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Conviface at OAUG -11i to R12
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Conviface at OAUG -11i to R12


Published on

Conviface at OAUG - …

Conviface at OAUG -
11i to R12 One Click

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  • 1. Oracle E-Business Suitefrom 11i to R12
    Integration & Data Migration
    Do it yourself
    FLOAUG Annual Tech Event September 17-18
    Copyright ©2009 by Facesys
  • 2. Agenda
    Main Challenges
    Business Objectives
    Technical Improvements
    The Solution: Conviface
    Copyright ©2009 by Facesys
  • 3. Main Challenges
    R12 Upgrade vs. Reimplementation ?
    R12 Upgrade is not 100% automatic
    Cost & Time
    Limitations with Current Processes
    Data migration is complex
    New regulations (SOX, HIPAA, others)
    Copyright ©2009 by Facesys
  • 4. Business Objectives
    Reduce the time and efforts for Upgrades Reimplementation
    Reduce iterations and Mapping Effort for Data Conversions
    Enable rapid and secure integration with other systems
    Give full control over the Conversions & Interfaces to the business users
    History and audit trial over data changes (SOX , HIPAA Compliance)
    Decentralize the Interfaces and Data Maintenance
    Approval Management with Web Option (Workflow)
    Copyright ©2009 by Facesys
  • 5. Business Objectives
    Alert Notification with intuitive e-mails (out-of-the-box)
    Improve data integrity
    Process Integration (one place)
    To save management time and costs:
    Flexibility on Data and Mapping Maintenance
    Reduce training requirements
    Adequate error handling and correction
    Total control over the Transfer Flow
    Capacity to manage changes in Batch, Manually or Automatically
    Copyright ©2009 by Facesys
  • 6. Technical Improvements
    Reduce user support needs
    Minimize technical issues
    Provide greater control over the data to the business users, analysts or BA’s
    Avoid to install unnecessary tools like: FTP, SQL Loader or other tools in the user PC’s
    Look for: Pre-built Templates, Adapters, API’s and Programs
    Define a strong Conversion Strategy
    Simple and secure Data fixes (Minimizing risks)
    Eliminate additional learning time on new development languages or tools
    Copyright ©2009 by Facesys
  • 7. Technical Improvements
    Adopt Development “Best Practices”:
    More setup or predefine logic instead of development
    Generic: Programs, Validations, Forms and API’s
    Build interfaces without development
    Use of Metadata to reduce development
    Interface Standardization:
    Generic Programs, Adapters and API’s
    Generic Set of Tables, Forms and Reports
    Generic Objects to: Upload, Validate, Mapping, Transfer, Error Handle, Alert..
    Copyright ©2009 by Facesys
  • 8. The Solution: Conviface
    Copyright ©2009 by Facesys
  • 9. The Solution: Conviface
    Conversion & Interface System that maximize your investment in Oracle E-Business Suite
    Reduces dramatically time, effort & costs for:
    System implementation, System integration
    Upgrade to R12
    Reimplementation of Oracle APPS to R12
    Staging data for your regression testing process
    Minimum end-user training
    Full-compliance with Oracle On Demand standards
    Copyright ©2009 by Facesys
  • 10. The Solution: Conviface
    More that 40 Adapters for common Interfaces & Conversions
    100% Traceable, Audit/Approval enabled, SOX and HIPAA compliance
    100% Integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite
    No Additional Hardware or new technology are required
    Multi-Languages & UTF8 Enabled
    Enable for high volume data processing
    Copyright ©2009 by Facesys
  • 11. Videos
    • INV Item Master: (Manual Interface)
    • 12. Templates and Adapters
    • 13. Manual Upload
    • 14. Monitor, Details, Errors, Multi-Stages
    • 15. WF Approval & WAF (Web Approval)
    • 16. Alerts, Events and E-mails
    • 17. INV Transactions: (Automatic Interface)
    • 18. Execute Interface & Schedule
    • 19. Automatic Transfer / Logs (SOX)
    • 20. Automatic Upload
    • 21. Mapping, Fix Values = “Traceability”
    • 22. Generic Insert/Update
    Copyright ©2009 by Facesys
  • 23.
    • FND Concurrent Programs: (Outbound)
    • 24. Execute Interface & Schedule
    • 25. Get Data from DB (view or table)
    • 26. Monitor, Details, Errors, All Errors
    • 27. Generate Data File
    • 28. Automatic Transfer / Logs (SOX)
    Demo Videos
    Copyright ©2009 by Facesys
  • 29. Q&A
    Presented by:
    Nicolas Sulla / Facesys
    Victor Nenclares / Facesys
    More information: or
    Copyright ©2009 by Facesys