Social Media marketing and Blogging Case Studies


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Social media marketing and Blogging case studies from the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy course

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  • Me blah blahblahWrite a daily marketing related post, normally a campaign that I like the most that dayNo advertising on the siteSome free products in return for postsRun the sa blog awards27 dinnerSocial media press releases ?Rory Sutherland, Dave birss digital creative head labs in
  • Social media marketing is like a big cocktail party, Diff peeps with different conversations, brands need to be part of the conversation to succeed.
  • Everyone is an individual, treat them as suchThe most successful social media activations help create platforms for consumers and back them up via campaigns
  • Use to help identify bloggers into actionable categoriesPositive influential peeps reward. Negative influencers individually contact and sort out so they become positive, Positive not influential try to raise/help them.
  • Using Blogging and someoffline hooks we created the most successfulmarketing campaign using blogging as the heart of it100 wines to 100 bloggers100 geek dinnerscommentsConversation between bloggers took off and created a real world demand for the wineFirst time supermarkets called a farm to ask if they could stockNew media: Person to person, Flexible (turnaround in minutes), Enormous potential reach, Inexpensive, InteractiveInteractivity creates:Loyalty, TrustConstantly engaging, commenting, looking out for our brand, anything new that came out we got on it right away: first wine brand on twitter, first wine farm on facebook etc etc
  • Results: Over 1mill unique hits a dayBest pinotage in the world wine and spirit awardsBest UK consumer liquor campaignAmerican Marketing Association Awards2006: Marketing top 50Correlation between sales and blog success
  • I found the pics on another small blog:Linked to it and found more photos2 days later was picked up by 2 major blogs, crashed my server, over 15,000 in 2 mins, called Kulula’s marketing director/ Nadine damen and King james staff who put together a badge and some copy quick so I could advertise it in my site.Would guess at a minimum they got 4 million unique content viewers in totalImportant for agencies to know the bloggers and to monitor brands online using auto search tools like google alerts etc etc
  • Audi MVP, started by me as wanted to drive the new cars and love audi, and luckily had an in with the main dealer.Almost 4thousand Take 8 people-4cars, drive to stunning locations around the cape, roads that are a pleasure to drive. Have snack, swap cars/ lucky draw/ drive back to Audi for a huge lunch/drinks (always on Friday)Invite only, selected by me, digital influencers invited, no big corp marketing speil just people and cars, dealer head is around to ask questionsAsked if they have time to blog-tweet-facebook- take pics etc the eventOnce a member they can be invited to track days and get a better deal on a new/used audi too.In first 2 events sold 4 cars, great e
  • Started a blog to be linked back to with latest audi news and aggregating all the articles written about the MVP daysStarted Twitter feed for the days (got in trouble with Audi Germany after releasing detials early- First car brand to release detials of a new car first on twitter
  • Foursquare has around 2mill, millions of venues, and almost 100 million checkinsLeverage google maps, locations based value of foursqaure to ad value to
  • Me blah blahblahWrite a daily marketing related post, normally a campaign that I like the most that dayNo advertising on the siteSome free products in return for postsRun the sa blog awards27 dinnerSocial media press releases ?Rory Sutherland, Dave birss digital creative head labs in
  • Social Media marketing and Blogging Case Studies

    1. 1. Chris RawlinsonBlogger, Pilot, English chap etc etc<br />www.ChrisRawlinson.comBlogger, Pilot, English chap etc etc<br />
    2. 2. Social Media - Cocktail Parties<br />It’s a party out there, be incredible and have fun.<br />www.ChrisRawlinson.comBlogger, Pilot, English chap etc etc<br />
    3. 3. Cocktail Party Tips<br /><ul><li>Identify people talking about relevant topics then listen.
    4. 4. Start conversations with people engagements not product ones.
    5. 5. Use useful /relevant content to make connections (i.e. If people are talking fashion put them in touch with a top stylist etcetc)
    6. 6. Help or entertain first. Sell later.
    7. 7. Try to get friendly with influencers, it will make life easier.
    8. 8. Its not about eye balls its about engagements.</li></li></ul><li>ORM Blogger Categories for Brands<br />Influential /<br />Brand Positive<br />Influential /<br />Brand Negative<br />Not Influential /<br />Brand Negative<br />Not Influential /<br />Brand Positive<br />
    9. 9. Stormhoek case study<br />Over 4 million redemptions<br />Hugh Macleod<br />
    10. 10. Stormhoek case study<br />Blog Unique viewers <br />Wine Sales in cases<br />
    11. 11. Web Traffic cycles<br />www.ChrisRawlinson.comBlogger, Pilot, English chap etc etc<br />
    12. 12. Kulula case study<br />Kulula’s new livery: <br /><ul><li>Over 250,000 unique visitor on my site alone in 2 weeks
    13. 13. Over 15,000 click through to Kulula booking site
    14. 14. Picked up on all major entertainment blogs and more</li></li></ul><li>Old Spice Case Study<br /><ul><li>During the first 3 months of 2010, the campaign generated 75% of online conversations in the relevant category
    15. 15. 186 personalised videos were filmed over 2 and a half days
    16. 16. The personal reply clips have been viewed over 40 million times (combined)
    17. 17. Old Spice Facebook fan interaction up 800%
    18. 18. The campaign generated over 1.4 billion impressions for the brand in the 6 months since start (i.e. brand mentions)
    19. 19. Old Spice sales up 107%</li></li></ul><li>Audi MVP case study<br />Bob & Audi MVP’s<br />MVP Invite<br />
    20. 20. Audi MVP case study<br />Audi Cape Town Twitter<br />Audi facebook<br />Audi Cape Town Blog<br />
    21. 21. Foursquare Wine Tour<br />
    22. 22. Thanks guys and girls<br />“The illiterates of the 21st century will not be the people that can’t read or write, it will be the people that fail to learn, unlearn, and re-learn “<br />Alvin Toffler- American writer and futurist<br />www.ChrisRawlinson.comBlogger, Pilot, English chap etc etc<br />