ProvatoHR Services Overview<br />Value-based recruiting strategies for growth-oriented federal contractors.<br />Typical R...
Comprehensive Recruiting Infrastructure<br />Comprehensive Recruiting Infrastructure<br />An integrated platform of people...
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PHR Recruiting Services


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PHR Services Overview

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PHR Recruiting Services

  1. 1. ProvatoHR Services Overview<br />Value-based recruiting strategies for growth-oriented federal contractors.<br />Typical Recruiting Dilemmas <br /> Faced by Federal Contractors<br />Limited Ability to Respond to B&P Efforts<br />“We had less than a week to find 25 candidates, with signed contingent offers, in order to respond to a proposal. I don’t have the time or resources to find that many candidates, so we usually pass on the larger opportunities.”<br />Unpredictable & Time-Sensitive Task Orders<br />“Task orders usually come out with very little notice. If we can’t produce good candidates quickly, we will miss out on the business.”<br />Unfilled Jobs Equals Lost Revenue<br />“If I can’t fill the position by the deadline, they’re going to give it to someone else. Not only do I lose the revenue, but they may not call me the next time.”<br />Competing for Quality People<br />“We do our best to offer competitive salaries and benefits, but we don’t have the name recognition like the big companies. It’s even harder as a subcontractor, because the rates can make it hard to compete on salaries.”<br />Limited Internal Resources<br />“It gets hard to justify committing to the salaries, resume search resources, and tools of an internal recruiting department, especially when past results have been inconsistent.” <br />Placement Fees Absorb Margins<br />“By the time we pay a 20% placement fee to a staffing agency , there’s no margin left, but, if we don’t fill the job, we won’t get the next one. We’ve tried the temp-to-perm model, but we still pay the fee, plus the best candidates want a permanent job.”<br />Someone had to come up with a better idea… So we did.<br />The business of federal contracting revolves around recruiting, but the challenges of recruiting effectively are daunting in such a highly-competitive, cost-sensitive business. You need key personnel for your proposals, but have little time to find them. You have funded slots that have to be filled or your competition will. You need to convince the best talent to accept your offer, instead of tempting offers from the giants. You can only afford so many internal resources, but how do you know if they will produce results, and when do you add them? Did we mention human resources compliance like OFCCP and AAP?<br />ProvatoHR was built to overcome the unique recruiting challenges of federal contractors. Unlike traditional staffing firms that offer one-dimensional staffing services at exorbitant prices, ProvatoHR offers its clients a value-based comprehensive recruiting solution designed to overcome their typical recruiting challenges and achieve growth. This solution integrates best-in-class tools, technology and candidate resources , with a tested methodology executed by a highly-skilled team of recruiters. <br />ProvatoHR’s value proposition is based in your long-term success. Rather than try to make a fortune off of a few hires, ProvatoHR’s business model focuses on achieving sustainable growth objectives at a reasonable cost per hire. Our pricing models are customized to the needs and situation of each client, based on a shared-risk and ROI analysis for the particular client. Our ultimate goal is to become an asset in our client’s growth, which is why we like to say, “Our way, everyone wins.”<br />ProvatoHR, Inc. 8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 730, Vienna, VA 22182 Phone: 703.883.2630 Fax: 800.524-9157 Web:<br />
  2. 2. Comprehensive Recruiting Infrastructure<br />Comprehensive Recruiting Infrastructure<br />An integrated platform of people, methodologies, and resources – designed and delivered to make you successful.<br />Dedicated, trained, and scalable recruiting professionals. Our service team was designed to deliver the on-site presence and candidate-facing professionalism you would want from a recruiting department, but it also gives you the efficiency and scalability of a large, well-oiled recruiting operation. Your account is managed by on-site recruiters who develop a first-hand understanding of your company’s needs and culture. The on-site recruiters are supported by an off-site, U.S.-based operation that conducts the labor-intensive aspects of the sourcing and screening process. When the volume turns up, ProvatoHR’s Quick Response Team (QRT) can engage to provide surge support. The entire operation is built upon a technology and resource platform designed for efficiency and performance, as well as compliant. <br />Regulatory Compliance Management<br />Performance Management Methodologies<br />Avature CRM Recruiting Management System<br />Diverse and exhaustive resume resources. Our team of recruiters utilize an exhaustive list of resources to find qualified candidates. Just like a sales pipeline, the best candidate pipelines are built using a diverse group of resources, including: <br /><ul><li> Major internet job boards
  3. 3. Social networking sites
  4. 4. Security clearance job boards
  5. 5. Job fairs and networking events
  6. 6. Industry-specific specialty sites</li></ul>A centralized Recruiting Operations Center (“The ROC”) to ensure speed and cost-effectiveness. “The ROC” is a U.S.-based centralized recruiting operations center, developed to deliver a more cost-effective and efficient means of conducing the labor-intensive functions of the recruiting process, such as sourcing, initial screening, and contacting hard-to-reach candidates outside of normal business hours. Rather than outsource these functions to an overseas operation, who should not be participating in searches for candidates with security clearances, ProvatoHR utilizes U.S. citizens, and makes special provisions for veterans returning from deployment in service of our country.<br />
  7. 7. Avature Recruiting CRM<br />Avature Recruiting CRM<br />The power of Web 2.0 technology with CRM functionality, designed to discover, build, and maintain candidate pipelines.<br />Web Crawler<br />CRM Analytics<br />Web Forms<br />Most major applicant tracking systems share the same basic functionality, but Avature Recruiting CRM simplifies the hardest part of recruiting: connecting with the right people. <br />Top HR Product 2008<br />Dashboards<br />Web 2.0<br />SMS Texting<br />Virtual API<br />Tagging<br />Social Networks<br />OFCCP<br />Avature ATS<br />Password Manager<br />Cloud Computing<br />Custom Workflows<br />Careers Portal<br />People communicate and share information with each other differently than they did in the past. Avature integrates CRM analytics and social networking technology with an easily configurable ATS platform to help you join in the conversation. <br />Extensive reporting to measure and improve performance and efficiency.<br />Shorten the sourcing process by searching the web, job boards, and your database in seconds.<br />Track interactions with candidates and progress in filling from simple screen formats.<br />Improve communication and data management with tools like tagging, SMS texts, and social networks.<br />
  8. 8. Quick Response Team<br />Quick Response Team<br />The resources to respond to high-volume, quick turnaround opportunities, faster than your competition.<br />Fast, focused, dedicated to you.<br />Assist with Bid/No-Bid<br />Before you decide to pursue a large project, our QRT can help provide market intelligence to help you decide if positive results are achievable and profitable. <br />Team Assembled within 24 Hours<br />ProvatoHR maintains a network of independent recruiters who can be assembled according to their specialization to help reach candidates not found on the job boards. The team can work out of the client’s facilities or ours.<br />Candidates Packaged for Proposal<br />According to the client’s directions, the QRT will obtain contingent offer letters and format resumes for easy submission.<br />Post-Submission Pipeline<br />Between proposal submission and contract award, many candidates will take other jobs. ProvatoHR will maintain a pipeline of candidates so that replacement candidates are ready to go when you win the contract.<br />“I wanted to thank you for once again coming to our rescue and putting forth a superb effort to staff up 3 proposal efforts in a short time frame with substantial personnel demands.  The first one alone – {contract name withheld} – required over 30 skilled candidates and your team came through for us with a short turnaround.  Then {contract name withheld} hit before the other was complete and you really had your hands full. Again, many thanks for your tremendous support.”<br />Maja Roberts, Technical and Project Engineering, LLC<br />
  9. 9. Capabilities & Domain Expertise<br />Capabilities & Domain Expertise<br />ProvatoHR responds to the broad and often unique specialty needs required by services-based federal contractors.<br />Examples of Recent Positions<br />Information Technology<br />Enterprise Architect<br />Systems Engineer<br />Network Engineer<br />Software Engineer<br />Functional Analyst<br />IV&V Tester<br />Standards Engineer<br />SAS Software Engineer<br />Technical Writer<br />Cyber Security<br />Information Assurance<br />Java/SAP/Oracle/PeopleSoft<br />Helpdesk Support<br />Finance & Accounting<br />Controller/CFO<br />Financial Analyst<br />Staff Accountant<br />Acquisition & Logistics<br />Contract Specialist (1102)<br />Budget Analyst<br />Procurement Analyst<br />Human Capital Analyst<br />Supply Chain Management<br />Program Management<br />Program/Project Manager<br />Program Element Monitor<br />Project Manager<br />General Corporate<br />Executive Assistant<br />Sales/Business Development<br />Proposal Manager<br />Human Resources<br />Contract/Subcontract Admin<br />Counter-Proliferation<br />WMD Policy Analyst<br />Nuclear Policy Analyst<br />Information Warfare Analyst<br />Intelligence Analyst<br />Biometrics Specialist<br />CBRN<br />Healthcare<br />Managed Care Specialists<br />Military Treatment Facility Experts<br />Nurses (clinical and non-clinical)<br />Disease Management Analyst<br />Privacy and Compliance Auditor<br />We understand broad specialties. The federal government is so unique and varied in its needs and we work hard to ensure that we can support you, regardless of the position you need or the location. Most of our efforts focus on IT or IT-related business, but we can shift gears to pursue the opportunities that come your way. <br />We respond to all recruiting needs.<br /><ul><li> Contingent candidates to support proposals;
  10. 10. Open, immediate-fill positions;
  11. 11. Quick-turnaround needs for task orders or opportunities;
  12. 12. Proactive business development efforts.</li></ul>90% of our positions require security-cleared professionals. We understand the nuances and care necessary to recruit candidates with security clearances and we build our clients’ presence in their subgroup of the cleared community. <br />We represent you to candidates. We recruit for your company, so we use your company name and email address to reach out to candidates. Candidate response is much lower when the are contacted by a staffing agency.<br />Confidentiality and integrity are the cornerstones of our business. ProvatoHR’s success depends on the long-term, consistent success of our clients. In order to maintain long-term relationships with our clients, it is essential for us to demonstrate integrity and value in everything we do. When those times come where two clients are competing against each other, we take great lengths to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the information we hold. <br />