Mini Roadster SA Launch Overview


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A short overview of what I have seen of the new MINI roadster launch in South Africa. p.s. Great car, if you can get a chance to test drive one, do it. For more info see

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Mini Roadster SA Launch Overview

  1. 1. MINI Roadster Launch
  2. 2. Design Indaba Launch Emailer Design Indaba performance MINI Roadster Launched at Design Indaba on final day in front of SA’s design and advertising community. Exclusive performance by iLuminate from the USA.
  3. 3. Activation Invite
  4. 4. Activation Arrival Register for the event and test drive Personalised registration. Drivers and passengers get different bands to keep drivers from drinking. Fun signs going up the stairs to Entrance and event Glo themed. the venue.
  5. 5. Event The event was held on a full moon night in CPT’s Bree Street Studio. The venue had an open roof to follow the convertible theme. A short welcome talk from MINI’s GM kicked of the event. She spoke of MINI being about fun lifestyle, making real interactions, and left out the techy car speak. Was very nice / refreshing to not get a lecture.
  6. 6. Event The event was attended by online influencers, brand ambassadors, and select media. Approx 70 people attended. Great food and drinks were served, entertainment was from popular SA band GoodLuck and Goldfish were also in attendance. A warm and fun welcome speech was given by the GM of MINI South Africa. Guests were ushered to the test drives in groups. Drivers could not drink, guests could (colour coded bands were used)Welcome talkfrom the GM of Music from GoodLuck After the test drives drinking was allowed and a taxi service wasMINI South Africa provided.
  7. 7. Test driveApprox 8 hi-spec Roadsters were used. Cars drove in a loose convoy with pace cars at the frontDrives lasted approx 20 mins from the + an emergency / pace car at the bowl to Camps Bay and back. Drives were done in groups Each car contained instructions of the course in stating around 6:30pm and case you got lost + a customised mix CD to help finishing around 9.30pm. set the mood.
  8. 8. Event after test drives At the end of the event there were several non-pushy casually dressed local dealership staff on hand to help with any sales inquiries or general questions. Each attendee was given a MINI branded mini Mag Light torch + 2 brochures on the new MINI Roadster. MINI staff also escorted attendees to their cars + they had a taxi service on hand if anyone was over the limit.
  9. 9. Amplification Through the Hashtag #MINIYOURNIGHT the attendees tweeted reached a potential 38,007 people.Drives were done in groupsstatring around 6:30pm and The @MINISouthAfrica account helped to amplify thefinishing around 9.30pm. message. All mentions were positive, especially after the driving.
  10. 10. Amplification Web Facebook Billboard QR codes The campaign revolves around the MINI Facebook page and a dedicated app. Once users find 3 badges (via QR codes or links on select websites) you are entered into a final draw to win a MINI adventure TBC!Radio The campaign is promoted via: 1. MINI website/facebook/twitter pages, 2. Influencer Blogs and Twitter, 3. Radio, and 2 x large billboards at CPT and JHB international Airport.
  11. 11. What works• Test drives and putting relevant online influencers is always a win.• Earned PR from the events has been good through positive mentions on twitter, blogs and general word of mouth via early adopters / online influencers.• The venue was perfectly suited for the launch, easy to get to + open roofed like the car• Drinks, food and entertainment were spot on + having relaxed MINI sales staff on hand helped for potential purchases / general questions.• Safety precautions were taken to stop speeding yet encourage a fun drive (i.e. MINI pace cars).• Paid media to attract people to the campaign is working well (Web banners, radio, and billboards)• Having the GM of sales and marketing at the event is a great touch, + her speech was not pushy and all about MINI wanting to make meaningful fun experiences.• Use of MINI’s existing properties (eg Twitter, facebook, and the website) was used well to promote the event.What could be better• More people could have attended / stayed longer at the drive event (was on a week night so people had work)• The Design Indaba launch could have been better attended / publicised (Was short notice)• Signs showing the relevant #MINIYOURNIGHT and the @MINISouthAfrica at the venue would have helped increase amplification of the event.