2010 Pte Webinar Western Region


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Pro Towels, Etc. "Why Towels?" Webinar - Western Region

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2010 Pte Webinar Western Region

  1. 1. Chris Piper Aaron Gunderson Western Regional Manager Vice President, Business Development Based: Oregon National Accounts cpiper@protowelsetc.com agunderson@protowelsetc.com p. 541-408-5494
  2. 2. A towel for everyone!
  3. 3. large 25” x50” imprint area!
  4. 4. When was the last time YOU threw a towel away? • Towels last for decades • A real life Testimony: “I’ve had my promotional beach towel for 25 years!”
  5. 5. The return on your investment… Cost of a medium weight beach towel to the end user: $13.00 How many times they will use it each year: 10 How long will a towel last: 10-15 years Your cost per impression: $0.09 Leaving a large imprint with your investment: PRICELESS
  6. 6. ….towels take you back to the place and time….. when you received the towel
  7. 7. A towel is your canvas… have FUN with it!
  8. 8. You can have this or
  9. 9. The Ultimate Case History! “The Signature Towel” • Texas High School Graduating Class • 660 signatures wouldn’t fit on the back of a t-shirt • Large imprint area on a beach towel made it the perfect candidate • The School ordered 40 additional towels to be hung as banners throughout the school
  10. 10. Marketing Support! Front Back
  11. 11. Our Exclusive Brands Throws and Tapestries
  12. 12. CleenFreek standard on entire Fitness Towel collection! CleenFreek Antimicrobial Performance Technology offers built-in protection for your active lifestyle. It helps to prevent bacteria, fungus and helps fight MRSA, Staph, Germs and Odor. 2442HECF Thirsty Game Towel with CleenFreek 24” x 42”, 6.5lb./doz., terry velour, 100% cotton towel. Colors Available: White FT-42CF Fitness Towel with CleenFreek TRU-24CF Gym Towel with CleenFreek 12” x 42”, 4.0lb./doz., terry velour, 100% cotton towel. 15” x 24”, 2.0lb./doz., terry velour, 100% cotton towel. Colors Available: Black, Red, Coastal Blue, Lime, Colors Available: White Gold and White
  13. 13. Marketing Support!
  14. 14. 30STK252 30CAR213 00005 Great add on to any towel project! • Pricing is the same • Don’t leave money on the table • Eco-Friendly Pro Towels Etc. is proud to partner with Aloe Up!
  15. 15. Throws & Tapestries 2.5 Layer Throw 2 Layer Eco-Throws – Up to 3 colors 2.5 Layer Eco-Throws – Up to 3 2 Layer Throw colors Tapestry Throws – Unlimited colors Eco2Cotton® yarn is made with second generation cotton that makes environmental sense. The unique manufacturing process uses no new dyes or harmful pollutants and ensures conservation of our precious natural resources – land, water and energy*. Tapestry Throw (Small quantities of other fibers such as acrylic, polyester, or eco-fibers are often added to enhance performance and to achieve deep, vibrant colors .)
  16. 16. Product Categories for 2010 Eco-friendly Chammyz – Digital Print - Made in the USA - Sculpted Towels - Golf and Sport - Stadium and Rally - Fitness with CleenFreek - White Beach Towels - Colored Beach Towels - Fiber Reactive Beach - Stock Woven Beach – Comfort - Throws and Tapestries - Robes And Spa - Baby Good. Better. Best. BT-15 BT-18 BT-22 (35” x 60” , 15lb./doz.) (35” x 70” , 18lb./doz.) (35” x 70” , 22lb./doz.)
  17. 17. We are proud to announce an industry first in the towel category brought to you exclusively by Pro Towels Etc. Our 3 day ProShip service allows for one of the fastest turn around times in the industry! It can be found on most of the items in our catalog. P.O. MUST clearly specify 3-Day ProShip Service. **Catalog quantities only. Production time begins from art and credit approval. Imprinted 1 color only or Embroidery up to 8,000 stitches only. Add 2 days production time to Pro-Ship Orders with Packaging.**
  18. 18. In addition we offer… Blanks In house decorating PROLUCENT Custom Flyers COLOR ON COLOR IMPRINT EMBROIDERY 4 COLOR PROCESS
  19. 19. THANK YOU! Chris Piper cpiper@protowelsetc.com Aaron Gunderson agunderson@protowelsetc.com