EduCon 2.0 -- Dewey's Dream Workshop


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EduCon 2.0 -- Dewey's Dream Workshop

  1. Building School 2.0: New Tools and Dewey’s Dream Chris Lehmann Principal Science Leadership Academy Philadelphia, PA
  2. What is School 2.0?
  3. My Bias: School 2.0 is Progressive Education updated for today’s world.
  4. Paraphrasing Neil Postman: Certain technologies are not merely additive, They are transformative.
  5. Discussion Prompt: What is the purpose of school? (and (how) has that changed?)
  6. My Two Cents • Thoughtful • Passionate • Wise • Kind
  7. Now What?
  8. Have a vision
  9. Science Leadership Academy • Inquiry • Research • Collaboration • Presentation • Reflection
  10. Gates Foundation • Rigor • Relevance • Relationships
  11. Coalition of Essential Schools • Learning to use one’s mind well. • Less is More, depth over coverage • Goals apply to all students • Personalization • Student-as-worker, teacher-as-coach • Demonstration of mastery • A tone of decency and trust • Commitment to the entire school • Resources dedicated to teaching and learning • Democracy and equity
  12. High Tech High • Personalization • Adult World Connection • Common Intellectual Mission
  13. Christian Long’s Learning Manifesto • “Playing Small Does Not Serve The World:” Your Brain Is Your Brand. • What Would Socrates Do? • Nobody Cares That You Walked Uphill Both Ways in the Snow. • Got Passion? If Not, I’ll Tell You What To Care About. • My Memory Is Only As Big As My Heart, Otherwise I’ll Stick With Google. • Look It Up Or Die. • Collaboration Ain’t About Holding Hands. It’s About Going Places Fast. • This Will Go Down On Your Permanent Record. • It Ain’t About the Technology, It’s About Being Inside the Story • Nobody Knows the Answer. Get Comfy With the Questions.
  14. Discussion Prompt: What is your manifesto?
  15. Curriculum 2.0
  16. Discussion Prompts: • How do we create curriculum in this model? • What do we teach when THIS is available 24/7? • How do you establish a link between your manifesto and your curriculum? • What does assessment look like in your model?
  17. Student-Centered It’s not about us.
  18. Inquiry-Driven What are the questions we can ask together?
  19. Passionate And it has to matter.
  20. Meta-Cognitive
  21. Project-Based An inversion of what we know.
  22. Teaching Toward Understanding Understanding by Design Wiggins and McTigue
  23. What about the tools?
  24. Discussion Prompts: • What does digital literacy mean? • How do we teach it? • What’s the same? What’s different? •What are the tools we need to accomplish that? • How do we have to change?
  25. Chris’ School - Tech Manifesto: Don’t Talk About “What” Before “Why.”
  26. Chris’ School - Tech Manifesto: (Part Two) Process Trumps Product.
  27. Technology must allow our students to research, collaborate, create and network.
  28. Technology Must Be Like Oxygen: Ubiquitous, Necessary and Invisible
  29. Information Literacy and The “Prosumer” • Find information • Analyze information Text • Synthesize information • Judge information • Create information • Share information
  30. Transparency What would happen if you invited the world to school?
  31. Talking About Tools Building a School Web Portal
  32. The Killer App • Student Information System • Student Reporting System • Parent Interface • “Walled Garden” • School / Student Publishing Tool • And more... (Library, etc...)
  33. What is Teacher 2.0? • How is a teacher’s life different in this model? • What are the skills necessary to teach in this world? • How will you find new teachers? • How will you help older teachers to adapt?
  34. Professional Development • How do you learn? • 24 / 7 / 365 Just In Time Learning
  35. Big Questions: • How will you create the time and space for your teachers to learn? • How will you make your faculty meetings part of a running, constant dialogue? • How will that manifesto we wrote earlier inform every thing you do?
  36. Returning to Big Thoughts • Who do we want our students to be? • Who do we want our teachers to be? • What do we want our schools to be?
  37. Take-Aways • What could you do in your school / district immediately? • What could you do in your school / district this year? • What could you do in your school / district over the next five years?
  38. Stay in Touch • Chris Lehmann • • • • Twitter: chrislehmann • Skype: chrislehmann • AOL: hubkatt