academic-industry networks in science; instrumental community; AFM
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academic-industry networks in science; instrumental community; AFM






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academic-industry networks in science; instrumental community; AFM academic-industry networks in science; instrumental community; AFM Presentation Transcript

  • Agilent Technologies Corp. Advancing SPM and AFM (formerly Molecular Imaging Corp.) Market nanotechnology measurement tools Spectra Research Corp Academic entrepreneurship LifeBio Patenting/Technological Licencing Arizona Technology corporate ties Intellectual property Enterprises (AZTE) Motorola Labs: Physical Science Research Labs, Collaboration US Army Research Lab, Aberdeen Proving Ground PicoPlus SPM (2nd generation AFM) Pico LE SPM Field Effect Transister Molecular Electronics University of Linz International collaboration AFM Modifying Digital University of Hong Kong molecular electronic devices Instruments (DI)'s AFM high-resolution imaging in PicoTREC topography and AFM imaging fluids and air Developing renewable energy Center for BioOptical source with nanoscale Nanotechnology, ASU photonic devices Solar energy and photonics application Center for Solid-State Electronics Academic laboratories & Research (CSSER), ASU Constructing sensors with BioConjugate Chemistry projects expertise in Synthetic Chemistry Institutional partnership Center for Applied NanoBioscience, ASU Exploring large scale motions of proteins & mechanisms for Protein dynamics & Hager Lab, National Cancer Institute enzyme actions Computational Biology CNS, ASU STIR Using nanopores techniques to lower costs and speed of human genome sequencing DNA sequencing Using optical tools to detect Center for Single Molecule Single Molecule Optics motions of single molecules Lab director BioPhysics, Biodesign Institute Self-assembled DNA moleculaes Self-assembled Nanostructures Department of Physics & Astronomy Full professor Bureaucratic positions Department of Chemistry & Full professor Biochemistry Center for Biological Physics Faculty Knowledge and decisionmaking map of Lindsay's network measurements of tunneling through DNA base-pairs Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Electronic measurement of Research Team (NIRT), NSF single molecules molecular photovoltaic devices for energy conversion Nanoscale molecular photosynthetic electron transfer optoelectric devices, NSF National Human Genome Probing natural ring sugar funding agencies New DNA sequencing Technology Research Institute (NHGRI), NIH molecules by AFM designing probes for mapping electrical and chemical activity on surface cells Focused Ion Beam system (FIB), NSF Decoding physical structure of promoter chromatin which controls a cancer-causing gene. Gene transcription, NIH