Modified Biz Opportunity


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Modified Biz Opportunity

  1. 1. What Would You Do With An Extra:
  2. 2. Do You Dream About? • More Freedom • More Time with your Family • Resources to Support your Church or Charity • A Bigger House • More Vacation Time • A Cooler Car
  3. 3. Is What You’re Doing Now Going to Get You There? You only get something different by doing something different.
  4. 4. Message from American Business: “Help NOT Wanted” Washington Post—April 2010 “...It is obvious that the American labor market remains severely distressed.” — The Washington Post — CNN — Christina Roemer, Chair of the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers
  5. 5. One Industry Is Looking for People “Network-Marketing businesses that rely on home- based representatives... are seeing their sales forces rapidly expand as the nation’s unemployment rate soars to nearly 9%.” — USA Today, May 2009
  6. 6. Our Business Lets You • Be your own boss • Earn free Cruises and Vacations • Work Part Time • Work in an Unlimited Income System • Pick your own hours • Build your success by enabling • Work from home others • Take Advantage of Lucrative Tax Benefits
  7. 7. The Company Is Beachbody ® Founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon OUR MISSION: Help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life.
  8. 8. Recent Addition of Team Beachbody • Team Beachbody ® was founded in 2007 to help spread the message via word-of-mouth marketing • First marketers were Beachbody customers • Natural/organic networking • Pay Plan focuses on help/support/teamwork
  9. 9. Distributors Coaches Coaches don’t have to be: Coaches are: • Fitness experts • Business Owners • Medical experts • Comitted to Nutritionals/Shakeology • Nutrition experts • Excited to Help Others Succeed • Fit from day one • Lifelong Students of our Profession
  10. 10. What’s our Mission Help Solve a Growing Epidemic • 2/3 of Adults • Obesity • 1/5 of Kids • Overweight • Cost to taxpayers: $350 billion in the U.S.
  11. 11. Surgeon General’s Warning ―Our nation stands at a crossroads. Today’s epidemic of overweight and obesity threatens the historic progress we made in increasing Americans’ quality and years of healthy life... ―...This future is unacceptable. I ask you to join me in combating this crisis.‖ (The Surgeon General’s Vision for a Healthy and Fit Nation 2010)
  12. 12. Beachbody Is Succeeding! • #69 on Entrepreneur list of the Fastest Growing Companies in 2007 • Sales have doubled since then • $300+ Million in annual sales • Profitable from Year One
  13. 13. We Are Ending the Trend Thousands of Success Stories each week! Angie W. lost 90 lbs. John I. lost 151 lbs.
  14. 14. Most Know Our Brands ®
  15. 15. Is a Social Phenomenon • Americans nationwide know it • Media talking about it • Stars/athletes using it • Millions ask for it by name • Easy to talk about
  16. 16. What Does this Mean for You? • Work with a Company that has a Positive Public Image • Starting up conversations about our business is painless, natural and easy!
  17. 17. Beachbody Is More than Workouts
  18. 18. Beachbody Nutritional Products • Quality vitamin and mineral supplements • High-performance fitness drinks • Great-tasting protein bars
  19. 19. ® -Cornerstone Product of our Opportunity
  20. 20. Shakeology®: What Is It? The Ultra-Premium Health Shake • More than a protein shake • More than a meal replacement Tastes Great! • More than an antioxidant drink The smartest calories you can put in your body. Vegetarian-Kosher-Diabetes Friendly-Gluten Free
  21. 21. Shakeology®: What Does It Do? Use it to: • Boost energy • Improve digestion • Stop cravings • Lose weight It’s more nutritious than a salad, and tastes like a dessert!
  22. 22. Shakeology®: What’s in it? -Complete Proteins and Amino Acids •Helps Build and Repair Muscles •Reduces Hunger and Food Cravings •Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels •Supports Brain Function •Promotes Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails
  23. 23. Shakeology®: What’s in it? -Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes •Stimulates Growth of Good Bacteria in the Digestive Tract •Aid Digestion •Assists the Breakdown of Food Product •Increase Absorbtion of Nutrients •Helps Boost the Immune System •Helps Keep you Regular
  24. 24. Shakeology®: What’s in it? -Antioxidants and Phytonutrients •Neutralize Harmful Free Radicals •Decrease Inflamation •Boosts your Immune System •Decrease Risk of Degenerative Diseases •May Increases Longevity
  25. 25. Shakeology Contains: Fucoidan •Supernutrient derived from Kelp •Promotes a Healthy Immune System •Promotes Cellular Health and Regeneration •Helps Regulate Blood Pressure •Helps Detoxify the Body from Heavy Metals •Early Trials Suggest it may have Cancer- Fighting Properties
  26. 26. Shakeology Contains: -23 Vitamins and Minerals •More than some Multi-Vitamins! •Wide Range of Essential Nutrients to help compensate for Dietary Deficiencies
  27. 27. Compare the Cost! Month Supply: •Retail Cost $120 •Coach Cost $90
  28. 28. How to Earn!
  29. 29. How Do I Make Money? Retail Commissions Sell Earn $119.85 $29.96 $119.95 $29.99 $59.95
  30. 30. One Customer a Month Adds Up* Monthly Month P90X Shakeology Commissions 1 $29.96 $29.99 $59.95 2 $29.96 $59.98 $89.94 3 $29.96 $89.96 $119.92 Text 6 $29.96 $179.93 $209.89 9 $29.96 $269.89 $299.85 12 $29.96 $359.85 $389.81 ANNUAL TOTAL: $2,698.55 *For illustrative purposes only; no guarantee of any levels of compensation.
  31. 31. Team Bonus: Earn and Succeed Together Earn From: You
  32. 32. Team Bonus: Earn and Succeed Together Earn From: You
  33. 33. Team Bonus: Earn and Succeed Together Your Earn From: Sponsor You Earn up to A True Team $12,000/week Bonus Program for each Business Center* *Coaches may earn up to 25 Business Centers.
  34. 34. What Can a Coach Earn?
  35. 35. Easy to Get Started You choose which pack you want: • Shakeology Starter Pack • Shakeology + Fitness Pack
  36. 36. Shakeology® Starter Pack $169.66 • Shakeology formula • 2 Shakeology workout DVDs • 24 Recipe Cards • 3rd Party Marketing Tools (60) • Includes Business Starter Kit • FREE Shipping • FREE shaker cup with second order • FREE 30-day membership in Team Beachbody Club • 1 FREE month of business service fees Replaces current Premium Business Pack
  37. 37. The Shakeology Plus Fitness ® Starter Pack Starting at $199.59* • Shakeology Fast Start Pack • 3rd Party Tools Business Builder Pack • Membership to the Team Beachbody Club • Business Starter Kit • Your choice of a platinum Beachbody fitness program • FREE Shipping * Price changes with fitness program choice. NOTE: Fitness program choices include TurboFire®; Body Gospel®; 10-Minute Trainer®; Brazil Butt Lift®; ChaLEAN Extreme®; Hip Hop Abs®; INSANITY®; P90X®; Power 90®; RevAbs®; Slim in 6®; Turbo Jam®; Yoga Booty Ballet®
  38. 38. This Business Is Simple Just let the 3 rd Party Tools do the work for you. Web Sites DVDs Brochures and Samples
  39. 39. The Timing and Trends Are With Us! • 2/3 of Americans are obese or overweight • Beachbody produces the #1-selling products • Beachbody has big brands people ask for by name!
  40. 40. This Means a HUGE Opportunity! 1,000,000 Coaches 20,000 Coaches 2010 2007
  41. 41. Get Started Risk FREE 30-Day guarantee on products and Coach Opportunity. Money back if: • You’re not making money • You don’t like the products GUARANTEED • It’s not for you!
  42. 42. Where will you be 10 years from now? •With your current Education •With your current Career Path •With your current Investment Portfolio
  43. 43. An Alternative 10 Year Plan •95% of Network Marketers who stick with their company for 10 years, reach the top rank in their company! •Top Rank Network Marketers make anywhere from $500,000/year to 10 Million/year •Current Top-Rank Beachbody Coaches make a minimum of $800,000/year
  44. 44. Ask Yourself This • Take a second to recall the steps that brought you to this meeting and the things that took place at this meeting. • Are you capable of taking those steps? • Would you be willing to take those steps to achieve your dreams?
  45. 45. Will you Decide to Work For: • More Freedom • More Time with your Family • Resources to Support your Church or Charity • A Bigger House • More Travel Time • A Cooler Car
  46. 46. We want YOU to: Decide – to get started Commit – to following the Game Plan Succeed – and have the life you deserve!
  47. 47. Thank you for joining us.