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  • interactive illustration at player frame <iframeframeborder="0" src="" width="300" height="300" scrolling="no"></iframe>observation of teachingpeer review activitiescurriculum development enhancement activitiesteaching practiceParticipating leading academic development sessionsseminars workshopsface-to-face blended onlineparticipating leading short courses learning teachingparticipating internal external activities webinars open courses etc.self-directed development accessing studying online resourcespapers or booksattending presenting at events conferencesengaging in generic pedagogical researchsubject-specific pedagogic researchcoaching mentoring colleaguesparticipating leading sessions PGCAP MA in Academic Practice
  • Introduction to FLEX (2013/14)

    1. 1. Flexible CPD (FLEX)
    2. 2. FLEX •What is it? •Why is it good for me? •How do I engage? •What do I get for it? •What else is in there for me?
    3. 3. FLEX Academic Portfolio (Teaching & Research) Development CPD Requirements Qualifications Promotion Professional Recognition
    4. 4. What is FLEX •practice-based academic CPD for teaching and research tailored to priorities and aspirations •pick ‘n’ mix academic CPD activities per academic year •capture development in an academic portfolio •gain credits for academic CPD •gain open badges (first MMU faculty pilot starts in 2014/15) •meet CPD requirements (linked to PDR were applicable) •aspirational engagement in academic CPD
    5. 5. Why is FLEX good for me? •opportunity to monitor, reflect and review practice •refresh your practice while in practice •keep an up-to-date academic portfolio •study towards academic credits/teaching qualification at postgraduate level •work towards gaining professional recognition •pro-active approach to development as a teacher and researcher •use for PDP purposes •meet CPD requirements •remain in Good Standing
    6. 6. Purpose: A code to establish a set of principles and expectations for the maintenance of ‘good standing’ of learning and teaching staff alongside the award of HEA Fellowship
    7. 7. Fellows are expected to engage in a continuous process of professional development and recording evidence. For the benefit of colleagues, as Fellows we will: 8 Show due respect for the opinions of colleagues in the exchange of constructive criticism and ideas. 9 Support and actively assist in the professional development of colleagues to ensure the maintenance and enhancement of good practice and to protect learners from poor practice. 10 Be aware and take account of, the educational goals, policies, standards and regulations of our employing institution and beyond. Fellowship of the HEA, Code of Practice In our professional practice, as Fellows we will: 1 Act with respect, integrity and honesty. 2 Monitor and review regularly our work in order to maintain good standing. 3 Engage in appropriate activities to remain up to date with knowledge of learning and teaching, subject matter and assessment. 4 Be open to and conscientious in considering feedback from appraisals, peer and student observations. For the benefit of learners, as Fellows we will: 5 Demonstrate our respect for learners by paying due regard to the way we conduct ourselves in our professional lives. 6 Be fair and impartial in our engagement with learners. 7 Encourage the free exchange of ideas between ourselves and learners.
    8. 8. All staff who teach or support learning are expected to evidence the following: professional values 1-4 are being maintained and incorporated into current practice contemporary core knowledge is maintained and used to inform learning and teaching
    9. 9. MMU Strategy for Learning, Teaching and Assessment •Principle 1: We will provide an excellent learning environment and outstanding student experience •Principle 2: MMU provides an innovative, flexible, enterprising and internationalised curriculum •Principle 3: Assessment at MMU is an integrated and integral part of learning and teaching •Principle 4: Student progression, confidence and success will be achieved through outstanding personalised and individual support •Principle 5: Programmes are responsive to quality enhancement procedures throughout the student lifecycle •Principle 6: Staff are lifelong learners, fully engaged with their own professional development
    10. 10. How do I engage with FLEX? Select five (5) FLEX activities. FLEX activities can be linked to •current CPD •past CPD and be subject-specific or generic. Successful completion of FLEX can •support the submission of a PSF Fellowship application •help you gain 15 or 30 academic credits at Postgraduate level towards the PGCAP or MA in Academic Practice •Be evidence of CPD linked to learning & teaching •help you gain open FLEX badges All 5 FLEX activities can be linked to the same theme, such as assessment and feedback, curriculum design, inclusive learning and teaching, game-based learning, open educational practice, learning through making etc. or select up to 5 different themes linked to learning and teaching.
    11. 11. FLEX example route 2a open pool of CPD opportunities FLEX light FLEX unit (15/30 credits at Level 7) CPD requirements (UK PSF, SLTA, RKE) unit assessment (UK PSF, SLTA, RKE) FLEX activities academic portfolio
    12. 12. FLEX examples •see CELT website, a wide internal and external generic and discipline specific CPD offer uk/flex/opportunities.php#.UpHikNLwmSo •up-to-date crows sourced offers via Twitter @mmu_celt #flexcpd •share CPD activities you have found via Twitter using @mmu_celt #flexcpd
    13. 13. The FLEX process 1.Where are you now and what would you like to achieve and by when? 2.Create an action plan (consider using the GROW model) 3.Select 5 FLEX activities (1 or up to 5 different learning and teaching themes) 4.Discuss and agree activities with FLEX co-ordinator including time frame for completion 5.Engage in FLEX, capture reflections in your portfolio 6.Share your portfolio with colleagues, the FLEX co-ordinator for feedback 7.After completion of the 5 FLEX activities register for the FLEX unit 8.Submit your portfolio for assessment 9.A passing mark will give you 15/30 credits. Use these towards the PGCAP/MA. 10.You can collect up to FLEX 30 credits for the PGCAP or the PgDip. This is 50% of the programme.
    14. 14. FLEX light •tailor the FLEX approach further if you are not interested in gaining academic credits •establish reflective habits via portfolio based development and become a lifelong and lifewide learner •make it work for your PDP/CPD requirements •consider using the evidence when applying for Fellowships of the HEA •use evidence for Remaining in Good Standing Guidelines for managers will be available soon
    15. 15. ... I want to teach well, it is essential that I explore my inner terrain. But I get lost in there, practising self-delusion and running in self-serving circles. So I need the guidance that a community of collegial discourse provides - to say nothing of the support such a community can offer to sustain me in the trials of teaching and the cumulative and collective wisdom about this craft that can be found in every faculty worth its salt.” Palmer, P. J. (2007) The courage to teach. Exploring the inner landscape of a teacher’s life, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, p. 146 “If...
    16. 16. Academic portfolio •develop reflective skills and habits •a personal and collaborative development space for teaching and research activities •evidence academic CPD image by Nate Steiner, source
    17. 17. FLEX activity open pool of CPD opportunities academic portfolio brief description of FLEX activity critical reflection and development points value/impact on practice & evidence FLEX unit (15/30 credits at Level 7) CPD requirements (UK PSF, SLTA, RKE) FLEX light unit assessment (UK PSF, SLTA, RKE)
    18. 18. indicative open pool of CPD opportunities planning a session flexible learning formative assessment supporting students in the classroom supporting students outside the classroom using stories large group teaching collaborative learning summative assessment tutorials developing digital literacies using LEGO(R) Serious(R) Play small group teaching creating learning communities assessment as learning dialogic feedback inclusive learning and teaching using audio to develop reflection flipped classroom social media for learning portfolios for learning using the Socratic dialogue game-based learning using video in the classroom supporting students using the VLE creatively inclusive assessment group assessment problem-based learning work-based learning blended learning using smart devices for learning and teaching peer assessment self-assessment project-based learning learning through making
    19. 19. indicative types of FLEX activities observation of teaching/ microteach presenting at a/an conference/event participating in a webinar participating in an open course carry out evaluation of teaching activity participating in an internal workshop attending a conference/event leading a webinar leading an open course co-facilitating an open course co-facilitating workshop pedagogical research participating in an external workshop using self-study resources networking mentoring coaching creating resources for students professional discussion with colleagues (funded) project participating in a project leading a project participating in a short course leading a short course creating resources for staff development curriculum development activity curriculum enhancement activity reflection on practice team-teaching evaluating a student survey discipline specific pedagogic activity generic pedagogic research peer review listening event creating/adapting open educational resources
    20. 20. FLEX in your curriculum A flexible curriculum for flexible learning and development •Consider introducing FLEX units into your undergraduate/postgraduate programmes •Replace existing units with FLEX. Less is more! •Make your programmes more attractive to professionals •FLEX unit specifications are available for you to adapt Support is available to make this happen! Get in touch.
    22. 22. Flexible CPD (FLEX) FLEX CPD has been designed and developed by Chrissi Nerantzi @chrissinerantzi photographs by Chrissi Nerantzi unless otherwise stated.
    23. 23. Author FLEX has been designed and developed by Chrissi Nerantzi @chrissinerantzi