Mentor Orientation V1


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iConnect to PSLA Mentor Orientation

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Mentor Orientation V1

  1. 1. iConnect to PSLA Mentor Orientation
  2. 2. Thank You First of all, thank you for volunteering to participate and share your vast wisdom and experience with our new librarians. We have found a great group of new librarians to pair you with. If you have not yet received your mentee's name and contact information, please see the list here.
  3. 3. Orientation Step 1 You should have received your mentee's name AND a Mentor Handbook by now. The mentor and mentee match list may be found here, and if you have not received the handbook, please e-mail the program monitor immediately.
  4. 4. Orientation Step 2 Please check out the iConnect to PSLA Wiki Find pages you might recommend to your mentee, and discover how it can be used to help new librarians. Also check out the special Mentor’s page, made just for YOU! Can’t see the pages?
  5. 5. Orientation Step 3 Show off! Be Proud! Take a minute to find your name on the main wiki page. On the main page, click on your name and go to your page. Click on the edit button to CREATE YOUR OWN WIKI PAGE. Please use this page to tell the group, especially your mentee, about yourself. You are welcome to add pictures, links and any information that you deem appropriate. This is your page. No one else will edit it.
  6. 6. Orientation Now the program overview. You will need your Mentor Handbook for the following steps.
  7. 7. Orientation Step 4 Please read the introductory pages 1 through 4. Including an overview of all Mentor responsibilities, on pages 6-7. Please note the Mentor Guidelines on pages 10-20.
  8. 8. Orientation Step 5 Open your Mentor Handbook to page 21 to learn more about the Bi-Weekly Prompts. This page does not list all of the prompts. To view all of the prompts, check the wiki here. We ask that you send these prompts to your mentee every other week beginning on September 1, 2010. As you read through these questions you will see that they are designed to prompt discussion, to promote critical thinking, to see how your mentee is doing and to determine how you can best help your mentee. When your mentee responds please make note on page 24-25. Please use your judgment to determine if you need to continue the conversation, need to take further action to help your mentee or if you can direct them to other resources to help them. Also remember to praise and advise your new mentee as you are their greatest champion, sponsor and the one with their best interests in mind. If YOU need help talking to your mentee please reach out to the other mentors on the Wiki Mentor Page or contact the iConnect Program Monitor.
  9. 9. Orientation Step 6 Open your Mentor Handbook to page 22, program exercises. When you begin in September, you will determine with your mentee which (if any) of these exercises you want to attempt to complete. There are also more timely program exercises included in each bi- weekly prompt. To view these, check out the wiki. None are mandatory, and they are provided only as professional development. Please look them over and get an idea of which ones you can and would like to complete and which ones you need to tell your mentee are not an option for you.
  10. 10. Orientation Step 7 iConnect to PSLA at the PSLA Conference During the PSLA Conference, there will be a short meeting and celebration (for more information view page 23 in your handbook) to complete the iConnect to PSLA program. This will appear as a session choice in the PSLA Conference Registration Booklet. Make sure you mark it as a first choice! This will be a great place for you to connect IN PERSON with your mentee and others in the program. It will also be a celebration and recognition of all of the hard work, growth and success on both of your parts. We hope to see you there!
  11. 11. Orientation Step 8 Please review the following timeline: __ E-mail prompts every other week, September 1, 2010 – May 1, 2011 __ Complete Four Online Surveys: November 1, 2010; January 3 ,2011; March 1, 2011; and April 4, 2011 __ PSLA Conference Session: April 27, 2011
  12. 12. Orientation Step 9 The last step in the orientation: Please send a short e-mail to the program monitor by July 31, 2010. All you need to say is that you completed the orientation. Please feel free to add any comments, suggestions, criticism or praise.
  13. 13. iConnect to PSLA Thank you!