Eggs benedict


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Eggs benedict

  1. 1. Home My Diary Recipes About Me The Diet ContactEggs BenedictIngredients: 1 egg 1 extra egg white 2 slices of low fat baconThe sauce: 1 egg yolk 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard 2 tablespoons lemon juice 50ml warm skim milkMethod: The sauce 1. Combine the egg yolk (keep the white for later), mustard and lemon juice in a saucepan over low heat. 2. Let the sauce thicken for a few minutes but not boil 3. Slowly add the warm milk 4. Keep stirring until sauce thickensMethod: 1. Cook your bacon for 1 minute 2. Crack your egg into the frying pan and pour over the extra egg white 3. Cook as you like 4. Serve on a plate, pour over the sauce, YUMI usually make a double batch of sauce for a few days because I like it so much, when reheating do it slowly or on low heat in the microwave for10seconds. I did have a exploding episode when I microwaved too long... messy!Comments Caroline I love this, im going to have to make it, eggs benedict is my favourite! iv lost 3 Piggott stone on dukan so far, 1 more to go, but love it so much always looking for new April 6th, 2011 recipes, thanks! Reply Melanie Wow 3 stone - caroline thats awesome - Im on day 3 and fidning it a bit hard as Russon i dont eat meat, but do eat fish - i am a bit fished out already- had to have April 21st, 2011 quorn mince last night and gonna have prawns tonight and poached eggs! Not weighed in yet as scared incase it isnt working! Reply Defo will try the hollondaise :) xx Carol Ann May 7th, 2011
  2. 2. Reply Leave a Comment Thank you every so much for the great receipes. I am American and I just completed one day in Attack Phase. I lost 3 lbs.! I was just surfing for receipes and this is my first stop. Sorry, I am using pounds (lbs). I will definitely find out to convert lbs. to stones. Thanks again. You have a great website. Your Name Your Email Your Website Your Comment SPAM Prevention Question: What is 4 + 1? Subscribe to updates? Yes, send me an email when a new comment is posted. Submit CommentAll original content © | Site Map | Webitor® | Buy Website TemplatesPlease note this website is in no way affiliated with the official program or its Author, this website is to be used as a guide only and the advice of your doctor should always come first. x