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A presentation given on the last day of the Australian Institute Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (AIATSIS) in Canberra on July 15, 2010

A presentation given on the last day of the Australian Institute Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (AIATSIS) in Canberra on July 15, 2010

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  • 1. Social Networking for Indigenous Communities
    Convener:Chris Rauchle
    Date: Friday, 16 July 2010URL:
  • 2. Coming up
    What is Social Networking IT?
    Current Social Networking tools
    Future possibilities
  • 3. What is social networking
    Using ICT to facilitate connecting with other people
    Eradicates time and space to make making meetings easier
    Allows people to share your life without expensive (in terms of human attention and $) one on one interactions
    Organizational - Allows you to stay up to date with personal and business situations of your mob, family, community, work
  • 4. Indigenous IT – Public computer use
    See Inge Krall’s paper
  • 5. YouTube – Making music
    See Inge Krall’s paper
  • 6. Facebook - the awful truth
    Requires Literacy
    Requires expensive equipment
    Requires a data plan (broadband or mobile)
    Requires a private area (most equipment public)
    Does not have Rights Management over individual pieces of media
    Does not have Asset Management - can’t find media by a searching or protect it by local backup
    Unsupported by current network infrastructure – may be no network so idea of being always connected doesn’t work
  • 7. Do we need Rights Management for:
    Class and Gender restrictions
    Location +Temporality
    Mortuary restrictions
    Intend to extend social norms into the IT system that currently doesn’t support them…not replace ‘good manners’ with a machine
  • 8. Bullying
    Small connected communities mean that existing facebook style ‘defriend’ is irrelevant/inappropriate
    Cyberbullyingneeds moderation
    Frictionless nature of social media gives great power for good and ill
    Betrayal of trust, what can you do to expire your own media if it falls into the wrong hands? (Heard from Glenda yesterday about misuse of imagery)
  • 9. Bullying
  • 10. Location
    Geotagging- some things may only be discussed in/out of Country or a region
    Remote experience of country
    Augmented reality experience of country
    BingMapslive mashups of 3D
    Google/Bing Maps Earth/Sky overlays of historical Country
    Excellent talks on the first day on land use and native title implications
  • 11. Mapping Indigenous land use 400 yrs
  • 12. Indigenous Mapping – Earth
    The Dictionary of Sydney
  • 13. Sydney – 1943 to present - Urban
  • 14. Indigenous sky mapping
    Constellation Orion in Google maps and the emu dreaming
  • 15. Blogging is google’s free blog site is not affiliated with any freemail provider
    Most ISPs will host a blog for you at extra cost if you want something like
    You can email, sms or blog on the go from your mobile
  • 16. Save money with your mobile
  • 17. Facebook
    Works to connect the ‘Social Graph’
    2009 year had 200M people last time checked 400M
    From 100M to 150M mobile users since January (techcrunch)
  • 18. Linkedin
    Professional networking
    CVs, Jobs, groups interested in your discipline
    Over 70M people
  • 19. Yammer
    A sort of business facebook/twitter
    Shows org charts and internal connections
    For sharing info ideas and thoughts within an organisation
  • 20. Slideshare
  • 21. Twitter
    SMS for the web, 140characters limit, direct messages or broadcast to ‘followers’ or available to anyone searching the ‘twitterverse’
    Follow or be followed
    Special Characters: @ ##ln = linkedin #fb=facebook Nothing new - Buchannan and Victoria tweeted in 1858
    Nothing new - Buchannan and Victoria tweeted in 1858
  • 22. Ashton Kutcher and Ellen?
  • 23. Google Latitude
    Where are my friends?
    How do I navigate to them?
    where we can meet?
    Dating? We heard from Peter Radoll that ‘looking for love’ is a big user of internet time
  • 24. Loopt
  • 25. Foursquare
  • 26. Location Based - Google Goggles
  • 27. Dating
  • 28. Dating
  • 29. Dating
  • 30. Helpful location services - Ushahidi
    Check out the videos at:
    “Erik Hersman on reporting crisis via texting” for info on texting service Ushahidi
    Tim Berners-Lee: The year open data went worldwide” for an interesting take on how mapping can help legal cases in cases of inequitable treatment
  • 31. Save money with your mobile
  • 32. Exercise – Setting up a website
    Google sites probably represents lowest cost entry
    Go to
    Usual website sign in
    Create a site – chose ‘Featured’ and ‘Neighborhood Site’
    Try customising the major text
    Change an image using ‘edit page’ remove the image and insert a fresh one
    Remove/Insert a sidebar component
  • 33. Exercise - tweet
    Usual password setup
    Hashtags #
    Named character @
    Send a tweet “#fb Had a great time @AIATSIS Seminar”
    Now check your facebook
    Send a tweet “#ln Learned heaps at @AIATSIS Seminar
  • 34. Exercise - facebook
    Usual signup/login
    Personal information: birthdate showing year etc.
    Create an event
    Create a photo album
    Restrict the photo album to family, friends, custom
  • 35. References
    Chose what happens next, American Ad Council, USA 2010,
    The Manahattana Project
    Deger, Jennifer, Shimmering Screens: Making Media in an Aboriginal Community, University of Minnesota Press, USA, 2006
    Kral, Inge, Plugged in: Remote Australian Indigenous youth and Digital Culture, CAEPR WORKING PAPER No. 69/2010,
    Benchmark policies: Kinship Placements,
    Michaels, Eric, Bad Aboriginal Art: Tradition, Media and Technological Horizons, University of Minnesota Press, USA, 1994
    Norris, Ray, Aboriginal Astronomy, CSIRO, 2007,