IBM InterConnect 2103 - Institute a MobileFirst IT Infrastructure


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IBM InterConnect 2103 - Institute a MobileFirst IT Infrastructure

  1. 1. Institute a Mobile First IT Infrastructure Plan, integrate, optimize and manage IT and communications infrastructures to securely deploy mobile Vijay Dheap, Global Solutions Manager - Big Data Security Intelligence & Mobile Security Chris Pepin, Global Services Executive, IBM MobileFirst © 2013 IBM Corporation @chrispepin
  2. 2. 2#IBMINTERCONNECT Current trends in the mobile marketplace 1 3 Number of mobile- connected devices to surpass human population by 2016 1 Device Explosion Corporate IT embracing the need to implement a strong Mobile security policy Compliance 1B+ monthly Facebook users 3 680M monthly FB mobile users 3 Social Evolving workplace Work any place/ any time Mobile device proliferation – form factor, platform, services BYOD Device consistency Greater adoption of User/device authentication and single sign-on Data Separation Increasing need for Application Vulnerability testing and certification. Encryption of data within an application Applications
  3. 3. 3#IBMINTERCONNECT • Infrastructure complexity from multiple device platforms • Unique mobile requirements for employees/workers • Extending data, voice and video applications to mobile devices • Integrating across wireline/wireless LAN platforms • “Consumerization of IT” forcing CIOs to have BYOD policy and plan; provide employee device choice • Anytime, anywhere, any device access now standard • Social business interactions are increasingly important These trends bring business and IT challenges •Business and IT change •Security and management • Protection of privacy and confidential information • Policies for client-owned smartphones and tablets • Visibility, security and management of mobile platform requirements •Complexity and integration Business and IT Change Security and Management Complexity and Integration
  4. 4. 4#IBMINTERCONNECT Create new value at the moment of awareness Develop and run applications Connect with customers in context Integrate mobile into the fabric of the organization Mobile enterprises are taking an integrated approach to putting their business in motion
  5. 5. 5#IBMINTERCONNECT The Mobile First enterprise integrates mobile capabilities into the fabric of the organization They are enabling BYOD Findings from the Institute for Business Value & Oxford Economics offer insight into the practices of mobile leaders They are detecting threats from mobile before they impact the enterprise They are prioritizing data & analytics 82% of mobile strategy leaders said that they were successful with mobile threat detection vs 50% of other respondents 70% of leaders placed investments in data storage, data management and analytics as a high priority, versus <45% of other respondents 79% of mobile strategy leaders have a well documented policy in place for BYOD vs 48% of other respondents They are expanding their network infrastructures 80% of leaders say their current wireless network performance meets the organization's needs vs. 48% of other respondents
  6. 6. 6#IBMINTERCONNECT The way forward to optimize your infrastructure Plan, integrate, optimize & manage IT and communication infrastructures to securely deploy mobile to enable growth and further competitive differentiation View mobility as a critical business enabler for future growth and competitive differentiation 3 1 2 Prioritize infrastructure to support mobile and address it strategically as part of their enterprise
  7. 7. 7#IBMINTERCONNECT For clients who need to:  Develop new mobile applications  Integrate mobile applications with enterprise IT systems  Manage and secure mobile environments  Maintain visibility, control and automation of mobile devices IBM MobileFirst Development & Integration Services Key offerings:  IBM Mobile Application Platform Management Services  IBM Mobility & Wireless Services IBM MobileFirst Development & Integration Services offer:  Fast cycle development of mobile applications across platforms  Mobile app integration for seamless connectivity and data management  Secure and seamless wired, wireless, cellular and WiFi network access including increased network bandwidth required for voice, data and video  Secure mobile device and application management
  8. 8. 8#IBMINTERCONNECT  Support for both enterprise and consumer mobile applications across multiple device types  Mobile application integration for seamless connectivity and data management  Faster development and better lifecycle management of mobile applications across platforms  A fully managed service which enables the rapid deployment and configuration of a single mobile application platform without requiring an investment on in-house skills  Management and control over the deployment of mobile applications and data IBM Mobile Application Platform Management Extend existing applications to mobile devices while limiting IT investment and expenses Mobile Application Platform
  9. 9. 9#IBMINTERCONNECT  Security-rich access to support mobile collaboration and BYOD policies  Robust infrastructures and mobile connectivity as a foundation to help support mobile and remote workers  Identification of security threats and application of best-practice design and tools to automatically contain those threats  Consolidated infrastructure to help support network application services: voice, video and data communications IBM Mobility and Wireless Services Integrated IT network access, management and security to support mobile environments Voice Mobile collaboration Location awareness Intelligent messaging Video Data and web access Enterprise mobility
  10. 10. 10#IBMINTERCONNECT Westfalen Weser Energie simplifies device maintenance and error diagnostics with remote management Challenges Combat unauthorized access and damage at the utility’s relay stations, resolve disruptions on the ground more quickly, and provide better support for mobile service technicians. Solution As part of a joint project involving Cisco, IBM, and Intel, Westfalen utilizes special Cisco IP cameras, a back-end server platform based on Intel® Xeon® processors, and Intelligent Video Analytics software from IBM to assess recordings made in the field. IBM also configured outdoor WLAN access points at the technology centers and relay stations to ensure mobile employees are readily contactable. Benefits • Better protection of relay stations against theft and unauthorized access. • Simplified visual inspections of equipment and faster response in the event of a fault. • Mobile video conferencing connects specialist experts from the control room with service technicians on the ground. “A major consideration was the need to improve communication between the service technicians on the ground and executives in the control centers.” Reimar Süß, Project Manager, Westfalen Weser Energie
  11. 11. 11#IBMINTERCONNECT Devices Network, Data, and Access Applications Manage & Secure Corporate Devices, BYOD Achieve Visibility and Adaptive Policy Management Securely & Efficiently Develop, Test, Deploy, and Manage IBM MobileFirst’s approach to mobile management and security Security Intelligence Service Desk & Self Service
  12. 12. 12#IBMINTERCONNECT IBM MobileFirst Management offers:  Unified management across devices  Selective wipe of corporate data  Configuration & enforcement of password policies, encryption, VPN access & camera use  Streamlined workflow between development & operations with an integrated Enterprise App Store  Optimize telecom expenses with detailed usage analyses  End-user portal for management of mobile equipment, carrier plans, and usage tracking  On-premises or managed service delivery For clients who need to:  Implement BYOD with confidence  Manage secure sensitive data, regardless of the device  Manage, track and optimize mobile expenses  Handle multi-platform complexities with ease IBM MobileFirst Management Key offerings:  IBM Endpoint Manager for mobile devices  IBM Mobile Enterprise Services for managed mobility
  13. 13. 13#IBMINTERCONNECT IBM Endpoint Manager for mobile devices Single console management and security of ALL employee devices What’s new in IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices V2.2  Deployment, configuration, and management of multiple 3rd party container technologies  Increased security at both the network access and app layers through integration with Cisco ISE and IBM Worklight  Unified device management bringing together mobile devices, desktops, and servers  Integrated management of containerization technologies to support BYOD  Deployment and management of apps, including integrated transfers from Worklight  Single-device views and near-real time data integrated with Service Desk and CMDB  Self-service portal for locating and securing lost devices
  14. 14. 14#IBMINTERCONNECT St. Vincents Health Australia unifies management of mobile devices, desktops, and servers Challenges With a diverse set of around 6,500 academic, medical practitioner and administrative users, the IT team must provide access to the latest technologies while protecting patient privacy across servers, desktops, and mobile devices. Solution Using IBM Endpoint Manager, built on BigFix technology, Sydney based hospitals with the St Vincents Health Australia group, has a single solution for patch management, configuration compliance, power management, lifecycle management, remote desktop, software usage reporting, and mobile device management. Benefits • Visibility and control over 100 percent of endpoints • Significantly mitigated data privacy risk exposure • Freed up IT staff to execute additional strategic projects • Realized cost savings through PC power management and the elimination of software licenses • Simplify email, application, inventory, and configuration management on mobile devices “We now have a rich systems remediation platform from which to deploy endpoint security. Once we discovered the power management and application deployment capabilities, we knew we had found the complete solution we were looking for.” ~Peter Param, IT Security Manager, St Vincents Health Australia
  15. 15. 15#IBMINTERCONNECT  Comprehensive management of mobile environments including set up, transition, ongoing operations and management  Apple iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry®, Microsoft Windows Mobile smartphones, tablets and rugged devices acquired, distributed and managed for you with subscription-based pricing  Deployment of mobile applications across the organization to boost productivity  Secure corporate data and enhance compliance and consistency with centralized management, self service portal and service desk  Leverage mobile email as critical enterprise tool Mobile Enterprise Services for managed mobility Tackle complexity, risk and costs in highly dynamic mobile IT infrastructures
  16. 16. 16#IBMINTERCONNECT Kochi Medical School Hospital improves care quality while cutting costs using Mobile Enterprise Services Challenges The hospital wanted to update its mobile environment to improve care quality, medical staff productivity and operating cost reduction. Solution IBM helped the hospital to restructure its architecture to take advantage of Apple iPod Touch devices, offering a more intuitive user interface, lower maintenance costs and a broader range of applications. IBM also migrated the school’s existing medical applications and patient record systems to the IBM SmarterCloud Desktop platform. Benefits  Lower per-device expense helps reduce maintenance costs and equip a larger pool of employees  Improved patient care coordination and increased efficiency by extending access to critical medical systems  Cloud based architecture maintains a security- rich environment for medical information which extends to, but is not stored on, mobile devices “We wanted to improve the productivity for our medical staff to access the patient records at any time, at any place in our hospital securely by mobile devices. IBM knew how to make that happen cost- effectively and without compromising the security of patient records.” Mr. Yoshiyasu Okuhara, Professor and Director, Center of Medical Information Science, Kochi Medical School Hospital
  17. 17. 17#IBMINTERCONNECT Why take an integrated approach to mobile security? Speed time to deployment of enterprise mobile apps and updates, while improving quality Improve WiFi network management for greater reliability, employee productivity, and minimize business interruptions Enhance end-to-end security to help prevent loss of intellectual property and regulated data Less total infrastructure for lower hardware, admin costs Reduce help desk calls, device and service lifecycle costs
  18. 18. 18#IBMINTERCONNECT IBM MobileFirst Security offers:  Context aware risk – based access control  Mobile threat protection  Strong session management & Single Sign–on  Vulnerability analysis for mobile apps  Visibility and analysis of security events from the device, network, user end app behavior For clients who need to:  Protect devices and data  Defend the network  Ensure secure access IBM MobileFirst Security  Safeguard mobile apps  Preserve user experience without compromising security Key offerings:  IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile  IBM Security Appscan  Trusteer, an IBM company
  19. 19. 19#IBMINTERCONNECT Mobile security – more than just the device Manage device Set appropriate security policies • Register • Compliance • Wipe • Lock Secure Data Data separation • Leakage • Encryption Application Security Offline authentication • Application level controls Secure Access Properly identify mobile users and devices • Allow or deny access • Connectivity Monitor & Protect Identify and stop mobile threats • Log network access, events, and anomalies Secure Connectivity Secure Connectivity from devices Secure Application Utilize secure coding practices • Identify application vulnerabilities • Update applications Integrate Securely Secure connectivity to enterprise applications and services Manage Applications Manage applications and enterprise app store At the Device Over the Network and Enterprise For the Mobile App Enterprise Intranet Internet
  20. 20. 20#IBMINTERCONNECT Mobile Network, Data and Access Security: Achieve visibility and adaptive security policies Centralized User Management: A singular view of all the mobile users across one or more mobile apps enables consistency and reduces redundancy and complexity Segmenting Mobile Users: Segmenting mobile users based on access privileges allows for better management through tiered access. Enumerating Context Attributes: Selection of the contextual attributes allows better control and reduces risk of each user interaction. Defining Access Policies to Govern Risk: Access policies for applications and content allows for greater consistency and logic testing.
  21. 21. 21#IBMINTERCONNECT As part of a mobile security strategy, IBM is launching its NEW appliance-based solution - IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile Safeguard mobile, cloud and social interactions across the enterprise with the new appliance based solution - ISAM for Mobile  Enable secure access to mobile and web applications with single sign-on, session management and context-based access control  Improve identity assurance with flexible authentication schemes, such as one-time passwords and RSA SecurID token support  Enforce context-aware authorization using device fingerprinting, geographic location awareness and IP reputation scores  Obtain security intelligence and demonstrate compliance by integrating with IBM® QRadar® Security Intelligence Platform to get actionable insights for reducing risks  Realize a fast time to value and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with an easy-to- deploy-and-manage physical appliance or virtual appliance Solution Highlights Mobile Access Management Mobile Identity Management Mobile Security Intelligence & Compliance Available as either virtual or physical appliance IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile
  22. 22. 22#IBMINTERCONNECT Application Security: Instituting a Safe Mobile App Development Culture Establish a Security Standard: Development of security quality standard must be pre- defined and followed. Segregate Security Logic from Business Logic: Security requirements will have less variation than business logic and requires different set of skills. Analyze Security Applications: Mobile apps need to be assessed for their risk exposure – sensitivity of data and usage scenarios . App Management Policies: Active management of applications is required to respond when mobile apps are compromised.
  23. 23. 23#IBMINTERCONNECT IBM Security AppScan IBM Security AppScan Identify vulnerabilities in web and mobile application source code  Native Android and iOS application support  Better vulnerability detection from:  Risk assessment of over 40,000 APIs  Full call and data flow analysis for Java, JavaScript, Object-C (Mac OS X)  Provides identification of sensitive data leak sources  Helps reduce malware susceptibility of mobile apps What’s new in IBM Security AppScan V8.7  Native support extended for iOS to accelerate enterprise usage  Enhanced support for JavaScript analysis in hybrid mobile apps  Out-of-the-box support for IBM Worklight built apps to incorporate context aware risk- based access
  24. 24. 24#IBMINTERCONNECT Trusteer advances the IBM MobileFirst security strategy and strengthens IBM’s portfolio of integrated solutions IBM Enters Web Fraud Protection leading web fraud capabilities assists IBM's financial services and web commerce customers Strengthens IBM Mobile Security as part of IBM MobileFirst, Trusteer helps enable secure transactions from devices to the back office Extends Advanced Threat Protection provides a unique endpoint solution to help identify and prevent Advanced Persistent Threats Security-as-a-Service cloud-based deployment enables rapid adoption and real-time updates
  25. 25. 25#IBMINTERCONNECT 1 Learn more about mobile security in our interactive demo: Learn more: 2 3 Three ways to get started with IBM MobileFirst Schedule a free Mobile Agenda workshop Email:
  26. 26. 26#IBMINTERCONNECT To schedule a workshop, email: Schedule a Mobile Agenda Workshop One day interactive workshop with an IBM Mobile expert to help enterprises plan and develop a customized roadmap for success • Interactive discussion to understand client business drivers, pains and requirements • Overview of IBM MobileFirst Strategy, technology and POV’s • Industry trends and imperatives • Structured working session to outline next steps Client ValueWorkshop Highlights For Line of business and IT leaders seeking expertise and experience in developing, enhancing, and/or executing their mobile enterprise strategy. • Industry expertise with top use cases and successes • Capability assessment including identification of opportunities and gaps in mobile strategy • A detailed client report and next steps
  27. 27. #IBMINTERCONNECT © 2013 IBM Corporation Thank You