Research on cloud computing


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Research on cloud computing

  1. 1. Vanson Bourne asked 460 financial decision makers in international organisations with 500 employees or more, across a range of private industry sectors, how they viewed Cloud computing. Their answers may surprise you. [Vanson Bourne, March 2012]THE IMPORTANCE OFCLOUD COMPUTING 100% Sweden 10%93% of UK financial decision makers believeCloud computing will be important to the 99% Italysuccess of their business over the next 12 to 13% 48%18 months. 94% In all countries in which the research was Spain 3% performed, the vast majority of senior decision-makers within the finance function 93% Netherlands believe that Cloud computing will be 10% significant to how their business performs. United 93% 91% tell us that Cloud computing is about the Kingdom 8% benefits to the business as a whole rather than purely being a technology issue. 87% France Even among those who say that their 8% organisation has no plan to adopt Cloud computing, 78% report that Cloud computing Cloud computing is important Cloud computing is purely to the success of my business a technology issue will be important to their success. in the next 12 to 18 months“It is apparent that Cloud computing isconsidered important to organisations, even ifthey themselves are not adopting it.”THE BUSINESS BENEFITS OF Reduced IT maintenance costs 48%CLOUD COMPUTING96% of financial decision makers asked think Reduced IT spend 44%that Cloud computing provides their businesswith quantifiable benefits. Reduced operational costs 41%These benefits include: Reduced IT maintenance costs – 48% Improved process efficiency by 32% Reduced IT spend – 44% better internal collaboration Reduced operational costs – 41% Increased employee productivity by better internal collaboration 30% Improved process efficiency by better internal and access to information collaboration – 32% Reduced M&A integration costs 22%“Those using cloud computing are experiencingsignificant quantifiable benefits across a wide Enabling fast growth by delivering scaled uprange of areas.” infrastructure and thereby integrating 15% companies brought together through M&A activity Getting new products/services to market faster 15% I don’t see Cloud computing delivering any 4% of these business benefits
  2. 2. EXTENT OF CLOUDCOMPUTING ADOPTION67% of financial decision makers surveyedconfirm that their company has alreadyimplemented Cloud services or plans too. 11% The majority of companies surveyed are 11% either investing in Cloud computing already or 38% planning to do so shortly. Yes Any enterprise needs to be investigating Cloud 12% No, but making plans computing as their competitors are probably already reviewing it. No, but evaluating Cloud computing is not just an academic 29% No, and no plans proposition – it is a differentiator that many organisations are adopting to give them a I dont know competitive edge.“Financial decision makers need to understandwhat Cloud computing is in order to understandhow it can effectively help the entire enterprise.”CFOS ARE AWARE OF CLOUD BUTFEW ARE FULLY INFORMEDJust 15% of financial decision-makers have total Unitedfamiliarity with the Cloud. Kingdom 12% 71% 17%Cloud computing is: France 14% 71% 15% Where we can gain access to a shared IT resources through the Internet, so we only Spain 18% 70% 12% use as much applications and computing capacity as we need Italy 8% 75% 17% A complementary component in our IT Netherlands 13% 77% 10% strategy, where we gain access to shared scalable IT resources which are integrated into Sweden 17% 73% 10% our existing on-premise IT infrastructure No familiarity with Some familiarity with Total familiarity with“Financial decision makers around the world Cloud computing Cloud computing Cloud computingare taking an active interest in technologicalinnovation and change, though it is likely thatthey have not had the concept fully explained tothem.”WILL CLOUD COMPUTINGREDUCE THE IMPORTANCE OFIT DEPARTMENTS?58% of senior financial decision makers believe Budget 34% 43% 23%the Cloud increases the IT department’s abilityto contribute to corporate strategy. Ability to innovate 61% 15% 25% 41% of those surveyed believe that CFOs will Contribute to 58% 12% 30% become more influential over IT procurement. corporate strategy However, very few financial decision makers Headcount 30% 35% 35% believe that the adoption of Cloud computing will result in decreases in the IT department’s Increase Decrease No change importance. The majority of financial decision makers believe that Cloud computing will either increase IT budgets and headcounts or leave them unchanged.“Financial decision makers believe cloudcomputing will empower the IT department to...‘forget about the plumbing’ and explore thepotential of new and emerging technologies.”Source: Vanson Bourne Report: The Business Impact of the Cloud.According to 460 Senior Financial Decision-Makers. March 2012.