ICT kio kio school a three year journey nov 2012


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Kio Kio School's development over the period of an ICT MOE contract 2010-2012

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ICT kio kio school a three year journey nov 2012

  1. 1. Kio Kio School : An ICT journeyThe journey began in 2010, with the beginning ofinvolvement in a three year ICT contractTake a look back at where we have come from,and into the future as we put the e into learningand L2L2L
  2. 2. In the beginningKio Kio School began the three year ICT contract with• A pod of 10 aging recycled computers in the school library• Stand alone desktops (one or two) in each classroom – all recycled• One leased laptop (Principal) and two desktops (office and library office)• Three leased TELA laptops used by a few staff• An aging server that was dying….• No network where students and teachers could ‘save’ their work• A digital camera (floppy disk)
  3. 3. 2010• A watershed year• Each teacher with a laptop (by Term 3!)• Most teachers use email (with varying degrees of uptake)• Teachers and students use fragile internet via laptops and desktops• Teachers and students use word docs with growing confidence• Students mainly publishing writing and ‘project style’ learning• Fragile network with ability to print to local printers and main photocopier when it behaved!• Three vados , three digital cameras, two easi scopes and two easi- speaks purchased at end of year, but most not unpacked until Term 2 2011• One mobile data projector purchased• Mathletics regularly accessed by Year 5-8 students, mainly using library pod• SMS introduced- eTap, varying degrees of use by teachers, all use eTap roll• School website October
  4. 4. 2011• Two staff attend Learning @Schools• Network very frustrating• A wide continuum: some teachers open laptops for ICT PD and eTap rolls but little else , through to teachers making extensive use of ICT within the confines of aging devices and a weak network• Supportive learning environment- collegiality amongst staff• Students keen, but mainly using ICT for mathletics, publishing and some research• Pedagogy has some inquiry base, but still a didactic approach with primary ownership of learning with adults• ICT tech support where…. costing hugely but not apparent• Limited (no) ability to spend $ on building ICT capacity• Units developed from Net safe site- cyber safety etc.
  5. 5. And as 2011 moved on….• New Principal in Term 2• A high level of frustration across the staff and students• Poor network connectivity and server constantly causing problems• All users principal saving to internal hard-drives on laptops• Fundraising purchases 2 ceiling mounted data projectors, one in Year 7/8 classroom and one in Year 5/6 classroom… installed in May.• High level of uptake and use of data projectors within confines of internet connectivity• Mobile data projector used at some school assemblies to share learning• Principal’s personal data projector set up in a third classroom• ICT Policy on Cyber safety developed- students, families and staff
  6. 6. • All staff meetings begin with ICT focus• Wikis and blogs set up• Growing use of ICT in each staff meeting- sharing of professional learning and student learning• Inquiry focus – whole staff planning sessions involving Barbara and a facilitator from Univ of Waikato• Increasing use of vados/digital cameras by teachers and students• Change of technical support- cost saving, network more reliable and support responsive to our needs• New server and increased wireless access points• 10 netbooks on loan from RTLB• 10 laptops purchased through fundraising in November –based in Yr 7/8 class
  7. 7. And rapidly we needed to• “Up the anti” with and for all learners• Look closely at our shared pedagogy…. about curriculum, about planning, about LEARNING, about LEARNERS• Make ‘culture’ change- a chance in teacher thinking about learners and learning• Take away the barriers for learners• Give facilities, network and devices a serious review to remove the “but” factor• Find $ to help build the capacity and capability• Strengthen the strategic plan and annual plan to give high priority to e-learning , with a focus on enhancing student achievement
  8. 8. So to 2012….• Three teachers attend Learning @Schools• All learners – staff, students and parents sign an ICT agreement• Planning and professional development days built in using banked staffing• Bernard and Barbara help facilitate professional development with an inquiry focus• Regular ICT focus at staff meetings• Blogs become a feature, with discussion around involving students in development of content, uploading• Community receiving regular feedback about e-learning at Kio Kio School• Community input into feedback on blogs• Studyladder and other great learning tools feature in blogs• Small steps forward in our pedagogical shift….
  9. 9. And to remove the but factor…• All classrooms have data projector with sound system, or teaching station with data projector, or LCD screen set up with laptop• SNUP being completed (November 2012) to strengthen school network and hook into RBI in February/March 2013• 10 laptops leased, 6 in Year 5/6 class, 4 in Year 3/4 class• I-pads trialled• Fundraising sees $ to purchase or lease devices• Strategic plan being for library - a vision to develop this as an information centre with the focus on information literacy… $15k to be invested initially (from fundraising)
  10. 10. The lessons learned…• Remove the but factors as much as possible• SNUP- seek advice, ask questions, don’t just listen to the contactors!• Be ambitious, be open minded, be adventurous, be curious, be a learner• Be strong- advocate for all learners• Get the BOT and community on board• Make sure you can update your website- the power to do so must be with the school!• Get the pedagogical shift happening- the focus must be on the learner and the learning• It’s C21! And a bit!!!!!• If you don’t plan for it, it won’t happen• Watch the fads- stop, think, do!• Make learning rewindable• Let the kids fly- trust them!• Kids don’t have time to wait for us to catch up!• JUST GET ON WITH IT!
  11. 11. From a trickle to a riverOur ICT journey has been rather like the trickle that seeps out of a spring. Itruns through the tangle of weeds, gradually building volume, momentumand carving a path as it becomes a tiny creek. As it moves along, volumeand momentum create a bigger creek and finally a stream.Our stream still has its potholes filled withslowly moving water, and rocks that areinclined to sit stubbornly and slow the flow.But it is moving, and will not be allowed tostagnate.Joy of joy, there are increasingly littlerapids filled with bubbling, energised water thatlook, sound and feel alive, filling the learner withanticipation. I look forward to seeing our streambecome a river! One that will never arrive at afinal destination…
  12. 12. So, where to…• The e in learning keeps ICT in focus as a tool- part of the way we do things every day, automatically• Learn from the students- they are our greatest teachers• Keep the focus on L2L2L for everyone• Hear from some of our students…..• Click on the next slides