegetic sound is immediately used; an eerie, peculiar type of incidental music which is played in the background to set the atmosphere of the scene and create tension. Moments later, diegetic sound is used in the form of the characters voices; this is dialogue as more than two people are conversing which ultimately sets the perspective of the scene as well as informing us about what is happening. Throughout the whole scene, non-diegetic incidental music and scores are used combined with the diegetic dialogue of the characters which foreshadows the upcoming, shocking truth which is yet to be revealed. Later on in the scene, we see Hanna angrily approach Jenna (of whom is ‘blind’ - a sound motif of dangerous mood music is usually represented by this character) and we can hear her footsteps asynchronously as we only see Hanna in a mid-shot and not long-shot which would expose her livid footsteps in sync with the diegetic sound of her movements. We can also hear a lot of ambient sounds as they are in Pennsylvania, a busy city in America, therefore we are exposed to birds chirping, traffic and the wind; the wind representing the pathetic fallacy of the situation as wind represents danger and chaos, whilst the traffic reflects how busy and hectic everything in their lives are as well as around them. We can then see the synchronous slam of the car door, emphasizing Jenna’s antagonism and the upcoming argument that is about to take place. We continue to hear Hanna’s footsteps asynchronously along with the dialogue of the other main characters. Jenna is about to start her car; this is signified by the synchronous sound of the car keys dangling around as she’s attempting to start her car, and once it starts we can hear her driving and then come to a halt, with the asynchronous sound of her car stall screeching, again, representing the anger. Jenna is abruptly stopped by Hanna who, again, synchronously slams her hands down on the car to represent her extreme irritation with Jenna. The constant use of synchronous sound is so that we can see and hear the thrilling rage and resentment between the two characters which creates tension and drama within the show. The scene ends by the diegetic sound of Hanna talking to Jenna, of which she doesn’t respond. In the next scene, ambient sound is immediately used to introduce the setting as they are on an isolated road and all we can hear is the traffic surrounding them; foreshadowing the drama and chaos that is occurring. Diegetic sound of dialogue is used; with the non-diegetic mood music used again to create tension. These sounds combined are used throughout the majority of this scene; this is so that the audience can focus solely on what the characters are saying whilst still pondering about what could happen next. The scene fades out as the dialogue stops, however the non-diegetic incidental music continues to end the scene and leave the audience on a cliffhanger.