5 gum launch Overview


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An overview of the 5 Gum, 2 door cinema club concert activation in South Africa.

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5 gum launch Overview

  1. 1. 5Gum Concert
  2. 2. Overview Continuing from their #5GumExperience building promo last year (Click here for an overview), 5 Gum decided to bring over hit UK alt Pop band Two Door Cinema Club. 2 concerts were planned, one in JHB and one in CPT at secret locations. Tickets were free and available exclusively through Facebook or blog/websites promoting it.
  3. 3. Launch SeedingTo seed the launch 5Gum primarily used:• Their own social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube),• Select Bloggers (who could give away tickets + Dancers were sent to prominent blogger who re-enacted the Two Door Cinema hit video dance)• Traditional websites (also looks like free exposure in return for tickets).
  4. 4. Activation Invite By clicking on a custom tab on their Facebook page people had to opt in and enter their Name, Cell Phone Number, Email, Age, and then answer a multiple choice question: “What award has Two Door Down Cinema Club been nominated for at the NME music awards?” The answer was best video. (Click here to watch it) Once entered users were emailed and told to expect an SMS with details of event if they won.
  5. 5. Tickets Winners were given notified approx 1 week before the event. Notification was given by SMS and then PDF tickets were emailed to users by http://www.webtickets.co.za/ Each winner received 2 x tickets. Select blogger then also gave away a limited number of tickets to those who missed out. For an example see http://www.bangersandnash.com/bangers/here- are-the-5-gum-two-door-cinema-club-ticket-winners/ As tickets could be swapped a bidding war started on GumTree.co.za with some people selling their tickets for up to R1500. Average price was R500.
  6. 6. Event JHBThe 5 Gum Johannesburg Concert kicked off first.Approx 5,200 people attended the secret gig.Free 5 Gum samples were handed out all evening.The warm up acts were local bands Desmond and the Tutus, and Isochronous
  7. 7. Event CPTPeople were told to drive to the overflow parking at CPT Airport, thenPEP branded busses ferried them to the secret gig.The 5 Gum Concert in CPT was held in the middle of local townshipNyanga at an abandoned Cement factory.Approx 3,200 people attended the secret gig. Local supporting bandswere The Plastics, and Ashtray Electric.2 x Main Bars (Mostly SAB Carling & Castle, beers), 1 x VIP bar, and1 X food cart. Free 5 Gum samples were handed out all evening.Branded projections and lighting were located all over the venue.
  8. 8. Event Twitter The official Hash tag for the event was #5GumExperience. Phone reception was good at both events and attendees tweeted pictures and mostly positive mentions for the duration pre, during, and post concert. Direct potential reach via twitter for the evenings averaged out at approx 100,000 per night. If Two Door Cinema Club had mentioned them on twitter the above reach would have more than doubled.
  9. 9. AmplificationPost amplification of the concert was mostly done via the 5GumSA Facebook page, as well asattendees tweeting and a several blogging about the event.
  10. 10. What could be better • Catering was bad, 1 food cart for 3,200 people does not work. Drink prices were high * • Age consent during sign up should have been more prominent/forced. There were lots of 16 year olds with tickets that could not go. • Signs showing the correct twitter # for the event, at the event, should have been up. Solid amplification is tough when the # or relevant twitter account is unclear. The easier you make it to share content the more people will.* • Post event there should have been an easy site where bloggers and press could grab content to write about the event. Again this would have helped amplification. • The VIP viewing section was at the back of the concert hall + low in attendance.* • Paid media (above or below the line) promoting the event would have had a great impact pre and post event. Using owned and earned media alone is not enough. *I only attended the CPT event
  11. 11. What works• In SA we are starved of international acts, so having Two Door Cinema Club or any other popular foreign band for now is always going to be a highly talked about, well attended event.• Earned PR from the events has been good through positive mentions on twitter, blogs and general word of mouth via attendees.• The CPT venue was incredibly well decorated and a perfect space for the concert. Having it in the township made a big impact/talking point + I really think it could do some genuine good for some of the mainly rich hipsters that attended.• The concert sound, and use of projection was incredible.• Sign up to the event and ticketing was very easy.• The support bands were well chosen and complimented Two Door Cinema Club.• The overall experience was incredible, not knowing where you are going is a great rush and having a well planned venue with a good crowd and fantastic music just works.• People are already asking for more #5GumExpeiriances online• The attendees seemed the right target audience i.e. Young, influential trend setters• They created 6222 mentions of the campaign over a three week period and an increase of Facebook fans from 1,700 to 10,300