Semiotic analysis


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Semiotic analysis

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Semiotic analysis

  1. 1. SEMIOTIC ANALYSIS Chrissie Bishop
  2. 2. Colour scheme The colour scheme of the advert is gold, which is used because the name of the perfume is ‘Gold’. We can see Kim wearing gold, which is a key indexical signifier for wealth and royalty. Kim Kardashian is a very famous reality star in the US and currently holds position of being the richest reality star in the States so this is clearly portrayed throughout the advert. Mode of address The mode of address used in this advert is direct, as Kim is giving eye contact to the audience as a way to allure them into buying the product. Image Kim’s physique is represented in this advert 3 times, as the medium shot is reflected in different angles, moreover displaying her riches such as her outstanding earrings, expensive bracelets and classic, gold dress. This also signifies her different personalities – the woman we see on TV (who is facing away from the product in the two reflections) and the woman facing us, who is very provocative, seductive and mysterious. This advert draws a lot of attention to Kim as it has sex appeal. Kim’s cleavage is highlighted to grab maximum attention from the audience and is featured at the middle of the advert, therefore being one of the first things that people will notice about the advert. This connotes femininity and addresses the audience of whom is typical to buy this product – wealthy, young women who fit within the social group of ABC1. Ideology The name of the fragrance is at the bottom of the advert, next to the image of the fragrance. Enforcing this image are signifiers which allow the recipient to view the product as glamorous and sexy; this reflects the target audience and the use of colour, props and facial expressions/body language combined connote the seductiveness. Our prior knowledge and experience is being manipulated by this photographic image; this image implies the mysterious, sexy, pure status of the product by inducing an indexical description through the relationship between the signifier, the Kim and the signified, which is
  3. 3. OWN IMAGE • Signifier = Iconic - the book, Looking for Alaska • Signified = the book is superior to the audience as the shot is looking down upon us. • The image is a close up shot of the book ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green. The image is looking up towards the book, portraying how dominant the book is to the audience. • The book is black against a white, floral duvet – conveys the contrast between the book and makes it stand out. Colour scheme of light vs dark colours, white and yellow vs pink and black. • Ideology – name is first thing we see as it is at the center of the picture. • The focus of the camera makes the book seem more appealing as it uses a shallow focus, this indexical signifier of the focus makes the book appear better. • The denotation is simply the book as it is something you read however the connotations from this image is that it is a book about love which is represented by the shallow focus of the image and the pink roses in the background and the daisy on the front cover with the heart on the ‘a’ for ‘Alaska’. • Yellow connotes happiness, foreshadowing the books mood.