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A Social Media Strategy
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A Social Media Strategy


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A how to for starting with Twitter and Facebook

A how to for starting with Twitter and Facebook

Published in: Education

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  • 1. A Social Media Strategy By Chris Lentzy MBA CHL Business - (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 2. The Purpose of Social Media• Engage with customers who are looking for your product/service – inbound marketing• Promote your product/service• Keep your customers informed• Identify unhappy customers• Use as a PR tool• Build your influence• Create a community thru Know, Like & Trust (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 3. Social MediaKnow Like Trust Opt in Opt In Email Form Face On Call To Action TRAFFIC List Website On Website Email List Email Marketing (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 4. TwitterStrategy For Success 4. Monetise 3. Build On Following 2. Get Seed Followers 1. Attain Authority Status (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 5. Step 1 Attain Authority Status a. Set up account to reflect niche b. Tweet only on niche c. Tweet at least 5 times a day for at least 3 days before continuing (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 6. 1b. Setting Up Your Twitter Account• Your choice of account name matters• Use keywords that reflect your niche• Use a person’s name not a company name• Keep it as short as possible (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 7. Your Twitter Profile Upload Picture Name Location WebsiteBio keywords (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 8. 1c. What To Tweet ?• Use Google Reader or Google Alerts to gather authoritive blogs by RSS (50 blogs)• Select “bucket of tweets” from this• Free content ??? ????? ??????? (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 9. 1d. Schedule Your TweetsSchedule tweets to gain authority status Use Google Reader to find interesting blog posts Repeat for atleast 150 posts (30 days) Schedule tweets using automation software chScedule 5 times a day (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 10. Step 2. Get Seed Followersa) Wait 3 daysb) Stick to targeted followers in your nichec) Best way to get followers is to follow others in your niched) Aim to follow 50-100 targeted followers /daye) Only follow those in your niche (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 11. Where To Find People to Follow• 3rd party directories• Twitter’s own directory• People who tweet about stuff in your niche (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 12. Who Is Worth Following?• Want active tweeps in your niche• Must have uploaded a profile picture• Must have included keywords in their bio• Have plenty of followers and follow others• Have a good record of tweeting• Purpose: build a highly targeted following (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 13. Step 3. Build On The Following• Retweet your followers tweets, 1-2 a day• Tweet your own thoughts in your niche• Tweet about posts on your own blog with links• Do this for at least a week (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 14. Step 4. Monetise PROMOTE buy my stuff ORRESPOND to “Can anyone help me?” @You “yes I can, click here” Twitter search: keyword ? -http (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 15. FacebookStrategy For Success 5. Monetise 4. Build Email List 3. Build Following 2. Secure Presence 1. Create Presence (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 16. Facebook• Know the difference between Profile & Pages• Same Strategy as Twitter• Become aggregator and borrow authority• Use Google reader/blog• Use longer posts than Twitter (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 17. Building Your Facebook Following• You cant make friend requests from pages but you can• Announce new FB post on Twitter• Add a link in your email signature• Mention new FB page in newsletters• Include FB URL on business cards• Add FB “LIKE” button to main website (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business
  • 18. Bringing It All Together• Social Media drives traffic to your website• Have an opt-in form• Build your email list• Email your list regularly with an autoresponder• Generate sales (c) Chris Lentzy CHL Business